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A Complete Overview on Starting a Digital Marketing Agency from Scratch

Starting a digital marketing agency right from scratch may seem like a far-fetched dream, but it’s not impossible. Estimation was made that 571.16 billion U.S. dollars will likely be spent on digital advertising worldwide in 2023.

You are required to be equipped with the right knowledge, resources and network to build it successfully. If you are willing to put in much-needed effort and time, it can be an enriching experience. Since the digital marketing industry is exploding at the moment, this is the perfect moment to get into action. Plenty of digital marketing agency owners start with big dreams and see them collapse in just a few months. So do you feel you are ready to take the leap and start building a digital marketing agency?

The pandemic has been a catalyst for accelerating the digital transition in business. As per a WSJ report, U.S. netizens, on average, spend more than 16 hours online on a daily basis. You need to keep up with all the latest marketing trends and continue working on building your network and skills. Starting a digital marketing agency is great if you are looking forward to capitalising on the digital marketing wave. In fact, it is a logical next step when you have succeeded as a seasoned marketer or a marketing influencer. When you are new to the marketing world or have little experience, it’s best to ask yourself a few questions before stepping into the world marketing agency.

Before sharing the tips, ask these pertinent questions:

  1. Do you find there is demand for your service?

Consider looking answer to the question, “Is there any business that is looking for an agency or someone that does what I do?” Reach out to your potential clients to understand the demand for the services.

  1. Will you be able to build a team?

Unlike freelancing, you need a proper team to run an agency. When you add full-time employees and part-time employees, it lets you navigate different recruiting, management, legal and training landscapes. You must know that you will spend less time on marketing and more time running various business skillsets. So think carefully about whether you can handle the pressure of managing and growing a pay for assignment team.

  1. Can you produce results?

When you can produce results, it differentiates you from all agencies. You can build an agency with a few basic sales skills if you know how to acquire results.

  1. Do you find yourself to be committed enough?

You need a long-term commitment to being able to run a business successfully. Every day will not be the same, so you must stay prepared for difficult days. You need to show whether you are losing a client or taking unexpectedly longer to get the first client. You should never lose hope.

  1. What do you wish for out of the agency?

This implies how you want your business to look and determines your vision. You should always start your digital marketing agency with a vision.

What is the Process of Starting a Digital Marketing Company from Scratch?

Here are the steps you need to take to enter the exciting world of a digital marketing agency:

  1. Enhance your digital marketing skills

When planning to run a digital marketing agency, your first step should be building skills and self-confidence. You can break this down into the following three areas:

  • Business management skills
  • Digital marketing technical skills
  • Self-confidence skills

Running a business is impossible when you are unwilling to take risks. You need to gain self-confidence in the digital marketing industry to take risks. Make sure to have faith in your skills.

  1. Make up your mind about the kind of services you want to offer

Deciding what kind of digital marketing service you have to offer to potential clients should be the next step. General digital marketing agency provides the following services:

  • SEO services
  • Social media marketing services
  • Web design and development
  • PPC services (Bing Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc0
  • Conversion optimisation services
  • Email marketing services

As a startup, it can be quite struggling to offer all those services right from the beginning. Thus it’s always best to choose the service that perfectly matches your skillset. At the beginning of the stage, you must rely more on your skills and keep your costs low. You will get lost in the process if you plan on going full-service right from day one. The biggest advantage of starting your digital marketing agency is it allows you to operate your business right your home, thus saving the monthly costs of having a physical office.

  1. Register your business

You need to make your business official before stepping to the next steps. Here are the few requirements you need to fulfil to register your business:

  • Create a design for your logo
  • Come up with the name for your business
  • Register the name of your domain
  • Get your business a toll-free number
  • Find a lawyer
  • Find an auditor and accountant
  • Register your business legal entity with all relevant authorities
  • Create business cards
  1. Establish your web presence

Designing a website for the website should be the first step to establishing a proper online presence. Consider the website of your business to be the ‘front door’ of your digital marketing agency. It should accurately represent your brand. It should have a professional outlook andprovide all necessary information to potential clients. Besides explaining who you are and what you do, share benefits clients will enjoy from hiring you. Instead of making the website about you, consider making it about the clients.

Create interesting and innovative landing pages for the services offered by your brand. Also, ensure your website is easy to locate so they can always contact you immediately whenever they face any problems or have trouble with complex signup forms. Get as many leads as possible for you, filter them and try concentrating on those with better chances of becoming your clients.

  1. Pick the right billing structure

You have to address the age-old question: Should I charge by the hour or the job?  This will play a big role in terms of how profitable is your agency. In a recent survey, it has been found that near about half of agencies has revealed that they have a subscription-based digital marketing.

  1. Build quality content

Building quality enhanced content is crucial for establishing yourself in the industry.  You will have to create unique and innovative podcasts, blogposts, videos, webinars, and case studies for your customers. Make sure to choose topics that relates to your USP and coming trends in digital marketing. This way your audience will always have something new to red or watch.  It also helps you with keeping your content look more engaging and engaging, thus allowing you to draw maximum captivation from readers.

  1. Secure financing of your brand

You may secure the finance of the brand either by taking traditional bank loans or use other sources like venture capital investments or crowd funding campaigns. It’s important to establish a strong brand when you have successfully secured the financing. This will help you stand out from other agencies. Also consider creating logos, slogans and other elements to define your agency and your uniqueness.

  1. Look for new clients/markets

When creating a digital marketing agency, marketing will be your biggest challenge. It is hard to keep up when around 500,000 marketing agencies are also trying to claw for every last client. Standing out from other markting agencies will become your daily occupation.


Managing digital marketing agency on your own with little or no experience in the field is no easy feat. You will need continuous organic learning, use word-of-mouth marketing to select your choice of industries and then set firm business goals.  Forging a solid online presence of your brand is essential to reflect your niche and prepare for upcoming challenges with digital marketing. So what are you waiting for? Take out your library and start planning for your digital marketing agency today.

Author bio: Rachael Sawyer has completed her MBA from one of the top business schools in the UK. She has been part of for over 3 years where she specialised in offering marketing assignment help adelaide solutions to students.

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