What is Google Campaign Manager 360?
What is Google Campaign Manager 360?

What is Google Campaign Manager 360?


Managing advertise campaigns can be a tough job. even a bare digital campaign can leverage 10+ platforms each with their own interface, vocabulary, tracking mechanisms, and other nuances. Managing multiple campaigns through multiple Ad Tech tools not only creates excess oeuvre and headaches for your market team, it besides creates unnecessary pitfalls for even the most season marketing managers. Google has introduced Campaign Manager 360 to simplify and solve these challenges. It provides a utilitarian, centralized tool to create, do, track and report on campaigns vitamin a well as integrate into other Google and martech tools. Download Now: 2020 State of Digital Marketing Report

What is Google Campaign Manager 360?

Campaign Manager 360, once Campaign Manager and before that DoubleClick Campaign Manager, is Google ’ s ad management and measurement system for advertisers and agencies. It ’ s a holistic and guileless solution for ad serve, hearing initiation and management, and advanced measurement and report. At its core, Campaign Manager 360 is an ad waiter. An ad server gives marketers centralized host, cope and serve of their creative assets. CM360 can besides be used for measurement and automated third-party verification. This centralize, cross-channel ad management capability helps marketers capitalize on insights and optimize creative performance across all digital campaigns.

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Key benefits of Campaign Manager 360 include:

Ad Trafficking Creating and trafficking a campaign within Campaign Manager is very true forward. It enables marketers to align campaigns with their larger marketing campaign goals, objectives, and timing. here are a few of the main campaign properties :

  • Campaign flight dates – set start and end dates
  • Landing page – identify where you are sending users
  • Event tags – allows you to coordinate impression/click data
  • Creative rotation – enables a simple approach to A/B testing
  • Audience segmentation – create a target audience

There are besides verification settings that allow you to prevent your ads from appearing in places that could hurt your brand prototype. Ad blocking features give advertisers a level of see over where ads and campaigns are seen. This standard can be implemented and enabled for specific campaigns, sites, or by placement. Campaign Manager is a full-featured ad server able to serve display, video recording, and rich media via lend tags shared with publishers, networks, or your DSP ( DV360 ). It can besides be used for social and e-mail URLs. Advertisers can set up simpleton tags ( for example, mental picture and/or click trackers ) for e-mail newsletter and social media links which allow for channel measurement and attribution across all digital media. Tracking If you ’ ve hear of Floodlight Tags, you ’ ve hear about possibly the most utilize feature of speech in Campaign Manager 360. Floodlight tracking in CM360 allows advertisers to create pixels to track many types of drug user interactions including conversions, transactions, and simple landing foliate visits. These interactions are sent back to Campaign Manager and attributed to the person ad, creative, placement or campaign. This means you can associate an ecommerce transaction back to a single piece of creative, on a specific web site, with a specific call-to-action, and so on. Campaign Manager can besides be used to track impressions and pawl on any URL, no matter where you intend to use it. This allows advertisers to track conversions, and better however assign attribution across the entire customer journey. Reporting Reporting within Campaign Manager 360 is what truly measures the return on campaign investment by allowing marketers to perform psychoanalysis within the tool itself. This gives marketers a luck to analyze performance data with knock-down insights, including cross-channel attribution and verification. Cross-channel attribution
Within Campaign Manager, marketers are able to build custom attribution models to help understand performance of each distribution channel. Combined with Campaign Manager ’ s ability to track impressions and clicks on any URL, cross-channel reports can highlight not alone the entire customer travel but allow for relative psychoanalysis between each impart. This helps marketers optimize their media spend and ROI. Verification
One of the most valuable and utilized features within Campaign Manager 360 is their confirmation have. Tracking and verifying ads is substantive to building faith, foil, and accountability for your ad spend. With this feature, advertisers can verify their ads and tags to ensure the campaigns are actually being shown to their audience .Campaign Manager 360 Screenshot

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Integration with Google Marketing Platform

Campaign Manager 360 is most herculean when paired with other Google Marketing Platform products, including Google Analytics 360, Display & Video 360, and Search Ads 360, though it can be used as a stand-alone ad technical school tool. In a common sense, Campaign Manager 360 is the GMP boldness center for campaign traverse, audiences and report. GA360 Campaign Manager 360 integrates natively with Google Analytics 360. This allows marketers to view and analyze Campaign Manager 360 data in Analytics with the rest of their deep world wide web data. A few highlights of this integration include the play along :

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  • A new set of reports in the Acquisition section of GA360. These reports are similar to the Google Ads reports but include impressions, clicks, and both view-through and click-through session data.
  • Updated Acquisition reports that separately break out Campaign Manager 360-trafficked display advertising.
  • Integration of display clicks and impressions in the Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution reports.

GMP Stack As you ’ d expect, Campaign Manager besides plays well with other Google Marketing Platform products like Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360. Campaign management is streamlined when you integrate with Display & Video 360. Ads can be served by Campaign Manager 360, then synced immediately to Display & Video 360 for faster apparatus. Data syncs seamlessly between the products for comprehensive report and insights. Integrating with Search Ads 360 allows for operation and insights of Google search ads. Paired alongside Display & Video 360 metrics, this enables a rightfully holistic view of cross-channel operation .

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Where is Google investing with Campaign Manager 360?

As you might have heard, regulative shifts have and will continue to heavily impact the future of digital advertise. Between GDPR, CCPA, and the inevitable decrease in cookie potency, Google is increasing their investment in Campaign Manager 360 a well as newfangled technical school features to fill gaps in conversion measurement. Comprehensive Measurement Google is launching a new feature in Campaign Manager 360 called Conversion Modeling. This fresh feature will enable accurate measurement of how your hearing responded to your ads while still maintaining user privacy. even when direct measurement international relations and security network ’ t an option, this modern feature of speech ensures marketers can inactive gather valuable insight on the customer travel and effectiveness of ads. Google accomplishes this through an expansion of their server-to-server integrations with video and social platforms. These integrations all happen on the backend therefore there is no extra employment for your team. This provides the great benefit of extra time your team will have for analysis quite than troubleshooting discrepancies between platform and tags. Google is besides releasing two newfangled attribution reports in Campaign Manager 360 that use unsampled data to include both converting and non-converting paths for analysis. This ultimately allows marketers to cursorily analyze common conversion paths and conversion rates per duct. Streamlined Workflows In addition to the streamline workflows between Google products with Campaign Manager as the hub, Google is besides investing in deep connections with popular martech tools from different solution ecosystems. For example, earlier this year Google announced automated third-party verification within Campaign Manager 360. These partner confirmation systems will merely continue to grow. Trusted ad management for video and emerging formats With an increase in video and audio practice on phones and personal devices, advertisers need to continually adapt to user behavior. This means the ability to not alone measure cross-channel experiences but besides create and traffick these at scale. And in today ’ sulfur world, near real-time optimization in becoming more and more critical.

Campaign Manager 360 solves for this by delivering new insights on performance by utilizing enhance confirmation and measurement within Youtube. There is besides a newly expanded alone scope report within Campaign Manager 360 for deeper demographic data for cross-channel performance psychoanalysis .


Whether you need to streamline your ad traffic and ad creative workflows, centralize your ad serve, or perform comprehensive measurement across your entire digital media campaigns, Campaign Manager 360 should decidedly be a retainer for your ad technical school stack .

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