How Much Does an Answering Service Cost in 2022?
How Much Does an Answering Service Cost in 2022?

How Much Does an Answering Service Cost in 2022?

How Much Does an Answering Service Cost in 2022?

An answer service costs between $0.61 to $1.36 per call depending on the plan you purchase. Find out how a lot you will pay according to the type of services you need by starting here :

How much Do Answering Services Cost ?

See who offers the lowest price on answering services in 2022. An answer overhaul costs between $0.61 to $1.36 per visit depending on the plan you purchase. The price can be affected by some needs such as decree take or appointment place setting services. An average answer service charges around $75 for either 70-100 calls per month ; determining your monthly call traffic is essential before selecting a plan .
An answer service provides an off-site team of receptionists, sales representatives, and/or customer service representatives who handle inbound business calls. Answering services offer businesses of all sizes greater tractability and cost-effectiveness than keeping inbound call handling wholly in-house. Answering services cost a divide of in-house staff and typically charge either for a discrete block bulk of calls or a number of minutes per calendar month.

  • Medical Answering Service Pricing Cost Around $0.72 /call
  • Bilingual Answering Service Cost Around $0.68 /call
  • Attorney Answering Service Cost Around $0.71 /call
  • 24 Hour Answering Service Cost Around $0.65 /call

Compare Answering Service Prices by company

To help get you started in shopping around for an answer service, we ’ ve gathered some sample price structures from some of the peak companies .

Answer America LogoAnswer America Prices

Located in Willow Grove, PA, Answer America offers a range of pay-as-you-go plans. They start at $ 30 worth of credits and go up to $ 400 credits .
With the $30 package, each bid will cost you $ 1.20 each. While at the $ 400 package each predict will cost you $ .96 each because your payment of $ 400 is credited at $ 500 .
There are a few things that are included in your plan :

  • no monthly fee
  • 24-hour answering
  • email messaging
  • text messaging
  • wrong number or hoax calls are free

Compare Quotes

Responsive Answering Service LogoResponsive Answering Service Prices

If you need an answering service for a specific industry then RAS can help. Their plans start at $ 99 a month for about 80 calls .

  • virtual receptionist
  • message delivery
  • dispatching
  • appointment scheduling
  • registration service
  • 24/7 answering services
  • Answering Service United Logocall screening

Expect the cost to rise as you select from their service offered .

Answering Service United Prices

Located in Lake Havasu, AZ, ASU can offer customize plans to fit your particular needs. The most basic plan will start at $ 50 a month. Included with all plans is a dedicate aid desk and catastrophe convalescence back up .
They will customize your plan so that it fits your business ’ needs. This could include any of these services .

  • bilingual answering
  • 24-hour answering
  • dedicated agents
  • call overflow
  • appointment scheduling

AnswerConnect  LogoAnswerConnect Prices

There are six plans for you to choose from that starting signal at $ 149 a calendar month and go up to $ 1,199 a month. For all plans, any call under 30 seconds is detached, after that calls get billed in one-minute increments .
The lowest-priced plan charged $ 1.49 per extra minute, and all other plans charge $ .1.39 per extra minute. All plans require a $ 49.99 frame-up fee. then you ’ ll get a suite of admit services with your design .

  • email & SMS messaging
  • message taking
  • 7 answering
  • appointment setting

SAS Answering Service LogoSpecialty Answering Service Prices

SAS is the most scalable answering service for your business. You can start with them at the most basic of plans at a low $ 31 a calendar month at a rate of $ 1.19 per minute .
then you can incrementally increase your plan all the way up to their clear tier at $ 7,749 per calendar month for 10,000 minutes. then each extra moment is $ .79 .
All plans require a $ 50 frame-up tip. There are no holiday fees, weekend fees, or line fees. You will pay extra fees for other services though. They besides offer a 2-week free test .

