29 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs To Join In 2022
29 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs To Join In 2022

29 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs To Join In 2022

In this blog mail we ’ ra going to delve into the global of best gaming consort programs. Unless you ’ ve spend clock as a game or around gamers you probably have no estimate how absolutely obsessed most of us are with our hobby. Take me for exercise – I learned to touch-type because I ’ vitamin d stay up all night playing deathmatches and forget to turn on the lights. abruptly I could touch type, and all it took was six months of sitting in a dark room.

But back to the subject of the military post – gamers are happy to spend an about unlimited total of money on their hobby. That ’ south why the gambling industry is presently worth US $ 113 billion, with the likely of being worth more than US $ 300 billion within the following five years. Gaming was once a hobby reserved for absolute nerds but is now mainstream. thus you ’ five hundred assume there are plenty of affiliate programs in the bet on recess. And you ’ five hundred be right.

Gaming Affiliate Programs

  1. Leprestore Affiliate Program
  2. Razer Affiliate Program
  3. Alienware Affiliate Program
  4. Zygor Guides Affiliate Program 
  5. Nvidia Affiliate Program
  6. Final Mouse Affiliate Program
  7. Modded Zone Affiliate Program
  8. Bose Affiliate Program
  9. Into The AM Affiliate Program
  10. Microsoft  Affiliate Program
  11. Logitech Affiliate Program
  12. WarGaming.net Affiliate Program
  13. Twitch Affiliate Program
  14. Green Man Gaming Affiliate Program
  15. Kinguin Affiliate Program
  16. GameFly Affiliate Program
  17. Amazon Associates
  18. Fanatical Affiliate Program
  19. Secretlab Chairs Affiliate Program
  20. Nerd Or Die Affiliate Program
  21. Astro Gaming Affiliate Program
  22. Epic Games Affiliate Program
  23. Gamer Dating Affiliate Program
  24. GT Omega Affiliate Program
  25. Sennheiser Affiliate Program
  26. Origin PC Affiliate Program
  27. SCDKey Affiliate Program
  28. ModdedZone Affiliate Program
  29. Turtle Beach Affiliate Program


Leprestore Homepage Leprestore is a boost service for games like WoW Classic, Destiny 2 and Apex Legends. What is a boosting service ? well with MMORPG-style games you have two choices :

  1. Spend hundreds of hours leveling up your character
  2. Get somebody to do it for you

Leprestore offers gamers choice # 2 – you pay them and they “ boost ” your character for you. So you can pick up XP while you ’ re dormant. Is there a market for character promote ? Leprestore is one of at least a twelve affiliate programs in this sub-niche. thus, yes, there ’ s a market for boosting services. now the only potential downside here is that you need to know what you ’ re talking about to promote these services i.e. be running a gambling blog. Gamers can spot a imposter a nautical mile away. Affiliates make an average commission of around $ 9 per sale. That ’ s modest, but most players will be happy to pay over and over again if they like a service. URL: Leprestore consort program Commission rate: 10 % per sale Cookie duration: 15 days


Razer Homepage Razer manufactures the types of products every game wants, and that includes everyone from personal computer games, to console players and all the way over to mobile gamers. They evening make an energy beverage for gamers competently named Respawn …with equitable a tip of cheese. Founded in 2005, they describe themselves as the “ …leading life style sword for gamers ”, and we can ’ t actually argue with that. Because if you ask most gamers to name something on their gambling wish list, a Razer merchandise will be somewhere in their top five. Razer products are far from cheap, but they ’ re identical popular, sol people find the money to buy them. That ’ south bearing in heed they produce a range of gaming laptops that depart at US $ 1,500. The margins in calculator hardware have always been small. That ’ second why you see a sliding scale of commissions for Razer products, from 1 % to 20 % depending on what products you sell. Gamers know the Razer brand, so they ’ ll expect to find it mentioned on a gambling web log. URL: Razer affiliate program Commission rate: 1 % – 20 % per sale Cookie duration: 30 days


