Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Hawaii? (2022)
Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Hawaii? (2022)

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Hawaii? (2022)

Cheap car insurance quotes for drivers with prior incidents

annual rates normally rise if incidents such as a accelerate ticket, an at-fault accident or driving under the influence ( DUI ) appear on your drive commemorate. Insurers see these incidents as signs that you are a bad driver, and they will increase your rates to account for that risk .
To help Hawaii drivers select the most low-cost coverage, we found the insurers that offer the best rates for those who have :

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Cheapest car insurance after a speeding ticket: Geico

Hawaii residents who have received a speeding tag will probable find their best rates with Geico. The party did not increase annual premiums after a speed ticket, which makes its rates importantly more low-cost than its competitors ‘. At $ 708 a year and $ 59 a month, entire coverage from Geico is $ 1,318 cheaper than the submit average of $ 2,024 .


Annual rate

Monthly rate

Geico $708 $59
Island Insurance $1,439 $120
Allstate $2,886 $241
State Farm $3,890 $324
USAA $1,198 $100

While a speeding ticket will likely increase your car indemnity rates, it wo n’t increase them a much as an at-fault accident will. Our analysis of median rates in Hawaii found that rates go up by 16% after a speeding ticket, compared to a 33% increase after an at-fault accident.

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Cheapest car insurance after an accident: Geico

If you ‘re a Hawaii resident who has recently been in an at-fault car accident, we ‘d recommend taking a expression at Geico for low-cost full coverage car insurance. Rates for Hawaii drivers who have caused an accident median $ 2,335 per class, however Geico ‘s rates are 55 % lower at merely $ 1,041 a year .


Annual rate

Monthly rate

Geico $1,041 $87
Island Insurance $1,772 $148
Allstate $3,189 $266
State Farm $4,262 $355
USAA $1,411 $118

average rates for full coverage increase by about $ 582 a class after an at-fault accident. however, insurers penalize accidents to different degrees. Allstate increases rates by more than $ 1,100, from $ 2,049 before an accident to $ 3,189 after an accident. In contrast, Geico raises rates by $ 333, from $ 708 to $ 1,041 .
If your rate increase is more than you can afford, you should shop around for better rates. You might be able to find a better deal from a different company .

Cheapest car insurance after a DUI: Geico

Driving under the influence ( DUI ) will raise your policy rates more than any other traffic misdemeanor. At $5,037 per year and $ 420 per month for full moon coverage car indemnity, Geico offers the best rates for drivers in Hawaii with one DUI citation. The party ‘s rates are 23 % more low-cost than the department of state average .
A driver in Hawaii with a DUI can expect to pay about three times adenine much as a driver with a clean record .

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Annual rate

Monthly rate

Geico $5,037 $420
Allstate $5,487 $457
State Farm $8,544 $712
Island Insurance $11,331 $944
USAA $2,305 $192

We found that while rates increase by 16 % after a accelerate ticket and 33 % after an at-fault accident, they rise from $ 1,750 to $ 6,541 after a DUI — a 273 % increase .

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