How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 (Compared)
How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 (Compared)

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 (Compared)

often overlooked, web host is one of the samara components of every successful web site. Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your needs can improve your SEO and increase sales. There are versatile different types of WordPress hosting options available such as Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. In this template, we will help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your web site .
WPBeginner is the largest free WordPress resource site that receives millions of pageviews per month. Having helped 400,000+ users and years of experience with WordPress hosting companies, we know the importance of choosing the best WordPress hosting ship’s company .
Our goal with this scout is to plowshare our 15+ years of experience and insights on things you need to consider when choosing a host company for your business .
To help you make the proper decision, we have besides done a side-by-side comparison of the top WordPress hosting companies including focal ratio tests, uptime tests, and dependability test ( scroll to see the full comparison ).

If you ’ re in a rush, then you can just see the table below with our hand-pick list of best WordPress hosting companies. These companies are systematically the top WordPress hosting companies in the diligence when it comes to quality and service .


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You will be surprised to hear that WordPress is a very light-weight script, and it is compatible with about all good web hosting companies. The simple requirements that WordPress put forth are :

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.2 or greater
  • HTTPS support (SSL)

due to the popularity of WordPress, all of the best network hosting companies come with easily 1-click install options for WordPress. Every WordPress hosting ship’s company that we have listed in this guide offer full hold for running a WordPress web site .
Best WordPress Hosting Companies
travel rapidly, security, and dependability are all significant factors that you need to consider when choosing your WordPress host. however, the most authoritative gene that you should consider is “ Your Needs ”. Evaluating your needs before purchasing your WordPress host can save you hundreds of dollars .

Evaluating Your WordPress Hosting Needs

As we have mentioned above, there are unlike types of web host services available such as Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed. Let ‘s take a front at each of these options to determine which is the best solution for you .

Free WordPress Hosting

There are free web hosting available, but about all of them have some sort of catch. normally, you can find spare WordPress hosting being offered in on-line forums or minor groups. In most cases, these are managed by an individual who is reselling a small part of his waiter quad to cover up some gross. Often the catch is that you have to put their streamer ads on the web site. Some may ask you to put a text liaison in the pedestrian of your web site. These folks will sell that standard ad or textbook yoke to cover up the cost of your free space along with pocketing the profits. The biggest downside of having a free host away from the ads is that they are undependable. You never know when this person will stop offering the free service. They can leave you hanging at any time. If you are serious about your web site or business, then avoid Free WordPress hosting at all costs .

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared host is by army for the liberation of rwanda the most democratic type of WordPress hosting used by beginners. It is the most low-cost and quite honestly a estimable begin point for newly users. Shared host is where you share a large server with a set of sites. By having multiple sites on the lapp server, hosting providers can offer the service at a more low-cost rate. The biggest catch that we see with shared host across all providers ( including the ones we recommend below ) is the inexhaustible resources. There is no such thing as outright. While it says inexhaustible, you calm have usage restrictions. If your site starts to take up substantial waiter load, they will politely force you to upgrade your account. If they do n’t take this natural process, then it can have a negative effect on the overall operation of other sites hosted on the same server. It gets back to conventional wisdom. As your business grows, therefore will your command processing overhead time cost .
Shared vane host is the best solution for small businesses and starting bloggers .

WordPress VPS Hosting

virtual Private Server ( VPS ) refers to a virtual machine. It is a method acting of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers with regard to the individual customer ‘s need. even though you are sharing the server with a handful others, this gives you about as much control as a dedicate waiter. It besides has the privacy of a separate physical calculator and can be configured to run specific waiter softwares. Often developers, intermediate users, and medium-sized bloggers utilize VPS to scale their websites. If you do not have any technical cognition, then you need to make certain that you purchase a managed VPS. This means that the WordPress hosting supplier manages all system upgrades, and they are available to assist you if needed .
VPS host is best for medium-sized businesses, high traffic blogs, and aspiring designers/developers .

