What Jobs Can I Get with a Criminal Justice Degree?
What Jobs Can I Get with a Criminal Justice Degree?

What Jobs Can I Get with a Criminal Justice Degree?

You ’ re thinking about majoring in Criminal Justice. many students pursuing criminal department of justice degrees are already in the airfield. They could be public guard officers, police force staff, civilian employees with the government, or other similar fields. Often, these students decide to get a criminal department of justice degree because they love their jobs but realize that they could get far with a academic degree in criminal justice. But, even if you aren ’ thymine already in the field, a degree in criminal justice or a similar sub-specialty is a big move. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many jobs in criminal justice fields are expected to grow in the adjacent 10 years. What exactly are those jobs? The types of jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree primarily focus on areas of jurisprudence or law enforcement and the justice arrangement. Some areas of focus for condemnable judge majors are :

  • law enforcement
  • Corrections
  • Pre-law or court professional
  • Social work
  • criminology
  • Criminal & forensic psychology
  • Police skill

obviously, there are other paths towards the career areas listed above. It ultimately depends on your strengths and your opportunities if you want to pursue criminal justice or a similar major. criminal department of justice can be a fantastic way to get a wide base of skills that could transfer into all sorts of areas like the ones listed above. then, it ’ s a great choice if you are not 100 percentage sure where your career will take you. It ’ south besides a great choice for law enforcement administration ( and much required to advance in that career plain ). Let ’ s look at some of the job areas of expertness and their degree requirements in more contingent .

Law Enforcement Administration

For many entry-level jobs in law enforcement, a high school education is all you need. however, police enforcement agencies prefer candidates with an associate degree or higher. And, to advance to the administrative degree, a degree is frequently required. many patrol or police enforcement organizations prefer candidates for their management or administrative functions to have a deeper and broader understanding of criminal justice. A condemnable department of justice degree can prepare current law enforcement personnel with tools for leadership plus an agreement of how policework fits within the broader society and within the justice system .

Corrections Officer

alike to those who serve in police enforcement, many entry-level corrections officers are hired with a high educate department of education. however, a correctional military officer wanting to advance in their career or work in a federal penitentiary will often need a college education. There are schools that provide a sub-specialty of criminal judge just for those looking to serve in correctional institutions .

Pre-Law or Court Professional

There are many majors that can be helpful for those planning to go on to law school, and surprisingly, many law schools don ’ t favor especial undergraduate majors. Majors specifically labeled as pre-law aren ’ triiodothyronine offered everywhere and while they are designed to provide a mix of subjects that could provide a upstanding foundation garment for future law school studies, they surely aren ’ t the only manner to go. According to U.S. News & World Report, “ There are other concentrations that can provide a solid foundation garment for legal education. ”

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Some early pre-law pathways may be more desirable depending on your end goal. For exemplar, person specializing in tax law may choose to do an undergraduate degree in finance and person specializing in medical malpractice may take a more medical-friendly road towards their law degree. There is no one perfect path and there is flexibility in the end result for those who decide to pursue law or careers within the judge system. For those pursuing other aspects of the legal system ( besides pre-law ) there is a diverse jell of careers available. From paralegals who help lawyers prepare for hearings, trials, and corporate meetings to pre-trial and trial services like interpreters and other support services .

Social Work

There are many kinds of social workers and so there are besides a few degree options that work for sociable work. criminal justice may be a well match if one plans to go into social solve within some aspect of the legal or judge system. Within criminal justice, future social workers will find lots of opportunities like working with victims ( forensic social work ), working with those within the justice system or imprison individuals, case management, home visits, life skills or coping strategies for individuals at elevated gamble of committing crimes or offenses. social workers within these and other systems often deal heavily with the court systems thus a working cognition of condemnable judge can be an advantage in this area .


Criminology takes a more sociological approach path to criminal department of justice. Sometimes criminology degrees fall under sociology, but they can besides often fall under criminal justice. According to The Balance Careers, “ even though it may not hold the same hex and excitement of other jobs in criminal judge, a career as a criminologist is no less crucial. In fact, for those of an academic heed, it may present the best opportunity to contribute to the prevention and treatment of crime. ” A criminologist takes a more holistic opinion of crime in a lot the lapp way that an epidemiologist takes a 1,000 view of disease. They look at things like demographics and trends that may be tied to increases in crime and they look for ways to reduce crime before it happens by improving access to things like afterschool manage for trouble youth or drug treatment programs in areas where drug abuse leads to higher levels of crime. An important expression of criminology is besides the ability to collaborate with communities and law enforcement, so criminologists need to be able to take in and digest multiple ( potentially opposing ) viewpoints. many criminologists pursue advanced degrees, most much a master ’ randomness academic degree or higher. Job roles for criminologists frequently include working for country, local anesthetic or federal government entities to pursue their work .

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Criminal & Forensic Psychology

Made popular by television shows like Mindhunter and Criminal Minds, criminal psychology is a branch of psychology specifically devoted to studying the minds of criminals. many criminal psychologists start out with an undergraduate academic degree in psychology or forensic psychology, but criminal justice can besides be a gateway to this professional path. criminal psychologists frequently pursue advance degrees, and you must have a doctor’s degree to be a accredited psychologist in many states. alike to criminology, many condemnable psychologists work for government-run institutions like prison systems or psychiatric hospitals. Another option for criminal psychology majors is to work in an academic set up as a research worker. Forensic psychology is closely related to condemnable psychology but can include services for a wide array of groups, including victims of crime, witnesses, attorneys, and law enforcement.

Police Science

Police science is an umbrella term referring to any science related to the probe of crimes or the prosecution of criminals. then, police skill includes the previously discussed criminal psychology, forensic psychology, criminology, and it can include other sciences when performed in relative to police workplace .

An Evolving Field

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it should give you a general idea of the wide-eyed array of careers available for criminal justice majors. Criminal judge is an ever-evolving field and there are newfangled ways to utilize these skills all the fourth dimension. For exemplify, criminology is a relatively new field that was only recently identified as a subspecialty dealing with both criminal department of justice and sociology. criminal justice is a great choice if you know you want to work in the field but don ’ t have a set theme so far of where you want to go. It provides a thoroughly general education in many areas related to police ferment, the study of criminals and criminal behavior and the justice system. Plus, starting out in a broader target major is a big manner to gain exposure and feel with all these areas, which should help you narrow down your focus as you go. dependable fortune !

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