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About Us


Every day people around the world share facets of who they are and what matters to them through their accessories.
At Aricantisp we’re gathering, presenting collections of accessories that enable everyone to express themselves, helping you feel confident in your everyday.

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The Aricantisp story

What is the story behind the brand?
The Aricantisp story started with a love for special, unique, and diverse accessories in this colorful world.
This is the inspiration for Aricantisp to become a prestigious brand in sharing a wide range of accessories.

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Make It Personal

Each accessory is always a symbol that represents each person’s own story

Accessory created especially to be worn in ways unique to those who wear them.
Each accessory has a meaning, sometimes many meanings, one from its designer and more lent to it by the person who chooses, wears, and loves it.
Whether it’s about the accessory type, color or pattern, or a tribute to an occasion, activity, or most important, a person, each accessory is designed to tell the personal story of its wearer while showcasing their unique style.

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Aricantisp Today

Aricantisp is a place for suggestions all about who you are through your style.
Give a voice to your love through each accessory that reminds you of everything you are and everything you love.


Appreciate every little thing in this beautiful life
Everyone you meet is someone you should meet, what happens in life is something that needs to happen
Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.