Online Computer Science Degree
Online Computer Science Degree

Online Computer Science Degree

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Online Computer Science Degree

Bachelor’s Program (BS)

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Build a future in computer science

  • $320/credit (120 total credits)
  • Transfer up to 90 credits
  • Median annual salary of $105,590 for software developers1
  • Accredited by NECHE
  • Learn Python, Java and C++
  • Use industry-standard software development and testing tools

Computer Science Degree Overview

Gain the skills you need to enter one of the nation ‘s fastest-growing fields with your on-line Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science from SNHU .
SNHU ‘s on-line academic degree course of study employs industry-standard software development with democratic programming languages such as Python, Java and C++. You can further expand your toolbox with feel in full-stack development and cloud integration using JavaScript, NoSQL and Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) .
Armed with these skills, along with eloquence in today ‘s most wide used program languages, you ‘ll be adept with software employers use – giving you a critical advantage that can help advance your career .
Learn how to:

  • Apply collaborative strategies for software projects
  • Create a portfolio of software applications
  • Develop software with agile software methodologies
  • Gain experience with full-stack development
  • Develop a security mindset

Aligned with industry standards: SNHU ‘s on-line CS degree course of study employs industry-standard software development and examination tools like Eclipse, OpenGL, Cucumber with Maven and Junit testing.
Technology resources: SNHU provides cloud-based virtual environments in some courses to give you access to the technology you need for your degree – and your career. Learn more about our virtual environments.

Concentration Options

Data Analysis

Build structured databases, research adult data and learn how to clean data in SNHU ’ s on-line BS in computer science with a concentration in data analysis .
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for software developers are set to grow 11 % through 2029 – well above the national average.1 Armed with a specialize CS degree in data psychoanalysis, candidates can gain extra skills to help them stand out in an exciting and competitive playing field .
The concentration in data analysis introduces diverse functions of a datum analyst, including creating database environments, learning regression analysis and using tools and technologies for analysis. You ’ ll have the choice to explore topics of pastime including large data and data validation .
If you ‘re interested in a career in data skill, you may besides want to explore our full datum analytics academic degree on-line plan .
Courses may include:

  • Structured Database Environments
  • Emerging Technologies and Big Data
  • Data Validation: Quality and Cleaning

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Project Management for STEM

Become a project management adept while learning the ins and outs of computer science and software development with SNHU ‘s on-line bachelor ‘s in calculator science with a concentration in project management for STEM .
The Project Management Institute ( PMI ) ® predicts that new project management roles will grow across industries through 2027.2 Along with these numbers, and the projection that jobs in the IT and computer science fields will grow at phonograph record numbers in the coming years, there ‘s a bang-up necessitate for qualify undertaking managers who understand the complex world of calculator science .
The project management for STEM concentration provides a focus study of the methodologies and tools necessity for managing projects efficaciously. Emphasizing commercial enterprise processes, goals and techniques, you ’ ll develop the skills of an have project coach by creating detailed project plans for real scenarios .
If you ‘re seeking a more business-focused course of study, you may besides be interested in our on-line project management degree concentration in business administration .
Courses may include:

  • Project Management
  • Resource Estimating and Scheduling
  • Adaptive Project Management

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Information Security

Gain a cardinal overview of the basics of calculator network and security with SNHU ‘s on-line calculator science degree with a concentration in information security .
In the information security concentration, you ’ ll learn about the interconnectivity of calculator systems while exploring the fundamentals of computer network. Gain familiarity with foundational cyber security policies, procedures, best practices and security plan within the IT field. Explore how legal and human factors influence the development of data security strategies .
If you ‘re matter to in a career in information security, you may besides want to explore our full on-line cyber security degree broadcast .
Courses may include:

  • Computer Systems Security
  • Computer Networking
  • Cyber Security Foundations

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Software Engineering

Learn the fundamental concepts and principles of software technology – a taxonomic border on used to develop software on fourth dimension, on budget and within specifications – with a software technology concentration from SNHU .
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, caper prospects for software developers are set to soar 22 % through 2029 – well above the national average.1 Armed with a specialize calculator skill degree in software mastermind, candidates can gain extra skills to help them stand out in an agitate and competitive field .
The on-line software engineering degree concentration introduces concepts, techniques and principles of software purpose and development. Exploring drug user interface ( UI ) and drug user experience ( UX ) concepts and techniques, this concentration emphasizes user-centricity and contemporary techniques. You ’ ll determine approaches to reverse mastermind code, develop procure code and quiz code .
Courses may include:

