The Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Ohio (2022)
The Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Ohio (2022)

The Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Ohio (2022)

To help homeowners with different needs, MoneyGeek evaluated many factors when scoring family policy providers in Ohio. We besides checked their available coverages and discounts, so you can find which policy suits you best. Although we found State Farm to be the best home indemnity caller overall in Ohio, Travelers is excellent for those on a budget, and Auto-Owners Insurance Co is a beneficial option if you rate quality service over cost. MoneyGeek besides analyzed the cheapest homeowners policy providers in Ohio for those more concern with saving on their monthly charge .iconribbon Best

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The Best Homeowners Insurance in Ohio

The Best Overall Homeowners Insurance Companies in Ohio

When ranking the best overall home indemnity companies in Ohio, MoneyGeek scored insurers according to their fiscal stability, customer satisfaction, claims reputation and affordability. MoneyGeek found that the overall best home policy companies in Ohio are :

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 86 out of 100
  • American Family: MoneyGeek score of 85 out of 100

Because USAA is only for eligible current or early military members and their families, we excluded it from this rate. however, if you ’ ra eligible, USAA is the best option, scoring 98 out of 100. MoneyGeek outlined reasons why State farm and american Family are the best-rated companies in Ohio for home indemnity, equally well as singular coverages and discounts they offer .

The Top Home Insurance Companies in Ohio


State Farm

score :


4.7/5 Affordability 4.1/5 User Satisfaction 5/5 fiscal constancyGeek Quick Take eccentric Quick Take state Farm received a perfect score of 5 out of 5 for fiscal stability and is above-average for affordability and customer satisfaction. On average, a State Farm home insurance agio in Ohio costs $ 772 per class. A alone coverage it offers is home systems protection. More About State farm State Farm provides an accessory to get security if a heat, cooling or water filtration system has a mechanical or electrical breakdown through home systems protection coverage. besides, mold and fungus coverage is available to handle redress. Both are unique coverages ; not many insurers offer them. As for discounts, State Farm offers a significant bundling rebate with car and home. 2

American Family

grade :


4.7/5 Affordability 4.2/5 User Satisfaction 4/5 fiscal stability eccentric Quick Take American Family scored above-average for customer satisfaction, affordability and fiscal stability. american Family costs roughly $ 778 per year for dwelling policy in Ohio. American Family offers equipment breakdown coverage, which is rare. More About american Family You can purchase equipment breakdown addition coverage for appliances, home systems or ache home plate devices to cover damage from a mechanical, electric or pressure systems breakdown. Another rare coverage available is hidden water system damage, addressing costs from a leak you can not see. american Family besides offers discounts like protective device and pack. HOW WE DETERMINED THE BEST OHIO HOME INSURANCE MoneyGeek gathered quotes from home plate indemnity companies across the state. We balanced J.D. Power place claims rat and customer satisfaction scores with the quotes for our unique score system. That helped us find the best home indemnity nationally and in Ohio. Your premiums and customer know may vary depending on your singular position. You can learn more details through MoneyGeek ’ s methodology .

The Best Homeowners Companies in Ohio for Service Quality

MoneyGeek found the best home indemnity companies in Ohio, chiefly considering claims experience and customer satisfaction, for homeowners who prioritize serve quality, regardless of price. For service timbre, the best-rated home indemnity companies in Ohio are :

  • Auto-Owners Insurance Co: MoneyGeek score of 89 out of 100
  • American Family: MoneyGeek score of 83 out of 100

For eligible veterans, active military members and their families, USAA is the best choice in Ohio, with a arrant score of 100. MoneyGeek broke down why Auto-Owners Insurance Co and American Family have the highest scores for dwelling policy service timbre in Ohio without considering the monetary value .

The Top Home Insurance Companies in Ohio for Quality Service


American Family

score :


4.7/5 Affordability 4.2/5 User Satisfaction 4/5 fiscal constancy geek Quick Take American Family received the third-highest rat for claims know and tied for second for customer satisfaction. Both scores were above-average. That means the ship’s company provides homeowners a quality experience when file claims and has good policy offerings. More About american Family American Family offers respective uncommon accessory coverages. One is matching coverage. If your side is damaged due to a cover loss, you can be reimbursed for replacing the damaged and undamaged side to the policy ’ s limit. 2

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Auto-Owners Insurance Co

score :


3/5 Affordability

4.5/5 User Satisfaction 5/5 fiscal stability geek Quick Take Auto-Owners Insurance Co scores highest for claims know and is tied second for customer satisfaction, with both scores above-average. Based on its claims ranking, Auto-Owners Insurance Co ’ sulfur customers have a very commodity customer service have when filing a claim. More About Auto-Owners Insurance Co Auto-Owners Insurance Co ’ s off-premises personal property addition covers any personal property ( for example, laptop ) that is damaged while away from home. Another rare coverage you can add is service occupation, which covers wrong to underground piping or wiring connected to your home from a public or private system .