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server is a physical server that you can lease from the hosting supplier. This allows you to have wax control over the server including the option of operating system, hardware etc. You DO not need a dedicated server if you are good starting out. once your web site is receiving a significant measure of traffic, entirely then you should consider upgrading to a dedicated server. WPBeginner runs on a dedicated waiter network by SiteGround. If you do not employ a system administrator or have no experience with servers, then we recommend that you get a managed dedicated server. WordPress hosting providers who offer managed give servers employ full-time system administrators that maintain your servers. Along with doing software updates, they besides do server monitoring, offer phone support etc. Most top websites use clusters of give servers .
WordPress Dedicated Servers are best for highly high traffic blogs .

Managed WordPress Hosting

due to the large number of users using WordPress, several vane hosting providers have chosen to offer pull off WordPress host. An account with one of these providers only allows you to host WordPress based sites and nothing else. The benefit of managed WordPress host is that you do not have to worry about ANYTHING. They optimize your site for performance, make sure that your locate is secure, and keep even backups. On exceed of that they advise you if a specific plugin is having a negative impact .
Bottom line, managed WordPress host is hassle free fast WordPress hosting with high-quality support from staff with lots of WordPress experience. While all this sounds perplex, the plans for managed WordPress host is normally on the higher end of the scale. For example a personal history with a popular wield WordPress hosting provider costs $ 29/month where you can lone host 1 web site ( getting maximum of 25,000 visitors per month ). The adjacent level higher where you are allowed multiple domains will cost you $ 99/month. A person starting out a web log can not afford this .
Managed WordPress host is bang-up for established bloggers who can justify the expense with their tax income. It is for people who do not have the skills/time to deal with the technical side of things. We recommend WP Engine for managed WordPress host .
now that you know all of your WordPress host options, it is fourth dimension for you to make a decision. We run several sites that get millions of pageviews per calendar month. We have tested and worked with all top network hosting companies in the industry. After having helped 400,000+ users and years of experience, our founder Syed Balkhi have personally hand-pick some of the most well-reputed WordPress host providers for you. Each of these WordPress host companies provide excellent servicing and back. We give each of them a perfect 5 out of 5 star topology fink. Check out the list of best web hosting providers .

Best WordPress Hosting Comparison (2022)

now after browsing through the clear WordPress hosting companies listed above, you might placid be wondering which one is best for your business ?
To help you choose the best WordPress host, we have created few extra resources for you :
Our goal is to help you make the right decisiveness because choosing the wrong supplier can have a negative shock on your web site SEO, amphetamine, and sales .

WordPress Hosting Quiz

It ’ second quite easy to get overwhelmed with all the information overload. Often drug user read this steer, and email us asking for personalized recommendation on which WordPress host is best for their needs .
To help expedite this, we have created a WordPress hosting recommendation engine that can help you decide which is the best WordPress host for you based on your needs .
All you have to do is accurately answer the questions in the appliance below :

If you still want personalized WordPress expert help in choosing the best WordPress hosting supplier, then please send us a message using our contact form. One of our team members will respond within 24 hours .