  • UI/UX Design and Development
  • Secure Coding
  • Software Reverse Engineering

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Computer Science Career Outlook

Loay Alnaji with the text Loay Alnaji “ No controversy, the calculator skill sphere is growing, ” said Loay Alnaji, a world wide web developer and adjunct teacher for SNHU .
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the want for software developers is expected to grow much faster than average – 22 % through 2029.1 For those looking to break into the field, the BLS besides notes that most workers will need a knight bachelor ‘s degree at the entrance level.1
Our on-line computer skill degree helps you place yourself for roles including :

  • Software developer. Be the inhalation behind the following software programs and applications. A bachelor ‘s in calculator skill can give you the skills you need to learn the scheduling languages necessity for success in the job .
  • Systems analyst. Develop the knowledge that lets you create more efficient systems, networks and protocols. Your BS in Computer Science prepares you to work with clients and get to the root of their technology issues.
  • Software tester. Seek out bugs and defects in software before larger audiences use your product. An online bachelor’s in computer science can position you to join a team that understands the importance of quality assurance.
  • Full-stack developer. Take on both front-end and back-end development when you earn your computer science bachelor’s degree. Master techniques and the newest technologies with the skills you’ll acquire.

Earning a knight bachelor ‘s in calculator skill will besides help prepare you for jobs across a numeral of different industries and organizations .
“ A computer scientist can work in any organization the populace. He/she can be a programmer, trust analyst, data nucleotide administrator, teacher, [ and ] write his/her own applications ( specially mobile apps ), ” Alnaji said. “ You can start as a programmer and become a arrangement analyst, be a coach, monitor others, [ and ] oeuvre throughout the software growth life sentence cycle of any undertaking. ”

Start Your Journey Toward an Online Computer Science Degree

Why SNHU For Your Computer Science Degree

With no set class meet times, you can learn on your schedule and access on-line course materials 24/7 .
Take advantage of some of the lowest on-line tuition rates in the nation, plus fiscal care for those who qualify. We besides make it easy to transfer to SNHU by accepting up to 90 credits from your previous mental hospital .
Founded in 1932, SNHU is a private, nonprofit organization institution with over 100,000 graduates across the country. SNHU is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher education ( NECHE ). Institutional accreditation, like that from NECHE, is older and more widely accepted across the country, meaning your credits transfer more easily from one institution to the following .
You ‘ll have the prospect to participate in extracurricular activities and events like National Cyber League competitions, in which you can take character in virtual challenges you might face in the work force .
As an SNHU scholar, you ‘ll have access to a powerful network of peers, alumni and staff that can help support you long after graduation. Our instructors offer relevant, real-world expertness to help you understand and navigate your industry. Plus, with our growing, countrywide alumnus network, you ‘ll have the potential to tap into a number of internship and career opportunities .
96.5% of students would recommend SNHU.3 Discover why SNHU may be right for you.

Admission Requirements

part of our deputation to expand access to timbre higher education means removing the barriers that may stand between you and your degree. That ’ second why you can apply at any time and get a decision within days of submitting all want materials .
acceptance decisions are made on a roll basis throughout the year for our 6 ( 8-week ) undergraduate terms.

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How to Apply

Simply contact an admission advocate, who can help you explore fiscal options, answer all your questions and walk you through the application march. beginning by :

  • Completing a free undergraduate application
  • Providing previous institutions attended – so SNHU can retrieve transcripts for you at no cost

test scores are not required as separate of your application.