  • sub-account $10 per month
  • IVR $.15 per minute
  • Voicemail $.15 per minute
  • Patching $.10 per minute

Cost Guide to Answering Service Prices

Cost For Answering ServicesYour 2021 Answering Service Cost Comparison Guide
Your 2021 Answering Service Cost Comparison Guide Did you know that 80 percentage of callers will just hang up if no one answers ? These people assume that no one will always listen to their message, so they don ’ t bother to leave one .
This is a large fortune of potential and current customers that whom you are missing out on communication with. You want to have your incoming calls answered, but you don ’ t have adequate need to justify hiring person in-house .
When you think about it this way, the answering service monetary value is well worth it. Keep read to find out how your business and your bottom line can benefit from an answering service .

Phone Answering Service Plan Types

You can expect your answering service to cost you anywhere from $.61 to $1.36 a call. The price normally fluctuates depending on how many minutes you buy and the services you need .
Standardized Plans: 
There are five standard plans that you will see when comparing answering services. Keep in beware that these are very basic and that each answering avail may or may not include specific services with their plan .
Custom Plans: 
If you have a high call volume of more than 500 minutes your best option is to get a custom plan. When you have a eminent call volume you have negotiating power to set a lower price per minute. Plans at this level can cost equally little as $0.64 a margin call .
500 Minutes: 
If you are in this class you are considered a high-volume customer. You will probably use a fortune of the extra services that are offered. So look for plans that include more extra services .
You can expect your price to be anywhere from $430 to $680 a month. This can go up though if your extra services are add-ons .
200 to 250 Minutes: 
If you fall in this range, you ’ ll want to compare the design carefully. You ’ ll find that many companies will charge you on a monthly basis. But you ’ ll find that you will spend less if you pay on a per-call basis .
This is besides the custom compass where extra fees for services will make a deviation in your monthly cost. You can expect to pay in the range of $165 to $290 a calendar month .
100 to 150 Minutes: 
This is a low-volume plan where the extra services fees will take up a large assign of your monthly bill. You can expect the monthly tip to be around $89 to $189 .
Pay as You Go 
If you have a super low call bulk this is your best option. You can expect to pay a broken monthly overhaul fee and then an extra fee per call. For exercise, $50 a month plus $1.25 per minute .
Suggested Sites For Answering Service Providers : Association of TeleServices International, Amtelco, CamX

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Answering Service Pricing By Industry

sometimes specific industries or needs have specialized pricing. This tends to happen when there are extra needs for that diligence .
Medical Answering Service
aesculapian calls need to comply with HIPAA laws as they potentially involve sensitive information. Because of this, the answering overhaul ’ sulfur staff will need extra trail. Medical answering services tend to be around $0.75 – $1.22 per shout .
Bilingual Answering Services
The answering service will need to hire people who speak a alien terminology competently to provide this service. Because of this, bilingual answer services tend to be around $0.69 – $.97 per call .
Attorney Call Answer Solutions 
This is another servicing that requires a certain amount of confidentiality. These lawyer answer services tend to be around $0.77 – $1.53 per shout .
24 Hour Phone Answering
Expect to pay a bounty for having your calls answered at all hours of the sidereal day. The average price for a 24-hour suffice is about $0.69 – $1.49 per call .

Fees to Avoid When Buying Answering Services

You need to pay attention when you start comparing different answer services. They do not use the same price structure or provide the lapp services per monetary value .
This can lead to extra fees that you may not have initially planned on. These fees can besides result in the cheapest price service becoming one of the most expensive.

