4 Phases of a Winning Content Marketing Funnel
4 Phases of a Winning Content Marketing Funnel

4 Phases of a Winning Content Marketing Funnel

Reading time : about 6 min Posted by : Lucid Content team Why ? Because most of the content we read and interact with on a casual basis is part of the content market funnel. Learn more about this content funnel and different types of contented market. Like it or not, a set of the message we consume online has a very specific purpose : to get you to buy. Or sign up. Or learn more. even the apparently downy pieces like “ The 10 Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Seattle ” have been crafted to influence a specific response.

To understand how your contented fits into the overall customer journey from discovery to purchase, you may want to build a customer journey map. The four stages of the subject marketing funnel are awareness, evaluation, purchase, and delight. Each phase serves a specific determination in the customer ‘s travel, as should the content presented to the customer in those stages. The subject marketing funnel visualizes the journey that potential customers go through when considering a buy, and it ’ s part of a larger overall content selling strategy. The content in the different stages supports the customer travel, and good content pushes your leads closer to a leverage .

1. Awareness

When likely customers first gear embark into the content marketing funnel, you should assume that they are unaware of your caller or the solution you provide. It ’ sulfur now your job to make them aware. Top-of-funnel ( TOFU ) content focuses on educating your hearing. You can use content types such as :

  • Shareable blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • E-books
  • Podcasts

But don ’ triiodothyronine stress—you don ’ t have to try every single content type. Test a few that seem to resonate with your intended audience and track their success. With each musical composition of content you create, ask yourself :

  • Are prospects viewing, interacting with, and sharing the content?
  • Is my target audience interacting with my content?
  • Is there any follow-through after interaction?
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Use metrics like fourth dimension on page, number of reviews, and bounce pace to assist in answering these questions, and excavation into Google Analytics to understand more. If you find that your content falls brusque or doesn ’ metric ton address the correct consultation, pivot. just because you ’ ve started on one way doesn ’ metric ton mean you can ’ thyroxine make changes to your scheme .

2. Evaluation

In the middle of the funnel ( MOFU ), potential customers determine whether they need your product or avail. You ’ re besides attempting to build faith with your consumer in the evaluation stage. No one bargain from or does clientele with a caller they don ’ triiodothyronine faith, thus look for ways to build that kinship. Consumers are looking for message that demonstrates why they should choose your product or servicing :

  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Emails
  • Useful resources/downloads
  • Events/webinars

again, ask yourself if your capacity is fulfilling its intended aim :

  • Are people converting from this content?
  • Am I generating new sales or leads from this content?
  • Is this content helping or hurting my end goal?

good contented universe helps incrementally move a candidate toward a purchase. It doesn ’ t happen all at once, so don ’ t expect one piece to do all the heavy lift. That ’ mho why it ’ s so important to vary the types of message commercialize you use and to have a comprehensive contented scheme in place .

3. Conversion

Everyone wants to feel convinced in a buy. Give your likely customers very clear reasons why buying your product or investing in your avail is the bright thing to do. The content funnel up to this point has been about getting customers interest in your product. now, at the bottomland of the message marketing funnel ( BOFU ), give them a reason to buy. By offering side-by-side comparisons of similar products—and highlighting how your product or service is superior—you can well influence a purchase. again, keep in mind the following :

  • Does my content have a clear call to action?
  • Am I making the purchase process as simple as possible?
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Offering a dislodge test of your servicing can besides lead to a purchase, a long as you aren ’ triiodothyronine giving away the solid product. An basic test gives potential consumers a taste of what you do but should leave them wanting more, since your objective is to convert them to a sale .

4. Delight

Although it ’ s not partially of the traditional content marketing funnel, many companies have added an extra tone to retain or please customers. Your overall content scheme should be aimed at building an audience and keeping them engaged. That work extends beyond the purchase stage. Your contented should give customers bare ways to stay engaged and plowshare their feedback with your business. Ask yourself :

  • Does this content encourage customers to leave feedback?
  • Does the content give readers reasons to refer their friends?
  • Does this content showcase real customer successes?

advantage your hearing with special promotions or early previews of new products. even if your customer international relations and security network ’ t a reprise buyer, they even have influencing power in their social circles.

Plan for success

Creating content that converts is the number-one aim of the content marketing funnel. With a solid scheme in place, your business will be able to engage with and influence customers at every stage of the content marketing funnel. But a firm content scheme is just contribution of the overall equation. It ’ second besides crucial to understand how your subject pieces are performing using defined metrics. regularly check in on your existing pieces of content and look for ways to improve or repurpose. And don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to give modern and future customers a reason to come back. employment does not end with a conversion or buy. Leverage the planning power of Lucidchart to expand and grow your contentedness market funnel .

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