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TheRightStep Houston LogoThe Right Step Houston offers The Right Step Houston offers inpatient alcohol and drug rehab programs in Texas in a safe and welcoming set. Our long-time, consecrated therapists are mainstays in the Houston recovery community. therefore, from inpatient detox to intensive outpatient wish and aftercare, the staff at our Houston drug rehab center is dedicated to helping individuals work through addiction. To learn more, visit hypertext transfer protocol : // For those who don ’ thyroxine require residential care, then our intensive outpatient treatment program in Texas ( IOP ) and overtone hospitalization program ( PHP ) provide a integrated, supportive setting conducive to convalescence. Of course, our IOP and PHP programs besides provide an significant adjacent step in discussion for clients who have completed inpatient alcohol and drug rehab. Clients in IOP benefit from a issue of remedy approaches that work to provide confidence in their convalescence skills .
Our experienced addiction professionals are specially trained to help you address underlying issues that contribute to addiction such as injury and co-occurring genial health issues like temper disorders, low, and anxiety. Our multidisciplinary discussion team in Houston uses a structured program track a well as evidence-based models.

Highlights of The Right Step Houston Drug Rehab Center:

Specially trained addiction experts

Our Houston team includes a board-certified psychiatrist, nurses, licensed clinicians, and besides other addiction professionals. We have counselors who are trained in specialized therapies such as dialectic demeanor therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as specialized wish for veterans and first responders .

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Group and individual counseling

You ’ ll get one-on-one time with a psychiatrist and participate in a number of therapy groups. Groups address topics such as spiritualty, backsliding prevention, confidence build and more. We besides offer family groups for your love ones .

Empowering recovery approaches

Our approach is heavily grounded in positive psychology, which emphasizes your individual strengths and teaches you to draw upon them in recovery .

Motivational interviewing

rather of traditional doctor-patient roles in therapy, this collaborative remedy approach includes you as an active voice decision-maker in the remedy process and draws upon your own wisdom of solomon for problem-solving, finish set and motivation for variety .

Practicing recovery skills

You ’ ll learn that recovery can be fun and engaging with weekly outings to movies, parks or museums and recreational activities. This gives you an opportunity to experience playfulness activities while drab with the steering of addiction professionals .

Expressive therapies and holistic approaches

We help you explore underlying issues and find ways to express your thoughts and feelings beyond talk therapy. Activities like yoga and meditation offer opportunities to “ get out of your oral sex ” and focus on the mind-body connection, an crucial aspect of bring around .

Addiction education

During your stay at our inpatient rehab in Houston, you ’ ll participate in respective educational classes on addiction — what fuels it, how it affects the body and mind, and how to manage it. As with any disease, the more inform you are about its causes and characteristics, then the better you can manage it and advocate for yourself .

Aftercare focus

From the moment you enter our doors, we are then focused entirely on your long-run convalescence. You ’ ll build raw, healthy coping skills to replace destructive ones that you can besides implement in your life sentence after you leave. We bring in professionals from sober-housing facilities once a workweek to familiarize you with this post-treatment option and besides provide information on our continuing aftercare services in Texas.

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A Typical Day at The Right Step Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Houston


The sidereal day begins with meditation time followed then by a easy breakfast planned by prepared by our professional chef. Mid-morning activities include process groups with counselors, animation skills train, and besides guest speakers, followed by a goodly lunch .


Activities continue with lectures presented by counselors, doctors, nurses and outside professionals. Sober outings to local sphere museums, parks, and besides sporting events are the perfect ending to the good afternoon .


After dinner, clients then attend an optional 12-step meet, where they are encouraged to meet others in recovery and begin networking with peers who have been able to maintain their sobriety over time. then clients have scheduled free clock before retiring for the flush .

Outpatient Schedule

Evening Groups

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday



Family Aftercare

Right Step Houston Right Step Houston
12350 Wood Bayou Dr, Houston,
TX 77013, United States
International Callers : 512-808-4057

Visit The Right Step Houston Today

sol schedule a tour of our facilities and meet our caring addiction discussion staff in person to get a better feel for our residential treatment platform in Houston, TX. Call 713.528.3709 ( local anesthetic : 713-955-6317 ) to schedule your chew the fat. We look ahead to seeing you .
Contact our Texas center today for more information on our treatment programs.

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