General Liability Insurance
General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Learn about general liability policy with more frequently asked questions about our coverage .
If you don ’ triiodothyronine find the answers you ’ rhenium looking for, our license policy advisors are standing by to help .
When you ’ re ready to explore coverage options for your business, you can get an blink of an eye quotation mark on-line and leverage indemnity within a few minutes .

Is General Liability insurance required by law?

General liability policy is often the first type of coverage purchased by new business owners, but it ’ s not typically required by law. It can help cover expenses if your business is held responsible for hurting person other than an employee or damaging person ’ second property.

evening though it ’ s not required by jurisprudence, there are several advantages to have this type of indemnity — and several situations where you could be asked to have this coverage :
Clients could ask you to have general liability
Your client could require that you have general liability coverage as part of shrink requirements so they know that you can pay for any accidental injuries or wrong related to your work .
Having a general liability certificate of insurance besides demonstrates that you ’ re a master and care about their property .
You might need coverage to get a license or permit
Some permit and license organizations will only grant you a business permit or professional license if you have active general indebtedness insurance. For example, general contractors sometimes need general liability as separate of the license requirements in their state .
Coverage could be required for a commercial lease
You might besides need general liability indemnity as separate of a commercial lease agreement. If you rent property for your business, you could be asked by the property owner to carry liability insurance with specific policy limits in lawsuit an accident damages the property .

What is the difference between Professional Liability and General Liability?

We get this question a lot. In fact, we even created a web log post that covers the many nuances of professional liability vs. general indebtedness. here ’ s a quick overview :
Professional liability indemnity and cosmopolitan liability indemnity offer similar benefits but there is one major difference — professional liability insurance covers professional mistakes and accusations of neglect. It ’ s often related to advice that you provide to a node or customer, not accidents that happen at the workplace .
General liability insurance provides financial protection for accidents that are more physical in nature, such as property damage and injuries involving people who are not your employees. It besides covers expenses related to accusations of libel, slander and copyright violation .
Professional liability covers your finish work but does not cover accidents or price caused to other people or their property .

What is the General Liability aggregate?

General liability aggregate is a park indemnity diligence term that you ’ ll race into when you are exploring options for this coverage. basically, it ’ s the maximum amount of money an policy company will pay out during your policy terminus, which is normally one class .
If your business has besides many claims in one year, you might hit your aggregate restrict. In that font, you would be responsible to pay out of air pocket to cover remaining expenses .
note that the sum restrict is different from the “ per occurrence ” limit, which is the utmost amount your policy pays out per claim within the term of your policy .
For exemplar, if you have a general aggregate indebtedness limit of $ 300,000 and you ’ ve already made three claims in your policy term ( normally a year ) for $ 100,000 each, you ’ ve reached your aggregate limit and your insurance ship’s company won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cover any extra claims .
It ’ randomness significant to know your aggregate limit when you purchase general liability insurance. If you exceed your limit during your policy term, you will be responsible for paying for any expenses out of pocket that exceed the limit .
Learn more about aggregate limits with indebtedness insurance .

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Does General Liability insurance cover property damage?

General indebtedness policy covers expenses related to place damage, but only to place that does not belong to you .
For example, you ’ re doing work at a node ’ s house and incidentally damage their laptop. Your general liability indemnity would help cover the cost of replacing or repairing it .
If you own a contractor or clean business, tools and equipment indemnity can be added to your general liability insurance to help cover animate and surrogate costs for your gear .
commercial property indemnity would cover damage to other types of property you own. We presently don ’ thyroxine offer this coverage, but we ’ re adding it to our indemnity packages in 2021 .

Does commercial General Liability insurance cover automobile liability?

General indebtedness indemnity does not cover automobile liability or any expenses related to business or personal drive .
Add commercial car indemnity to your insurance package if you drive for business reasons. It can help cover expenses for :

  • Injuries if you are responsible for an accident
  • Property damage to other people’s property
  • Repairs for your vehicle
  • Towing and rentals if your vehicle is damaged

Learn more about commercial car coverage.

