21 Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites in 2022
21 Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites in 2022

21 Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites in 2022


After our post on writing better reviews, we got a lot of interest from readers asking us what it takes to create a great product review site. unfortunately for the internet, when people think of build affiliate websites, they normally think of doing something like this : Affiliate websites example Affiliate websites like these are all over the world wide web. They have no ambition and are designed just to siphon off affiliate commissions by overselling without subtleties.

short wonder that they drop off the radar within months. The truth is that there are tons of affiliate sites on the internet with a focus on merchandise reviews that are amazing and still capital at making money. In fact, they give away so much value that you don’t even see their affiliate links. At Authority Hacker, we ’ ve always been about building long-run businesses with a focus on delivering rate in order to build a real consultation and ensure the web site doesn ’ thymine contract penalised down the line.

Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites In 2022

so for this station, we ’ ra going to look at 21 examples of consort commercialize websites that “ get it ” when it comes to marketing 3rd party products while delivering value and try to learn from them. I hope that looking at these affiliate marketing examples will give you some inhalation with your own sites and will show you that affiliate market doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to be bum.

1. Nerdwallet

nerdwallet Nerdwallet is one of my darling affiliate websites, and I ’ megabyte sure enough of affiliate marketers would tell you the like. It ’ s been around for a long while, it does enormously good in one of the most competitive markets, and the content is authentically useful. Nerdwallet is basically a review consort site for fiscal products. The covering everything from credit cards to mortgages to investing to indemnity. Have stellar contents, and especial user interface, and a actually good market team. They ’ ve basically been the gold standard of affiliate sites for the last several years ( in my view anyhow ).

  • Niche: Consumer finance
  • Goal: Help people pick the best credit cards, loans, insurance, etc.
  • Key Challenge: Extremely competitive market.

Key Stats

142,000 Twitter
55,900 Visits/Month
10.6M DR
83 Backlinks
34,316 Alexa Rank

Top Content

How much House Can I Afford ? Length:
N/A Backlinks:
2,900 Keywords:
5,600 I love this piece of subject because it ’ s not content as we think of it in any traditional sense. temper link builders will probably recognize the angle hera : creating a hyper-useful tool that ’ sulfur going to do very well in the context of a content market political campaign. What makes this one of their peak pieces of content, however, is that it besides targets a very good keyword. Nerdwallet best credit cards of 2019 Best Credit Cards of 2019 : Reviews, Rewards and Offers Length:
4,300 Backlinks:
26,300 Keywords:
4,600 This may be one of the single most difficult ( but valuable ) affiliate keywords in the worldly concern, and NerdWallet systematically snags one of the top spots in the SERPs. As of right now they rank # 1 for it in Google. Huge acquire for them. Best CD Rates NerdWallet Best compact disk Rates | Compare four hundred Rates Length:
N/A Backlinks:
53 Keywords:
1,100 Another highly competitive keyword, and, it should be noted, this content is besides in cock phase.

How They Make Money

Nerdwallet is besides a 100 % consort web site. They do not have ads, nor do they ( a far as I can tell ) sell any of their own products.

Top Promotions

What we can learn from Nerdwallet

  1. Make tools. So much of Nerdwallet’s best content comes into will form, and that’s because not only is a great for user experience, but tools also tend to attract lots of links, and SEO is a major part of this site’s strategy.
  2. Update key pages. Nerdwallet makes a practice of updating their key pages. For example, their big guides, like, “Best Credit Cards 2016” will be updated annually (to “Best Credit Cards 2019”), making them relevant in giving their marketing team an opportunity to market them again.

2. Money Saving Expert

MoneySavingExpert.com MoneySavingExpert.com helps ordinary people make better fiscal decisions. think of it as financial education for the masses that helps people get more bang for their dollar. The locate was started by Martin Lewis, a fiscal journalist, in 2003. today, it ranks as one of the biggest consumer affiliate websites in the UK with over 8 million visits every calendar month. In a field filled with self-serving information and dubious cognition, MoneySavingExpert ( MSE ) has managed to set itself apart thanks to its content quality and devotion to helping consumers. The locate was sold to Moneysupermarket.com in 2012 for £87 million.

  • Niche: Personal finance
  • Founder: Martin Lewis (@MartinSLewis)
  • Goal: To help ordinary people make better financial decisions
  • Key Challenge: To provide ethical, accurate and updated financial information in a sector marked by self-serving interests.

Key Stats

191,000 Twitter
64,200 Visits/Month
8.8M DR
83 Backlinks
18,900 Alexa Rank

Top Content

MoneySavingExperts.com Credit Scores credit Scores : Bust myths and improve your score Length :
7,800 Backlinks:
14 Keywords:
3,100 A comprehensive guide to credit scores and how they impact your fiscal life. MoneySavingExpert.com 15 cheapest ways to get travel money 19 cheapest ways to get travel money Length :
3,470 Backlinks:
69 Keywords:
678 A number of innovative ways to make extra cash for traveling. MoneySavingExpert com The budget planner The budget planner Length:
2,900 Backlinks:
44 Keywords:
3,000 A exhaustive guidebook to making budgets and sticking to them.

How They Make Money

As MSE explains on its “ How this locate is financed ” page, the only monetization method acting is affiliate links. The site does not accept advertisements or patronize posts, nor does it offer any pay products. Some unlike tactics and tools it uses to monetize include :

  • Coupons: MSE maintains a list of coupons and deals for a number of retailers, taking a cut from each sale.
  • “Best of” guides: MSE has several pages listing “Best [X]” products and services, such as banks and credit cards. It takes a cut from anyone signing up with its affiliate link.
  • “Cheap X” guides: MSE helps users pick the cheapest consumer products in a category (such as phones) and takes a cut from each sale.
  • Calculators: The site offers its users a number of calculators, such as a loan calculator or a mortgage calculator. It takes a commission from any recommended financial products.

It uses a act of extra tactics to make supernumerary affiliate market cash. This includes an Amazon discount finder, an association with Resolver, and including Skimlinks in its forum threads.

Top Promotions

Some products MoneySavingExpert promotes are :

What we can learn from MoneySavingExpert

  1. Invest in design: The MSE website is very well organized. All articles are also heavily formatted to be as easy to browse as possible.
  2. Invest in ethics: The consumer finance field is filled with misinformation. MSE stands out by clearly identifying all affiliate links and maintaining a strong editorial code of ethics.
  3. Hero pages: MSE maintains “hero” pages for major search terms (example). These are highly visual and give readers a quick glance at the best options. Since the pages are very user-focused, they almost always rank well.
  4. Be actionable: From blog posts to deal finders to calculators, all of MSE’s content and products are ultra actionable. Users don’t have to deal with fluff and can dive right into the info they want.

3. The Wirecutter

the wirecutter - one of the biggest affiliate websites The Wire Cutter is one of the internet ’ s darling review affiliate websites for electronics, gadgets and consumer goods. It was started by Brian Lam, the former editorial conductor of Gizmodo. Brian and team put all reviewed products through arduous and innovative tests, so much so that the locate is sometimes called “ Mythbusters for gadgets ”. Since its parentage in 2011, the Wire Cutter has grown into one of the top 6,000 sites on-line by constantly focusing on finding the best intersection in each class. Along the way, it has earned tons of praise, evening getting a fib in NYTimes.

  • Niche: Consumer product reviews
  • Founder: Brian Lam (@blam)
  • Goal: To help people find the best product in every consumer category
  • Key Challenge: To design innovative tests and select the best product possible, without being swayed by commercial interests.