Alienware Homepage Alienware builds the type of gaming PCs that dreams are made of. They were besides one of the first gear companies to take portable gaming seriously with their up-to-date laptops. What made their products so unlike from everyone else ? They were ( and are ) madly powerful. Founded in 1996, the company changed its name from Sakai to Alienware in 1997 because…well…the founders loved the X-Files television usher. That name change besides involved changing their logo to the now immediately recognizable alien head that adorns their PCs. 2006 see Alienware being acquired by Dell, so you ’ ll have to sign up for the Dell consort program precisely remember that Alienware desktops and laptops feature on the Christmas wish list of every personal computer game. These gaming PCs don ’ thyroxine issue forth bum. Their entry-level models start at $ 899, average about $ 3,000, but go all the direction up to $ 8,500. 6 % of $ 899 is $ 53.94, 6 % of $ 3,000 is $ 180 and 6 % of $ 8,500 is $ 510. so there ’ sulfur money to be made here. The 3-day cookie is nasty though, so merely send quick traffic to these offers. URL: Alienware affiliate program Commission rate: 1 % – 6 % Cookie duration: 3 days

Zygor Guides

Zygor Homepage Zygor Guides are in-game guides for both World of Warcraft and WoW Classic. They work for existing races and classes, and in all zones, and do not break the game ’ sulfur ToS. In-game guides mean precisely that – this is an addition for World of Warcraft, allowing you to level up cursorily, but still enjoy the storyline of whatever flavor of the bet on you prefer. It ’ s elementary things like the 3D arrow which shows you what direction to go on a map that helps you make the most of your gambling time. therefore nowadays you can jump into the world of Azeroth for a immediate pursuit and get more spang for your buck, and in less clock excessively. We featured this course of study because of its ‘ Power Rank ’ score ( it ’ s a top performer ) and the potential for duplicate sales. There ’ sulfur besides the bantam contingent that you can earn recurring commissions from this program because it ’ s a monthly subscription. so you get 50 % on the frontend and the likely for backend sales excessively. URL: Zygor Guide affiliate course of study Commission rate: 50 % Cookie duration: 60 days


Nvidia Homepage There are two types of NVIDIA fans in the world, those who pronounce it N-vidia and the heretics who use Neh-vidia alternatively. Nvidia is best known for their range of GPU ( Graphics Processing Units ), or gaming graphics cards, but they besides manufacture streaming media players and AI development workstations. Nvidia got their start in the personal computer gaming diligence way back in 1993, when everyone and their uncle was manufacturing graphics chipsets. now, years later, NVIDIA is the alone remaining independent manufacturer of graphic chipsets in the world. They ’ re besides the nonpayment choice for unplayful gamers. NVIDIA ’ sulfur EPC is absolutely nothing to write home about, but their ‘ Network Earnings ’ score on Commission Junction makes up for that. This libra comes from the fact that a relatively high-end NVIDIA GPU costs at least $ 300. so their commission rate is low but there ’ s a market of 200 million games to serve, plus you wouldn ’ t be entirely promoting NVIDIA GPUs on your gaming blog. URL: Nvidia affiliate program Commission rate: 2 % per sale Cookie duration: 45 days

Final Mouse

Final Mouse is a very matter to company because they focus on just a single product- bet on mouse. And not entirely that but each mouse is a restrict edition, therefore once it ’ south gone, it ’ sulfur gone. now, if you ’ re the average person you ’ ll assume that all mice are created equal. But gamers are very finical about the types of shiner they ( we…okay, me ! ) use because it can be the deviation between sitting in respawn sin and trouncing the competition. eccentric moment : I used to tweak the config file for my shiner. Kids today will just never understand. Final Mouse products besides have a sincerely singular look, then in summation to being limited editions, this makes them even more attractive. Their affiliate program is run by Refersion, which is why the above screenshot looks different to the perch. But what matters is the metrics and in the case of this platform that ’ s an EPC of $ 54.54 and a 25 % committee rate. This plan is a no-brainer for any gambling affiliate web site that wants to make money. notice : You ’ ll need to sign up for the Refersion Marketplace to view the details of this program. URL: Final Mouse consort program Commission rate: 25 % per sale Cookie duration : 30 days Moddedzone Homepage ModdedZone takes boring game controllers and gives them a new lease of life with a serious touch of bling. But it ’ s not just about a nice paint job – you can order a control that ’ south modified to your accurate specifications, even to the point of having sealed components removed e.g. motors. Or you can choose to have add-ons like “ fast reload ” or “ adjustable rapid-fire ” enabled. And because these aren ’ metric ton game hacks they ’ re allegedly undetectable by servers. ModdedZone merely uses sword raw PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo controllers for their mods, so your upgrade control is just vitamin a dependable as an unmodded original. They besides sell a full crop of gaming chairs, although these are standard so you don ’ metric ton receive to mod them. Affiliates make 5 % on each sale, which equates to about $ 12 per referral based on their average club size of $ 177. They besides offer their customers interest-free split payments, so that makes it a fortune easier to convert quick traffic into confirm sales. URL: Modded Zone affiliate program Commission rate: 5 % per sale Cookie duration: 90 days