Buyers GuideStandard Additional Fees 
First let ’ s originate with standard fees that all answering services charge, and ones that you can wholly avoid. These are fees that will appear as an extra agate line detail on your bill .
If you pay your bill recently, you can expect there to be a late fee on your bill. obviously, the way you avoid this fee is by just paying your poster on fourth dimension .
If you prefer to get paper bills alternatively of electronic you might be charged a fee. It ’ second cheaper for your service to send an e-mail, so sign up for digital bills and save some money .
If you go over your agreed-upon used minutes you will pay raised pricing. Avoid this by accurately predicting how many minutes your company will use, then pad that fourth dimension so your design allows for some fluctuation .
Short Billing Cycle
This one is just sneaky, and you may not even notice it costing you more money. But if your answering serve charges you every 28 days rather of 30, they get in an excess invoice every year .
Don ’ t match to a placard cycle that is less than 30 days. This will give you a bill every month, which will besides match the rest of your standard invoice .
Transfer Fees 
Do you want the answering service to take calls and record messages ? Or do you want them to transfer certain calls to you or your employees ?
All answer services are going to charge you a certain amount for transferring calls. The flim-flam is to pay care to how you get charged .
The best method acting for you is a flat tip per visit. This is a flat rate for each transfer. normally, this fee will range from $ .25 to $ 1.25 .
The other coarse method acting is billing for the time on the call. You will pay for the entire time that you are on the telephone. This means that your poster can get astronomic if your call then lasts 45 minutes .
Incremental Billing 
This may not be a large deal if your individual call book is low. The way incremental placard exploit is the service will round up your call time to the nearest minute .
so if a cry lasts less than a moment, you are still charged for a full moment. If a bid lasts 3.1 minutes, you get charged for 4 minutes .
This doesn ’ triiodothyronine sound like a big deal, but if the answer service takes three calls in less than a infinitesimal, it will be a boastfully bargain. now you are paying for 3 minutes of service, that only costs the answering serve 1 moment .
This will be a nasty storm when you get your charge and find that it is importantly higher than your actual consumption. then if you know your call book is high, ask about incremental placard .
Holiday Pricing 
Depending on your business, this one may not affect you at all. Some answer services will charge special rates on national holidays .
You may not care about your phones getting answered during these days. But if you do, ask what the rate is. It could be anywhere from $ 5 to $ 15 per national holiday .
Think about your monthly birdcall volume. If you get less than 20 or so calls a month, then that vacation tip will be a big chunk of your bill .
specially when you think about the fact that there is a national holiday in 6 out of the 12 months .
Foreign Language Fees 
These are extra fees that are less park, but if they apply to your business, you ’ ll need to pay attention to them .
Do you need an answer service that speaks more than one language ? Expect to pay extra for your extraneous language calls. This could be charged as a per-call rate or as a flat monthly tip .
Simultaneous Call Answering 
This one is a big manage if your call volume is higher and you get more than one call at a meter. The answering service will only answer one call at a prison term .
then if you complain and want a higher answer rate, you ’ ll have to pay extra. This is absurd, you are paying for an answer serve, you shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate then have to pay extra for the service to answer the call .
Random Fees 
There are a whole horde of fees that will have random names .

  • Telecomm recoupment fee
  • Message retention fee
  • Universal service fund fee
  • Voice recording and logging fee
  • HIPAA compliance charge
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While some of the fees are wholly justifiable, you ’ ll motivation to confirm with the answering service what precisely you are getting for the extra fee .

What to Consider Before You Hire a Live Answering Service?

While we understand that as a clientele owner, the price is in the front of your mind, this should not be your merely deciding gene on choosing an answer overhaul though .
Beyond the actual cost, does the price social organization make sense ? The answering service you choose should be open and upfront about the costs and fees .
If you struggle to understand the price structure, this is a bad signboard. You don ’ metric ton want a filthy surprise because you didn ’ triiodothyronine decipher the fee structure correctly .
The answering service should besides provide you with reporting. This will help you understand where the fees come from on the bill .
Can the answering service scale up with you as your occupation grows ? right nowadays you may merely have 50 calls a month, but what happens when you have 150 calls or 350 calls .
Disaster Recovery 
Ask the answer service about their natural process plan when things go sideways. What will they do if the power goes out or their server crashes ? You don ’ triiodothyronine want your business to grind to a arrest because your answering servicing lost exponent somewhere else in the state .
Customer Service 
There should be person that you can get in touch with for aid. This should be an report coach who can help you refine your script, discuss how specific calls get handled and improve the avail for you .
look at what other customers are saying about the answer service. If they have a long ton of negative reviews on-line, this might be a warning sign .
Remember this is your customer ’ south inaugural interaction with your business. So you need your answering service to give the right first impression .
Time to Hire Your Answering Service 
You are now ready to start shopping about for your answering serve. Remember that international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate all about the answer servicing cost. You need to consider what services you need .
look at the quality of the answer service, are other customers happy with their service ? Can the overhaul provide you with consistent choice call cover ?
Let ’ s begin comparing answering services and their pricing !