Key Stats

121,000 Twitter
87,400 Visits/Month
3.6M DR
80 Backlinks
18,300 Alexa Rank

Top Content

Wirecutter Deals Wirecutter Deals Length:
11,000 Backlinks:
1,100 Keywords:
49k A regularly update tilt of the best deals on electronics from across the web. Wirecutter The best Bluetooth speakers The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Length:
7,700 Backlinks:
427 Keywords:
6,400 A revue of the best Bluetooth speakers for average consumers. Wirecutter the best Wi-fi Router The Best Wi-Fi Router ( for Most People ) Length :
9,685 Backlinks:
503 Keywords:

How They Make Money

The Wire Cutter explains its monetization model on its “ How to Support Us ” page. It ’ s a elementary model : affiliate commissions, chiefly through Amazon and BestBuy. The locate does not accept any advertisements or sponsor posts, or does it sell any of its own products. Some different tactics and tools it uses to monetize include :

  • Product recommendations: “Best of” product pages for each category are the Wire Cutter’s bread and butter. Each recommendation comes with an associated Amazon link.
  • Answer Questions: The Wire Cutter answers reader questions such as “which headphones should I buy?” and takes a cut from any product sales.
  • Others: Besides Amazon and a handful of other well known retailers, the site also uses Skimlinks to make money online. There is an indication it sells some advertising as well (as shown by this link) though the details aren’t made public.
  • They were recently acquired by the New York times for US$20 million, so that counts as peak monetization from where we stand.

Top Promotions

Some of The Wire Cutter ’ s most heavily used affiliate promotions are : amazon_logo_RGBhome depot logoGoProBest Buy Apple

  1. Focus: Instead of creating hundreds of gadget news posts every month, the Wire Cutter does just one thing: in-depth reviews.
  2. Use the right design: The Wire Cutter doesn’t use the traditional blog structure. Instead, it uses a simple page with a list of best items in each category.
  3. Quality > Quantity: The Wire Cutter’s tests are so innovative and extensive that manufacturers sometimes ask it for advice on how to improve their products. As it promises on this page, every recommended product has been tested to be the best in its class. It also writes only 6-12 posts a month.

4. Dating advice

DatingAdvice - affiliate websites a far as internet marketing goes, the dating niche is wildly lucrative. unfortunately, it is besides filled with tons of scamsters and spammy sites designed merely to send traffic to consort offers. DatingAdvice.com is a breath of fresh air in this clutter recess. It is clean, fun, and doesn ’ t have the seamy side that defines sol many other dating affiliate websites. With its focus on ‘ expert advice ’ and emphasis on answering real questions, it basically brings dating mainstream.

  • Niche: Dating advice and dating website reviews
  • Goal: Goal: To help people improve their dating skills and find the best dating site for their needs
  • Key Challenge: To stand out in a niche overpopulated with spam and sleaze

Key Stats

12,700 Twitter
6,800 Visits/Month
413k DR
78 Backlinks
3,600 Alexa Rank

Top Content

OurTime.com Review Length :
879 Backlinks:
132 Traffic:
2,100 Keywords:
280 An in-depth review of OurTime.com, a dating web site for seniors. DatingAdvice The 15 Top Cities for Single Women The 15 crown Cities for Single Women Length :
1,200 Backlinks:
0 Keywords:
14 A review of the best cities for single women to find single guys. 11 Best Hookup Sites ( That Are 100 % Free ) Length :
1,200 Backlinks:
14 Traffic:
1,600 Keywords:
670 A review of the best go steady sites focused on hookups.

How they make money

Dating Advice makes most of its money by referring people to dating websites such as Match, eHarmony, etc. You ’ ll notice that all its recommended sites have a wholesome, mainstream picture, which fits its target demographics. Some unlike tactics and tools it uses to monetize include :

  • Best-of lists: DatingAdvice.com creates ‘Best Of’ lists for the best apps, websites and products for dating, taking a cut from any sign-ups or sales.
  • Dating site reviews: DatingAdvice.com reviews some of the popular dating sites around and makes money from affiliate commissions. This is the site’s bread and butter as far as revenues go.
  • Sponsored posts: Though it doesn’t explicitly state so, DatingAdvice.com makes some money through sponsored posts such as this one.

Top Promotions

Some of DatingAdvice.com ’ s most heavily used affiliate promotions are :

What we can learn from DatingAdvice.com

  1. Keep it clean: DatingAdvice.com has managed to stand out by maintaining a wholesome, healthy image in a spammy, scammy niche. The colors, the design and the prominent use of real faces in all posts goes a long way towards telling readers that this site is “safe”.
  2. No banner ads: similarly to all the sites quoted earlier, the site does not have a single banner ad. The truth is, banner ads cheapen your design and trust which can hurt if you are trying to monetise with affiliates. For example, we are working on a version of Health Ambition with no ads.
  3. Social proof: The site has a “as Featured in” section with logos of mainstream publications right at the very top of the page. This not only helps establish credibility, but also affirms the mainstream nature of the website.
  4. Focus on experts: Instead of showing advice from just anyone, DatingAdvice.com focuses on experts and relationship counselors. This gives its content greater credibility and authority. On top of that they can use the expert’s social reach to gain visibility.

5. PC Part Picker

PcPartPicker PCPartPicker.com has constantly been one of my favorite affiliate sites. One of the reasons I love it sol much is that it deviates from the “ traditional ” affiliate web site model. It ’ s not merely another content site targeting “ best ten ” keywords. rather, they ’ ve built something that provides such extreme value it basically markets itself. The premise of the site is basically that it ’ s a tool for people who want to build their own computers ( normally gaming computers ). If you ’ ve never done it, the unmanageable function about building a computer is about always the research. New computer parts are coming out constantly, so you have to find the latest parts that fit your budget and are besides compatible with each early. It ’ s a pain in the buttocks. PC Part Picker solves these problems. It lets you shop for the latest personal computer parts based on performance and budget, and it mechanically cross-references them with each other to check for compatibility. So the core of the locate is a tool. In holocene years, however, they ’ ve expanded beyond the joyride and started a actually decent blog a well. needle to say, it ’ mho been enormously successful.

  • Niche: Computer parts
  • Goal: Help people build computers
  • Key Challenge: Low commissions

34,000 Twitter
47,00 Visits/Month
3.3M DR
73 Backlinks
7,600 Alexa Rank

Top Content

PCPartPicker System Builder New personal computer System Builder Tool Length :
N/A Backlinks:
5,100 Keywords:
2,800 This is the primary tool on the web site — the one that helps people choose the best personal computer parts for their current personal computer build and checks for compatibility issues. eminence that every part in the list has an consort connection. PCPartPicker Build Guides personal computer System Guides Length :
N/A Backlinks:
108 Keywords:
6,700 This is like to the share picker, but the locate experts pre-build the calculator for you, which automatically generates a partially list. Intel Core i7 6400 4.0GHz CPU Review Intel Core i7 6400 4.0GHz CPU Review Length :
N/A Backlinks:
45 Keywords:
235 This is an case of a review on the web site. It ’ sulfur surely not traditional. It ’ south basically precisely the spectacles and exploiter reviews. One cool thing they do add is monetary value history. This is very utilitarian in an industry where prices change constantly.

How they make money

personal computer Part Picker is monetized wholly through affiliate links. And pretty a lot everything they do is monetized this direction :

  • User-created PC builds. Users can custom-build their own computeres and then order parts by click on the affiliate links. Or…
  • Expert-created PC builds. Experts on the site will put together builds for you (in the form of a blog post).
  • Reviews of individual components. They also review individual PC components and use historical price data to help people make a buying decision.

Top Promotions

PCPartsPicker uses a number of different affiliate programs as part of its overall scheme, but the bulk of their income would appear to come from Amazon. SuperBiiz logoNewEgg.conOutletPC logo

What we can learn from PC Part Picker

  1. Build a tool. This site does have a blog, and it does have content, but the engine is the PC-building tool.
  2. Focus on user experience. Everything here is geared specifically to help the users achieve a very particular goal: building a PC with no compatibility issues and within a certain budget.
  3. Help users shop around. By being a member of multiple affiliate programs, and pointing users to the best price, and recording price history, PC Part Picker goes beyond is simply recommending products on site; they help their readers have a good shopping experience off site.

