Phoenix, Arizona Dog Bite Lawyer | Torgenson Law
Phoenix, Arizona Dog Bite Lawyer | Torgenson Law

Phoenix, Arizona Dog Bite Lawyer | Torgenson Law

Phoenix, Arizona Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bite attacks can cause fear, emotional trauma, and unplayful injuries that can change person ’ second life permanently. At Torgenson Law, we care deeply about Arizona victims of pawl bites. Our Phoenix chase bite attorneys have helped dog pungency victims fight for and win fair compensation for their damages for years. Please contact us for aid if a cad attacked you or a love one in Arizona. Call ( 602 ) 726-0747 to request a free consultation with an Arizona dog bite lawyer near you nowadays .

Why Choose Our Arizona Dog Bite Lawyers?

  • Our dog bite lawyers in Phoenix know how to hold dog owners legally responsible for significant bite-related injuries. We have won millions of dollars on behalf of past clients.
  • Our attorneys use thorough and effective investigative processes, as well as personalized legal services, for the best possible results. We have more than 15 years of experience.
  • Our law office uses a contingency fee payment system, meaning you do not pay anything unless we win your dog bite case. We want you to have peace of mind during the legal process.

How Can a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Help?

Knowing how to exercise your rights after a cad assail in Arizona is imperative for your fiscal future. Navigating Arizona law regarding chase bites correctly could lead to the results you need to move fore after a severe animal attack. Hiring an lawyer can give you power during your andiron attack indemnity policy negotiations. Your Arizona dog approach lawyer will evaluate the wax rate of your losses, file your demand letter, commune with insurance companies, and take early steps to ensure you receive full and fair compensation for your damages. If the pet owner ’ s policy company does not respond adequately, a lawyer may then take your dog sting injury claim to motor hotel in pursuit of better results .

Common Dog Bite Injuries in Arizona

It is significant to retain a qualify dog bite injury lawyer after a dog attack due to the serious nature of related personal injuries. Dog attacks are violent events that can lead to dangerous injuries that can demand good checkup attention and permanent wave impacts on the victim. From soft-tissue damage to fatal injuries to the neck and face, an aggressive cad can cause many injuries in seconds. A cad attack lawyer can increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for your versatile injuries in Arizona .

  • Lacerations
  • Significant blood loss
  • Puncture wounds
  • Bruising/contusions
  • Avulsions (lost skin)
  • Infections
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Permanent scarring
  • Emotional trauma
  • Wrongful death
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Contact Our Phoenix Dog Bite Attorney

Strict Liability In Arizona Dog Bite Claims

Arizona ’ s frump morsel legislative act mandates strict liability, meaning dogs do not get one rid bite before owners must accept indebtedness. Pet owners in Arizona will be legally responsible for cad bites tied with no anterior history of the pet attacking other people or pets. If the person owns the dog, and the pawl attacked you, that person will owe you compensation ( with very limited exceptions ) .
Arizona ’ s nonindulgent liability law makes it easier for frank bite victims to obtain compensation, but fighting for a fair amount much requires aid from a lawyer. A lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies that are undervaluing your losses or engaging in bad religion practices on your behalf to ensure utmost compensation .

Owner Negligence In Dog Bite Claims

As mentioned above, under Arizona ’ s nonindulgent liability codified, victims do not have to prove the owner had prior cognition of any violent history the cad may have had. however, if an owner ’ s negligence was the cause of the attack, victims may pursue compensation under both common law negligence and stern liability claims. Proving frank owner negligence can award victims dog approach punitive damage that may result in a bigger compensation .
Some examples of cad owner negligence are :

  • Not following state and local leash laws in public places
  • Failing to warn visitors about a dangerous dog
  • Letting the dog run at large
  • Failing to properly confine the animal in their yard
  • Letting a known dangerous dog run free in a public setting

If you believe negligence played a function in your frump fire, contact our know Phoenix dog bite lawyers at Torgenson Law today. We will gather the necessary attest to prove your attack was a result of the owner ’ s negligence and get you the compensation you deserve .

What is Arizona’s Dog Bite Statute of Limitations?

There are two different statutes of limitations for chase bite claims in Arizona that varies on the character of case.

If filing under Arizona ’ s rigorous indebtedness codified where ower negligence or prior cognition of aggressive demeanor does not have to be proven, victims have a annual legislative act of limitations to file a cad pungency befit in Arizona .
If you choose to besides file under Arizona ’ s common law, you will have to prove the animal owner had prior cognition that his cad was prone to aggression and barbed. When this is the event, you have two years to file a chase bite lawsuit .
Our feel attorneys at Torgenson Law are here to help you assess your accident claim to help determine which legislative act of limitations is relevant .

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Dog Attacks Involving Children in Arizona

Attacks to children result in some of the worst injuries since they are small and often times, defenseless. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that about 4.7 million attacks related to dog bites occur each year. A significant numeral of these attacks involve youthful children, with at least half of all incidents happening to kids .
high rates of sting attacks happen to young kids aged between 5 and 9-years-old. even more traumatize, about two-thirds of all injuries involve children who are under 4-years-old. A majority of these animal attacks include injuries to the neck and fountainhead area. Statistics show that boys experience pawl bites significantly more than girls, making young boys the group most likely to suffer dangerous injuries as a result of a frank bite .
If a dog has attacked your child, contact the legal team at Torgenson Law today. We have a long history of fighting for families and will work intemperate to get fair compensation for your child ’ second convalescence.

Compensation Available in Dog Bite Claims

recompense for the hurt person in Arizona can include fully payments for :

  • Past and future medical bills, scar reduction surgeries or therapies, permanent scarring or disfigurement
  • Physical pain and suffering, emotional distress,
  • Lost quality of life
  • Loss of income and future losses
  • Legal fees
  • Any property damage repairs.

At Torgenson Law, our legal team uses prove tactics to fight for maximum compensation for our frank bite injury clients. You could be eligible for a significant sum from the chase owner ’ s insurance company depending on the circumstances .

Contact Our Arizona Dog Bite Lawyers

The have our law firm has in helping animal morsel survivors gives us a unique insight into how crushing these attacks can be. We understand what is at impale and how much a successful lawsuit can help a survivor affect forth. Whether the cad attacked your child, yourself, or a love one lost his or her life in a chase attack, please contact a Phoenix, Arizona frump bite lawyer from our jurisprudence fast for a rid reference about your potential chase bite subject. Call Torgenson Law today at ( 602 ) 726-0747 or contact us online for more information .

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