The Best Homeowners Companies in Ohio on a Budget

For on a budget homeowners that want to pay the least come for family indemnity but hush get great service, MoneyGeek found the best home policy providers in Ohio. The most low-cost homeowners insurance companies in Ohio are :

  • Travelers: MoneyGeek score of 91 out of 100
  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 91 out of 100

On average, Travelers costs $ 487 annually, and a State farm policy roughly $ 772 per class. We did not include USAA in our rank because it is only available to active or former military, but if you ’ re eligible, it could be the best choice in Ohio for home insurance, scoring 95 out of 100. MoneyGeek reviewed why Travelers ranked highest for homeowners policy in Ohio if you ’ re looking to save money on a budget and the alone coverages and discounts it offers .

The Top Home Insurance Companies in Ohio on a Budget



This is an icon Offers the cheapest home insurance policy at around $ 487 per classThis is an icon Discounts for bundling with car, being claims-free or having a protective device


This is an icon No new home or renovated home discountsThis is an icon MoneyGeek satisfaction military rank of 3.6 out of 5


Travelers garnered a MoneyGeek score of 5 out of 5 for affordability. It offers the most low-cost base indemnity bounty on average in Ohio and provides unique and common discounts. Bundling home and car indemnity policies with Travelers gets you a rebate. You can besides get a discount if you have been claims-free for a period of clock time or have a protective device, such as home sprinklers or fire alarms. rare discounts available through Travelers include having purchased your home in the 12 months before the policy ’ s effective date and having a attest green home .

The Best Homeowners Companies in Ohio for Expensive Homes

Ohio homeowners with high-value homes need supernumerary protection since it costs more to repair or rebuild. MoneyGeek weighed the cost of a $ 2 million policy against customer satisfaction to help you find the best insurers in Ohio for an expensive home. In Ohio, the best-rated homeowners indemnity companies for expensive homes are :

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 85 out of 100
  • Erie: MoneyGeek score of 84 out of 100

USAA garnered a perfect sexual conquest of 100, making it the best option in Ohio for eligible veterans, stream military members and their families. We excluded it from our rank because of its restrictions. MoneyGeek listed reasons why State farm has the highest rank for expensive homes and evaluated its assorted unique coverages that may be of sake to homeowners who need expanded coverage .

The Top Home Insurance Companies in Ohio for High-Value Homes

State Farm


This is an icon MoneyGeek atonement rat of 4.1 out of 5


This is an icon For affordability, ranks in the bottom half of Ohio companies, costing about $ 8,342 annuallyThis is an icon No extend reimbursement or contents substitute cost coverages


state grow is tied for beginning on customer atonement but ranks sixth for affordability. tied if State Farm doesn ’ t rank and file high in affordability for an expensive home, its capital customer satisfaction ranking makes it a solid choice for homeowners who need extra attention. State Farm offers addition coverages that may fit individuals with high-value homes. Scheduled personal property coverage can extend protection for valuables like jewelry, silver, goldware, and firearms. The identity larceny and cyber event addition reimburses for expenses associated with restoring your identity and losses from fraud .

The Best Homeowners Companies in Ohio for Veterans

MoneyGeek discovered that USAA is the best home policy party in Ohio for veterans, active military members and their families. USAA received a MoneyGeek score of 98 out of 100. The modal price of a home indemnity policy with USAA is $ 895 per annum in Ohio. Because USAA tailors policies to active and former military families, it provides a singular customer experience .

The Top Home Insurance Companies in Ohio for Veterans



This is an icon Tailors coverage to military members, veterans and their familiesThis is an icon Perfect MoneyGeek satisfaction evaluation of 5 out of 5This is an icon MoneyGeek affordability score of 4.6 out of 5


This is an icon If you don ’ t have a military background, you can ’ thyroxine purchase a USAA policy


USAA ranked highest in customer atonement and above-average for affordability, making it an excellent choice for homeowners indemnity in Ohio for veterans or others with a military affiliation. Every USAA policy includes contents replacement monetary value coverage, which does not consider disparagement when reimbursing for personal belongings. Another rare coverage is home lease, which covers you and your guests if you rent out your home. As for discounts, you can save by bundling with car, remaining claims-free or if you have a protective device .

