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Best Types of 11 x 17 Paper

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For many engineers and architects, the most flexible and cost-effective document format is 11 x 17 paper. Engineers often use AutoCAD to produce drawings on a 1/4 scale, and architects often use this paper to create schematics and detailed plans. In fact, engineers and architects often print out drawings in this size because it is a more convenient and flexible option than using wide format printers. Here’s why. Let’s discuss the different types of 11 x 17 papers and how they differ from wide-format documents.

11 x 17 paper


Printed documents in the size of Ledger paper 11 x 17 are known as tabloids. They are not a common paper size. They are also known as B-size, Tabloid, and Legal paper sizes in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The size of 11 x 17 inches is not easily recognizable in ISO paper sizes, though they are the closest in size to A3 paper. In this article, we will look at some ways to identify this paper size.

This unique paper size is used for invitations, postcards, and other large-format projects. Its bright lime color and 100-lb cover make it an eye-catching choice for invitations, and it coordinates beautifully with matching envelopes. Ledger paper is twice the size of standard letter-size paper, so it’s often used for invitations. In addition, it’s easy to find matching reams of Skin envelopes.

Another popular size for ledger paper is a double-page format. This type of paper has 24 columns per page and 30 lines per page. It’s perfect for a variety of uses, including making smaller tabloid newspapers. Each page features four slotted holes, making it easy to insert and remove sheets without disassembling your binder. Buying 11 x 17 paper is easy and convenient. You can find it at any stationery store, supermarket, or grocery store.

Ledger paper is also a popular size for construction drawings and architectural renderings. It is the most common size for architectural drawings, as it’s a perfect 1/4 scale. Besides, 11 x 17 paper is often used for compiling multiple sheets and for building posters. You can also use it for printing in magazines or preparing posters and other presentations. These formats have many uses. They’re convenient for construction documents and can be used for a variety of different projects.


A sheet of 11 x 17 tabloid paper is one of the most common sizes of printed paper. Its wide width makes it a versatile and useful option for a variety of purposes. Its 176gsm white content makes it a high-quality choice for menus, business cards, and much more. Listed below are a few uses for 11 x 17 paper. We’ve listed the most common uses below.

An 11 x 17 sheet is commonly used for drawings and large documents. It is convenient to fold and size when compiling multiple sheets. Moreover, it is not too big or too small, making it the best choice for poster printing. The size is a necessity for drafters and engineers who work with CAD software and need large-format paper for drafting and graphic creations. For this reason, students studying civil engineering will get references for this size from experts.

11 x 17 Paper

Earlier, only laserjet printers could handle tabloid paper. Today, however, even inkjet printers are equipped to handle this size. 11 x 17 paper is available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines, and is available in fresh paper stock. If you have a printer with tabloid paper printing capabilities, you can purchase it in your local store. If you have any trouble printing on 11 x 17 paper, you can contact your local print shop.

The JAM Paper(r) Bright White Wove Strathmore tabloid paper is a versatile option for business and personal printing. It features a 97-brightness rating and a 50lb print weight. Its fast-drying characteristics make it an excellent choice for everyday color printing. It’s made in the U.S. and is acid-free. It also comes with an FSC certification.

Junior Legal

The Junior Legal size is an inch-based loose paper standard used in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines. Its size is in between the Letter, Legal, and Ledger/Tabloid sizes, but is slightly smaller. In general, the width of a Junior Legal document is five inches, while its height is eight inches. Unlike those standard sizes, Junior Legal is usually used in office environments.

The main difference between legal and letter-sized paper is in its page size. A4 paper is eight-1/2″ x 11″ wide, while the legal paper is fourteen inches wide and is generally used by the legal profession. These two paper types have similar features, but different uses. When printing a book, legal-sized paper is best for documents of about 1000 pages. But when you need to print many small or medium-sized documents, 11 x 17 paper is a good choice.

Its name is a little confusing, but the paper format is commonly used in legal pad size and tabloid-size publications. Junior Legal 11 x 17 paper is the size of a standard newspaper, making it the perfect choice for business documents. Its size is also commonly used for drafting legal documents. A common use for this size of paper is printing large images. Architects, engineers, and CAD drafters usually use this type of paper when creating plans and layouts. Creative types use it to showcase bold images and design concepts.

Xerox Officejet 7000

Designed for the home office, the Xerox Officejet 7000 for eleven x seventeen paper is a high-performance color printer that prints on a wide range of media. This wide-carriage device has a maximum resolution of 1200 dots per inch (dpi) in black text and 4800 dpi in color. It also features a wired Ethernet port for networking convenience.

VersaLink features include secure, mobile printing, and multi-function capabilities. This driver simplifies the process of sharing information and reduces inefficient workflows. This printer also features two-sided printing and stapling, as well as secure code release. This makes it easy to manage print services and lowers IT support calls. Xerox Officejet 7000 for 11 x 17 paper produces documents quickly and accurately.

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