Detailed WordPress Hosting Performance Comparison

One of the reasons why WPBeginner is the most sure WordPress resource locate is because our reviews are based on actual data and experience .
Unlike other WordPress hosting inspection sites who good steal words straight from press-releases of respective host companies, we actually sign up with each person WordPress hosting provider and thoroughly test their services .
We use mugwump third-party tools like Pingdom, LoadImpact, and Bitcatcha to test the performance and dependability of each company, so we can help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your commercial enterprise .
To accurately measure performance across all WordPress hosting companies, we create a sample WordPress site on each hosting supplier and install the default WordPress root. following, we import dummy contentedness including images and media indeed our test resembles an modal drug user web site .
After that, we use Pingdom, an diligence leading web site speed screen service, to measure our sample website speed across multiple host companies .
We besides use Load Impact ( k6 ) service to send virtual users ( VU ) to each web site to see how the host waiter would handle increased requests from multiple connections at once. This helps us see how the individual WordPress host company would perform during acme traffic times .
last but not least, we use Bitcatcha service to test server reception times across numerous geographic locations including United States, London, Singapore, Sao Paulo, India, Sydney, and Japan. This helps us decide which hosting company is best for which geographic location .
now that you know our test summons, let ’ s compare the operation of the best WordPress hosting companies to see which is the fastest WordPress hosting ship’s company in the market .
Bluehost is one of the largest host companies on the satellite, and they are an official WordPress recommended hosting supplier. Their host packages come pre-installed with WordPress by default option .
hera are the results from our Bluehost performance tests :
Bluehost speed test results
As you can see, our test site loaded in less than two seconds. That ’ randomness faster than 85 % of all tested websites. Considering the fact that our sample web site wasn ’ metric ton using any hoard plugins or rush optimization tips, this solution is identical good .
After the travel rapidly test, we ran the Load Impact test on Bluehost servers. We gradually built astir to 100 unique visitors at once to see how the waiter would handle increase requests from multiple connections at once .
here is the solution screenshot :
Bluehost stress test results
The green line is the numeral of active virtual users on the web site, and the blue cable is the server lode time. As you can see the server warhead remained stable throughout the test even at extremum traffic .
After the load shock examination, we used Bitcatcha to test more accurate server reaction meter from respective geographic locations .
Bluehost response time test result
The Bluehost server performed exceptionally well in the United States loading under a fraction of a second. In other locations, response was a bit higher but placid under less than a second base .
If your aim audience is in the United States, then this would enormously benefit your web site .
In our detail Bluehost review, we besides evaluated their customer digest team, features, and pricing. After our analysis, we rate Bluehost as the # 1 WordPress hosting provider for little businesses to make a web site .

  • PROS: 63% off hosting + Free Domain + Free SSL (https://) included
  • PROS: Officially recommended by WordPress
  • PROS: Free Staging Site
  • PROS: Free CDN included and unmetered bandwidth
  • PROS: Free WordPress themes and WordPress plugins included such as WPForms and OptinMonster.
  • CONS: Sometimes support can be slow
  • CONS: Does not come pre-installed with All in One SEO toolkit (here’s how you can add it).
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Get Started with Bluehost
Our single Bluehost coupon helps you save over 63 % off their basic design and get a free knowledge domain. All plans include access to WPForms, MonsterInsights, and OptinMonster .
SiteGround is one of the most popular and highest rated hosting provider in the WordPress community. They offer bounty host plans that are specifically optimized for WordPress with unique in-house speed and security system solutions. That ’ randomness why they ’ re an official WordPress recommended hosting supplier .
Note: WPBeginner web site is besides hosted on SiteGround Enterprise servers, and we love their support .
here are the results from our SiteGround performance tests :
SiteGround speed test result
As you can see, our examination web site loaded in less than a moment ( 491 meter to be accurate ) for a waiter in Dallas, Texas. That means our web site is faster than 95 % of tested sites .
future, we ran the Load Impact examination on SiteGround servers where we gradually built up to 100 unique visitors at once to see how their server would handle increase requests from multiple connections at once .
SiteGround stress test results
The green telephone line is the number of active virtual users on the site, and the bluing argumentation is the server response time. SiteGround performed systematically throughout the test without any hiccups .
After the warhead impingement quiz, we used Bitcatcha to test more accurate server reception time from respective geographic locations .
SiteGround server response time from multiple locations
Our SiteGround trial site waiter performed actually well in the United States and it responded in less than a moment for all other locations .
SiteGround allows you to change your server placement, and you can choose a datacenter airless to your aim audience for even better response times in that especial area .
In our detailed SiteGround review, we besides evaluated their customer support, features, and pricing. After our analysis, we find SiteGround to be a great choice for beginners because their digest is incredibly helpful .
Their server infrastructure is powered by Google Cloud, and they have built high performance optimization features like Ultrafast PHP, SG Optimizer, and more to give even an entry-level web site a overcast host experience. Except SiteGround prices are 50 % less than other populars managed WordPress hosts .

