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Dream Doors – How to Become a Dream Doors Franchisee

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The application process to become a Dream Doors franchisee is multi-step. It begins with a discovery meeting, where you’ll learn more about the company’s commitment, what it does, and the returns you can expect. The next step is a more detailed meeting, where they’ll conduct a credit check and open their books. If everything checks out, you’re on your way to becoming a franchisee. After this meeting, you’ll be ready to meet with their management team.

Dream Doors Is a Kitchen Makeover Franchise

If you’re looking for a kitchen makeover franchise, look no further than the Dream Doors brand. This well-known kitchen brand has thousands of satisfied customers throughout the UK and NZ. And a dream kitchen is within reach with the help of the Dream Doors brand, thanks to its nationwide advertising. Franchisees receive training and support to create the dream kitchen for their customers. And with a proven track record, Dream Doors is well worth considering for your next renovation project.

Dream Doors

With more than 100 showrooms throughout the UK, Dream Doors is the largest kitchen facelift brand in the UK. With 135,000 projects completed to date, this company is a reputable company to join. Dream Doors franchisees can expect to earn net profits of PS150,000 per year and are part of a group of highly-respected home services companies. Franchisees are supported by a dedicated team and are provided with training and support to help them become successful.

With a growing network of showrooms across the UK, Dream Doors is growing quickly. The brand has opened three showrooms in Hampshire, the South East, and the Midlands, and is on course to open 60 stores by the end of 2015. Dream Doors’ model allows franchisees to provide full kitchen makeovers for less than half the price of a full refit. Dream Doors has seen phenomenal growth since its launch, and it is now on course to reach PS25 million in sales by the end of 2015.

Dream Doors is a multi-award-winning kitchen makeover franchise. No prior experience in the kitchen industry is required to become a franchisee. The franchise offers comprehensive training, support, centralized lead generation, and national advertising. Franchisees enjoy free renewals of their business and reduced management service fees as their sales grow. Dream Doors has a successful track record, with more than 90 franchises across the UK.

It Is a Door-to-door Sales Style Set-up – Dream Doors

Many people assume that a door-to-door sales style setup is typical of kitchen makeover companies. But, Dream Doors has been making a living through this method for years. The company’s Kingston showroom is stunning, and its fitting team is highly skilled. Interested individuals can get a free information pack from franchise recruitment director Alex Waite. From there, Alex will contact interested parties to discuss the details of the business.

Dream Doors

The cost of starting a franchise is around PS35,000 + VAT, so a PS85,000 total investment is needed. If you can secure a 70% loan, you can purchase the business for just PS35k. Dream Doors franchisees make an average of PS700,000 a year and earn operating profits of 15 to 20%. Some franchisees earn six figures annually and turn over PS1million a year.

It Has a Good Income Potential – Dream Doors

There are many benefits to owning a Dream Doors franchise, but one of the most attractive features is its good income potential. The average annual sales in a Dream Doors franchised showroom are PS600,000 or more, which makes it a good option for people looking for a lucrative business. Franchise owners can achieve six-figure incomes with the company. And with good growth potential, franchise owners can achieve PS1million or more in annual sales. Dream Doors has an aging core customer base, which makes it less vulnerable to economic uncertainty.

The company offers a complete training program for its franchisees, including a two-week induction at head office, exclusive training days with suppliers, and a dedicated central marketing team. Franchisees are expected to work hard under the Dream Doors model, with the company rewarding them with a high-quality income. The company’s first showroom was in Hampshire, but today there are more than 50 franchises in the UK. Dream Doors has also expanded into international markets, so there is a good growth potential for its franchisees.

Dream Doors

Franchise owners of Dream Doors have high-income potential and excellent customer satisfaction. Despite its reputation as a luxury brand, franchise owners are often married couples who have developed a stellar local reputation. Their showrooms are designed to impress potential customers, and they consistently maintain a six-figure net profit. Franchisees also have a positive cash flow, thanks to repeating business and referrals. The best part? No franchisee has to hire an in-house manager.

The franchise fee for a Dream Doors franchise is relatively low, at PS35,000 plus VAT. This makes the investment a modest one, and it can be covered by a 70% loan. Established franchisees make an average of PS700,000 per year, with operating profits of around 15%. The company has over ninety locations across the UK. A top franchisee can achieve PS1M per year and a six-figure profit.

It Is a National Brand – Dream Doors

The Dream Doors franchise is a fast-growing company with a reputation for excellence. Its franchised showrooms generate an average annual turnover of PS600,000, making it possible for you to earn a six-figure income. Franchises can also achieve more than PS1million in annual turnover, meaning that you can easily earn six figures and beyond. The brand has been recognized by industry awards, including the prestigious Franchise Marketing Awards, and has won numerous other accolades. Its core customer base is also increasing, so there are fewer worries about economic uncertainty when working with a franchise.

Dream Doors

The Dream Doors franchise comes with many benefits, including low start-up costs. The franchisee’s overheads are relatively low, thanks to the backing of a national brand. There is also no need to learn any trades since the franchisees sub-contract the fitting to a professional. The franchise comes with an exclusive territory in the UK and national advertising that brings leads to the Dream Doors franchisees. This franchise will allow you to make a profit while doing something you love.

The Dream Doors franchisee network has seen record turnover in July. In July, the company’s franchisee network saw its highest monthly turnover, PS7m, ever. In addition to launching new trading territories, Dream Doors also opened its largest showroom in Tunbridge Wells. The brand is also growing at a rapid rate and is now in the process of a £20 million expansion plan. The company also plans to launch a regional franchise event in Leeds to encourage new franchisees.

The management team worked with Meridian to grow the business. The investment company also sourced a high-caliber MD for the business and managed the covenants under the MBO debt. Dream Doors was acquired by Neighborly in February 2019 after Meridian Investments helped it set up succession plans. Neighborly is a franchise group backed by Harvest Partners. The company currently manages 21 service-based franchise organizations across nine countries. Despite the fact that its new owner is a major competitor in the same field, the new owners will further expand the brand’s franchise network in the future.

It Has a Showroom – Dream Doors

The latest Dream Doors showroom has just opened in West Nottingham. There are now 70 showrooms in the UK, and the company has carried out more than 50,000 kitchen makeovers. Franchisees have already reached PS1m turnover this year – double the annual target for the company. The company’s ethical ethos and track record have attracted a number of new franchisees to the business. Jon and Hilary Brown, who joined the company in May 2015, say they are proud to be a part of such a successful brand and are eager to expand the company’s network.

Dream Doors

The Dream Doors showroom is an important part of the brand’s strategy. Its showroom features an impressive range of products for customers to view. It is also a great place for prospective customers to ask questions about the product. The company also offers free in-home consultations. Once you’ve visited the showroom, you’ll have a better idea of what type of product to buy and how to install it. You can even get a free quote and a full demonstration of the products in the showroom before making any purchase decision.

The UK’s number one kitchen makeover brand has opened new showrooms in Southend and Dartford. With over 80 locations nationwide, the company now boasts one of the largest networks of kitchen makeover showrooms. Currently, the company is looking to expand further into Scotland by opening new showrooms there. In addition to opening new showrooms in England, the company has begun training new franchisees at its training center.

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