Computer Science Courses & Curriculum

Students enrolled in the on-line calculator science degree program at Southern New Hampshire University will have the opportunity to develop critical technical and professional skills through work on authentic, collaborative, industry-specific projects, equally well as through the exploration of emerging tools, technologies and environments in the discipline of calculator science .
The program course of study will help you gain a solid understand of fundamental program techniques, algorithm and data structures, equally well as the mathematical calculation and quantitative reason skills that underpin the make done in the field of computer science .
Instructors with real-world experience in their field will help you build skills you can use immediately in your career. Plus, you ‘ll create a portfolio that showcases your work .
Dr. Sharon Kibbe “ As a separate of their coursework, students will develop a digital portfolio of artifacts to demonstrate their technical skills to prospective employers, ” said Dr. Sharon Kibbe, an consort dean of STEM programs at SNHU .
Courses To Prepare You For Your Career
SNHU ‘s BS in computer science course of study includes :

  • Degree-specific courses: The courses in this program prepare the apprentice for a career in software with relevant and emerging topics in the software industry, such as industry-standard program languages and tools, operating systems, systems computer architecture and design, algorithm and data structures, software security concepts, agile team growth, fluid and full-stack development. You ‘ll gain the experience required to develop professional programs using the entire software team development serve with career-focused experience that employers expect .
  • General education: All bachelor’s students are required to take general education classes. Through these foundation, exploration and integration courses, students learn to think critically, creatively and collaboratively, giving you the edge employers are looking for.
  • Earn transfer credits for IT certifications and credentials: If you’ve earned IT certifications
  • Earn math credits for what you already know: Save time and tuition with our Pathways to Math Success

Computer Science Minimum Specifications

Component Type Minimum Requirement Recommendation
Operating System Windows 10, 64 Bit Windows 10, 64 Bit
Processor Intel 8th Gen i5 or i7 Intel 9th Gen i7
Memory (RAM) 8GB jam 16GB aries
Hard Drive 250+ GB 500+ GB Solid State Drive ( SSD )
Graphics Card Built-in ( Intel ) Discrete/dedicated ( such as NVIDIA or AMD )
Wireless 802.11 a/c dual isthmus

802.11 a/c double band
Office Suite office 2013 Professional or newer office 2013 Professional or newer
Antivirus Software Required for campus students. powerfully recommended for on-line students . Required for campus students. strongly recommended for on-line students .
Optional Accessories CD/DVD tug, external hard drive, extra ability cord and headphones/earbuds CD/DVD drive, external intemperate tug, supernumerary office cord and headphones/earbuds
SNHU Purchase Programs Visit Dell Visit Dell

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Component Type PC (Windows OS) Apple (Mac OS)
operate system presently supported operating system from Microsoft . presently supported operating system from Apple .
memory ( RAM ) 8GB or higher 8GB or higher
Hard Drive 100GB or higher 100GB or higher
Antivirus Software Required for campus students. powerfully recommended for on-line students . Required for campus students. strongly recommended for on-line students .
SNHU Purchase Programs Visit Dell Visit Apple
Internet/ Bandwidth 5 Mbps Download, 1 Mbps Upload and less than 100 manuscript reaction time 5 Mbps Download, 1 Mbps Upload and less than 100 multiple sclerosis latency


  • Laptop or desktop?  Whichever you choose depends on your personal preference and work style, though laptops tend to offer more flexibility. 
  • Note:  Chromebooks (Chrome OS) and iPads (iOS) do not meet the minimum requirements for coursework at SNHU. These offer limited functionality and do not work with some course technologies. They are not acceptable as the only device you use for coursework. While these devices are convenient and may be used for some course functions, they cannot be your primary device. SNHU does, however, have an affordable laptop option that it recommends: Dell Latitude 3301 with Windows 10. 
  • Office 365 Pro Plus is available free of charge to all SNHU students and faculty. The Office suite will remain free while you are a student at SNHU. Upon graduation you may convert to a paid subscription if you wish. Terms subject to change at Microsoft’s discretion. Review system requirements for Microsoft 365 plans for business, education and government. 
  • Antivirus software: Check with your ISP as they may offer antivirus software free of charge to subscribers. 

Tuition & Fees

As a private, nonprofit university, we ’ rhenium committed to making college more accessible by making it more low-cost. That ’ mho why we offer some of the lowest on-line tutelage rates in the nation— and haven’t raised our costs in a decade .
We besides offer fiscal aid packages to those who qualify, plus a 30 % tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and character time, and the spouses of those on active duty .

Online Undergraduate Programs Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 30 credits 
Degree/Certificates $960 $320 $9,600
(U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty)*
$675 $225 $6,750

tutelage Rates are subject to change and are reviewed per annum. *Note : students receiving this rate are not eligible for extra discounts .
Additional Costs No Application Fee, $ 150 Graduation Fee, Course Materials ( $ varies by course )

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a degree in computer science online?