6. 50em.com

infusionsoft vs ontraport Most of the affiliate websites listed above are well-established with large teams and even larger budgets. Some even have celebrity founders with existing audiences. however, most IMers don ’ t have such resources. This is why for our 6th exemplar, we chose to focus on 50em.com – a site with barely 7 pages. 50em helps readers choose between two of the most popular automation tools on the market – Ontraport and InfusionSoft. These tools run into hundreds of dollars each calendar month and represent a big spend for any seller. By creating ultra-focused, hyper-targeted contentedness, 50em makes the selection process easier, and in the process, makes savings bank. This is the kind of locate any AH reader can make – with tons of campaign and guidance, of path ! The site is pretty much a master-class in creating high value, high impingement product review. There ’ s tons you can learn from it, thus read on !

  • Niche: Automation software reviews
  • Goal: To help marketers choose between InfusionSoft and Ontraport
  • Key Challenge: To get traffic and establish credibility in a hyper-targeted niche with expensive products.

N/A Twitter
N/A Visits/Month
65 DR
16 Backlinks
35 Alexa Rank

Top Content

50em “ What cipher on Payroll Will Tell You About Infusionsoft and Ontraport ” Length :
1,400 Backlinks:
6 The home page that serves as an presentation to the two tools and pitches the idea of automation InfusionSoft vs Ontraport the ultimate showdown InfusionSoft v Ontraport : the ultimate confrontation Length :
7,200 Backlinks:
14 A neck and neck comparison review of the two independent tools the site is about. Note the content length, abject issue of backlinks, even they rank # 1. What they won't tell you about Ontraport What they won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tell you about Ontraport Length :
4,500 Backlinks:
0 An “ good ” review of Ontraport from the owner. He clearly uses the instrument, and shares both the good and bad sides of it.

How they make money

The monetization method for 50em should be clear adequate : it makes money through affiliate commissions. Both InfusionSoft and Ontraport are expensive tools – InfusionSoft starts at $ 199/month while Ontraport goes for $ 297/month. so even a single sale can be wildly lucrative. 50em uses four tactics to make these commissions :

  • In-depth reviews: 50em has in-depth reviews for both InfusionSoft and Ontraport. There’s thousands of words of text, as well as a video that explains each product. Tons of value for any reader.
  • Head to head comparisons: If you’re still confused after reading the reviews, you can compare the two products against each other. On the InfusionSoft vs. Ontraport page, 50em gives an in-depth breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of each product.
  • Recommendations: Besides reviews and comparisons, 50em also has a separate “self-serve” page for recommendations. Check whether you fit the given criteria, then select the product that meets your needs.
  • Ask me” tool: Finally, 50em gives readers an option to get direct answers to any of their automation queries. Since 50em is run by a marketing consultant, it’s a great way to capture some leads.

Top Promotions

50em promotes fair three core products – InfusionSoft, Ontraport and Salesforce. All these three products trust heavily on affiliates or ‘ partners ’ to promote themselves. You can learn more about it on the links below : InfusionSoftOntraPortsalesforce

What we can learn from 50em.com

  1. Select the right niche: 50em is just about two tools – InfusionSoft and Ontraport. There is no other content cluttering the site. Thanks to its hyper-focused approach, it is able to rank very well in a narrow niche.
  2. Offer first hand experience: All of 50em’s reviews and comparison pages run into thousands of words with almost zero fluff and tons of value from people who have really used the products.
  3. Invest in copy: Enterprise product reviews don’t have to be boring. 50em’s copy is fun and easy to read. If a review begins with “dadgum it”, there’s a good chance you’ll read through it 🙂
  4. Make it easy to choose: Reviews, comparisons, recommendations…50em makes it easy for readers to choose the right product for their needs. It also helps that its design is simple enough to navigate for anyone.

7. This Is Why I’m Broke

This Is Why Im Broke This is Why I ’ megabyte Broke is an old staple of the affiliate market space. I like it, though, because it was among the beginning affiliate websites to actually do the gift and novelty aggregation angle well. And that ’ s what the web site does better than pretty much anybody : it taps into Internet and pop-culture, finds the strange bullshit that appeals to people ’ s common sense of fun, and pounces on consumer trends like some kind of digital werewolf. today, for exemplify, the very first entrance is an alcohol vaporizer slot machine on sale for a mere $ 900. And that ’ s what the site does better than pretty a lot anybody : it taps into Internet and pop-culture, fines the foreign stool that appeals to people ’ s sense of playfulness, and pounces on consumer trends better than pretty a lot anybody. even as a seller, it ’ south unmanageable for me not to click half of these consort links.

  • Niche: Novelty items and gifts
  • Goal: Find weird and wacky stuff to splurge on
  • Key Challenge: No clear theme (for search engines)
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Key Stats

309k Twitter
10,000 Visits/Month
728k DR
71 Backlinks
4,800 Alexa Rank

Top Content

This Is Why I'm Broke Gifts for Men Gifts for man Length :
N/A Backlinks:
1,400 Keywords:
6,100 What we see on This Is Why I ’ megabyte Broke is that a batch of the top degree contentedness is actually the category pages. This is credibly because :

  1. They’re at the top of silos; and
  2. They’re among the only content that is clearly themed. The “gifts for men” section is one of the most popular.

This Is Why I'm Broke Gifts for Geeks Gifts for Geeks Length :
N/A Backlinks:
1,800 Keywords:
3,400 This is a section all about gifts for eccentric, and features nerdy or tech-oriented items. This is Why I’m Broke Bear Sleeping Bag Bear Sleeping Bag Length :
N/A Backlinks:
258 Keywords:
175 This is one of the peak actual web log posts on the site, and it represents a theme across other top blog posts : something extremely wyrd targeting an extremely esoteric keyword.

How they make money

The site makes money about entirely through consort offers, and it shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate surprise you that most of the money seems to be made through the Amazon Associates program. It wouldn ’ t make a lot feel for them to find individual affiliate programs for all of the random items they feature on the blog. however, they besides sell enough of stuff through Etsy, and appear to be an affiliate there. It ’ south worth noting that some blog posts don ’ triiodothyronine seem to have affiliate links at all, which means they are not monetizing every individual foliate.

Top Promotions

TIWIB has an interesting model. deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as I can tell, only posts that point to Amazon or Etsy products are monetized. Everything else is precisely a regular, non-affiliate link. amazon_logo_RGBEtsy

What we can learn from This Is Why I’m Broke

  1. The “fun factor” can be great natural marketing. I’m not sure if this site ever did any active marketing, but it does appear to attract a great many natural links and shares. This is almost certainly due to the raw fun factor.
  2. You don’t need to monetize everything. Some posts, even if they feature gifts, aren’t monetized; they’re just for fun, and provide a great user experience, which probably goes a long way to bolster the site’s reputation.

8. Making Sense of cents

Making Sense of Cents Making sense of Cents is another finance site, but, crucially, it was created and is run by one person : Michelle Gardner. so, unlike some of the bigger finance sites in this list, Michelle writes all the content on the blog herself, making the angle more personal advice, and coming from personal experience, than a large web site with a team of experts. And that has paid off for her big-time. Michelle publishes her income reports on her blog, and as of the stopping point income report, her monthly tax income was $ 125,000. so, in terms of an individual blogger doing well with affiliate products, Michelle is way up there.

  • Niche: Personal & Family Finance
  • Founder: Michelle Gardner
  • Goal: Help people budget and save money
  • Key Challenge: Started as a personal blog with low resources

Key Stats

95,000 Pinterest
123,400 Visits/Month
70k DR
72 Backlinks
3,000 Alexa Rank

Top Content

12 Easy Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards 12 Easy Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards Length :
1,300 Backlinks:
396 Keywords:
4,400 This is one of Michelle ’ s crown pieces of contentedness, and it ’ s probably because it vibes perfectly with her audience: economical, family-oriented people who like saving money and getting release stuff. 4 Craigslist Rental Scams To Avoid 4 Craigslist Rental Scams To Avoid Length :
2,000 Backlinks:
336 Keywords:
6,900 This is a commodity case of a patch of content that is successful because it helps people invalidate lots of pain. In my view, this works precisely the like way as helping people gain something, but has a bite more importunity and lends itself to shareability. We No Longer Have Traditional Health Insurance – Liberty HealthShare Review We no Longer Have Traditional Health Insurance – Liberty HealthShare Review Length :
1,600 Backlinks:
217 Keywords:
40 And here ’ s a in truth creative fish on writing about health policy. By the way, I don ’ thyroxine think Michelle was trying to do any creative marketing here. I think she in truth equitable wanted to plowshare her experience, which is depart of why I think this post is so successful.

