What Fax Services Are HIPAA Compliant? Best Picks for 2022
What Fax Services Are HIPAA Compliant? Best Picks for 2022

What Fax Services Are HIPAA Compliant? Best Picks for 2022

When faxing on-line, it helps to know whether the on-line facsimile service you ’ ra using is besides HIPAA compliant. HIPAA complaisance is a must for electronically faxing documents containing PHI ( protected health information ). Failing to do so could put you in hot body of water .

If you want to know what fax services are HIPAA compliant, you can check out the list below. After all, not all online facsimile services have HIPAA authentication. Remember, faxing on-line even through a plug network does not automatically make it HIPAA compliant. It pays to be extra careful !

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What Fax Services Are HIPAA Compliant ?

The simplest way to know what facsimile services are HIPAA compliant is to look for the HIPAA seal. The sealing wax serves as validation. It ’ second proof that an on-line fax serve is fully certified to fax documents that contain PHI .

Another way to know whether a facsimile service is HIPAA compliant is if it ’ mho will to sign a BAA ( Business Associate Agreement ) upon request .

talk of which, here are the best HIPAA-compliant on-line facsimile services for 2022 :
What Fax Services Are HIPAA Compliant in 2022? Best Online Fax Solutions


What sets iFax apart from others is it doesn ’ thymine limit the handiness of its HIPAA-compliant fax overhaul. All of its users can send and receive facsimile on-line through its secure network. even if you fax occasionally, you can always send or receive HIPAA-compliant fax whenever the necessitate arises .

On top of this, iFax is amply capable of high-volume fax with its enterprise-grade cloud faxing solution. It is the ideal choice of many healthcare and checkup providers. iFax offers a batten HIPAA-compliant on-line faxing solution with military-grade 256-bit AES encoding .

aside from its robust security, iFax is besides easily accessible because of its cross-platform functionality. The documentations are not lone well-secured, but they ’ re besides readily available careless of which platform you ’ re on .


mFax offers authentic HIPAA on-line faxing for businesses and organizations. It will besides sign a BAA upon request vitamin a long as there ’ s an outstanding paid subscription .

mFax besides provides respective methods to ensure data security. With its paperless on-line fax system, there ’ second less risk of human errors. It is besides easier to ensure security conformity. There ’ sulfur no want to store paper documents and shred confidential files .

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FAXAGE is an diligence leader when it comes to Internet fax services. It is besides one of today ’ randomness circus tent choices when it comes to HIPAA-compliant fax. Most importantly, all of the plans offered by this service come with HIPAA conformity .

There is no motivation to avail of a premium or custom enterprise plan. When it comes to features, this serve is fully capable of providing what businesses need to ensure entire HIPAA conformity. It will besides sign a BAA upon request .


InterFAX is a cloud-based fax service provider with robust security and TLS encoding. This service is not only HIPAA compliant but besides PHIPA compliant and ISO 27001 accredited. It besides flaunts a web-based control panel that can be accessed using any computer or mobile earphone .

In addition, healthcare institutions can integrate InterFAX with existing EMRs and EHRs. Its user-friendly technology makes it versatile, efficient, and authentic .

Concord Cloud Fax

Concord Cloud Fax is one of the leading on-line facsimile providers in the healthcare sector. This service is in full capable of providing enterprise-grade high-volume fax. It besides designed its HIPAA-compliant arrangement to streamline text file processes in healthcare settings.

Concord Cloud Fax besides uses an intelligent document categorization system. The system mechanically identifies and classifies all inbound faxes making the work flow fast and more effective .


eFax is one of the most popular choices when it comes to secure on-line fax. This serve uses advance TLS secure transmittance and stores faxes digitally on its secure cloud memory protected by 256-bit AES encoding .

Most importantly, eFax has the HIPAA seal of complaisance. It is a entrust solution for batten healthcare faxing. It is besides ready to sign a BAA as a trust HIPAA fax partner .
What Fax Services Are HIPAA Compliant in 2022? Best Online Fax Solutions

HIPAA Fax versus Email : Which One Is More guarantee ?

Despite knowing what fax services are HIPAA compliant, not everyone has fully adapted the practice of faxing securely on-line. many individuals and businesses inactive prefer to use electronic mail. While e-mail remains the average for digital communication, it is wide susceptible to hacking and phishing attacks .

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furthermore, the degree of encoding used in electronic mail won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suffice in protecting confidential information. While there are methods to ensure e-mail confidentiality, this is already the duty of the drug user .

When it comes to transmitting sensitive data, using HIPAA-compliant on-line facsimile services is way more impregnable. These services have passed rigid requirements that ensure the auspices of health data .

Tips for Sending a HIPAA Compliant Fax

Achieving fully HIPAA submission international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine easy. It ’ s not adequate to know what facsimile services are HIPAA compliant. It would be best to practice extra safety measures to ensure the security of the PHI at all times .

While using a HIPAA-compliant on-line facsimile service adds another layer of security, your computer international relations and security network ’ thymine. Never leave the device you used to fax unlock or unattended. besides, make certain to log out your accounts after use. see that all of your devices are password-protected with two-factor authentication always enabled .

Avoid unintentional disclosures by properly deleting confidential facsimile documents. Never leave them in your computer ’ south recycle bin. Delete the files permanently in such a way that they ’ rhenium already deemed unrecoverable .

Practicing proper privacy measures while knowing what facsimile services are HIPAA compliant raises the standards of security. Doing so reduces the risk and vulnerability against any potential data breach .
What Fax Services Are HIPAA Compliant in 2022? Best Online Fax Solutions

Final Thoughts

When dealing with protect health information, it is necessary to adhere to HIPAA rules at all costs. The fail or failure to adhere to these rules signifies violations to a certain academic degree. HIPAA violations are subjugate to fines and penalties .

Knowing what fax services are HIPAA compliant helps ensure your adhesiveness to the rules. For businesses, using a HIPAA-compliant on-line fax provider helps establish trust and credibility .

For individuals, using a dependable HIPAA-compliant fax service is all about prioritizing security. It gives assurance that your information is safe and you have complete control over it .

If you are looking for a low-cost HIPAA-compliant on-line facsimile service, try iFax ! It offers low-cost plans packed with ace features that suit your modern fax needs !

Start faxing today and get a release local anesthetic facsimile count along with a unblock 7-day trial of iFax Professional.

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