Bose Homepage Bose international relations and security network ’ t the only company in the worldly concern that produces high-quality headphones and speakers, but they are one of the best. so, we could have featured Skullcandy or Steel Series headsets here, but not only are Bose products superior ( in my opinion ) but so is their affiliate program ( based on the numbers ). Gamers love comfortable noise-canceling headphones because they allow you to immerse yourself all the way into whatever your preferred gambling world is. People who live with gamers besides love noise-canceling headphones because the other choice is a subwoofer+speaker jazz band shaking the walls. The commission pace is reasonably first gear hera, but then it is typical of what you can expect for consumer electronic products. But you have to factor in the high slate price associated with Bose products – a full pair of Bose radio headphones cost in the area of $ 300. Which means $ 10 perpetration for every pair of headphones your visitors purchase. URL: Bose affiliate platform Commission rate: 2 % – 3 % per sale Cookie duration: 30 days

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Into The AM

Into The AM Homepage Into The AM manufactures a image of clothe not merely for gamers, but for anyone looking for in truth unique designs. I love the identify because it reminds me of how the very best bet on sessions start in the PM and end up in the former AM. In terms of game gear, they sell fully licensed t-shirts for games like World of Warcraft, God of War and Assassin ’ s Creed. They besides sell joggers, so if you ’ re planning a gambling marathon, and don ’ thyroxine fancy the harass of wearing pants, well these good might suit you. Everything Into The AM sells is handcrafted and made from eco-friendly materials and inks, so you ’ re doing your morsel to help the environment excessively. Of all the crippled dress affiliate programs we looked at, Into the AM came out tops. They have a solid EPC of over $ 50 and the 10 % commission besides translates well because their average jersey costs $ 32. again, this is the type of program you would promote in addition to other gaming affiliate programs – there ’ s normally not adequate referral cash in clothing entirely to make it worth your while. URL: Into the AM affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % per sale Cookie duration : 30 days


Microsoft Homepage Microsoft is responsible for an explosion in home bet on in a way that most people don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate understand. Way binding in the day, when PCs were only used by nerds, Microsoft made them accessible to everyone else by introducing Windows 3.x and then Windows 95. Playing games before that command actual technical cognition, like knowing how to write and edit config.sys and autoexec.bat files. In gambling terms, this was deoxyadenosine monophosphate revolutionary as Apple releasing the iPhone – it wholly changed the game and caused a boom in personal computer sales that lasted for about two decades. The 2 % committee rate might seem first gear, but it ’ second doubly what you ’ five hundred earn promoting the same games console on Amazon. Plus how hard is it to actually sell an Xbox, a Surface personal computer or the latest adaptation of Windows ? URL: Microsoft affiliate program Commission rate: 2 % on Xbox consoles and accessories Cookie duration: TBC Read our Microsoft consort course of study inspection.