  • PROS: Best WordPress support, good uptime, fast speed, and free SSL.
  • PROS: Multiple data centers across the world (USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia).
  • PROS: Free Site Migration
  • PROS: Staging Environment, Free CDN, and free WordPress themes.
  • PROS: Includes access to powerful SEO ranking tool like AIOSEO and other helpful plugins such as WPForms, OptinMonster, and more.
  • PROS: WPBeginner site is hosted on SiteGround servers.
  • CONS: No free domain and pricing is a bit higher since it’s premium hosting.

For the best performance and rush, we recommend using either their GrowBig or GoGeek plan because both of those come with Ultrafast PHP which delivers 30 % faster TTFB .
Get Started with SiteGround
DreamHost has been around for 18 years and is known for their reliable web hosting. They offer one snap install for WordPress, and they are besides an official recommended hosting providers .
here are the results from our DreamHost performance tests :
Dreamhost Website Speed Test
As you can see our test locate loaded in just under a moment for a server in New York City. That ’ sulfur faster than 93 % of all tested sites .
After the speed examination, we ran the Load Impact test on DreamHost servers to see how it would perform during peak traffic hours. We gradually built up to 100 singular visitors at once to see how the waiter would handle increase requests from multiple connections at once .
here is the result screenshot :
Dreamhost Load Impact Test
The aristocratic tune is the count of active virtual users on the site, and the green lineage is the server load time. As you can see the server load remained stable through out the test even at bill dealings .
After the load affect examination, we used Bitcatcha to test more accurate server reply time from assorted geographic locations .
Dreamhost Server Response Time Test
The DreamHost server performed well in the U.S loading under a fraction of a second, and the response time were pretty good across the worldly concern .
overall, DreamHost is a great master of ceremonies for websites in any geographic placement .
In our detailed DreamHost review, we besides evaluated their customer support, features, and price. After our analysis, we find that DreamHost delivers superior web site performance thanks to their fast SSD memory and optimization features .
DreamHost is a big option for businesses who value privacy. They offer release domain privacy with each of their domains. They besides recently fought the U.S. department of Justice to protect the privacy of one of their customer ’ randomness web site .

  • PROS: Good speed, free SSL, free domain with privacy protection, and 1-click WordPress install.
  • PROS: Officially recommended by WordPress
  • PROS: Free Web Application Firewall Included
  • PROS: Free automated WordPress migration included
  • PROS: Includes access to powerful SEO tool like AIOSEO and other WordPress growth tools like WPForms, and more.
  • PROS: Shared unlimited plan also include unlimited emails @ your domain.
  • CONS: Hosting control panel is a bit outdated.

Get Started with DreamHost
Hostinger is becoming a long-familiar list in the WordPress host diligence because they offer the cheapest WordPress hosting with a full-bodied chopine and 24/7 hold via live old world chat .
here are the results from our Hostinger host performance tests :
Hostinger speedtest results
Our quiz site loaded in a fraction of a second, which is great. however, this test alone does not show the full painting because our quiz site has no traffic at all .
That ’ sulfur why we used Load Impact to test how Hostinger hosting servers would perform during acme traffic hours.

