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How to Enter Time Online Into Your Accounting Software

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If you’re looking to enter time online into your accounting software, you have a few options. In this article, we’ll explore Clockify, EasyClocking, and QuickBooks Online. Once you’ve selected a time-tracking system, you can edit it to make it more accurate. You can also see whether the time you’ve entered is billable. Hover over the “Time” link to see the list of employees and their billable status. To edit a time entry, simply click on the “Action” column.


If you’re interested in using EasyClocking as your time tracking system, you’ll find three ways to enter time into your accounts. You can start by adding time to any timecard from the dashboard, the Add Time tab, or from the Time Card Settings. To enter time for any timecard, click on its settings icon. The Dashboard is located under the Timecards tab. To select a user, hold the Ctrl key while clicking their name. When you click on a time card, you’ll be prompted to enter the time. After selecting the user, you can input the time into the missing punch, and then save the time entry.

For added security, EasyClocking provides ID verification, which prevents unauthorized access to the system. Additionally, employees can enter time online with the click of a button, which keeps records of the hours worked and the amount of time taken off. This prevents fraud and ensures that only authorized employees are checking in at work. The company has more than 50,000 customers in 30 countries, including prominent clients in the fast food, energy, and industrial industries. Besides EasyClocking’s time and attendance software, EasyClocking also offers its own hardware, enabling manual time clocking for businesses that prefer manual clocking. It also offers portable time clocks for remote workplaces.

Time clock software allows employers to keep track of employee time. It’s easy for the payroll person to enter time online and employees can log in and out using their mobile devices. Employees can also sign up for an account and request time off. Managers can add time for employees manually using the mobile app. Employees enter their login credentials and take a picture of their mobile punch. To record their time, the software records the time of the device as well as the server time.

With Easy Clocking, companies can set up their own overtime policies and can even assign overtime hours. The system supports all applicable state, country, and local overtime laws. You can configure these policies by individual employees and by shift. Easy Clocking gives you complete visibility of your employees’ time and instant access to analysis tools and reports. And it makes it easier to track overtime hours. The system also allows you to add any overtime hours that you work on the weekends.


If you need to manage timesheets, you can enter time online with Clockify. It’s free for unlimited users, and it includes features like an online timesheet, a customizable dashboard, and reports that break down tracked time by project. With its handy timesheet export tools, you can even create invoices and track employee hours, overtime, and resource utilization. But there’s more to Clockify than time tracking.

The clock can accept time entries in both metric and non-metric formats. It will show time in either 12-hour or 24-hour format. For convenience, you can use keyboard shortcuts to enter time. The Mac app has a shortcut button that works when the cursor is not active. And the browser extension supports shortcuts as well. You can also copy, paste, or paste time entries. And don’t worry about losing your work, either. With Clockify, you can also enter time offline, which means you don’t need to keep your timesheet with you at all times.

enter time online

Using Clockify is easy and convenient. The web app comes with a free trial period, and users can decide whether to upgrade to the paid plan or not. Moreover, the free version allows unlimited users. And the cost is affordable, making it a great choice for freelancers and distributed teams. With a free trial, you can test the software and see how it fits into your business. Its intuitive interface and variety of integrations make it an easy-to-use option that’s both easy to use and highly affordable.

With Clockify, you can assign tasks to employees, track time spent on specific projects, and adjust project duration. The software can even break down work time into visualizations. The dashboard allows users to track their time in an easy-to-use interface. You can also see an overview of the total time spent on each project. It makes tracking time easier and less stressful for remote workers. And with Clockify, you can easily access the timesheet data you need from anywhere.

If you’re a small company with a hybrid workforce, you need a time and attendance software solution that’s accessible to employees from any location. Fortunately, Clockify offers four paid plans to suit your needs, including a free plan. These plans allow an unlimited number of users and projects and come with several helpful apps. So whether you run a small business or a big company, Clockify is the right solution for you.

PeopleSoft HCM

Employees at NASA can enter time online using PeopleSoft HCM. The calendar on the HR system shows when employees have to report their time. Employees can view their vacation balances, year-to-date entitlement, and past vacations. There are training sessions to teach employees how to enter time online. But not all departments use the system. If you’re planning to implement PeopleSoft HCM, you’ll need to make sure you have enough resources in place.

The PeopleSoft application enables organizations to manage employee information, departments, tasks, benefits, and payroll. It also helps businesses organize their sales and marketing processes, as well as their customer relationships. This application enables companies to track the performance of their organizations across departments. It is also ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Besides HR, it helps companies manage their financial and supply chains. PeopleSoft is also a good tool for managing customer relationships.

QuickBooks Online

Once you’ve finished setting up your company, you can enter time online in QuickBooks Online. To create a timesheet, hover over the “Time” tab and select the “Time Entries” tab. The “Time Entries” tab displays the name of each employee and whether the time was billable or not. You can also change the billable status of time and place it on a new line. The timesheet will be stored with other information in the company’s QuickBooks Online account.

Once you’ve finished entering time in QuickBooks Online, you can turn it into an invoice. Click the Create Invoice link under Time Charges. The system will automatically fill out the relevant Time Charge information, including the product or service, quantity, rate, and description. QuickBooks Online recognizes billable time entries and will display the information in the Time Activity window. You can add records on the fly if you need to. Then, you can generate invoices in minutes.

You can add time entries to QuickBooks Online on a weekly or one-time basis. You can also add time entries as an admin user or standard user, which both have the same permissions. A standard user can add time to the accounts of employees and can assign the same permissions as the admin user. In some instances, the admin user can also add time entries for employees. This makes it easier for the office manager to keep track of the time of employees and assign expenses.

Both versions of QuickBooks Online offer time tracking features. Time-tracking is a simple task, and users can learn the system quickly. The time tracking tools differ a bit from desktop versions, but the core functionality is similar in both. With these differences, though, it’s possible to get lost in the details. However, the online timesheet is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. QuickBooks Online allows you to run your business from any web browser.

Many QuickBooks Online users find the time-tracking feature especially useful. It allows the user to create invoices automatically from their time entries. Moreover, BigTime integrates with QuickBooks Online and BigTime. This allows you to enter time online in QuickBooks Online without worrying about data loss. You’ll also be able to manage projects, review workflows, track expenses, and process payments from any mobile device. As you can see, BigTime offers a time clock that’s fully integrated with the accounting software.

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