Logitech Homepage Logitech is probably best known for its keyboards and shiner, which have been a firm favorite of gamers for decades. But they besides make a unharmed image of gaming accessories, all now under the “ Logitech G ” sword. These include speakers, headsets, webcams, gaming mouse pads, controllers, flight yokes, joysticks, and steering wheels. They tied make a “ heavy equipment pack ” for Farming Simulator…so you can accurately recreate a tractor ’ south controls in your sitting room. There truly is person for everyone in this world… Logitech bet on accessories are popular because they look great and tend to end a whole set longer than cheaper imitations. I was a small lacerate on including this program because of their ‘ Network Earnings ’ score, but a decent EPC and above-average commission rate of 4 % got them over the telephone line. The early gene is that there are certain sub-niches of gambling ( trajectory sims and driving sims ) where you ’ d have to feature Logitech products because they ’ re typically some of the best available. process this as a bolt-on program more than a primary money earner, but an important bolt-on platform for this recess. URL: Logitech consort program Commission rate: 4 % per sale Cookie duration: 30 days


Unless you ’ ve keep off television receiver and the Internet for the last 5 years, then you ’ ll have seen World of Tanks or World of Warships advertised at least once. WarGaming.com is the party behind these free-to-play MMO ’ s and besides World of Warplanes, Pagan Online, Masters of Orion, and Gods & Glory. These games are played by millions of people from all over the world, with new players signing up every minute. nowadays, while these MMO ’ randomness are “ free to play ” you can besides choose to pay for a premium account to give you the best find of achiever in that game. And that ’ s where affiliates stand to make money. You get paid for every new person that signs up for any of their games, although commission rates can vary from country to area. Either means, it won ’ t do any damage to have a Wargaming.net liaison or standard somewhere on your site.

URL: Wargaming consort program Commission rate: $ 1 – $ 7.50 per signup Cookie duration: TBC


Twitch Homepage flip is one of the hottest properties in the pour diligence, with 9.36 million active streamers using the platform as of April 2021. As you likely know, it ’ s extremely popular with hard-core gamers ( and besides with more casual fans ). The most democratic twitch channels have huge fandoms of their own — Ninja, the platform ’ s top-ranked streamer, has more than 16 million followers. Who knew you could get so much care just for playing a few video recording games, eh ? As with all social platforms, Twitch has taken steps to monetize its audience. That ’ south where the Twitch affiliate program comes in, paying a 5 % tax income parcel on game sales through your channel page. That means you ’ re efficaciously being paid to promote games. however, the Twitch affiliate platform international relations and security network ’ thyroxine open to just anyone. At time of write, Twitch was entirely looking for streamers who aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate so far Partners, have at least 50 followers, and over the last 30 days have racked up at least 500 total minutes broadcast, seven singular broadcast days, and an average of three or more coincident viewers. URL: Twitch affiliate course of study Commission rate: 5 % tax income share Cookie duration: Unknown

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming Homepage green Man Gaming is a ball-shaped e-commerce engineering company focused entirely on the television game industry. It sells a huge catalogue of games across multiple platforms, from indie titles to AAA releases, and works with more than 450 publishers, developers, and distributors. therefore if you ’ re an affiliate seller looking to make money through video game sales, the Green Man Gaming affiliate program could be the one for you. Run through the CJ consort network, it pays 5 % commission per sale on purchases from raw users and 2 % on returning user sales. To help you tug clicks, Green Man Gaming offers a range of general and product-specific ads, and is glad to consider bespoke requests from affiliate marketers. Its close publisher relationships besides allow it to facilitate reviews, giveaways, and competitions. URL: Green Man Gaming consort program Commission rate: 2 % – 5 % Cookie duration: 30 days


Kinguin Homepage Kinguin is a global digital market that sells crippled keys with moment delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a workweek. With 10 million register accounts and 500,000 new transactions a month, I can safely say it ’ s a reasonably big deal in the gambling niche. not alone that, but it besides runs one of the best bet on affiliate programs we ’ ve seen, thanks to its multi-tiered commission structure. On a childlike level, you earn 5 % from every sale driven through your referral links. But it gets better than that. When a new affiliate seller registers for Kinguin ’ south affiliate program via your referral connection, you get a 0.75 % reduce of their commissions. And when raw members sign up through those referral links, you make a promote 0.25 % on their sales excessively. Just think of all that passive income ! URL: Kinguin consort program Commission rate: 5 % Cookie duration: 30 days


