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Buy The Trendiest Custom Sleeve Boxes At Wholesale With iCustomBoxes

No doubt, Custom sleeves, and tray boxes are always in trend and fashion. Due to that, you will see that box style in almost all industries. If you want to give sleeve boxes wholesale to your product, iCustomBoxes are a superb choice for you. Thus, we provide you with exceptional customization tools, materials, etc., at economical wholesale rates. That virtue makes as a superior choice for packaging purposes.

Moreover, we offer seasonal discounts offer after a short period. And the new year 2023 sale is one of them. So, if you are interested and want to pursue that golden fortune, request a quote and confirm your order. For booking, visit the iCustomBoxes webpage at

Give a uber-hot touch to the packaging of your product with a custom sleeve and tray box style. Consisted of a flexible tray and separate bottom covering the whole tray. Tailored with the finest quality material, printed methods, color schemes, and exceptional packaging tools. A magical gunnie to fulfill all your expectations related to packaging.

Give a solid touch to sleeve and tray packaging with durable material:

As you know, we have a superior choice for all packaging tools, including product materials. That’s why freely choose box material types for sleeve and tray packaging. If you want custom sleeve boxes on a normal basis, you can use kraft and cardboard boxes. They are easy to customize and print and durable in quality. Also, they are 100% biodegradable and can be recycled.

You can use rigid material boxes for exclusive packaging for luxurious items like jewelry and watches. They are also eco-friendly but ideally durable and sustainable to provide complete protection to the product. On the other hand, they are high-priced but convenient for promotional purposes.

Maintain the sleeve box durability with laminations or coating:

After the printing process, we strictly recommend to our buyer seal the box surface with laminations and coatings. Thus, they are essential to maintain the box’s durability and appearance. Otherwise, the box can get crumbled, torn, and wrinkled with time. And it can’t last for long-term use? But the laminations and coating provide the extra layer of protection to increase the box’s durability, so it remains safe from all factors. Also, they sealed the printed design due to that the ink did not spread and fade. And the box looks two times more beautiful, smooth, and attractive.

Customize the sleeve and tray boxes with trendy die-cut windows:

The sleeve and tray boxes look so trendy and versatile with the die-cut window style. Thus, the inner product looks enchanting when kept inside the designed box with a die-cut style. If you want to customize a die-cut window, we have that option too. Even we suggest our buyers craft die-cut windows in different shapes and styles to make them more graceful apparently.

After crafting it in a different style, you can highlight the borders with hot stamp foiling—or different designs and shades with PMS and CMYK color schemes.

Intensify the die-cut window charm with custom inserts:

It looks so unpresentable when the product is not arranged inside the die-cut window style. Therefore, we suggest keeping custom inserts inside the box, which gives an aesthetically pleasing position to the inner product.

It also keeps its immobile position. As a result, delicate items, for example, frosty cupcake, remains to save from bumping while dispatching. In order to make them more enchanting, you can print cardboard and kraft inserts in shades and designs. Besides that, you can use foam inserts in different shades like grey, black, charcoal, etc. If it’s exclusive packaging, you can use EVA foam inserts too.

Style top-notch sleeve and tray boxes for gifting purposes:

The sleeve and tray gift boxes can be a good idea to surprise your loved ones. You can customize these boxes by your choice with the help of our alluring enhancements, color scheme options, and elegant design of your choice.

For example, you can tie the box with a ribbon of your loved ones’ favorite shade. Besides that, you can decorate the gift box with crafted flowers, bows, and other things. If you want them to feel special, you can customize his name or special note for them with sparkling stamp foilings in different shades like gold, red, silver, copper, hologram, etc. Further, you can combine embossing and debossing with hot stamp foilings to create more depth and detail.


Keep connected with us for suggestions, support, and availing of any packaging information. Our customer service executives are available 24/7 to serve you due to iCustomBoxes happy customer policy. You can call and what’s app even live chat with us at our webpage And for any query, drop your message at

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