What is employer’s liability insurance | Markel Direct UK
What is employer’s liability insurance | Markel Direct UK

What is employer’s liability insurance | Markel Direct UK

Employer ‘s indebtedness insurance covers your organization against claims for damages and costs resulting from injuries and/or illness suffered by your employees during or arising from their use with you, american samoa well as the legal costs you incur in dealing with such claims .
Under UK law employer ‘s liability insurance is compulsory. angstrom soon as you become an employer, it is a legal requirement that you obtain employer ‘s liability policy with an authorized insurance company. Your policy must cover you for at least £5,000,000. It ‘s authoritative to be aware that failure to obtain appropriate binding can result in a fine of £2500 for every day you are not insured .

Employer’s liability insurance claims

Employer ‘s liability claims are highly banal, in no little part due to the contentious society in which we live today. If employer ‘s liability cover charge did not exist, your party would have no option early than to fund the broad cost of claims itself. This could include payments for damages and legal costs and the costs of obtaining your own legal representation .
Claims are varied. They can and do arise from ex-employees deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as current ones. They can be brought ascribable to a across-the-board range of forcible and psychological injuries and/or industrial diseases sustained during the course of use.

such claims should never be taken lightly or disregarded. tied a minor injury can cost several thousand pounds to deal with while a more unplayful injury or illness, can easily lead to claims in the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds .

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Employer’s liability insurance and ‘claims occurring’ cover

Employer ‘s liability insurance is underwritten on what is known as a ‘claims occurring ‘ basis. This means that your policy provides brood for claims brought by an employee for injuries and/or illness which occurred during that period of policy, even if the policy is no longer in force .

Managing claim notifications

Whilst we would like to believe that every well-run arrangement does its best to minimise the chances of employment-related accidents or illness occurring in the workplace, in world we must accept that not every accident can be envision or prevented. Accidents do happen and claims do result from them. That ‘s when Markel, as your insurance company, can help you manage claims and likely claims when they arise .
When an employee makes a claim against you, they will normally appoint a solicitor to pursue the matter on their behalf. You will then receive a letter of claim from solicitors formally notifying your employee ‘s intention to make a claim. You should not acknowledge this letter. You should plainly pass it to your insurers without delay.

If the accident which forms the subject of the claim occurred on or after 1st July 2013 you may receive a letter from solicitors asking for confirmation of the mention of your Insurer and your policy number. They will then subsequently submit the claim directly to your insurance company via the MOJ Claims Portal. This is an internet based claims management arrangement intended to deal with injury claims up to a value of £25,000 .
Your insurance company receives the title as an electronic Claims Notification Form. This provides details of the claim and your insurance company must acknowledge it via the Claims Portal within 24 hours. Your insurance company then has only 30 working days in which to investigate the claim with you, consider all attest and legal indebtedness issues and provide a liability decisiveness to the claimant, via the Claims Portal. It is therefore authoritative for you to notify your insurance company a soon as you are aware of a claim or electric potential claim ; this gives your insurance company the opportunity to comply with portal timescales and benefit from the maximum period in which to investigate and consider the event .
If you have any concerns about a call which has been made, our know claims staff are on pass to assist.

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Employer’s liability insurance from Markel

Holding EL cover with Markel as an authorized insurance company ensures you are fulfilling your legal obligations to hold appropriate cover .
It besides ensures that in the event that claims are made against your company you have appropriate insurance in set to deal with them .
We can offer EL cover from vitamin a little as £5 a month for businesses and charities of all sizes. Get an on-line quote now, to find out how little it costs to protect your employees and yourself .

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