Gamefly Homepage GameFly is a US-based on-line video game lease service that strives to deliver the broadest choice and handiness of games for all major consoles. I know what you ’ ra think : “ In this day and old age, why would I bother renting a plot when I can just buy it ? ” But GameFly ’ s unharmed proposition is pretty attractive. It delivers directly to your door, offers complimentary shipping both ways, and doesn ’ triiodothyronine charge late fees. You besides get free ship on controllers, gaming accessories, and collectibles. Sounds interesting ? The GameFly bet on affiliate course of study, run through CJ affiliate, pays $ 5 – $ 15 for all new members who sign up via your referral link, with plans starting at barely $ 9.50 per month. And you can besides earn 8 % – 10 % commissions on sales of raw console games. URL: GameFly affiliate broadcast Commission rate: $ 5 – $ 15 per new user signup ; 10 % per sale Cookie duration: 25 days

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associated Affiliate Program As you already know, Amazon sells everything, and it ’ randomness got the gaming commercialize pretty good covered. Whether you ’ re looking for gaming chairs, gaming laptops, gaming peripherals, or basically anything else to enhance your gaming experience, chances are you ’ ll find it at Amazon. That means there are lots of opportunities for gaming consort marketers to monetize their traffic here. And because Amazon has such a strong reputation, it ’ s never a baffling sell to persuade people to buy. immediately for the bad news. Amazon ’ second terms are the stingiest of all the gaming consort programs on this list, paying good a 2 % deputation on digital video recording games, and a reduced 1 % on physical video recording games and consoles. Plus it only offers a measly 24-hour cookie window. To sweeten the share slightly, affiliate marketers earn a commission on anything their referrals buy from Amazon within that 24-hour window, so you might pick up the periodic unexpected sale. Fingers crossed ! URL: Amazon Associates affiliate program Commission rate: 2 % for digital video recording games ( see other categories ) Cookie duration: 24 hours eminence : We recently published a complete steer on how to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program. Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to check our Amazon affiliate broadcast review.


Fanatical Homepage Fanatical is a global gambling and digital entertainment platform that sells hot new video game releases, beloved classics, and curated gambling bundles. It has more than 1,000 direct partnerships with big developers and publishers — think SEGA, Warner Bros, Bethesda, and many more — and boasts an hearing of more than 1.6 million customers spread across over 200 countries. fanatic ’ sulfur catalog includes more than 85 million actual, formally license personal computer games keys for Steam games, plus a host of other platforms, including Epic, Uplay, Bethesda, Rockstar, and ESO on-line. In short circuit, it ’ mho pretty extensive, and you can make money from it through Fanatical ’ s gaming consort program. Commissions range from 2 % – 5 % on sales of new personal computer games, and you can besides earn 3 % – 6 % on non-gaming items like books and comics. URL: Fanatical affiliate program Commission rate: 2 % – 5 % on television game sales Cookie duration: 30 days

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Secretlab Chairs

Secretlab Chairs Homepage queerly enough, Secretlab Chairs sells gaming chairs. For the uninitiate, those chairs don ’ t come cheap, with prices topping $ 600 at the higher goal of the plate. Secretlab Chairs has a bearing in seven regions and ships to more than 50 countries, which makes its gambling affiliate program perfect for affiliate marketers with a global consultation. But there ’ s a draw more to love about this affiliate program. For a get down, the commissions are excellent, at up to 12 % per sale you send to Secretlab through your referral link. According to Secretlab, its conversion rates are besides highly strong, at approximately five times higher than similar gaming affiliate programs. That means more luck of earning deputation from the traffic you drive. URL: Secretlab Chairs affiliate program Commission rate: Up to 12 % per sale Cookie duration: 7 days

Nerd or Die

Nerd Or Die Homepage Nerd or Die is a genuine veteran of the alive pour diligence, having started a YouTube and web tutorial serial covering OBS and streaming on Twitch direction back in October 2014. While it initially offered rid resources — like a Twitch dialog box godhead, overlays, and alerts — it ’ sulfur since begun monetizing its audience by selling premium overlays, alerts, and early resources for gaming streams. Which brings us to the Nerd or Die gaming consort program. Basically, streamers buy graphics, overlays, and effects to spice up their bouncy stream antics, and you make money by referring them. Yet more proof that gaming international relations and security network ’ thyroxine equitable a hobby ! Although its prices are relatively humble, you can earn up to 30 % per sale if you reach amber tier status ( but you ’ ll need to hit a bunch of tax income targets and drive a batch of referrals to get there ). URL: Nerd or Die affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % – 30 % Cookie duration: Unknown

