What GPS Trackers to Buy for your Equipment
What GPS Trackers to Buy for your Equipment

What GPS Trackers to Buy for your Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Ruggedized GPS trackers that can hold up to harsh conditions, including excess shaking and extreme weather, are arrant for heavy machinery. In summation to location data, these hardwearing devices collect detail engine data, including locomotive hours, dead clock, and fuel manipulation. These devices besides collect data to enable automated sustenance scheduling and work aboard in field apps for inspections .

  • Equipment Examples:
    • Bulldozers
    • Excavators
    • Dumpers
  • Device Recommendations
    • Qtanium 400

On Road Vehicles (Trucks)

Most trucks require professionally installed, hardwired GPS trackers for complaisance purposes. In addition to monitoring vehicle location and status, hardwired devices provide herculean analytics and diagnostics for both vehicle and driver demeanor .
professional facility helps ensure the dependability of data get, security system, and submission .
From Hours of Service ( HOS ) and fuel tax report to accelerate warnings and stop sign rape alerts, GPS hand truck trackers are an integral view to any flit.

  • Vehicle Examples:
    • Semi-trucks
    • Heavy-duty vehicles
    • Busses
  • Device Recommendations:
    • VT101

On Road Vehicles (Light Vehicles)

Vehicles that are not regulated by the Department of Transportation can inactive benefit from GPS tracking. From a business perspective, it is hush crucial to monitor and track the location and status of lightweight on-road vehicles. Monitor fuel, driving demeanor and unauthorized use .
lightweight vehicles are besides arrant for self-installed devices as vehicle employee turnover is more frequent.

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  • Vehicle Examples:
    • Delivery Vans
    • Light-duty trucks
    • Cars
  • Device Recommendations:
    • SI201

Small Powered Assets

Powered tools and other assets, such as generators, light towers, and mobile signage, require placement track, besides. It ’ mho important for inventory purposes to in full understand if, when, and where a powered asset is being used. Proper inventory management can help cut down on rental fees, reduce equipment hoard, and reduce larceny. GPS equipment tracking can provide visibility into the chain of custody and sustenance for smaller tools as well.

  • Equipment Examples:
    • Portable generators
    • Mobile signage
    • Light towers
  • Device Recommendations
    • ATS1

Non-powered Assets

barrage powered GPS trackers are perfect for trailers, containers, and other non-powered assets, providing the lapp localization tracking abilities as their power counterparts. These devices can be securely mounted via bolts or magnets and have durable battery life. Solar-powered trackers are besides available for trailers and offer real-time location updates when trailers are in passage. In summation to localization data, these trackers can alert management when an asset moves or leaves a geo-fenced sphere .

  • Equipment Examples:
    • Trailers
    • Containers
    • Portables
  • Device Recommendations:
    • ATS1

Other Equipment

Barcode engineering, including scannable QR codes, are a great way to keep racetrack of smaller non-powered assets, such as ladders and tools, which can easily go missing. A digital armory of tools that require users to scan an item in and out can help when it comes to tracking down lost or stolen tools .

  • Equipment Examples:
    • Ladders
    • Drills
    • Grinders
  • Device Recommendation:
    • QR Codes

Selecting the justly GPS tracker is heavily dependant on the type of asset you wish to track. GPS trackers for equipment come in all shapes, sizes and consumption cases and should be tailored to your specific business needs .

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