Of class. Earning a computer science degree on-line is n’t all that different than pursuing the like plan on a campus. At SNHU, there are hebdomadally assignments, vitamin a well as regular interactions with your classmates and teacher .
But participating in an on-line broadcast can have some benefits over a campus program. When you earn your on-line computer science degree at SNHU, you can do your classwork when you want. That ‘s because there are no set classify times – entirely hebdomadally deadlines that are set at the beginning of the term. You get to do your assignments when it ‘s most convenient for you, whether that ‘s in the dawn before work, on your lunch break or after you put the kids to bed .
It makes common sense to earn your bachelor ‘s in computer skill on-line, because your background or laptop device is precisely what you ‘d be doing your assignments on no matter where your classes are. Plus, SNHU gives you access to our virtual environment, which gets you into the software applications, simulations and virtual background you need for classes – the lapp applications you ‘ll use in the work force.

What is the best online college for computer science?

The best place for you to earn your calculator science degree on-line may not be the right set for others to get their degree. You ‘ll need to consider the factors that are the most important to you so that you can reach the finish line .
When you speak with a member of our entrance fee team, you can get the answers you need to decide if SNHU is the school with the on-line calculator skill degree for you .
Some of your questions may revolve around :

  • Curriculum. Review course requirements and electives to make sure the material you’ll cover throughout the program are what you need to get you to your goals. Between your general education courses and your degree-specific classes, SNHU helps you position yourself for success beyond the computer science skills you learn in the classroom.
  • Concentrations. SNHU offers 4 concentrations for its bachelor of computer science program: data analysis, information security, project management and software engineering. A specialized bachelor’s degree can give you an edge in the workforce.
  • Experiential learning opportunities. Hands-on experience can not only help prepare you and give you confidence for your career, but it can also help add depth to your resume, helping you move to the top of the pile. You’ll get opportunities in many of our cloud-based virtual environments, which give you access to the technology you need for your degree – and your career. You’ll also want to consider speaking with one of our career advisors, who can help put you in touch with an employer for a project or an internship.

so why do our students choose SNHU ? other reasons include low on-line tuition rates, flexibility of on-line programs, career-focused degree programs and a defend system that ‘s dedicated to your success.

Are computer scientists in demand?

Yes. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) reports that jobs in calculator and information technology are projected to grow 11 % through 2029 – much faster than the average of all occupations.1
The demand, according to BLS, comes from more concentrate on cloud calculation, big data and information security .
The BLS lists some of these roles as :

  • Computer and information research scientists
  • Computer network architects and database administrators
  • Computer programmers and computer support specialists
  • Computer support specialists and information security analysts
  • Network administrators and computer systems administrators
  • Software developers and web developers

Most of these jobs require at least a bachelor ‘s degree to break into the airfield .
however, it ‘s not good about your technical school skills. “ Employers like to see if you bring experience they can use, ” said Curtis George, technical program facilitator at SNHU. “ The biggest soft skills in demand … are collaboration and communication. ” Your ability to work well with a team makes this career more than barely code .
Another attractive separate of jobs in calculator and information technology ? The wage. The median annual engage in May 2019 for these occupations was $ 88,240 – about $ 50,000 higher than the median annual engage for all occupations.1
Learn more about what you can do with a calculator science degree .

What is the difference between computer science and information technology (IT)?

These two career paths may sound like they are similar, but in reality, they lone have a little overlap in skill sets and responsibilities .
In a computer skill degree program, you study and develop computers, networks, hardware, software and databases. It involves engineer, mathematics and science – topics you ‘ll rely on regularly in a calculator science role – and a bachelor ‘s degree in calculator science is broad enough to give you enough of career options .
Information engineering ( IT ) is the use of engineering to store, retrieve and send data, normally in a business setting. Professionals in IT careers are often the decision-makers regarding engineering in an organization .
Ben Steinbach and the text Ben Steinbach “ Everything that you touch, everything that you wear, everything that you interact with, anything that you regulate online, it ‘s all IT, ” said Ben Steinbach, a career outreach specialist at SNHU .
At SNHU, majoring in computer science means your courses focus on subjects like calculator program, software development, security and data structures. The IT course of study exposes you to scripting, operating systems, networks and systems requirements .
Both degree programs open doors to careers with stick out growth. It ‘s up to you to decide with technology path you ‘re concern in taking .
many students may choose to major in calculator science as undergrads and then continue their education at the graduate level with an on-line master ‘s in IT, which features 7 career-focused concentrations such as world wide web invention and software application growth.

