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7 Impressive Designs For Custom Eyeshadow Packaging

Women love makeup all over the world. Cosmetics of different types are a regular part of their lives. Similarly, the demand and popularity of eyeshadow boxes are on a constant rise, and many makeup manufacturing companies are present in the competition. Eyeshadow packaging is mainly used to pack such products as it can present the commodities to the customers in an engaging manner.

Such a box type is known for making a long-lasting impression on the customers to increase the business sales and profits. The packaging for eyeshadow products is available in several designs. Some of the designs are discussed in the lines below.

1: Go For Sleeves

Having sleeves in your cosmetic boxes can be a perfect idea as these are helpful in more than one way. On the one hand, sleeves provide extra protective capacities to the packaging. On the other hand, these give a touch of versatility to the products. The eyeshadow items are delicate and can be damaged easily.

Therefore, they need durable packaging to keep them safe in all situations. The sleeve packaging can be made more presentable by transforming the outlook with the help of elegant designs and colorful displays.

2: Die-Cut Fronts

No matter what the type of your product is, a die-cut design always seems to be a perfect option for products of all kinds. It can make the outlook more presentable. The die-cut designs can be utilized to write the product’s name or the company. Such a design can be a tailor-made option, especially for the makeup items, to make a good impression on the women customers.

The idea should go as innovative as possible so that the business could stand out in today’s competitive markets. Having a die-cut front for the eyeshadow packaging can be a perfect option in this regard, as it says a lot about the credibility of your business.

3: Window Options

Another excellent design for the eyeshadow products can be a window option with a transparent front. It is among the standard designs in use for cosmetic products. Companies use a window front for their products because the customers can see what’s placed inside. The other sides of such packaging can be made more appealing by high-tech printing and customization features. When people can see the eyeshadow products through such displays, they will have a clear idea about the colors of the eyeshadow products. It will help them decide instantly whether to buy from you or not.

4: Focus On Premium-Quality Finishing

The eyeshadow boxes can be made impressive and attractive by focusing a little on the surface finish quality. Surface finishing can say a lot about your brand. It explains the credibility and authenticity of the products. The good thing is that it can also increase your products’ worth. There are options available in this regard.

Make sure that you go with the highest quality ones to have a long-lasting impression on the customers. For example, having a perforated surface can impress the customers directly. The surface finishes you select must help your business stand out in today’s competitive markets as far as eyeshadow and other cosmetic products are concerned.

5: Go For Extra Laminations

As already discussed, the eyeshadow products are fragile and delicate and can be damaged easily. External environmental factors can also spoil the quality of these products. You must select the design options to provide protection and improve the outlook in such situations. Going for high-quality laminated surfaces can be an excellent idea here.

For makeup products especially, a gloss UV or a glittered surface looks the best option. In addition to that, a matte laminated surface can also do the trick of increasing the protective features along with improving the outlook. The printing features also look good on the matte surfaces as these are the best available options in the market.

6: Sensory Packaging

You can improve the design of the custom eyeshadow packaging by focusing a little on the provision of sensory features to the customers. These features directly impact human senses and can prove to be fruitful for business stability. Embossing can be a perfect technique that can test the sense of touch of the customers. Everybody likes to move his finger on the embossed surfaces as these are a source of providing a relaxing effect. In addition to that, there is an option of going with perfumed packaging to offer a soothing experience to the customers by triggering their sense of smell.

7: Gold & Silver Foiled Surfaces

Last but not least, if you want to give to make the boxes for eyeshadow products a little more expressive and dynamic, you can choose to go with gold and silver foiling on the edges; these are known for giving a luxury touch the packaging. Such designs help have the attention of the customers most effectively. You should always keep it in mind to design the packaging dynamically and innovatively to increase the customer count multiple times.

Up till now, it must be clear that the packaging industry has grown over the years, and the eyeshadow products are now packed in a vast range of designs and shapes. The people in the business can get an idea from the design options discussed in the above lines. To get in touch with a reasonable and trustable vendor, you can search at the online platforms.

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