Phone Answering Service Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of price facts for answering services that will give you an estimate of how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • Monthly call volume of up to 50 calls on average of under a minute will cost $50 – $99.
  • Inbound calls ranging from 100 calls to 200 will cost  $87 to $188.
  • Up to 500 calls (average length 1 minute) are usually priced between $390 to $580. If calls average 1.5 minutes add approximately $176.
  • On holidays plan to pay an extra  $10 per day regardless of call volume.
  • If operators are required to access a third-party website for order taking or appointments this will be priced from $50 to $100 a month for staff training.
  • Call Patching. If your call center will be patching calls (as opposed to just messages sent by text) expect to pay an average of$0.25 per call transferred.

refer industry Terms : 24 Hour, Call Center, Outsourcing, Live, Inbound, After Hours, 24×7, Small Business, Medical, Attorney, Bilingual, Remote Receptionist

National Average Answering Service Pricing

0-50 Minutes 51-100
101- 200
Bate Rate $42 $83 $147 $439 $865 $4.002 $7,700
Overage Cost/Min $1.09 $1.09 $1.08 $1.01 $0.92 $0.89 $0.88
Billing Increments 13 Seconds 13 Seconds 13 Seconds 13 Seconds 1 Second 1 Second 1 Second
Holiday Rate $50/Holiday $46/Holiday $35/Holiday $35/Holiday $25.00 Yes Service Offered - Check
After Hours /
Weekend Fees
$0.10 / call $0.10 / call
IVR Set Up $100 $100 $100 $100 $85
Voicemail $0.14 / Minute $0.12 / Minute $0.12 / Minute $0.11 / Minute $0.11 / Minute $0.10 / Minute $0.10 / Minute
Call Transfer
Per Minute
$0.10 / Minute $0.10 / Minute $0.09 / Minute $0.09 / Minute $0.08 / Minute $0.08 / Minute $0.07 / Minute
Local Number Fee $15 / Month $15 / Month $15 / Month $15 / Month $10 / Month $10 / Month $7 / Month
800 # Fees $8 / Month $8 / Month $7 / Month
Appointment Setting $1.42 / Appointment $1.42 / Appointment $1.39 / Appointment $1.35 / Appointment $1.30 / Appointment $1.29 / Appointment $1.28 / Appointment
Bilingual Agents
Order Processing $1.92 / Order $1.91 / Order $1.90 / Order $1.89 / Order $1.87 / Order $1.76 / Order $1.74 / Order
Lead Capture $1.53 / Lead $1.52 / Lead $1.38 / Lead $1.29 / Lead $1.27 / Lead $1.19 / Lead $1.17 / Lead
Help Desk Support $3.00 / Call $3.00 / Call $3.00 / Call $2.95 / Call $2.90 / Call $2.85 / Call $2.70 / Call
SMS Text Message
Medical Messages $1.68 / Call $1.59 / Call $1.49 / Call $1.40 / Call $1.39 / Call $1.35 / Call $1.33 / Call
Legal Messages $1.69 / Call $1.60 / Call $1.49 / Call $1.41 / Call $1.41 / Call $1.36 / Call $1.35 / Call

Find Answering Service Providers Near You and Compare Up To Five Money Saving Quotes

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