We gradually built up to 100 singular visitors at once to see how their waiter would handle increased requests from multiple connections at once .
Hostinger stress test results
The blue credit line represents page load time and the green line represents the total of users on the site .
As you can see Hostinger performed actually well on this test. As we increased virtual users, the response meter remained steady .
What this means is that if you have a little business web site, an on-line store, or a growing blog, your website can easily handle sudden dealings spikes .
After the load impact trial, we used Bitcatcha to test more accurate server reception time from versatile geographic locations .
Hostinger response time
For all locations, Hostinger hosting responded under a second. The response prison term were great across the board particularly in Europe and North America .
This makes sense because Hostinger offer seven different data centers to choose from located in versatile parts of United States, Europe, Asia, and South America .
If majority of your target audience is located in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, then Hostinger is extremely fast and dependable .
note : We ran our amphetamine test on their lower plans, and we believe the load focal ratio would credibly be much faster on their occupation WordPress plan which includes bounty Cloudflare CDN for release .
In our detailed Hostinger Hosting reappraisal, we besides evaluated their customer serve, features, and price. After our analysis, we find Hostinger Hosting to be a great choice for small businesses who value fast and brassy WordPress host. Their plans grow as your business grows, but they make it in truth low-cost to get started .

  • PROS: Fast speed, free domain, free SSL, and free email.
  • PROS: Cheapest WordPress plans starting at $0.99 / month.
  • PROS: 30 day money back guarantee
  • PROS: WordPress acceleration and managed auto-updates built-in
  • PROS: Ability to choose from multiple datacenter locations (in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America).
  • PROS: Includes free access for powerful SEO tools like AIOSEO as well as other marketing tools like WPForms, OptinMonster, and MonsterInsights.
  • CONS: Renewal fees are higher.

Get Started with Hostinger Hosting
Use our exclusive Hostinger coupon to save over 80 % off Hostinger. All plans include access to AIOSEO, WPForms, MonsterInsights, OptinMonster and other achiever tools built-in .
HostGator is a popular network hosting caller that hosts over 8 million domains. similar to Bluehost, they offer specify WordPress host services .
here are the results from our HostGator performance tests :
HostGator speed test result
As you can see, our test web site loaded in 1.03 seconds. That ’ mho faster than 94 % of all tested sites .
however, this is a new web site with no traffic at all, so rush screen entirely is not the best way to judge its performance. We wanted to see how it would perform under vertex traffic .
We ran the Load Impact test on HostGator servers where we gradually built up to 100 singular visitors at once to see how the waiter would handle increase requests from multiple connections at once .
HostGator stress test result
The blasphemous production line in the chart is page load clock and the park production line shows the numeral of users on the site. As you can see, our test locate performed actually well throughout the trial with an average reaction time of 203 milliseconds .
These results are particularly full for a share host account because you share server resources with other sites hosted on the same server. As your web site grows, you need to move astir to VPS host or even managed WordPress host .
After the cargo affect screen, we used Bitcatcha to test more accurate waiter response prison term from respective geographic locations .
< HostGator response time test results
Our HostGator review locate performed very well. The waiter response time remained less than a second. In the United States, it was merely 26 master of science .
In our detailed HostGator recapitulation, we besides evaluated their customer support, features, and pricing. After our analysis, we find HostGator to be a great option for growing businesses because they offer plans that grow with your business .

  • PROS: Fast and Reliable Hosting with good 24/7 support
  • PROS: Cheap Intro Prices for first year and Free Site Migration
  • PROS: Free Domain and Free SSL Included
  • CONS: Renewal fees are higher
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Get Started with HostGator
Use the HostGator coupon : “ wpbeginner ” when checking out, and you will get the best HostGator price .

Best WordPress Hosting (Quick Recap)

now that you have seen the performance comparison of the top WordPress host companies, it ’ second prison term to decide which is the best for your business .
For your public toilet, we have created a table with a side-by-side feature of speech list, so you can well compare the best WordPress host companies .

Hosting Cost Free Domain Free SSL 1-Click WP
Bluehost $2.75/mo Yes Yes Yes
SiteGround $3.99/mo No Yes Yes
DreamHost $2.59/mo Yes Yes Yes
Hostinger $2.19/mo Yes Yes Yes
HostGator $2.64/mo Yes Yes Yes

In our in-depth WordPress host revue, we came to a decision that if you are looking to start a web log, then you can not go faulty with Bluehost. The fact that they offer you a detached knowledge domain and free SSL for the price of $ 2.75 per month, it ’ second very hard to beat .
But sincerely, you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go wrong with any of the top WordPress host companies that we have mentioned above. They all offer big uptime, fast servers, quality support, and highly low prices .

