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How to Convert YouTube to MP3

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If you have been wondering how to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files, you’ve come to the right place. This article will talk about some of the most popular YouTube to MP3 converters, including YTMp3, Dirpy, and Xenra. These programs all have their own pros and cons, so keep reading to learn more about these tools. Moreover, you’ll learn how to use them correctly to get the most out of your music and video files.


YTMp3 is a web-based YouTube to Convert YouTube to MP3. This program allows you to download videos at the highest bitrate, without any annoying ads. It also supports converting video files to MP4 format. There is no limit to the number of conversions that can be done with this program. The good thing about YTMp3 is that it’s free to use and doesn’t have any limits on the duration of videos.

Once installed, YTMp3 allows you to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 easily and without wasting time. All you need to do is copy the link to the video file and paste it onto the YTMp3 page. A new window will appear with your options. Once done, click the download button to save your MP3 file. You will be prompted to provide the name of the file to be converted.

convert youtube to mp3

You can use the YTMp3 converter to download your favorite YouTube videos and extract the audio directly from them. The best thing about this program is that it has a simple and clean interface. Even 90-minute-long videos can be converted for free. A good YouTube converter should be able to handle these files easily. When choosing a YouTube to MP3 converter, make sure to choose one with a quality rating.

Another useful tool to download videos from YouTube is aTube Catcher. This application can record webinars and events online and download them to MP3 format. Another useful feature of aTube Catcher is that it supports other video streaming sites, such as Facebook, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and Audiomack. YTMp3 is easy to use and works on a wide variety of devices.

YTMP3 is an online YouTube to MP3 converter that works on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The conversion process only takes a few minutes, and the files are converted in the highest quality possible. You can use the program on both Windows and Mac computers. The best part is that you don’t need to install any software and it’s completely free. The program limits the length of videos but does not limit the file size.


Dirpy is a free website that converts YouTube to MP3 audio files. However, this service is only able to convert MP3 audio files and may not have sound due to copyright issues. The good thing about Dirpy is that it’s completely free and works on any web browser. The downsides are that it doesn’t support downloading longer than 30 minutes and it contains a lot of ads.

If you’d like to download a video, you can do so with Dirpy by pasting the URL of the video to the website. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to choose whether to record the audio-only or the entire video. You can also choose which file format you’d like to convert to. You can also find different types of music in various genres and listen to radio stations.

Dirpy is not the only free mp3 converter online. You can also use it to convert videos from popular video-sharing websites. You can input keywords to describe what you want to listen to, choose the output quality, and even get the ID3 tag data from the video. It’s very easy to use, and it’s free. Just remember to save your videos in MP3 format after the conversion.

If you’re looking for an online YouTube to MP3 converter, Dirpy is the right choice. It’s fast and easy to use, but there are some problems with it. The converter is still in beta, so it may not work perfectly all of the time. It only supports mp3 as an output format, and you can’t split the file in any way. It does support other formats, but it’s still limited to 20-minute files.

A free alternative to Dirpy is GrabFrom, a free online audio ripper. GrabFrom works similarly, you paste a URL to YouTube and hit “convert”. Besides the free option, Dirpy also offers options to edit file names and edit ID3 tags. Another great feature of GrabFrom is its ability to save HD videos from YouTube. The service also supports SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and Metacafe.

Dirpy is one of the most advanced YouTube downloaders available today. With its advanced capabilities, Dirpy is free and easy to use. It allows you to record any YouTube video, convert it to mp3 audio, and more. You can download videos of all sizes and use them in many ways, including video and audio files. This site even includes id3 tags and offsets. Additionally, it supports HD video and HD audio files.

Dirpy is free and supports all common video and audio file formats. To use it, simply enter the URL of a YouTube video or click the video’s name to browse through the search bar. Then, you can choose MP3 or MP4 files, crop and remove unwanted segments, and even share the results via email or Dropbox. The process is easy, quick, and secure. You’ll be able to download the mp3 file in a matter of seconds.


Xenra is a free YouTube to MP3 converter that allows you to download videos from the video-sharing website. It supports a wide range of services, including Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, and TED. Its user-friendly interface is full of options, and it allows you to choose the format and quality of your output. The website doesn’t have any ads, so it is free for personal use.

To use Xenra YouTube to MP3 Converter, all you need to do is copy and paste the video link. You will be prompted to select the audio format. The conversion process will begin, and once it is complete, the program will inform you by email. This is a very simple process that can save you time and money. You can even choose to convert your video to MP3 format by specifying the audio and video file formats.

convert youtube to mp3

Xenra YouTube to MP3 Converter is free, and all you need to do is paste the link of the YouTube video you wish to convert to an MP3 format. It’ll take less than a minute, but keep in mind that it depends on the length of your video. You should also choose a save option to prevent later access. After the conversion, you’ll be able to enjoy your converted files on your computer, iPod, or smartphone.

Xenra YouTube to MP3 Converter can convert many different file formats, including MP3 files. In addition to supporting MP3 files, you’ll be able to enjoy your converted music on a variety of MP3 players. In addition to MP3 files, YouTube videos don’t suffer from a loss of quality due to inadequate bandwidth. In fact, you can easily listen to the thousands of times and still enjoy high-quality audio.

You’ll find plenty of free online YouTube to MP3 converters out there, but none compare to Xenra. Its ease of use and flexibility make it a great choice for any user. This program converts popular video sites into MP3 files, including the most popular video sites. Its plug-in allows you to convert several files at once. If you’ve got a large number of files to convert, Xenra YouTube to MP3 converter can do this automatically for you.

Xenra YouTube to MP3 Converter is an easy-to-use, free tool that can download YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4 formats. All you have to do is enter the YouTube URL into the URL field or search for the video name to find it. The conversion will begin within three to four minutes, depending on the size of the files. You can download as many files as you want and convert them as often as you like.

The Xenra YouTube to MP3 conversion software can convert videos of all sizes. It even supports multiple files at once. It can be used on Mac computers as well. To download the software, you should ensure that it supports your operating system and has the proper compatibility. When you’re ready to convert videos to MP3 format, open the downloaded files in a new tab. Once you’ve finished the conversion, select the desired format from the list.

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