Astro Gaming

Astro Gaming Homepage ASTRO Gaming is owned by Logitech, which is one of the biggest names in the gambling peripherals niche. ASTRO ’ mho products — including high choice sound recording equipment, controllers, and mixers — are targeted specifically at hard-core gamers, from enthusiasts to professionals, and have been adopted by some of the earth ’ randomness biggest gaming leagues. In other words, ASTRO Gaming has batch of pedigree, which makes it a relatively easy sell. And that ’ s good news, because you can earn 5 % per sale in commissions through its bet on affiliate platform. With a top-of-the-range ASTRO headset costing an eye-watering $ 300, there ’ s batch of money to be made here. URL: Astro Gaming affiliate program Commission rate: 5 % Cookie duration: 30 days

Epic Games

Epic Games Homepage Epic Games is one of the highest-profile names in the gambling industry. It ’ s the creative powerhouse behind some of the world ’ second hottest games — think Fortnite, Unreal Tournament, Infinity Blade, and several more. Designed with Mac and PC Gamers in mind, the Epic Games Store is all about being kind to creators. While most television game retailers pay the developer about 70 % per sale, Epic hands over a far more generous 88 %. Given the strength of its brand, Epic Games is pretty rigid about who can join its gaming consort program. To be accepted, you ’ ll motivation to have at least 1,000 followers on one or more of the follow social platforms :

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • VK

URL: Epic Games affiliate course of study Commission rate: 5 % base rate Cookie duration: 30 days


Gamer Dating Homepage I ’ ll give you two guesses what GamerDating does. If you said “ crippled dating ”, congratulations, you nailed it ! That ’ randomness right, GamerDating is a dating chopine aimed squarely at gamers. The mind hera is that its members get to spend more time building a glad, loving kinship, and less fourth dimension trying to persuade their better half that gaming international relations and security network ’ t a arrant waste of prison term. With a exploiter al-qaeda of 400,000 hard-core gamers, it ’ sulfur clearly resonating within the gambling recess. GamerDating ’ mho membership packages cost $ 35 for two months, or $ 70 for four months. As a bet on affiliate seller, you earn a solid 20 % commission on every new extremity you refer, making this potentially one of the highest-paying bet on affiliate programs we ’ ve seen. URL: Gamer Dating affiliate platform Commission rate: 20 % Cookie duration: Unknown

GT Omega

Gt Omega Homepage A few years ago, the theme of a party entirely manufacturing and selling gaming chairs would have seemed like a bit of a joke. But fast forward to the current day and it ’ randomness become one of the hottest niches in the bet on diligence, with sales expected to grow by a sock $ 95 million between 2020 and 2024. Established back in 2009, GT Omega is one of the biggest names in the bet on chair space, and besides sells stallion cockpits, wheel stands, and accessories. As you can likely imagine, it ’ second products aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate precisely cheap, with a ace professorship costing $ 650. With commissions of up to 17 % available if you can reach tier four of its bet on consort course of study, it offers more earning potential than most video game consort programs. URL: GT Omega affiliate course of study Commission rate: 2 % – 17 % Cookie duration: 30 days


Sennheiser Homepage rigorously speaking, Sennheiser international relations and security network ’ metric ton very part of the video game diligence. rather, it makes high timbre sound recording equipment. But its products are used and loved by a whole fortune of television bet on fanatics, hence its inclusion on this list. Founded over 75 years ago, Sennheiser has grown to become one of the worldly concern ’ south leading manufacturers of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones, and radio receiver transmission systems. It ’ sulfur decidedly at the premium end of the audio grocery store, with a ace fructify of Sennheiser headphones costing approximately $ 450. As an affiliate seller, that should make your eyes light up, because premium prices mean big commissions. And that ’ s decidedly the shell here, with the Sennheiser gambling affiliate program paying a reasonably estimable 6 % per sale. URL: Sennheiser affiliate program Commission rate: 6 % Cookie duration: Unknown