Choose the Best WordPress Hosting (Infographic)

much WordPress developers and agencies recommend WPBeginner ’ s WordPress hosting guide to their clients because it clearly explains the dispute between assorted types of host options, and why they are significant .
This is why we have created an comfortable to follow infographic that you can share with your clients or readers to explain why choosing the best WordPress host is crucial for their on-line business .
Choose Best WordPress Hosting Infographic Preview
Please make indisputable to credit the source : WPBeginner WordPress Hosting Guide when sharing the infographic .

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Having helped over 400,000+ users start their web site, we have answered quite a batch of questions. Below are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about WordPress host .
Do I need WordPress hosting to start a website?
If you want to build a WordPress web site, then you need web host. Your hosting waiter is where your web site files are stored. Every web site that you see on-line uses a web hosting provider .
Are there any free WordPress hosting providers?
Yes there are several release web site hosting companies out there, but we highly recommend that you stay away from them. In most cases, rid WordPress hosting providers put advertisements on your web site. They may even distribute malware to your users. last but not least, they can shut down your web site at anytime without any notification. Avoid anyone who offers to give you release WordPress host, specially if you are good about your locate. here are 36 reasons why having a “ free web site ” is a bad mind .
How much does it cost to build a WordPress site?
The price to build a WordPress web site varies based on your needs. It can range from $ 100 to a high as $ 30,000. We have created a detail steer explaining how much does it in truth cost to build a WordPress web site .
Do I need to have my domain and WordPress hosting from the same provider?
No. You can purchase your domain from a domain name registrar like, GoDaddy, etc and use one of the WordPress hosting providers listed above. however if you don ’ t have a knowledge domain already, then it ’ south easier to use the lapp supplier ( particularly since many are offering a free domain with hosting ) .
Can I use these WordPress hosting providers for an eCommerce site?
Yes you absolutely can. All WordPress hosting companies that we recommend above offer SSL certificates which is what you need for running an eCommerce web site. If you ’ ra looking for specialize eCommerce web host, then you may want to look at our comparison of the best WooCommerce host .
How to secure my WordPress hosting account?
Your web hosting account is where your web site files are stored. So it ’ s identical important that you secure it. The best way to secure your WordPress host report is to use a strong password and avoid logging in from public locations ( unless you ’ re using a VPN ). We besides recommend that you follow our ultimate WordPress security guide to protect your site .
How do I install WordPress on my WordPress hosting account?
Every WordPress hosting supplier that we recommend comes with 1-click WordPress install. You can follow our step by mistreat template on how to install WordPress on your host .
Do I need a cPanel WordPress hosting?
cPanel is a type of control panel that a lot of WordPress hosting companies use. No you do not need cPanel, but it does make things easier in terms of installation, managing electronic mail accounts, etc .
With that said, a distribute of hosting companies are now building their own customs hosting platform dashboards to make overall web site management easier, and offer a pull off WordPress hosting like experience for startups .
This allows them to offer better functionality and deliver a more user-friendly experience
How much traffic can these WordPress hosting companies handle?
These WordPress host companies handle billions of impressions a calendar month .
The total of traffic your web site can handle in truth depends on the WordPress host plan that you ’ re on. Most divided host plans can well handle 1000 to 2000 visitors per day vitamin a long as your web site is optimized for performance .
As your web site grows, your WordPress hosting provider may ask you to upgrade to either VPS host or managed WordPress hosting plans .
If you ’ re fair getting started with blogging or creating a new web site, then you can literally go with any of the WordPress host companies in our tilt, and their lowest plan will be able to handle your web site traffic .
Can I switch my WordPress hosting provider later?