How she makes money

Michelle makes most of her money through a combination of affiliate market and selling her own courses. She does make some money off of display advertise, but it represents a rather small percentage of her overall gross.

Top Promotions

BluehostBookkeeper Business Launch

What we can learn from Making Sense of Cents

  1. Taking a personal angle can help differentiate you in competitive markets. Michelle is in a hyper- competitive market (finance), but one of the ways she’s able to compete is by being personable.
  2. Have your readers’ it backs. A lot of Michelle’s top content helps her readers stay out of harm’s way or make a little bit of extra money. It’s not about reviewing products; it’s much more about actually helping people.

9. the points guy

The Points Guy Logo Who doesn ’ triiodothyronine know about The Points Guy at this indicate ( pun intended ) ? It ’ south no secret that some of the biggest affiliate sites out there are in the finance and travel spaces. The Points Guy, however, is one of the few who seems to have cracked social traffic with a much success as they have cracked organic traffic. This site is all about credit cards in change of location. specifically, it ’ s about how to leverage the benefits accredit card companies and travel companies offer you for taking different actions, so that you can travel stingily ( or even for free ). And I truly think this is one of the things that has helped The Points Guy becomes therefore intensely popular : the extreme stress on helping people do something very specific: getting sh*t for unblock. To that end, this locate is a consummate combination of solving a trouble for people + recommending products from which they earn affiliate commissions.

  • Niche: Credit cards and travel
  • Goal: Travel and credit card hacking
  • Key Challenge: Extremely competitive niche

Key Stats

1.8M Twitter
313,000 Visits/Month
78 Backlinks
10,500 Alexa Rank

Top Content

thePointsGuy Costco Travel Does Costco Travel Save You Money ? Length :
1,800 Backlinks:
98 Keywords:
5,000 This is a bang-up model of an article that addresses a question his readers specifically might have at the same clock as it tackles a sting of controversy. The Points Guy Getting Global Entry 5 Key Things to Know About Getting Global introduction Length :
2,000 Backlinks:
24 Keywords:
3,600 This is a pretty standard article targeting a good keyword. not many referring domains here–just solid write and eminent locate authority carrying the bulge of the load. The Points Guy Avoid Airline Change and Cancellation Fees Best Ways to Avoid Airline Change and Cancellation Fees Length :
1,600 Backlinks:
42 Keywords:
2,400 Of the top content I reviewed on this locate, I think this is credibly the one that best qualifies as a solid piece of highly useful evergreen content. The classify of thing that will get more and more democratic over time, and that can be updated ( and re-marketed ) continuously.

How they make money

The Points Guy makes money through credit rating card and travel affiliate programs. They focus largely on credit cards that people can use to earn travel rewards.

Top Promotions

The top promotions change over fourth dimension and seem to be based on which presently offers the best rewards since that ’ s the whole point of the site. Some examples are : American ExpressChaseCiti

What we can learn from thepointsguys.com

  1. Solve a problem. Just because you are an affiliate site doesn’t mean you have to blindly write about products or do product reviews. Take an angle that actually helps people solve a problem, and you might enjoy both some free marketing and ever-growing popularity.
  2. Put your favorite products front and center. The Points Guy has a “Top Cards” section in the main navigation menu that simply lists the top travel credit cards. It doesn’t bring in as much traffic as some of the other content, but it does okay. It’s an easy place for people to find the most important products for those interested in this sort of thing.

10. just a girl an her blog

Just a Girl and Her Blog barely a Girl and Her Blog is one of my personal favored affiliate websites–mostly because it ’ south sol airless to what so many of us like to do : sell farce through the Amazon Associates program. This blog is run by a gal named Abby, who writes about DIY, craft, and constitution. It ’ s an extremely democratic blog, and, since Abby shares her income reports, we know that she makes about $40,000+ per month. Of that tax income closely 75 % comes from consort market.

  • Niche: DIY & organizing
  • Founder: Abby Lawson
  • Goal: Helping people organize and beautify their lives
  • Key Challenge: Very general mix of content

Key Stats

29,000 Twitter
135,000 Instagram
35,000 DR
65 Backlinks
4,000 Alexa Rank

Top Content

The KonMari Method- One Year Later The KonMari Method : One year later Length :
1,400 Backlinks:
137 Keywords:
380 This is the kind of content that not everybody can do. More importantly, it is the kind of content that international relations and security network ’ thymine comfortable for her competitors to replicate. It ’ s based off of an entire year of personal experience with a trending philosophy, so it is easy to see why this particular post picked up steam. Just A Girl And Her Blog,2019 Budget Binder The 2019 Budget Binder Length :
1,100 Backlinks:
2,300 Keywords:
700 This is a bang-up piece of contentedness because it provides something highly useful to Abby’s readers, but it besides helps her collect and get people on her e-mail tilt. Just a Girl and Her Blog Grocery List An Organized Grocery List and Free Printables Length :
650 Backlinks:
586 Keywords:
290 It ’ s the like floor with this web log post -it ’ mho something that makes a lot of logistical sense for her readers and is something that they might want to print out and take with them. In other words, it ’ second highly useful, and people will credibly be willing to give their e-mail to get it.

How she makes money

Abby makes most of her money with consort marketing ( chiefly through Amazon Associates and hosting affiliate market with Bluehost ), but she besides sells her own courses. amazon.com logoBluehost

What we can learn from Just a Girl and Her Blog?

  1. Be a guinea pig. Abby often tries things and reports her experiences, so her readers don’t have to go through the process of testing stuff themselves. And, of course, she recommends products along the way.
  2. Don’t forget about social media. If you are in a niche that would do well on social (like Abby is), dive into social platforms like Pinterest. Almost 20% of Abby’s overall traffic comes from that platform.

11. compare accounting

CompareAccounting.com logo All the affiliate websites we ’ ve listed above make their money through affiliate commissions. But that doesn ’ thymine have to be the alone way you make money from product review/comparison sites. As CompareAccounting.com shows, you can make bank by generating leads for companies ( this allows you to enter markets that don ’ t have affiliate programs ) – even with little traffic. This is why we ’ ve choose CompareAccounting.com for this number. This site helps little businesses find the best report software for their needs. It is small and niche-focused site, and is something any seller can recreate without a massive budget. Compare Accounting shows what ’ s potential if you select the correct niche and make a solid web site. It doesn ’ t have any sociable media bearing, nor does it do arduous connection build. It just provides childlike, useful advice to SMBs, then puts the most engage ones in touch with the sales teams of account tools. And while it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate quite have the numbers of MSE or The Wire Cutter, it has solid rankings and makes good coin from referring high gear priced business products.

  • Niche: Accounting software reviews
  • Goal: To help small businesses find the best accounting software for their needs
  • Key Challenge: To attract traffic and build credibility in a competitive but narrow niche

Key Stats

N/A Twitter
N/A Visits/Month
48 DR
13 Backlinks
28 Alexa Rank

Top Content

CompareAccounting TaxSlayer Books Accounting Software Review TaxSlayer Books Accounting Software Review Length :
400 Backlinks:
0 Keywords:
8 An overview of cloud-based account SaaS tools. PROCAS Accounting Software Review Length :
300 Backlinks:
0 Keywords:
6 A review of PROCAS report software. CompareAccounting Oracle Accounting Software How Is Oracle Accounting Software Stacking Up Against the Competition ? Length :
500 Backlinks:
0 Alternatives to Quickbooks, the most popular accounting software for SMB ’ south.

