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In 2014, the creators of Qwaya, which is a Facebook advertise tool, created Funnel, one of the most popular market software. The company has more than 200 employees, which is way higher than the industry median. Generally, commercialize report companies are mid-sized and have around 3-4 million $ funding if they are successful .
meanwhile, Funnel has raised more than 66 million $, which shows how successful the company is in the global market .
In this article, we will talk about everything necessary regarding and what makes them thus special among the other market report tools .

Funnel Overview

What is Funnel?

Funnel is a market report cock that helps its users collect data from different platforms and sociable channels and combine them in one splashboard to meet their KPIs and goals.

It is a cloud-based instrument that is designed to automate the coverage process and eliminate the manual, long-winded work for users .

How Does Funnel Work?

Funnel ’ s work involves getting data from assorted websites, platforms, and channels and gathering them in a single, secure document. This cloud-based tool will save you a bunch of manual solve, finally leading to a huge time-saving during the action .
While doing this, keeps your data batten and up-to-date. This way, you or your clients can analyze their performance across a lot of channels, and make data-driven, analytic decisions .

Who Uses 

When it comes to the question “ Who can use Funnel ? ” the answer is everyone who wants to optimize their report process. Whether you are a freelancer digital selling specialist or a part of the market department in one of the biggest companies in the global, you can easily use .
It does not require any code or especial technical skills, so it is open for everyone ’ mho consumption .
therefore, we can see that there are companies of all sizes and budgets when we have a look at the tilt of customers. Most of these companies are from the Computer & Software diligence, which is followed by Marketing and Retail industries .

Is Worth It?

While answering the question, we should consider the measure Funnel gives its customers for the money they pay. Regarding the quality of the work and dependability, is one of the best companies you can choose in market analytics .
Some people can complain about the price, but for the avail you get, we can surely say that is worth it . Features

You have to look at the features of any analytics tool before you consider buying it. These features will determine how full-bodied the instrument is and how much likely it has to move your business advancing .
This section will look at the technical specifications of the tool, customer service, mobile adaptation, accelerate, security, and much more . Customer Support

Most report and analytics tools give excellent customer support as they understand that it determines their relationship with the customers. In fact, most of the time, it is the main factor keeping the customers loyal to you if you are providing a service .
That is why it is crucial to respond to your users ’ requests in clock time. For this, it is better to have more than one manner to contact. Phone, e-mail, forum, on-line blogs and articles are some of the best practices to help the customer to understand what they are facing with the tool and how to deal with it .
On Funnel ’ s web site, we can see a contact page where there are 3 ways to contact them. You can call or email them, or you can besides fill a forum with your basic data and the publish you are facing .
As we see, there are no major complaints with ’ s customer service, so it is safe to conclude that they are providing the best support possible .

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What is Ideal For? helps you create reports by collecting up-to-date data from assorted channels. It is ideal for making data-driven decisions based on the live information you have .
besides, you can optimize your strategies and KPI deliveries with, as it is designed to give you the most late data .

Is Easy to Use?

As we have already mentioned, Funnel is one of the most popular and potent selling analytics tools in the market. Despite the fact that it is indeed effective and helps a lot of companies to drive their business forward, Funnel is very easy to use and follow through .
As we see from the drug user review, the interface is straightforward to understand, and it is very fast. a long as you want to optimize your report process, is a quick and easy solution for you . Dashboard

The splashboard is one of the most significant features of analytics tools, as it determines what kind of data and analytics metrics can be seen to you and your clients . ’ s splashboard is easily to understand navigate, and it covers about everything you might need from a digital market impart :

  • Conversions
  • SQL (Sales Qualified Leads)
  • Clicks 
  • CPC
  • Website and email conversion rates
  • Revenue
  • Spend and ROI (Return on Investment) on the target market User Management

After obtaining your subscription, you have an explanation on the platform, and as an admin, you can manage your account from that moment .
In ’ s exploiter management, you can either be an owner or a member. One subscription can have multiple owners, and these owners can add different members .
besides, you can be either the editor or the spectator of the dashboard. As we can see from the names, editors can make changes to the data they see ; meanwhile, viewers can entirely view the analytics data .

Custom Formulas, White Label, and Data-Blending in

In Funnel, you can create custom metrics, which gives a lot of flexibility to the users. With some analytics tools, there ’ s no choice to customize your splashboard and add columns based on your calculations. lets its users add custom metrics and use custom-made formulas .
They have explained how to calculate custom metrics on their web site, which can be a useful guide.

