The Top Affiliate Marketing Networks
The Top Affiliate Marketing Networks

The Top Affiliate Marketing Networks

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The Top Affiliate Marketing Networks

The Top Affiliate Marketing Networks
Are you looking to monetize your web log or earn a passive income ? If indeed, you might be considering joining an affiliate net .
This is a complete guidebook to choosing the right affiliate network for your platform, including what an affiliate network is, why you should consider joining one, and a summation of the circus tent networks on the marketplace.

What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network connects publishers, like web log owners or influencers, with companies looking to promote their products or services .
These networks often offer reporting tools, aim, and other resources to help you become a successful affiliate seller .
The most popular exemplar of an consort net is Amazon, which allows publishers and influencers to promote thousands of products and earn a commission for each leverage their readers or followers make .

How Do Affiliate Networks Work?

Affiliate networks work as a market for consort programs. Publishers or site owners sign up, choose the products or services they want to promote and receive custom-made links that track how many people purchase from their sites. then, they are paid a small commission ( normally about 5 % ) for each sale .

Why Should You Join an Affiliate Network?

Affiliate networks can connect you to hundreds—even thousands—of brands. This makes them one of the most straightforward ways to monetize a blog or earn passive voice income .
here are a few more benefits of joining an affiliate network :

  • No need to chase payments; the platform handles it for you
  • Choose products or services that make sense for your audience
  • Some affiliate networks offer rewards and incentives—so the more you sell, the better your commission rates may be
  • Access to analytics and reporting tools so you can track your progress

There are some cons to affiliate networks. For exemplar, some offer identical abject commission rates or require sites to have a particular total of traffic before they can apply. Overall, however, they can be a knock-down means to monetize web site traffic .

Top Affiliate Networks To Consider

type in “ affiliate networks ” into Google, and you ’ ll see hundreds of platforms to choose from — some legit and others that look a little bit louche .
so how do you choose the right one ?
start by considering your audience. What types of products and services are your readers likely to be interest in ?
For case, digital marketers are more probable to be concerned in SEO tools than women ’ mho fashion, so I might choose an affiliate platform that can connect me with on-line tools and marketing analytic platforms .
here are a few other considerations when comparing the top consort networks :

  • Commission rates: How much will you earn per sale? Networks can vary widely.
  • Product/service selection: Will the network connect you with brands your audience will be interested in?
  • Approval requirements: Some networks require your site to be well-established or have a certain amount of traffic.
  • Other fees: Some affiliate networks charge fees for training or setup.
  • Cookie duration: Cookie duration refers to how long a program tracks and gives you credit for a prospective buyer. Durations can vary drastically from platform to platform. For example, Amazon’s cookie duration is 24 hours, while Avangate is 120 days.

now that you know what to look for — and what to avoid — lease ’ s explore some of the top consort selling networks .


This Chicago-based consort net has been around since 2000. As a ShareASale affiliate, you can connect with more than 4,000 programs and earn commissions on a wide range of products, including Reebok, Cricut, and Etsy .
Top Affiliate Networks ShareASale
This is one of the largest players in the consort marketing discipline, and they offer highly competitive commission rates. however, the interface can be a bit tough to use, so I suggest taking advantage of the train they offer .

  • Commission Rate: Varies by merchant; averages between 5% and 20%
  • Product Types: Wide range, including accessories, clothing, art, computers, automotive, and even online dating services
  • Best For: New or established affiliate publishers looking to promote physical products
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Awin is a ball-shaped affiliate network platform with entree to more than 15,000 advertisers, and they helped generate more than 150 million in sales in 2019 alone. It ’ s besides worth noting they own respective early consort networks, including ShareASale, though those networks have their own sites .
Top Affiliate Networks Awin
As Awin is one of the largest affiliate networks, it ’ south worth considering. They offer access to a wide range of merchants, including StubHub, Hyatt, AliExpress, and UnderArmour .
Though trustworthy, they do charge a $ 5 application tip. It is more of a lodge, as it gets credited to your account if you are approved. hush, it can be a fiddling off-putting. You besides have to apply to each program individually, which can be a piece of a fuss .

  • Commission Rate: Varies by merchant, but averages around 5%
  • Product Types: Huge variety, including travel, fashion, technology, finance, insurance, and e-commerce
  • Best For: Newbies or established affiliate marketers

Amazon Associates

probably the best-known affiliate network is Amazon Associates. As the largest e-commerce store globally, Amazon provides access to millions of products from baby gearing to home goods, constitution, and much more .
Top Affiliate Networks Amazon associates
The platform is pretty slowly to navigate, and getting started lone requires a few minutes. Plus, you can earn a commission for any intersection your readers buy in the next 24 hours—not merely the specific products you plowshare .
however, they can be pretty nonindulgent about their terms and conditions, and commission rates tend to be lower than most other platforms .

  • Commission Rate: Around 5%; varies by product type
  • Product Types: Nearly any physical product you can think of: gardening, school, books, cooking, home goods, fashion, accessories, makeup, etc
  • Best For: Any type of affiliate marketer

CJ Affiliate

once known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate is one of the global ’ mho largest and oldest affiliate market networks. They connect merchants with more than 14 billion readers annually and help consort marketers earn more than $ 1.8 billion every year.

Top Affiliate Networks CJ Affiliate
They ’ rhenium kind of a big deal in the affiliate marketing field, and it ’ s reasonably slowly to see why. CJ Affiliate works with thousands of brands, including adult names like Lowe ’ randomness, Barnes and Noble, Priceline, and Overstock .
overall, their approval summons is reasonably fast, and you won ’ t need to pay any fees to apply. Each product is ranked based on earnings per chatter ( EPC ) .
There are a few cons—you ’ ll need approval from each merchant before you can start advertise, and there ’ s a gamble you might get rejected. besides, your score can be deactivated if you don ’ t make a sale in six months .

