People Operations, Employee Experience, HCM & ATS – Skuid
People Operations, Employee Experience, HCM & ATS – Skuid

People Operations, Employee Experience, HCM & ATS – Skuid

HR is in the midst of a rapid digital transformation and modernization process. To stay competitive and address changing demands from administrator leadership, employees, and candidates, HR and TA leaders must act decisively to modernize their systems and evolve their service manner of speaking. however, upgrading a homo capital management ( HCM ) system or applicant tracking system ( ATS ) can be dearly-won and time-consuming. And if your system functionality works finely, why replace it ? One reason is that hapless exploiter know ( UX ) is driving candidates away and limiting employee productiveness. This is where an Employee Experience Platform helps : you can enhance your serviceability without the high price chase or drawn-out execution work of purchasing a new system or upgrading your old one .

What is an Employee Experience Platform?

An Employee Experience Platform is a software platform that enables organizations to take complete see of the look, feel, and interactions a person will have while using your systems – without actually replacing the underlying HCM application or ATS.

In more technical terms, Employee Experience Platforms update the front end of your stream applications and systems, without influencing or changing the back-end officiate. It ’ s like taking a house with “ good bones ” and renovating it to make it more livable. In this case, you ’ ra construction on the solid initiation of functionality and security provided by your existing software, and creating a newfangled experience layer on top of it that makes it modern, mobile-optimized, and easy to use. Beyond updating the way your software looks and how people interact with it, the Employee Experience Platform drives a long ton of respect for your HR and TA objectives .

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What business outcomes does an Employee Experience Platform provide?

Employee Experience Platforms address multiple HR challenges, including :

  1. Better communicating your employer brand and attracting talent in today’s highly competitive market.
  2. Ensuring the candidates you attract submit applications.
  3. Increasing employee productivity and engagement.

Better communicating your employer brand and attracting talent in today’s highly competitive market.

If you ’ ve upgraded your careers site in the past few years, it likely has sections that describe your employer brand to prospective candidates. This may include information on working at your organization, your employer value proposition, and what sets you apart from hiring competitors. however, all of your employer brand efforts can be undone if your ATS is outdated and frustrating to use. If your ATS provides a negative campaigner experience, it will drive down campaigner perceptions of your stigmatize. For example, if you ’ ra marketing your company as a modern technical school workplace where employees focus on developing up-to-date solutions, but you use an HR system that feels like it was created in 2008, you ’ ra painting your brand in an discrepant lighter.

An Employee Experience Platform can update the look of your systems so it matches your external sword. It can besides link disparate systems in concert to create one consistent have that feels fresh and branded to your administration – where candidates lone have to log in to one central portal site .

Ensuring the candidates you attract submit an application.

The average industry applicant drop-off rate is 74% and trending higher, according to Smashfly. And, if an application takes more than 15 minutes to complete, candidates are 365% more likely to drop off.

The most certified candidates drop off first. They have options and won ’ t take the time to deal with a bad occupation application procedure. This shows that candidates expect more from endowment acquisition systems. humble unemployment rates, a candidate-centric market, and the streamlined experiences they ’ re accustomed to on the apps they use every day as a consumer have raised the barricade. With an Employee Experience Platform, you can provide the like sort of experience candidates have as consumers. Ensuring your system looks great, acts intuitively, and the job application process is flying to complete will result in greatly reduced cliff rates and more candidates in your pipeline .

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Increasing employee productivity and systems engagement.

Most hour systems are outdated, frustrating to use, and time-consuming to learn. Compounding the problem, organizations use multiple systems, each with a different UI that employees must learn. Employee experience Platforms make self-service processes and administrative employment easier and faster to tackle. Using an Employee Experience Platform, organizations can create a coherent and incorporate experience that spans multiple systems and employee interaction points. This means that employees can learn the systems more quickly and handle tasks more efficaciously. Employees will be more betroth and volition to use the system because they will be less thwart. The employee feel solution can besides simplify workflows and tailor them to the direction team function.

Improving your UI with an EXP will besides eliminate many employee inquiries. This will add valuable time back into your HR or IT corroborate team ‘s day. ‍

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