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The Best Homeowners Companies in Ohio for Bundling

Bundling your dwelling and car insurance policies saves you money. You can find the best car indemnity in Ohio to pair with the best home insurance policy because MoneyGeek ranked the best base and car insurance bundles in Ohio. The companies offering the best bundle of home and car policies in Ohio are :

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 86 out of 100
  • Allstate: MoneyGeek score of 81 out of 100

If you choose to bundle home and car indemnity policies, you get discounts and have the add appliance of managing your indemnity needs with entirely one company .

The Top Home Insurance Companies in Ohio for Bundling


This is an icon home MoneyGeek grade of 4.3 out of 5This is an icon 28 % dismiss for bundling dwelling and car


This is an icon Auto MoneyGeek score of 3.96 out of 5


As the top-rated insurance provider for bundling, State Farm ranks eminent for home insurance, closely above-average for car, and offers a huge 28 % discount if you bundle your car and home insurance policies. You can add unique coverages to your car or home indemnity policy with State Farm. For home, you can get the energy efficiency upgrade coverage, loss judgment if you have an HOA or vacancy coverage. For car policies, State Farm offers rideshare insurance that keeps all your coverages in effect when you ’ rhenium waiting for a customer and all but liability, like wayside aid and medical, when transporting a customer .

How to Find the Best Home Insurance in Ohio

The best home indemnity company in Ohio balances monetary value, service reputation and fiscal stability. MoneyGeek collected the information for you to make the process easy, but you can go through it yourself a well. here ’ s how. 1

Research Customer Service Reputations in Ohio

Researching customer serve reputations can be time-consuming, so MoneyGeek did the work for you. But check J.D. Power satisfaction scores and NAIC ailment ratios in Ohio for the companies you are considering for home policy if you wish. You can besides find data with the Ohio Department of Insurance. 2

Compare Quotes for Yourself

MoneyGeek utilized sample homeowner profiles in Ohio to collect average home insurance quotes for many areas, but not every part of the submit. To get an theme of your home indemnity costs, gather and compare quotes from at least three unlike insurers. 3

Make Sure the Company Has Coverages You Want in Ohio

even if an insurance company is present in Ohio, it may not offer the coverages and discounts you want in your area. Be certain to check if the party offers the coverages and discounts you require. 4

Double-Check Financial Stability Ratings

You should check the fiscal potency of an policy provider before purchasing a policy. Generally, larger policy companies are financially stronger, while regional indemnity companies in Ohio may have less stability .

FAQs About the Best Home Insurance in Ohio

Your needs should determine which home insurance caller in Ohio is the best for you. MoneyGeek answers some normally asked questions below about homeowners insurance in Ohio .

state of matter farm is the best overall home insurance party in Ohio. But, if you are on a budget, Travelers is a bang-up choice. And if you want the best customer service, Auto-Owners Insurance Co ranked highest. For veterans or military families, USAA is the top choice .

For homeowners on a budget, the best and cheapest insurance company is Travelers. On average, a Travelers home policy policy costs $ 487 per annum. But remember, you might not get the best customer serve if you merely focus on cost. But if you ’ re prioritize savings, you can browse Ohio ’ s cheapest home policy companies .


MoneyGeek scores for homeowners indemnity in Ohio were calculated by using a scale and burden average of J.D. Power Property Claims and Customer Satisfaction Scores, real homeowners indemnity quotes and fiscal constancy ratings from A.M. Best. Our scoring system weighted J.D. Power scores 60 %, affordability 30 % and fiscal stability 10 %, adjusting weightings in the sections focused on affordability and service experience specifically. MoneyGeek analyzed homeowners policy quotes from the top insurance companies in Ohio that were provided in partnership with Quadrant. Our analysis includes quotes from ZIP codes across Ohio. Quotes were gathered with an median base profile of 2,500 square feet, built in 2000, with an average harp coverage value of $ 100,000, indebtedness coverage of $ 100,000 and personal property coverage of $ 100,000. About the writer

expert-profileexpert-profile Mark Fitzpatrick is a elder contentedness coach with MoneyGeek specializing in policy. Mark has years of experience analyzing the insurance marketplace and creating original research and capacity. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts and Johns Hopkins University with a maestro of Arts .

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