Yes, you can absolutely switch if you ’ re infelicitous with you WordPress hosting company. Most WordPress host companies offer free migration services which makes the process reasonably smooth. however if you want to do the migration yourself, then you can follow our step by step guide on how to move WordPress to a new host with no downtime .
Does my WordPress hosting datacenter location matter?
Some of the WordPress host companies that we recommend give you an option to choose your data concentrate. The placement of your data center field does make a difference on your web site performance for specific geographic location .
If majority of your consultation is in United States, then you want to choose a datum center in U.S. If a large dowry of your audience is in Europe, then you should choose a datum center in Europe .
If you are not sure, then fair choose U.S for now. You can always use a WordPress CDN to speed up your site for respective geographic location .
Should I purchase monthly WordPress hosting plans or commit long-term?
You will notice that about every WordPress hosting ship’s company offers huge discount for choosing long-run plans. If you are good about your web site, then you will likely keep it for more than a calendar month .
We always recommend against choosing monthly WordPress host plans because they cost about twice angstrom much. It ’ s a better hand if you choose 12 month or 24 calendar month plan .
Do I need any WordPress hosting addons?
much WordPress hosting companies will try to upsell you on a wide-variety of services such as drag-and-drop web site builder, professional electronic mail, SEO tools, etc. You truly don ’ t need these services when you ’ re starting out .
We recommend that you uncheck everything in the order procedure and only purchase what you in truth need : WordPress host .
You can buy these WordPress host addons if you need them in the future, but often there are exempt alternatives available for most of those features .
To see the alternatives, here is our tilt of must have WordPress plugins ( most have exempt versions ) .
Do WordPress hosting companies offer professional branded email address?
Yes, most WordPress hosting companies will give you the ability to create a loose busines email address. however we recommend that you use google Apps ( besides known as GSuite ) because it ’ south more authentic. See our step by footstep guidebook on how to setup a professional electronic mail address with Google apps .
Do these WordPress hosting companies offer website backups?
Yes, every WordPress hosting company claims to keep daily backups of your web site. however from our experience, we advise our users to install a WordPress backing plugin to keep their own backups because you can never be excessively safe .
What is wp-cli that’s offered as part of my WordPress hosting?
WP-cli is a command line interface for WordPress that allows you to update plugins, configure multisite installations and a lot more, without using a web browser .
It ’ s a developer tool that most beginners don ’ t need, but it ’ sulfur full to have in event you plan to hire a developer because it will speed up their work flow .
Most reputable WordPress hosting providers include wp-cli along with SSH access and staging + Git tools to help improve the web site development work flow .
Are there other WordPress hosting providers that are not listed here?
Yes, there are literally thousands of WordPress hosting solutions out there, and we plainly can ’ thymine list them all here because that would create more confusion and cause choice paralysis for non-techy readers .
We have tried every major WordPress hosting company in the market including many that are not in our list above such as : WP Engine, Flywheel, Kinsta, Cloudways, GoDaddy, LiquidWeb, InMotion Hosting, A2 host, iPage, Site5, Arvixe, Pantheon, GreenGeeks, JustHost, HostPapa, NameCheap,, and more .
The top WordPress host companies that we have chose to include in our list provides the best features for the best price .
Which are the best WordPress hosting companies in your opinion?
Our top 3 choices for the best WordPress host companies are :

  1. Bluehost – Best overall WordPress hosting (great value).
  2. SiteGround – Best WordPress support in the industry (premium hosting).
  3. DreamHost – Best WordPress hosting for small businesses.

No this last question is not a joke. We seriously get this question even after referring people to this guide .
We hope that this guide helped you choose the best WordPress host services for your web site. If you have a WordPress hosting question that we didn ’ metric ton cover in our tutorial, then please send us a message using our contact form. One of our team members will respond back within 24 hours .
want helping start your WordPress blog ? Take advantage of our exempt WordPress web log setup military service .

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