How long does it take to get a computer science degree?

The measure of time it takes to earn your on-line calculator skill degree can vary – on you, your educational backdrop and your goals .
If you ‘ve previously attended other institutions, it can shorten your time at SNHU by transferring those credits into your platform here. SNHU offers students a generous transfer policy, accepting up to 90 credits toward your degree .
Discuss your free transfer credit evaluation with your entrance fee counselor. This allows you to see where all your previously earned credits can go toward your program – and it allows you to find out what classes you have left to take before you can graduate with your BS in Computer Science .
Our admission team can walk you through your evaluation to show you where your transfer credits are placed in your evaluation and how well they fit into your chosen program. For exercise, if you ‘ve already taken your general department of education courses – angstrom good as a number of calculator science credits – you could placement yourself to finish your degree fast .
In addition, you ‘ll want to decide if you want to take classes full time or separate meter. With SNHU ‘s 8-week terms, enrolling in 1 classify is considered depart meter and 2 classes is full clock. If you work and have other obligations that can limit the amount of prison term you have available to work toward your bachelor ‘s in calculator science, you ‘ll want to take that into consideration to determine what you can successfully accomplish each term .
Your academic adviser is constantly available to help you create a custom course design so that you know precisely when you ‘ll reach the finish argumentation .
Danielle Hoopes smiling with text: Danielle Hoopes Danielle Hoopes, a 2018 calculator science alumnus, appreciated how her academic adviser helped her graduate .
“ His check-ins kept me on track and having person to go to with any questions was something I had never had before, ” Hoopes said. “ I just kept telling myself that my pipe dream of becoming a leader in technology was attainable and the staff at SNHU helped me accomplish it. ”

How much is a bachelor’s degree in computer science?

At SNHU, it all comes down to where you ‘re at in your educational travel .
If you begin at SNHU with no credits, and at the stream rate of $ 320 a recognition, you ‘d pay $ 38,400 in tutelage – for your entire knight bachelor ‘s degree. ( That ‘s frequently the lapp measure it can cost for a single year of tuition at many traditional brick-and-mortar colleges. )
however, most on-line students at SNHU enroll with transportation credits. indeed if you ‘ve already invested in your education at other institutions previously, and you are able to transfer in credits, the measure your program costs can drop significantly. SNHU accepts up to 90 transfer credits toward your bachelor ‘s – mean you could pay vitamin a little as $ 9,600 in tutelage to complete your on-line calculator skill degree .
You can besides keep your costs moo at SNHU by working with our student Financial Services team. They ‘ll walk you through the march of filling out the FAFSA form, which can determine your eligibility for grants and repayable loans. Our SFS counselors will besides help you customize a plan to maximize your awards and make your degree ampere low-cost as possible.

What’s the difference between a software developer and a software engineer?

Both software developers and software engineers share many aspects in their career. A professional in either function may help develop or manage the software a commercial enterprise uses. however, a software developer may spend more time creating and troubleshooting new programs, while a software engineer may continue managing, maintaining and improving existing software .
still, both terms have been used interchangeably and with a heavy overlap in skills, businesses may not even separate the roles .
software developers and engineers work to solve real-world problems using technology. virtually every business uses software, employing engineers and developers to create and use software for “ anything from computers to mobile devices to embedded software that controls all sorts of machines and hardware devices, ” said Dr. Scott Overmyer, companion dean of information engineering programs at SNHU .
Either entitle requires strong interpersonal skills because the jobs do n’t barely involve the code – they involve working with the people who use the software. The field is multi-faceted.

University Accreditation

southern New Hampshire University is a individual, nonprofit institution accredited by the New England Commission of Higher education ( NECHE ) american samoa well as several early accrediting bodies .


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1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, on the internet, at :

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Cited projections may not reflect local and/or short-run economic or job conditions and do not guarantee actual job growth .
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