Does commercial General Liability insurance cover theft?

General liability indemnity doesn ’ triiodothyronine cover the larceny of your own possessions but it might cover the larceny of your node ’ second stuff .
If you ’ re repairing a garage door for a homeowner and person steals her motorcycle while you ’ re out back, cosmopolitan indebtedness could help pay for a substitute. But if any of your personal or business items are stolen, you won ’ thymine be covered without extra insurance .
You can bundle tools & equipment insurance with your future Insurance general liability coverage if you are a contractor or own a clean business .

Will General Liability protect me if my tools get stolen?

If you ’ re a contractile organ or own a scavenge clientele, you can add tools & equipment insurance to protect your belongings if they are damaged or stolen. General liability won’t provide tools and equipment coverage if you don’t add this upgrade to your insurance package.
You might consider adding tools and equipment coverage if you work frequently at different locations because it will provide fiscal protection for your equipment wherever you go. For exercise, if there ’ s a water escape at the newly family you ’ re construction and your baron tools get soaked, your insurance could help pay for fresh tools .
Learn more about tools & equipment insurance .

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Does General Liability insurance cover employee injuries?

General liability indemnity can help pay for expenses if your occupation is accused of causing an injury, but injuries to you or your employee are not included .
You ’ ll need workers ’ compensation policy to help pay for checkup expenses and lost wages if an employee is hurt on the job. Most states legally require you to purchase coverage arsenic soon as you hire an employee. It besides provides benefits for business owners if they get hurt on the occupation .
Learn more about workers ’ recompense policy .

Is General Liability insurance tax deductible?

Yes, general liability policy premiums can typically be deducted from your taxes. It ’ second important to consult with a accredited accounting professional to make certain you qualify .
The IRS categorizes payments you make for this type of policy to be both an “ average and necessary ” clientele expense so be indisputable to keep a file of how a lot you pay every year for your policy .

What other types of insurance do I need besides General Liability insurance?

General liability policy offers protective covering for a diverseness of business-related incidents, but you might besides want to consider adding early types of insurance to be amply protected .
Are you a contractile organ or cleaner ? If indeed, you might want to add tools & equipment coverage to protect your gear if it is damaged or stolen .
Are you worried about clients blaming you for mistakes ? For that, you ’ ll need professional liability indemnity, besides known as errors and omissions indemnity .
Do you have any employees ? You should decidedly get workers ’ recompense indemnity, particularly because it ’ second legally required in most states .
Do you drive a vehicle for work ? If so, you ’ ll need commercial car insurance .

How much General Liability insurance do I need?

There is no cut-and-dried answer to this question. Each business is alone and has alone insurance needs .
Factors that will influence the coverage you need, include :

  • The type of work you do
  • How many employees and subcontractors you have
  • The level of risk your company faces
  • The state where you work

When you complete an moment quote on-line with Next, you can review options and adjust limits to your predilection .

When will I get my policy documents and proof of insurance?

One thing that sets us aside from other insurance companies is our ability to deliver the policy coverage you need quickly. It can take less than 10 minutes to purchase coverage and you ’ ll have instantaneous access to policy documents and your security of policy .
When your coverage is active agent, you can access your documents and COI from your on-line report 24/7 .
Learn more about our digital certificate of insurance .

How do I make a General Liability insurance claim?

You can file a claim anytime and from anywhere, on-line or by calling us. You ’ ll be asked to tell us the details of what happened and to provide relevant photos and documentation. We strive to make claims decisions within 48 hours so you can get back to focusing on your exploit.

Check out our claims page for more details .

How quickly are general liability claims resolved?

often, claims decisions are made within 48 hours, although some claims require more time. The specific details of the claim, how bad the damage is, how many people are involved and other factors all contribute to the decision work .

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