Find the Cheapest Killeen Electricity Rates | Compare Prices Instantly
Find the Cheapest Killeen Electricity Rates | Compare Prices Instantly

Find the Cheapest Killeen Electricity Rates | Compare Prices Instantly

Your insider’s guide to finding the best electricity rates and energy plans in Killeen, Texas

This usher to finding the right electric plan in Killeen, Texas, is helpful to every homeowner and business owner interest in low-cost monthly rates .
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Killeen Electricity Rates Table

You have the world power to choose your home ’ south utility provider in Killeen, Texas .
ComparePower is a no-cost overhaul established in 2009 to help consumers looking for the best energy plans in Killeen .
official rates published on ComparePower are the same as you ’ ll find contacting or visiting the websites of electric companies .
Offers from competing companies are presented in a standard format that simplifies comparison shop .
ComparePower helps Texas consumers avoid unnecessary fees and fine-print gimmicks by comparing plans without hours of unnecessary research .

84 Killeen Electric Rates

These live rates for Oncor Electric Delivery service sphere were updated on May 14, 2022 at 8:06 am CST. Pricing shown is based on an accurate custom of 1000 kWh.

Instantly compare competing Killeen electricity companies

Electricity Price Trends in Killeen

The market for electricity in Texas communities like Killeen was deregulated by the state in 2002 .
This variety means that rather of a single electrical supplier, Killeen residents can choose from competing energy providers .
deregulation helps consumers like you by forcing energy providers to compete for your dollars preferably than establish one-size-fits-all rates .
You can benefit from this competition by using ComparePower to find quotes from up to 100 energy providers. alternatively of going to each provider ’ s web site for quotes, you can see every design offered by every provider through ComparePower ’ s search tool .

Average Electricity Rates in Killeen, Texas

Killeen Electricity Rates
This chart is compiled using data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration ( EIA.GOV ) .
The average monetary value for electricity in Texas in 2017 was 11.4 cents per kilowatt-hour ( kWh ) .
There are fixed-rate plans for Killeen residents on ComparePower with rates as low as $0.10.
Enter your zip code to compare Killeen energy plans and rates

How to find the best energy plan in Killeen

#1 rule: Know Your Usage!
Knowing how much energy you will use each calendar month is the best way to find might in Killeen. Why is this important ?
Energy companies advertise their rates using a baseline rate quite than customizing quotes based on your actual usage rate. Your use rate might be different from the rate used in a quote, meaning that your monthly circular may be higher or lower than the quote rate .
ComparePower offers an improved shopping know because the web site allows you to compare plans based on your actual electric custom. All you need to get an accurate quote is your actual use for the past year .
once you input your usage, you will see competing electrical plans and rates based on your custom. Each quote includes fees and charges often left out by early comparison tools. After choosing a design, you can complete signup without leaving the locate .
Killeen Electricity Rates
If you don’t know your usage, estimate
If you are unable to acquire your former class ’ south usage or you own a new home or agency, the next better thing is to estimate your monthly use .
While not ideal, estimating your average monthly usage is better than selecting the first base design you see advertised at a rate that doesn ’ t match your energy consumption .
Use ComparePower to find the best energy plan for your particular custom .
Ready to find the best plan for your household? Enter your zip code to get started:

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Moving to Killeen: Setting up Electricity

Killeen is home to the Vive Les Arts Theatre, Central Texas College, and several public parks. The city is besides close to Fort Hood, which employs more than 58,000 people in the city .
Important: If this is your first time setting up electricity service in Killeen, you need to get the previous year’s energy usage for your home for the best rate.
To get previous usage rates, ask the prior homeowner or property owner to check their charge statements for claim figures. You will save fourth dimension and money by making a little attempt to piece this information together .
once you have these numbers, ComparePower can start finding the right design for your power needs. You can use an estimate of your monthly custom using the “ Help Me Choose ” creature. ComparePower reminds you to come back and switch your plan at the end of your current sign .
Ready to get started? Enter your zip code below, and we’ll guide you to the best energy plan for your new home.

Switching electricity companies in Killeen

Because energy marketplace conditions change constantly, it is vital to shop for a lower monetary value every class when your narrow is set to expire .
Your current electricity supplier will typically raise your electricity rate once your shrink expires .
Killeen Electricity Rates
Before renewing your contract, check the rates of competing electricity providers. Switching can save you lots of money each year by reducing your monthly bill .
Switching is simple:

  • There’s no break-up call with your provider
  • No one from the company comes to your home or office
  • Your power won’t go out
  • It’s done in a few minutes

When you make the switch, your new provider will cancel overhaul with your former energy supplier .
There is no loss of power when you switch. electricity in Killeen is all delivered by the Oncor Transmission and Distribution Utility .
The wires and poles that deliver electricity to your dwelling stay the same no matter your electricity supplier .
You can choose any cancellation date within two weeks of your sign exhalation without a ending punishment, according to Texas law .
If you ’ re still under contract, check how many months remain. You may be able to set up a newfangled contract date within 60 days of your current abridge ’ mho termination .
evening with months left on your existing contract, savings on your monthly beak achieved from a trade may outweigh the fee to break your current contract .
If you are uncertain, electronic mail us your latest energy bill and one of our team members will respond promptly with your best options.