  • Commission Rate: Varies by merchant
  • Product Types: Retail, software, travel, and finance
  • Best For: Mid-level to experienced level affiliates

Rakuten Advertising

Founded as a japanese e-commerce brand, Rakuten Advertising is home to one of the top affiliate marketing networks. They provide affiliates entree to hundreds of top brands, including Wells Fargo, Lilly Pulitzer, Virgin Holidays, and Ecco .
Top Affiliate Networks Rakuten Advertising
But, they don ’ t make signing up easy. First, you ’ ll indigence to join their affiliate network, then sign up and be approved by each merchant program you want to join. You must besides have a well-established site .

  • Commission Rate: Varies by merchant
  • Product Types: Retail, D2C, finance, travel, and more
  • Best For: Well-established affiliate marketers with stable traffic

Avangate Affiliate Network

Avangate Affiliate Network connects publishers with digital goods merchants—think software companies and digital security companies like Malwarebytes. They ’ ve been ranked # 1 WorldWide Affiliate Network by Blue Book Global for the past six years .
Top Affiliate Networks Avangate
They have one of the longest cookie durations on the market at 120 days and allow affiliates to create coupons, helping drive sales. however, the report tools are a bit limited .

  • Commission Rate: Starts around 25%; it can reach over 50% for some merchants
  • Product Types: Digital products like security and SaaS products
  • Best For: Publishers in the tech, business, SaaS, or related industries


ClickBank is a global affiliate market platform providing access to a wide range of products you can promote, including physical and digital ones .
Top Affiliate Networks ClickBank
overall, ClickBank is easy to join and provides access to a wide range of products. however, be sure to check out products before you promote them—not all available products are of high quality. Their loose aim resources are besides a bit limited, though they offer a give education platform called ClickBank University .

  • Commission Rate: Up to 90%, though most are much lower
  • Product Types: Wide variety, including arts and entertainment, business, marketing, games, parenting, health, fitness, languages, and self-help
  • Best For: All levels of affiliate marketers who want to promote mostly physical products
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Promoted as the “ fastest-growing affiliate net, ” Peerfly is a raw engender. They haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been around a long as some of the other players in the field, but they have won several awards and work hard to make sure their chopine is vitamin a useful as it is easy to use .
Top Affiliate Networks Peerfly
They offer access to a wide roll of products and services from brands like Target, Fiverr, UGG, and CBS. however, each merchant has its own requirements, which can be time-consuming to deal with, so it ’ s not necessarily the best fit for those precisely getting started .

  • Commission Rate: Varies by merchant
  • Product Types: Mostly physical products, but some digital
  • Best For: Established affiliate marketers


FlexOffers connects publishers with more than 12,000 ad programs and 500 agio advertisers .
Like many of the larger affiliate networks, they offer access to a massive range of products, including automotive, dress, accessories, electronics, education, health, and home and garden .
Top Affiliate Networks FlexOffers
Every publisher is besides assigned a dedicate account coach, and they offer a quick blessing process .

  • Commission Rate: Varies by merchant
  • Product Types: Mostly physical, some digital
  • Best For: All affiliate levels, from beginner to advanced

Sovrn//Commerce (VigLink)

once called VigLink, Sovrn//Commerce is a top-tier print net that connects publishers with hundreds of merchants. They do this automatically using natural terminology process to connect you to the merchant with the highest commission .
Top Affiliate Networks Sovrn Commerce
They besides provide access to detailed performance metrics to help you increase conversions. The chopine besides connects publishers with patronize content opportunities .

  • Commission Rate: Varies by merchant
  • Product Types: Some digital, mostly physical products like skincare, home goods, sports equipment, clothing, and accessories
  • Best For: All affiliate marketers with a blog


JVZoo is a massive affiliate network with more than 800,000 active affiliates. Unlike other networks, which allow you to promote a broad range of products, most JVZoo merchants are in the marketing, technical school, and artificial news playing field .
Top Affiliate Networks JVZoo
JVZoo offers automatic payments and provides an easy-to-use dashboard so you can keep lead of your operation .

  • Commission Rate: Varies by the merchant
  • Product Types: Digital products in online marketing, AI, training, and financial fields
  • Best For: Affiliates in IT, AI, and digital marketing fields


SKIMLINKS works with publishers to automatically add consort links for merchants. This means you can focus on writing great content, and SKIMLINKS takes caution of the rest. They work with more than 60,000 publishers, including big names like HuffPost, CondeNast, and Yahoo !
Top Affiliate Networks SKIMLINKS
Simply sign up, add their Javascript to your locate, and start earning commissions. While this does mean you ’ ll have less command over what you promote, it ’ s an easy way to earn affiliate income .

  • Commission Rate: Varies by merchant
  • Product Types: Mostly physical products in areas like fashion and electronics, but also some digital products like dating apps
  • Best For: Ideal for big publishers, but works well for those just getting started as well


Affiliate commercialize may be one of the best ways to monetize your blog. An consort network makes it far easier to connect with merchants so you can focus on what you ’ re best at : publication great contented .
But, juggling dozens of merchants and programs can be a harass. besides, you need to be sure to read the fine photographic print. not all affiliate networks are legit, and even well-known names might not offer the type of products your consultation is concerned in.

Have you tried any of the networks above ? Which is your darling and why ?
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