Housecall Pro Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More
Housecall Pro Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More

Housecall Pro Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More

Running a company that involves sending technicians out into the field is a challenging enterprise, whether you ‘re in plumbing or HVAC or carpentry. You ‘ve got a batch of moving pieces, you ‘re constantly drawing up invoices, and there ‘s a million things that can go ill-timed — messing up your sidereal day or even your bottom line. Enter Housecall Pro software. This cloud-based platform aims to make things simple for field serve managers, providing a simple way to monitor your team while besides automating a draw of the tasks that you probably do manually now, like notifying customers or invoice. We were very impress with this software, and while there are a few drawbacks that may be deal-breakers for some, we believe Housecall Pro will help most managers simplify their operations and free up clock time.

Who is Housecall Pro for?

Housecall Pro is a simpleton, cloud-based battlefield serve management software platform aimed at helping companies keep track of jobs, monitor technician action, and produce invoices easily. It comes as both a browser-based software and as an app, and it is aimed chiefly at industries such as maid services, HVAC installation and maintenance, plumb, and alike professions. It has lots of automation features and allows customers to book services through the HouseCall mobile app, making it ideal for companies that want to cut down on a distribute of the manual data submission and filling out forms .Housecall Pro dashboard showing a snapshot of the sales leaderboard, upcoming jobs, today's stats, etc.

Housecall Pro’s features

Housecall Pro does a bang-up job of making a dim-witted, easy-to-use platform, and it has some in truth solid features that make it easily to manage your team american samoa well as your relationship with your customers .

Customer database

One of the best things about Housecall Pro is its customer database, which is easy to access whether you ‘re on the browser or accessing it on your smartphone. It ‘s easy to dial up any contact and see full customer history and any outstanding jobs or invoices. You can besides use it to connect immediately with customers, either personally or automatically via notifications. There are besides options for adding “ customer attachments, ” useful for keeping any files associated with that customer, and you can set recurring automatic invoices if it ‘s person you do business with a draw .Housecall Pro customer screen listing each customer's company name, address, phone number, email, and notes.


The software features a schedule calendar that can be toggled between day, week, and calendar month. Scheduling is american samoa easy as clicking on a time slot, choosing between “ job, ” “ estimate, ” and “ event, ” and then choosing a customer to associate it with and any other notes or attachments that need to be included. Once it ‘s in the schedule, it will show up on the splashboard when its due date approaches .Housecall Pro scheduling view with ability to adjust appointment times.

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Housecall Pro creates invoices very easily, surely one of the software ‘s strengths. When you go to a speculate, there are a list of icons at the top that shows where the job stands in terms of advance, and when you click “ invoice, ” the software immediately pops up an invoice that is already filled out with all the details. After giving it a promptly once-over, you can click “ adjacent, ” which will then pop up an e-mail with all the fields filled out, which you can modify as needed and then hit “ send. ” besides, the system makes requital easy for the customer, as they can pay directly from the invoice without having to log in to a web site or portal. additionally, the software integrates with Quickbooks, which makes bookkeeping a draw easier .Housecall Pro example of an automatically generated invoice listing services and amount due.


For a lot of software options out there, field service or otherwise, the app is an reconsideration — barebones and much glitchy. That ’ s not the case with the Housecall Pro app, which is equitable vitamin a simple to use as the Housecall Pro desktop interpretation and offers basically the same features. You get a alike splashboard expect as you would in the browser and handy icons at the bottom aid you navigate. Another cool feature of speech : when you tap on a customer, it mechanically loads a photograph of the address assigned to that customer via Google Maps, which can be helpful when technicians are out in the field trying to find the location.

Housecall Pro mobile app dashboard showing open work, upcoming jobs, invoices, etc.

Housecall Pro’s ease of use

In this area, the software in truth shines. The dashboard is split up into blocks showing things like the sales leaderboard, upcoming jobs, today ‘s states, open estimates, open invoices, paid invoices, jobs by tags, and custom reports. You can customize the layout, moving blocks around to increase visibility and adding or removing blocks depending on what you want to see. The six icons in the top left field help you easily navigate to the most authoritative parts of the software : dashboard, schedule, customers, map, my apps, and my money. And then there ‘s the app, which somehow manages to take the web adaptation and port a very similar look to your telephone, so it ‘s seamless to move from one to the other. Because it ‘s on the cloud, any update you make on either the call or browser will automatically update both .

Housecall Pro’s pricing

The software is a bit on the costly side, starting at $ 49/month for one drug user if you sign up for a year or $ 65/month if you want to go month-to-month. It ‘s $ 109/month with an annual design, or $ 149/month if not, for one to five users. For both options, it ‘s $ 30/month for each extra exploiter. And if you have more than five users, you ‘re going to want to sign up for their forty interpretation, which does not have a listed price. rather, the web site directs you to contact them for pricing and states that the XL version is “ built for current ( and future ) million dollar businesses. ” They do offer a spare 14-day test with no credit batting order required, so it ’ second easy to at least try Housecall Pro for a couple weeks if you ’ ra diffident whether it ’ s worth the price .

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Housecall Pro’s support

Housecall Pro ‘s support is solid, but it does have its downsides. Customers will broadly be directed to contact digest through the chat bubble that pops up on the web site. There does n’t appear to be a way to contact support through the app. If you want more subscribe than that, be prepared to pay for it. A one-on-one onboarding coach is available only after you sign up for the second subscription tier, and if you want a give report director and escalated earphone corroborate, you ‘ll need to pony up for XL .

Benefits of Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro has amazingly potent features for a cloud-based app, but its true potency is its relief of use. It does many tasks for you automatically, which is a boon for field military service managers tired of manually entering data and filling out forms. And you can get started right away, without the indigence for a lot of onboarding or coach. It ’ randomness intuitive, meaning you can start using it vitamin a soon as you sign up for an account .Housecall Pro job view showing the customer map, address, schedule, associated invoices, et. besides, the fluid app is rock-solid, making it truly feel like you ’ re taking the software with you on the sound rather than a shadow of it with only the most basic of features. It besides has a nice Google Maps feature that shows your technicians what the build up looks like when they ’ re on their way to the job web site.

Housecall Pro impresses with its features, simplicity

All in all, we were actually affect with Housecall Pro. It ‘s elementary, cloud-based software, but it has excellent features and it makes field avail a distribute easier, which is ultimately what it ‘s all about. It ‘s not perfect, of class. Subscriptions can get expensive, many supernumerary features require an upgrade, and you ‘ll have to pay extra for technical corroborate that goes beyond on-line new world chat. additionally, we would have liked more personalization options for the automatic e-mail and text notifications that go to clients. however, even the most basic interpretation of this software without all the paid supernumerary does a great problem of organizing customers, automating tasks, communicating with clients, and keeping on top of your team. You can pick it up right away and start using it, and it decidedly will simplify your clientele .

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