How they make money

accounting software is a big leverage and involves multiple stakeholders. The price for Epicor report software, for example, can be a high gear as $ 500,000 for some businesses. Affiliate links aren ’ triiodothyronine peculiarly useful when prices are so high. few, if any, visitors will actually buy a tool as-is from a seller ’ s site. This is why CompareAccounting does not even use affiliate links on any of its review pages. however, what vendors do need is a changeless supply of qualified leads, and this is where CompareAccounting makes all its money. Besides reviews, the site offers whitepapers to all its visitors. To download the whitepaper, you have to give up a set of data – your mention, electronic mail, character, occupation size and type, etc. You can take a expression at the lead gen phase on CompareAccounting below : CompareAccounting Lead Gen Form This information is very valuable to software vendors since these leads are probable to be highly qualified. Selling these leads to vendors is the main monetization exemplary used by CompareAccounting.

Top Promotions

Some of CompareAccounting.com ’ s most heavily used consort promotions are : Sage logoIntacctEpicor logoNetSuiteExact

What We Can Learn From CompareAccounting.Com

  1. Focus on benefits: The CompareAccounting homepage is simple, static and value-focused. When you land on the site you’ll see long copy welcoming you to the site and telling you its purpose. You’ll also see links to reviews of the top three products. Everything is designed to benefit users.
  2. Offer free content, then capture leads: The site gives away a ton of content for free, including reviews, news stories, and blog posts. If you want to learn more, you can even download whitepapers by giving up some data.
  3. Create the right content for the market: CompareAccounting.com understands that buyers in the market for accounting software want a ton of information before making a purchase decision. This is why they offer in-depth whitepapers to make the decision easier. This also serves as a great lead gen source.
  4. Social is not everything: Do all sites need a big social media presence? Apparently not. CompareAccounting knows it isn’t going to get much benefit from its target market by doing social. Instead of wasting time with Facebook or Twitter, it focuses on creating content and getting backlinks.

12. Website Setup

WebsiteSetup.org logo What we have with WebsiteSetup.org is a great example of a tightly focused niche site in a very profitable market.

And even better is the target hearing for this recess : people who want to create a web site. There are newfangled people typing this keyword into Google every single day. For me the web site owner – Robert Mening – has created a “ perfective ramp ” of affiliate marketing.

  1. He identified an eager market
  2. That same market has high-paying affiliate programs
  3. He even managed to get an EMD (Exact Match Domain) for his site
  4. Visitors never feel like they’re being sold to

What I love about his approach is that he doesn’t try to cover every aspect of web hosting technology – merely the most coarse questions people have. This has paid off for him big time – he ’ mho ranked # 1 for well over 1,000 competitive keywords that should make him quite a bit of money.

  • Niche: Web hosting
  • Founder: Robert Mening
  • Goal: Help technophobes build their first website
  • Key Challenge: Operating in a very, very competitive market

Key Stats

12,300 Twitter
2,500 Visits/Month
494,000 DR
78 Backlinks
4,100 Alexa Rank

Top Content

WebsiteSetup homepage How to create a web site Length :
3,000 Backlinks:
12,600 Keywords:
8,566 Yes, I ’ molarity actually featuring the home page for WebsiteSetup.org, but merely because it ’ s an use in how to do affiliate commercialize by rights. For example, in a populace where about every other publisher displays their most recent posts, Robert is using a static homepage. But it goes deeper than fair doing something different. Because he very subtly leads you through a conversation on why building your own web site is a good theme, to the detail where you ’ re actually making decisions on what to do future. Like signing up for a Bluehost account, and you about feel grateful for his advice. All product recommendations are contextual links, and he even has a dismiss for you, his adorable readers. What a decent guy, right field ? And he pockets $ 65 for every customer that signs up for a Bluehost report. Budding affiliate marketers can learn an terribly fortune from this one foliate of content. WebsiteSetup.org hosting Best WordPress hosting Length :
2,400 Backlinks:
428 Keywords:
4,127 This is a little snatch more distinctive of what you expect to find in this recess – a roundup revue of several unlike world wide web hosts. But again, Robert does things a little differently – he focuses his review on locate speed ( now a rank factor ), site uptime, and customer defend. WebsiteSetup.org builders Best web site builders Length :
4,400 Backlinks:
607 Keywords:
5,717 This is another roundup revue, but this time for the 10 best web site builders on the market. It features all the key players, and some you might never have hear of earlier.

How They Make Money

WebsiteSetup.org generates money strictly through monetizing content with affiliate offers they earn a commission from. The web site doesn ’ thymine manipulation AdSense or any other form of contextual ad. They promote Bluehost quite heavily, so I would imagine that plan generates the bulk of this site ’ south income. here ’ s how he goes about promoting the diverse affiliate programs, but without making them feel like a forwarding :

  • User-guides – the homepage of the site is a step-by-step guide to setting up your first website.
  • Roundup reviews – he provides reviews on topics like the best web hosts for speed, the best site builders, etc.
  • Technical guides – these answer visitor’s technical queries in a very clear manner, so he attracts lots of organic traffic for that. And he then recommends products to help prevent or resolve those same technical issues in the future.

Top Promotions

Bluehostsitebuilder.com logoSite123 logo

What We Can Learn From WebsiteSetup.org

  1. Convert early: You can convert visitors into paying customers using just your homepage and nothing else. WebsiteSetup.org is a micro niche site that’s been expanded to offer visitors real value.
  2. You can compete: Most “gurus” will tell you that certain niches just aren’t worth competing in. Yet somehow Robert took this site from zero to thousands of page one rankings in just over 2 years. Never assume. Always test.

13. Headphones Addict

Headphones Addict logo When people typically think about affiliate sites, they picture sloppy layout and streamer ads crammed into every available distance. then you have a web site like HeadphonesAddict.com that stands out from the crowd. Why ? Because it doesn’t look or feel like a typical affiliate site, even though it obviously is one. It achieves this by featuring news stories adenine well as product reviews. It ’ randomness boodle and butter income comes from “ Top x ” style product reviews, but they do make an effort to be that act more impartial than most consort sites. These types of sites are the following iteration in affiliate market i.e. they ’ ra focusing on exploiter feel adenine much as gross.

  • Niche: Headphones
  • Goal: To provide independent and objective reviews of the best headphones on the market.
  • Key Challenge: Competing in the same space as 10Beasts and hundreds of copycat websites.

Key Stats

146 Twitter
N/A Visits/Month
208k DR
45 Backlinks
461 Alexa Rank

Top Content

Most durable earbuds Length :
4,056 Backlinks:
12 Keywords:
584 You won ’ metric ton care if you destroy a brassy pair of headphones, but if you ’ re fair splashed $ 100+ on a set then it ’ s going to grind your gears. Another nice have of this page is that it doesn ’ metric ton just focus on how durable certain headphones are, but besides bomber categorizes them. For exemplar, I love audio books, and normally listen to them while I ’ m out walking. But I ’ thousand constantly tearing my earbuds apart when taking them out of my jacket or hoodie. So it was cool to see that their message caters for bungling lout like me. HeadphonesAddict.com ipod mps players 7 Best Waterproof iPod/MP3 Players Length :
5,100 Backlinks:
50 Keywords:
2,500 Waterproof MP3 players you say ? Why yes, I am interest, even though I ’ thousand not immediately in the marketplace for such a device, effective sir. This page stands out because it covers a topic that 99 % of other sites merely never thought of.

How They Make Money

Headphones Addicts is an affiliate follow-up locate in the same vein as The Wirecutter and 10Beasts. That means all of its gross is generated from product reviews and Amazon affiliate links. The site doesn ’ thymine use any other shape of expose, banner or contextual advertising.

Top Promotions

amazon.com logo

What We Can Learn From HeadphonesAddict.com

  1. Imitation is profitable: You don’t need to come up with the “next big thing” to make money from an affiliate site. A professional design and good content goes a long way towards convincing people to trust you enough to use your affiliate links.
  2. Social media matters: They’re missing a trick here by not using Instagram, Pinterest and other image-based social networks. It’s a whole stream of traffic they’re not taking advantage of.

14. Skyscanner

skyscanner homepage Wait…what ? What We Can Learn From HeadphonesAddict.com Skyscanner is an affiliate site ? I had an home debate over this, but here ’ s the thing : Skyscanner get paid a commission for sending visitors to the websites of major airlines. That makes them a commission-based business, so by definition, they ’ re an affiliate site. Who hasn ’ t heard of Skyscanner ? only people who ’ ve never booked a fledge on-line even once. Skyscanner international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine barely a very profitable affiliate web site – it ’ s become a trusted brand.