Offering white-label solutions to the users can be considered a massive asset for analytics tools. It gives users an opportunity to personalize their reports and add their brand items to them. For exercise, adding your logo to the report card can make a huge dispute in how it looks .
however, we do not see that gives this opportunity to its users in any price plan, which can be considered a minus for them .
On the other hand, data-blending is possible as you can extract data from different kinds of channels and put them together in a simple file. In the same report, you can have data related to sales, CPC, SEO, or social media channels .

Historical Data in 

Historical data is another meaning feature of a marketing report instrument. It allows you to see the honest-to-god datum and analyze it for longer periods of time .
With, after you add any transmit or platform data to your splashboard, you can start measuring your operation and start analyzing it. typically, diachronic data duration is 2 years in .
besides, this data is refreshed every hour, so it is condom to say that you have about got live-time data in your hands .

Is Secure?

As most of the big analytics cock companies give much attention to data protection and security, it is no surprise to see that is no exception .
On their terms and conditions foliate, you can read the manner your data is encrypted, stored, and protected .
Your confidential data is in safe hands with That is why we can see no major concerns regarding the users ’ security issues on any platform .

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Import/Export in

You can besides import your data to Funnel. That is an necessity sport for the analytics tools to have, as most times, you have data in hand that is not on the tool ’ s splashboard .
When it comes to exporting your data, you can export your data to SQL databases, or you can download your report as a charge to review it on your device .

Report Sharing with

You can share your reports in 2 ways with :

  • You can download the report & send it to your clients
  • You can add your clients to the dashboard so they can see it in real-time

You can decide which one is more commodious for you, but adding the clients to the dashboard is constantly a more convenient choice . for Mobile Devices

Although has an app for background devices, there is no particular solution for only fluid users .
It is apprehensible for the analytics tools not to have a mobile app as about all of their customers are background users. however, this position may change in the future, and more companies may need to adapt to the fluid market . Data Sources and Integrations has more than 500 data sources and integrations. This is a huge act, and among these, we can see some of the most necessitate ones :

  • Google Ads
  • TikTok
  • HubSpot
  • Google Analytics
  • Quora
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram
  • Adobe Analytics

You can gather data from all of these platforms and use them for your analytics purposes, KPI optimization, and undertaking deliveries . Pricing

pricing is a characteristic that is always important for the drug user. Before anything else, the exploiter is interest in the fact that he/she can afford it or not .
With, you can choose one of the three pricing plans :

  1. Essentials: For €359, you can connect to 260+ platforms, have 5 seats, and get email support from the Funnel team.
  2. Plus: As it is more expensive than the first, this plan has more availability. For €899, you can get more than 500 connectors, email and chat support, a data guarantee, and unlimited seats. 
  3. Enterprise: This plan is designed for the biggest companies and enterprises, as it starts from €1799. In this plan, everything can be custom as you can explain your needs and budget, and they can find the best solutions for you. Pros and Cons Pros

These are some of the Funnel pros that need to be mentioned :

  • Great interface 
  • Easy-to-implement set-up
  • Straightforward dashboard
  • Historical data of 2 years
  • More than 500 data connectors Cons

These are the main cons of using according to users on different platforms :

  • No white-label solution
  • High prices
  • Errors on download sources
  • Issues with the transformation of data Reviews

here are the average ratings has got on several celebrated platforms :

  • G2: 4.5 out of 5. with 89 voters, is a decent rating.
  • Capterra: Here, has got 4.7 with 17 voters, which can not be considered a significant score for the number of users.
  • SoftwareAdvice: 4.5 out of 5, with 15 voters. FAQ

Can I use for Free?

Yes, you can use Funnel ’ s free-trial option, but you will have to pay for the subscription after a few weeks .

How Much Does Cost?

annually paid, can cost you between 360-2000€ per month. It depends on the price plan you choose.

Who Owns

Fredrik Skantze is the current chief executive officer of the company . Alternatives

No matter how good an analytics creature is, you will probably use one for some time, and after that, you will want to change it to another. The commercialize diligence changes identical fast ; the like applies to professionals .
You can look for alternatives for respective reasons. It can be due to the higher prices, limited features, issues with customer support, or anything else. Or you may precisely want to have a change. We have got you covered. here is the list of alternatives you should know about in 2022 :

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