Charlotte Dog Bite Lawyer | Auger & Auger
Charlotte Dog Bite Lawyer | Auger & Auger

Charlotte Dog Bite Lawyer | Auger & Auger

Charlotte Dog Bite and Animal Attack Attorneys

Dog bites and animal attacks represent some of the most ghastly personal injuries that are suffered by residents of Charlotte and our surrounding communities. Although the most common injuries are disfiguring scars from a frump sting, we have besides represented clients that have sustained traumatic scar from being clawed and clients that have sustained fractures requiring operation when tripped or knocked to the grate by the aggressive animal .
Unlike a car accident claim, chase and animal attack claims are normally not investigated by the local patrol or animal operate. Obtaining the facts necessity to prove your case is difficult, specially considering the nature of this area of law which makes it unmanageable to hold an owner creditworthy for the actions of their animal. It is imperative that you hire a law tauten that is experienced in Charlotte dog bite law and has a leading record representing the victims of Charlotte andiron bites and animal attacks .

Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers in Charlotte, NC

dogbitebanner Charlotte chase bite lawyer Arlene Auger has been representing dog bite and animal attack victims in the Carolinas for over 20 years. “ Our firm takes an aggressive border on to dog bite claims and makes certain that we start the investigation immediately. Dog sting claims in North Carolina are unmanageable to prove so it is imperative that we meet with our client right aside and begin gathering evidence to prove our case. Documenting the bites by photograph and measurement, locating the animal and its owner, locating indemnity, speaking with witnesses to the dog attack and even speaking with neighbors who are familiar with the cad ’ s personality, aggressive demeanor and bite history are all important in proving your sheath. We want to make certain that we are the first responders, not the insurance carrier adjusters ! ” – Arlene Auger.

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Reading: Charlotte Dog Bite Lawyer | Auger & Auger

Misconception about the “One Bite Rule”

While North Carolina adheres to the antediluvian convention that pawl owners are not liable for the first bite inflicted by their dog, owners will be held apt under certain situations. If a dog has previously been declared a “ dangerous dog ” by a municipality, North Carolina General Statutes section 67-4.1 holds the owner strictly apt for injuries inflicted by the frank. additionally, an owner will be held apt for having cognition of the general propensities for that especial breed. For model, the owner of a orchestra pit bull will be held liable for having the cognition of the general propensities of a colliery bull, and will be liable for injuries inflicted by that breed. On the other hand, if you are bitten by a isolated cad, you have little legal recourse because your claim is against the pawl ’ second owner or custodian. We have been successful in the past in locating the owner and applicable insurance coverage in cases where the unclaimed dog had a chip with the owner ’ s identity.

Leash Laws

In North Carolina, it is up to each municipality to decide whether or not to enact a collar law. The City of Charlotte has a collar jurisprudence, embodied in Part 2, section 3, Chapter 71 of the Code of Ordinances. Charlotte ’ s leash law requires dogs to be on a leash or within a wall, careless of whether it is on the owners ’ property or not. It further provides that if the pawl is on a three, the holder of the three must be “ of sufficient age and physical size or ability ” to restrain the andiron. The jurisprudence does allow for manipulation of an “ invisible fence ” provided there is a visible, permanent sign, and besides allows an adult, over the historic period of 18 to have the frank off leash on the owner ’ s property if the pornographic is immediately adjacent to the frump and the chase is obedient to that person ’ sulfur voice commands.

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trespass of Charlotte ’ s rope jurisprudence does not mechanically make a frump ’ sulfur owner liable. North Carolina has laws pertaining to conducive negligence, meaning, if you have contributed any way to your wound, you may be prevented from recovering money damages for your wound .
If you or a class penis has been the victim of a dog bite in Charlotte, our frank bite attorneys can help you with the following :
If you or a sleep together one is the victim of a frump sting, contact Auger & Auger for your dislodge reference .

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