  • Niche: Air travel
  • Founder: Bryan Dove
  • Goal: To help travelers find cheap flights
  • Key Challenge: This site is literally going head-to-head with major international airlines

Key Stats

10M Twitter
170k Visits/Month
9.1M DR
84 Backlinks
17,100 Alexa Rank

Top Content

skyscanner flight deals Skyscanner ’ s usher to finding a late distribute Length :
800 Backlinks:
1,600 Keywords:
2,520 Skyscanner have made something of a name for themselves as a “ go to ” price comparison web site for last minute flights, but they use content market reasonably efficaciously careless. This page provides tips on some alternative methods for bagging last-minute/cheap flights, american samoa good as tips for keeping your travel costs to a minimal. But the Skyscanner search human body features front and center in the capacity – everything else on that page there just to support it. amaze places you won ’ metric ton believe exist on earth Length :
705 Backlinks:
1,900 Keywords:
849 A well-written listicle will normally get a lot of social shares, which this one has because of the perplex imagination used. And underneath every double on the page is a little push button to search for flights to that state, because who doesn ’ t dream about visiting some of the most amazing places on earth ? scyskanner hand baggage guide 17 surprise items not allowed in your hand baggage Length :
1,100 Backlinks:
7.1k Keywords:
1,290 This is another “ viral ” blog position, but it keeps monetization to a minimal. alternatively the Skyscanner team use this page to drag in organic traffic for well over a thousand keywords, and then redirect it to wherever they want.

How They Make Money

Skyscanner use three unlike monetization methods :

  • Referral income from airlines – every time somebody books a flight, Skyscanner gets paid a commission. They do that several thousand times each day.
  • AdSense – you’ll find ad blocks in the right-hand menu of their informational pages, but they’re kept away from their blog content.
  • Internal affiliate program – they run a very active international affiliate program via networks like Commission Junction, Awin and Trade Doubler.

Top Promotions

British Airways logoRyanair logo

What We Can Learn From Skyscanner.com

  1. Think big – air travel is a ridiculously difficult niche to establish yourself in, but Skyscanner did that. True, they’re not a mom-and-pop affiliate site run from somebody’s bedroom. But they do show what’s possible when you don’t limit yourself.
  2. Content marketing matters – it’s great to see that even an established brand like Skyscanner takes content marketing seriously. And when you look at the backend you can see why – it drives a lot of free traffic their way.
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15. Safewise

SafeWise logo We live in a period of history where the dream of home automation, real robotics, and artificial intelligence is now a thing. But it ’ s besides a time when being security conscious no long means you ’ re considered to be a extremity of the “ tinfoil hat ” brigade. After all, who doesn’t want their home to be as safe as possible ? But with sol many different products and services on offer, how can you possibly know which security products good suit your needs ? One answer : SafeWise

  • Niche:  Home security
  • Goal: Provide in-depth reviews and opinion on the best home security and home automation products
  • Key Challenge: Establishing enough trust to sell high ticket items like home security systems

Key Stats

14,000 Twitter
1,540 Visits/Month
485k DR
75 Backlinks
6,300 Alexa Rank

Top Content

Safewise Home Security Match The SafeWise home page features their ‘ Home Security Match ’ tool above the fold. Based on our analysis ( and its outstanding put ) this is their “ money ” page. Safewise Best home security systems Best home security systems Length :
3,900 Backlinks:
23 Keywords:
2,600 The page itself is a soup-to-nuts review of the lead 10 home security systems on the marketplace. In addition to a comparison board, you besides get abbreviated individual reviews of each serve. Why this content works so well is because it saves the visitor time – they can find everything they want on one foliate. And if they want to dig a little profoundly, SafeWise besides link out to their in-depth reviews for each security arrangement. Safewise best wearable GPS trackers wearable GPS trackers for kids Length :
4,353 Backlinks:
0 Keywords:
3,600 This is a subjugate that touches on a very pain point for parents : child guard. No parent wants to think of their child being in risk, but thanks to GPS trackers you can keep tabs on them at all times. deoxyadenosine monophosphate retentive as you don ’ triiodothyronine do down the road of “ Arkangel ” in Black Mirror…that ’ second good creepy. This page is truly only a pre-sell for concerned parents – they already know they want a GPS tracker, so it ’ s just a matter of them selecting one. Safewise CO detector buyers guide Carbon Monoxide ( CO ) detector Buyers Guide Length :
2,500 Backlinks:
23 Keywords:
2,100 This is another monetary value comparison foliate, but focusing on the silent killer of carbon monoxide poison. I ’ thousand not particularly paranoid, but I have a pair of CO2 alarms in my home. So I can see how this page would convert visitors on a better-than-average footing.

How They Make Money

I would guesstimate that the bulk of their income comes from promoting OfferVault pay-per-call programs like Vivint, for example. Vivint pay up to $ 560 for a qualify sale. No, that ’ s not a misprint. individual products like smoke alarms, GPS trackers, etc. are linked to either Amazon or Commission Junction. So that ’ s extra tax income for the site.

Top Promotions

amazon.com logoCJ (Commission Junction)OfferVault logo

What We Can Learn From SafeWise

  1. Cover all the bases if you can: publish authoritative content, product reviews, and plenty of user guides. This provides padding for heavily monetized pages.
  2. Lead gen pays well: This is our first example of an affiliate site using pay-per-call lead gen as part of their monetization strategy.
  3. They could make more: They could really maximize their position in the market by creating an actual comparison tool, like the one featured on PCPartsPicker.com.

16. Lucie’s List

Lucie's List logo This is a web site where I get to use a cliché and a pun at the same time to describe it : it was born from passion. Yes…I just did that. Site founder Meg Collins had a miserable pregnancy ( waiting for her daughter Lucie to arrive ) that she wasn ’ thymine prepared for. so she set out to create a site and weekly electronic mail newsletter “ Crib Notes ” ( that ’ s stupidly apt ) then other fresh moms ever had to make the same mistakes she had. Her goal was a valuable one : to help prevent “pain”. Doing that can make you very affluent. fair a few short years late Meg is managing 430,000 electronic mail subscribers, and around 240,000 organic visitors per calendar month.

  • Niche: Pregnancy
  • Founder: Meg Collins
  • Goal: Help expectant mothers avoid all the most common mistakes
  • Key Challenge: New “baby” and “pregnancy” bloggers appear every day of the week, so competition for traffic is fierce.

Key Stats

95,000 Twitter
6,300 Visits/Month
246k DR
47 Backlinks
1.09k Alexa Rank

Top Content

Lucie's List registry feature I love to see people trying different things when it comes to affiliate sites, and the ‘ Registry ’ feature is just that – different, and besides very cagey. rather of forcing her visitors to use a search box, or hopefully finding the foliate they need, all they have to do is click on ‘Registry’. then choose the subject you ’ re most interested in and voila – straight to the content/product they want. It might seem like a superficial feature of speech to mention here, but it simplifies the buyer travel, therefore would have to help improve conversions. Lucy's List baby gates Baby gates Length :
2,900 Backlinks:
28 Keywords:
4,025 What are terrify new parents most implicated about ? Keeping their kids safe, and they ’ ra uncoerced to spend huge amounts of cash to do that. This guide to baby gates covers all the unlike types of gates, the pros and cons of each, and a handy-dandy link to Amazon if they want to buy one. Potty Chair Guide Length :
1,700 Backlinks:
140 Keywords:
2,600 Potty educate is cunning. Wait…no…potty train is confusing, messy and potentially upset for everyone involved. so what better way to help new parents than by providing them with a rid guide to potty trail ?

How They Make Money

The locate is monetized on the front man end with consort links to sites like Amazon and Giggle. But Meg is besides working the digital product slant, and more specifically self-publishing baby-related books on Amazon, Apple, Kobo etc. cardinal monetization strategies that stick out are : Baby register basics – a simple seafaring menu that allows new parents to inquiry and shop for specific items such as car seats, carriers, diapers, etc. It ’ s a simple way to improve visitor UX and move visitors to the shop cart that sting faster. Gear guides – Lucie ’ sulfur List has a “ gear guide ” for reasonably much any baby-related products you can think of, and even includes shop guides for gallant grandparents.