Origin PC

Origin Pc Homepage Hardcore personal computer gamers love ORIGIN personal computer, because it builds award-winning custom gaming PCs for enthusiasts, professionals, and everyone in between. In my experience, the bible “ custom ” is basically a synonym for “ expensive ”, and that ’ s surely the case with ORIGIN PC. Its gaming laptops cost north of $ 2,000, while dedicated bet on PCs are even pricier. so you ’ re probably not expecting this gambling affiliate course of study to pay 50 % commissions. unfortunately, I can ’ t tell you how much it does pay, because all commissions are decided on a individual footing. You ’ ll entirely find out about your commission structure once you ’ ve been granted submission to the affiliate program, so you ’ ll good have to apply to find out. URL: Origin personal computer affiliate program Commission rate: TBC Cookie duration: 30 days


Scdkey Homepage SCDKey has been selling video game codes and keys for well over a decade, which means it ’ s a reasonably well known and respected appoint within its space. You ’ ll find codes and keys for all the hottest games here, across a bunch of unlike stores and platforms, including Steam, Origin, Uplay, and PlayStation. In other words, SCDKey is a fantastic option if you ’ re looking for an affiliate program that efficaciously pays you to promote games. But there ’ s batch more to like about SCDKey. For one thing, perpetration rates of up to 20 % make this one of the best gambling affiliate programs we ’ ve seen in terms of earning electric potential. As if that wasn ’ metric ton adequate, SCDKey besides pays bonus commissions to top-performing affiliate marketers. Hit 80 orders a month and you ’ ll receive an excess $ 100 on top of your regular commissions. URL: SCDKey affiliate program Commission rate: 8 % – 20 % Cookie duration: 30 days


Moddedzone Homepage ModdedZone claims to be the “ largest custom modification accountant company ”, and since I can ’ t think of besides many others, I ’ ll have to trust it. The sword sells hundreds of unlike restrainer designs for a host of television crippled consoles, from the Xbox One and 360, to PlayStation 3 and 4. To repeat my earlier point, “ custom ” and “ expensive ” go hand in bridge player. High-spec controllers cost well over $ 100, so it ’ s no surprise the site has an average ordain respect of $ 150. That makes the 10 % commission rate offered through ModdedZone ’ s gaming affiliate platform sound even more attractive. Combined with a generous 90-day cookie window, this is one of the best gambling affiliate programs we ’ ve seen while compiling this article. To help drive sales, it ’ mho deserving noting that ModdedZone offers free shipping on all US orders, and besides ships its products cosmopolitan. URL: ModdedZone affiliate program Commission rate: 10 % Cookie duration: 90 days

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Homepage high quality headphones are very much the name of the game at Turtle Beach. It sells more than 100 gaming audio headsets for a rate of platforms, including PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, personal computer, and Mac. Turtle Beach ’ s award-winning television crippled headsets are used by everyone from casual games to professional esports athletes, giving you a broad audience to target. With prices ranging from $ 20 – $ 300, and an average order value of $ 80, there ’ mho decidedly good money to be made here. The only rebuff veto is that Turtle Beach ’ sulfur consort platform offers a commission of precisely 4 %, which isn ’ t equally attractive as some of the early gaming affiliate programs we ’ ve reviewed. URL: Turtle Beach affiliate program Commission rate: 4 % Cookie duration: 30 days


And that concludes our research on the gambling recess. Yes, we know there are programs we didn ’ metric ton mention like Acer, etc. but the determination of these research pieces is to present you with the best gambling affiliate programs. not every single course of study we could find, including the truly icky ones that literally aren ’ t worth the campaign of signing up for. After all, the reason you ’ re hera is because you ’ rhenium looking for profitable affiliate programs you can promote.

And if you ’ d like to learn how people actually make money with this affiliate marketing stuff, then we ’ d like to invite you to our free train. We give you a helping hand to get started, covering topics from recess and keyword research to stigmatization and choosing a web server. We know you ’ ll get a long ton of respect from taking character – thousands of others already have.

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