You will want to gather the last year ’ sulfur custom data to determine the best plan with the lowest pace for your family. This is the best way to find your future plan through ComparePower .
Ready to find the best plan for your household’s usage? Enter your zip code to get started:

Killeen Energy Companies

Looking for a great electric caller in Killeen ?
You can sign up for serve with some great companies such as TXU Energy, Reliant, Direct Energy and more .
Click on the company of your choice to view rates, learn more, or sign up .

No-Deposit Electricity Plans in Killeen

Customers in Killeen can encounter requests for deposits from energy companies during the sign-up process .
ComparePower helps you find no-deposit plans in Killeen before you switch to your future supplier. The site ’ s search tool saves you campaign by eliminating time-consuming calls to department of energy companies about electric potential deposits .
Every electric provider maintains unlike policies about deposit requirements, meaning you may not need to pay a depository precisely to keep your power on. ComparePower will show you deposit requirements along with quote prices so you can speed up the registration work .
Get your lights turned on the same day with No Deposit. Enter your zip code to get started:

Deposit Waivers
You may be eligible to have the sediment waived if you meet one of the follow criteria .
A residential customer or applicant may be deemed as having established satisfactory credit if :

  1. The customer has been a customer of any REP or an electric utility within the two years prior to the request for electric service; is not delinquent in payment of any such electric service account, and during the last 12 consecutive months of service was not late in paying a bill more than once.
  2. The customer or applicant possesses a satisfactory credit rating obtained through a consumer reporting agency, as defined by the Federal Trade Commission.
  3. The customer or applicant is 65 years of age or older and the customer is not currently delinquent in payment of any electric service account.
  4. The customer or applicant has been determined to be a victim of family violence.
  5. The customer is medically indigent.
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The requirements above are directly from the Texas Public Utility Commission §25.478 – Credit Requirements and Deposits .
Note: For any of the situations above, you must first complete your arrange an energy plan on ComparePower before you can obtain a release for your situate .
After you ’ ve placed your order, you will receive an electronic mail with instructions angstrom well as contact data for your raw energy company .
Important: You must send your release information by electronic mail, telephone, facsimile or mail to your new energy company ( not to ComparePower ) .
a soon as your energy company receives your software documentation, they will let you know that they ’ ve sent a request for your energy service to begin .
Remember, your energy company will not start your electric service until you satisfy any sediment requirement ( you pay or receive a release ) .
If you have any questions on deposit waivers, you can contact us. One of our team members will get back to you vitamin a soon as potential .

Killeen Business Electricity Plans

The basal economic driver for Killeen is the nearby Fort Hood. This military floor has a booming business community in share because of service personnel and their families. Your business can stay competitive in this market by keeping costs first gear .
Killeen Electricity Rates
To lower your company ’ randomness energy costs, you need to compare rates from competing providers in Killeen .
open rival drives prices lower and lower, and that ’ s authoritative to your company ’ south bottom line .
Because energy at scale is ComparePower ’ s only focus, they can secure better rates than individual energy companies. ComparePower can besides connect your business directly to an energy company without a commercial broke .
ComparePower bridges the gap between your commercial enterprise and energy companies by inviting contest for your business in a plastered invite march .
It ’ s angstrom simple as submitting your data and choosing a bid when you use ComparePower .
Click here to get competing quotes for your business electricity.

Killeen Utilities


To learn more about Smart Meters, or to download you Electricity Usage, sojourn Smart Meter Texas .
To report an return with your electricity service or exponent outages in Killeen, call or visit the Oncor Utility party : 1-800-242-9113


For gas service in Killeen, call or visit ATMOS Energy at 1-888-286-6700 .

Garbage/Recycling Pickup

In Killeen, garbage, sewer, and recycling services are included with your water utilities placard from the City of Killeen .


The City of Killeen’s Utilities Department is a public utility owned by the City of Killeen, TX .
Customer Care : 254-501-7800
Hours of operation : Monday – Friday 8:00 ante meridiem – 5:00 p.m .

Other utility service areas in Texas

not in the Oncor Service area ? Search low electricity rates by service area and local utility company .
Click on your Texas Distribution Utility ( TDU ) below to compare electricity rates in your service area .

Don’t know your TDU? Use our zip code finder to search for your new low rate:

View electricity prices for Zip Codes in Killeen, Texas

Find bum electricity rates by energy code. Click on your energy code below to find competitive rates in your area .
popular ZIP codes :
76541 76542 76543 76544 76549

View electricity prices for cities near Killeen, Texas

Are you looking for a cheap electricity rate in another city ? Find your city below and click to sign up for a low-cost electricity plan .
Don ’ t see your city on the number ? Use the nothing code finder to search for your new abject rate in your city .

Don’t see your city or zip code? Enter your zip code below to search for your new low rate:

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