Top Promotions

amazon.com logoGiggle logo

What We Can Learn From LuciesList.com

  1. Build a list – Meg Collins obviously had a very clear vision for her business – not to rely only on organic traffic. And with a mailing list of almost half a million people, she’ll always have a way of generating income from her content. It’s never too early to build a list.
  2. Passion projects work – Some people tell you to follow your passion with niche sites. Others tell you to find an untapped niche market and exploit…ermmm…market to it. Meg found her niche quite easily – prevent other pregnant women from being as miserable as she was

17. Snapsort

Snapsort homepage Snapsort, at first glance, looks like one of those erstwhile MFA ( Made for AdSense ) sites that were so popular back around 2008. But it ’ s only when you take a few seconds to look around that you realize this is a hyper-relevant, data-driven site for photography enthusiasts and novices alike. Choosing a estimable television camera is a nightmare if you don ’ triiodothyronine know what you ’ rhenium looking for. It ’ mho flush worse if you only have a dim mind of what you ’ ll use the television camera for. Snapsort makes all those problems go away with a few shiner clicks. Beneath the surly outside ( regretful Snapsort ) is a little moment of affiliate selling genius.

  • Niche:  Photography
  • Founder: Christopher Reid, Alexander Black
  • Goal: Help you find the perfect camera
  • Key Challenge:  Not looking as slick as their competitors, even though they offer more value

Key Stats

69,000 Twitter
5,200 Visits/Month
62k DR
67 Backlinks
3,200 Alexa Rank

Top Content

Snapsort discover a digital camera Front and centre on the Snapsort home page is the “Discover a digital camera” feature. I love this because visitors can choose the type of television camera they want, select their budget, and then click ‘ Go ’. No more trawl through dozens of different merchandise reviews – merely three clicks and you ’ re brought to a choice of cameras that meet your specifications : Snapsort camera recommendations You can then refine your research even further using a dizzy number of filters. And, of course, there ’ s a nice big Amazon ‘ Buy now ’ clitoris beside each intersection. You can besides choose from cameras for specific purposes thanks to the ‘ Popular Recommendations ’ feature on their home page : Snapsort camera comparison heading to head camera comparison Length :
N/A Backlinks:
8k Keywords:
328 Want to compare two particular cameras before you make your concluding purchase decision ? Awesome – this tool makes that super-easy. Or you can just browse through the results of democratic camera comparisons, based on the intended use of the television camera. Snapsort language options not only does the site offer a comparison creature, and a recommendation cock, but it offers all of its content in six different languages. Six ! How much extra money can you make by promoting products in this many major languages ? enough to make your eyes body of water.

How They Make Money

Snapsort generates tax income from a mixture of AdSense and Amazon affiliate links. Their most obvious source of income is Amazon, although they must besides generate enough tax income from AdSense to justify placing the ads on the locate. They besides maximize the web site ’ mho income likely by offering it in multiple languages.

Top Promotions

amazon.com logoGoogle-Adsense

What We Can Learn From Snapsort

  1. Comparison tools are good business: They provide your visitors with an easy way to find exactly what they’re looking for, plus you stand to get a lot of social shares without even trying.
  2. Go multilingual: You already have the content on your site, so it’s only a matter of having it translated, creating new pages, and letting Google do its thing.

18. Dog Food Advisor

Dog Food Advisor homepage The layout of this site takes me back to the foolhardy days of 2004 when reasonably much every affiliate and e-commerce web site looked like this. But there ’ s a moral hera excessively. Google doesn ’ t give a fudge about fancy design. What they do care about is providing web searchers with the best possible answer to their question. so, while DogFoodAdvisor.com will never, ever win any awards for design, it gets over 500,000 singular visitors per calendar month. Oh, and it ranks for approximately 146,000 different keywords. I ’ d take that kind of market presence over fancy design any day of the week.

  • Niche: Dog food
  • Founder: Mike Sagman
  • Goal: Help dog owners choose the best food for their four-legged friend
  • Key Challenge: To provide impartial, helpful advice in a hyperbolic vertical

Key Stats

137,000 Twitter
8,200 Visits/Month
542k DR
76 Backlinks
4.5k Alexa Rank

Top Content

Dog Food Advisor food recalls Dog Food Recalls Length :
1,300 Backlinks:
6.9k Keywords:
1,100 Dog owners live in fear of incidentally harming their best buddy for any reason. As a frump owner I wholly get that. Way besides many dogs die each year because of tainted tinned or dry food. so knowing there ’ s an on-line resource on past and current dog food recalls is valuable to me. And if it ’ s valuable to one pawl owner, it ’ s valuable to hundreds of thousands of people merely like me. Dog Food Advisor dog allergies top 10 Best Dog Foods for Allergies Length :
1,400 Backlinks:
456 Keywords:
1,700 Dogs have allergies ? Yes they do, and the trouble appears to be getting worse. Skin allergies are common, but so are others, particularly gut-related issues. That ’ second why this page gets so much attention – lots of anxious frank owners looking for safe food for their buddy. Dog Food Advisor forum Dog Food Advisor forum I like the fact that Mike has built an integral community around his locate. While most marketers are trying to lure people into their Facebook/Twitter/Instawhatever accounts, this ridicule has restfully built up a community that ’ mho 100 % his own. It ’ sulfur very old school, and it ’ s besides very active.

How They Make Money

Dog Food Advisor has the lowest grade of ad prominence of any site reviewed indeed far. In fact, Mike seems to go out of his way to avoid advertise thrust on the site. When he does, it ’ s through affiliate links only and is featured as a “ Buying Tip ”. There are no early forms of advertise in use, including banner ads or pop-ups, unders or overs. The site credibly has a mail list enumeration in the hundreds of thousands, so that ’ s another potential gross generator.

Top Promotions

chewy logo

What We Can Learn From DogFoodAdvisor.com

  1. Serve first, profit later – that seems to be the business model in use, and it works really well. On face value the site looks old and dated, but the content is what keeps visitors (and Google) coming back.
  2. Build a community – nobody puts forums on their websites these days. Everyone thought social networks would replace all that, even though that meant giving up control of your audience. Maybe it’s time to start looking at forums again, for a number of reasons?
  3. UX isn’t everything – it’s not that Dog Food Advisor offers a poor user experience, but their audience just doesn’t seem to care what the site looks like.

19. Fatherly.com

Fatherly Homepage Fatherly.com is a loanblend site. And what I mean by that is that it fronts as a magazines-style site for millennial parents, but there ’ s an affiliate marketing engine running behind the scenes. Behind all the thought-leader articles are blog posts with affiliate links, and early monetization methods. This is good business though. You draw in a large hearing with clickbait articles such as “ 5 Tips for Divorced Dads on Valentine ’ s Day ” and then funnel them towards product reviews.

  • Niche: Parenting for millennial men
  • Founder: Simon Isaacs, Michael Rothman
  • Goal: To empower men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling lives
  • Key Challenge: Remaining “current” in a highly politicized market can be difficult

Key Stats

3M Twitter
18.3k Visits/Month
704k DR
77 Backlinks
6.7k Alexa Rank

Top Content

Fatherly Best Basic Phones For Kids The 5 Best Basic Phones for Kids Length :
975 Backlinks:
467 Keywords:
3,200 Kids being kids, want to have the lapp cool stuff as their friends, particularly when it comes to electronic devices like smartphones. But this puts parents under pressure to give their kids access to a wide earth they might not be quick for yet. so, rather of a smartphone, this guide covers the five best “ dumb ” phones you could give to an 8-year old, for example. This foliate focuses on giving parents a way to appease their kids, while besides maintain their own peace of mind i.e. it ’ s a solution to a pressing problem. Fatherly Best Board Games For Kids The 11 Best Board Games for Toddlers Length :
2,600 Backlinks:
344 Keywords:
630 Boards games are a healthier choice for kids than sitting them in front of a television receiver, tablet or smartphone. This page focuses on parents who want to entertain their kids in the most analogue way possible. Boards games are a healthier choice for kids than sitting them in movement of a television, pill or smartphone. This page focuses on parents who want to entertain their kids in the most analogue way potential. Length :
1,200 Backlinks:
31 Keywords:

How They Make Money

fatherly uses a combination of display advertise and consort links to generate gross for the site. The display advertise is the type you ’ ve come to expect from big “ news ” sites who find it difficult to monetize certain types of pages. so Fatherly.com uses Zergnet.com message. The affiliate monetization comes from their intersection reviews and comparisons, specially under their ‘ Gear ’ class.

Top Promotions

amazon.com logoZergNet logoWalmartBest Buy

What We Can Learn From Fatherly.com

  1. Big content still works – some new media companies are crumbling under the pressure of a changing audience and their publishing schedule (Buzzfeed, for example). But there’s still space at the table for sites like Fatherly to carve out their own slice of the publishing pie.
  2. Know your market – they spotted an untapped parenting niche – millennial dads – and they went for it. Just further proof that there’s always a new angle you can take in almost any vertical.
  3. Have more than one traffic stream – the team behind the site have done a great job at establishing themselves in a major way on a number of social platforms. These include Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. This offers them redundancy should one traffic source dry up.

20. Shut Up and Sit Down

Shut Up and Sit Down logo good here ’ s a very novel turn when it comes to building an affiliate locate – a board game review site combined with a Twitch impart and an extremely potent YouTube hearing. It ’ s not that control panel games aren ’ t cool. After all, the people who play them decidedly fall into the “ rave winnow ” class of customer that by and large makes multiple purchases. What is a challenge is convincing people to play them, therefore the site. What is actually obvious here is that the team behind SU & SD ( their acronym, not mine ) very love what they do – playing board games. Are they absolute nerds ? well yes…yes they are…but they have a better appreciation of marketing themselves via social media than any early web site in this roundup.

  • Niche: Board games
  • Founder: Paul Dean
  • Goal: Review and promote a range of modern board games
  • Key Challenge: Making analog gaming as popular as digital gaming

Key Stats

15,000 Twitter
32.5k Twitch
32.5k Youtube
160k Visits/Month
109k DR
64 Backlinks
1,500 Alexa Rank

Top Content

Shutupandsitdown Videos Page Videos page Length :
N/A Backlinks:
23 Keywords:
60 It ’ south unmanageable to quantify “ crown contentedness ” for SU & SD because they ’ re on the eclectic side of things. Their “ Videos ” page is where they host their presentation to the site. And it ’ s not another long-form web log station – it ’ s a funny story 8-minute video recording on the topic of board games. then there are early videos on learning how to play, dozens of board bet on reviews, etc. What I love about their approach path is that the video recording engage you straight away. But the videos are besides embedded on the page ( using Vimeo ), so they ’ ra getting Google brownie points because visitors are sticking around on their site for credibly 20 – 30 minutes each time. Clever. SU & SD game reviews Length :
N/A Backlinks:
17 Keywords:
56 Reviews of roughly 400 different board games, each one monetized with affiliate links to UK and US vendors. The reviews are short, relying on relevant data ( issue of players, duration of each game ) preferably than writing a retentive web log post fair for the sake of it. Shutupandsitdown Rpg Review RPG Review : Star Trek Adventures Length :
1,486 Backlinks:
317 Keywords:
170 This is the single most popular foliate of contentedness on the site beside their home page, and wouldn ’ t you know it, it ’ south for a Star Trek circuit board crippled. Go figure. That big Borg Cube box does look cool though.

How They Make Money

The team behind SU & SD are obviously very astute marketers. not only do they rely on income from affiliate links, but they also have a PayPal donation system in place. then you add in their flip and YouTube audience, and you have two extra tax income streams. They ’ ve diversified their income in such a way that even if Amazon and YouTube vanished in a cloud of ninja fume tomorrow, they ’ vitamin d inactive have Paypal donations to keep them adrift.

Top Promotions

amazon.com logoLeisure Games logo

What We Can Learn From Shut Up & Sit Down

  1. Think outside the box: No pun intended. As much as I hate that worn-out cliché it’s right on the money here. These guys took their hobby of playing board games and turned it into a business. And the nature of what they do makes them unique in the universe of affiliate marketing, which means they have very little real rival to worry about .
  2. Don’t overlook video marketing – SU&SD have implemented video in every way possible, including welcoming you to the site, game reviews, tutorials, and taking their gaming sessions to Twitch. 

21. Who is Hosting This?

Who Is Hosting This logo This is the second web hosting consort web site in our roundup, but it ’ s a little different to the earlier exercise ( WebsiteSetup.org ). Who Is Hosting This is built on the authority site model, and not the “ micro recess ” model. In fact, the site looks and feels like it’s an actual hosting company. What you have is basically a host review locate, but with lots of support content in the form of resource pages, expert guides, etc. They even have one steer on how to become your own ISP. Which nerds are fair going to lap up.

  • Niche: Web hosting
  • Founder: Richard Kershaw
  • Goal: Help website owners find their perfect hosting company
  • Key Challenge: This is a very competitive (almost cut-throat) market

Key Stats

2,900 Twitter
2,507 Visits/Month
276k DR
82 Backlinks
12.3k Alexa Rank

Top Content

Discover Who Is Hosting Any Website detect who is hosting any web site Length :
N/A Backlinks:
121 Keywords:
1,600 What they do to set themselves apart from run-of-the-mill hosting review sites is offer a free tool on their homepage that allows you to check what web host any web site is using. This means you don ’ t need to leave the web site to run a WhoIs search anywhere else, and you ’ re probably to bookmark the site and/or share it with friends. How much money should a basic website cost How much money should a basic web site cost ? Length :
1,400 Backlinks:
121 Keywords:
2,900 little business owners ask this doubt all the time, indeed this page is showing up for a distribute of long-tail queries with strong commercial intent. They besides provide a solution in the shape of their “ Most popular hosts ” listed in the right-hand menu. Save big with these web hosting coupons in 2019 Save big with these web hosting coupons in 2019 Length :
3,500 Backlinks:
4 Keywords:
1,000 I actually like this page because :

  1. It was built to grab as many long-tail searches as possible – the title and subheading prove that
  2. Other affiliates build sites just around web hosting coupons, whereas Who Is Hosting This have integrated it into their overall design

With web hosting affiliate programs paying out from $ 50 to $ 100 per referral, this one page should be generating several thousand dollars per calendar month.

How They Make Money

Who Is Hosting This only uses affiliate links to generate tax income from their dealings. There are no other forms of display or contextual ads used anywhere on the web site.

Top Promotions

SiteGround logoBluehosthostmonster logo

What We Can Learn From WhoIsHostingThis.com

  1. Support multiple languages – this is a UK-based company with the foresight to provide its content in Spanish too. Why bother doing that? Well because 437 million people speak Spanish as their native language, so that’s an untapped market.
  2. Coupon cleverness – they have a section of the site dedicated to coupons/discounts for web hosting companies. This probably works very well for them because they’re getting a lot of long-tail searches. Plus anyone looking for a coupon is at the final stage of the purchase process i.e. they’re ready to spend money straight away.


There you have it, 21 examples of affiliate marketing websites that sincerely get it. Some are boastful, making them long shots for a lot of us, some are clearly accomplishable, with one of them having a little as seven pages of content. But one thing is certain, all of them will do well with upcoming Google updates and will most likely make more and more money as time passes.

here are a few things we have learned by looking at these sites :

  • Balance monetized content and value content: Most of these sites don’t just talk about products, they also provide plenty of content that’s either not heavily monetized, or has no ads or referral links at all.
  • Hunt for more affiliate programs or networks: Most of these sites promote a lot of products through a lot of networks and companies, like Amazon, Clickbank and BestBuy, Set some time aside and find more products to promote so you can provide your readers with extensive comparisons.

Is there any other great affiliate web site you follow that monetizes primarily by recommending products ? Share them with us in the comments !

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