Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer | California Accident Attorney | Steven M. Sweat
Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer | California Accident Attorney | Steven M. Sweat

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer | California Accident Attorney | Steven M. Sweat

Car Accidents unfortunately, California has some of the highest car accident rates in the United States. The sheer bulk of motor vehicle traffic on our freeways and surface streets particularly in urban areas like Los Angeles, the San Francicso Bay Area, San Diego, the Inland Empire and early metropolitan locations lends itself to motor vehicle collisions. While many of these crashes are fairly minor, there are a significant number of car accidents that result in serious bodily injury or even death due to the floor of impact involved. These include rear end collisions, T-bone accidents, drink drive crashes, and distracted driving collisions. When two or more cars clash, many factors need to be considered to determine who may be legally at demerit and against whom claims should be filed. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer has over 20 years of know file car accident claims, and action and going to trial if necessity .Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents Southern California offers reasonably big weather about year-round. This allows for enjoying the exposed road on bicycles and motorcycles for a majority of the time. unfortunately, not everyone is looking out for a person riding a bicycle or motorbike on our Southland roadways. When a passenger international relations and security network ’ thymine seen or insecure maneuvers like lane changing without warning happen, bicycle and motorcycle riders can be struck and badly injured or even killed. Oftentimes, insurance adjusters and even police officials tend to unfairly blame the biker. Whether you have been injured on a bicycle or motorcycle, we have helped hundreds of accident victims just like you prove legal demerit and obtain money for medical expenses, lost income and the forcible and emotional pain caused by these types of collisions .Pedestrian Accidents Walking in cities like Los Angeles can be a great way to get exercise but, there are excessively many motor vehicle operators that don ’ thyroxine render to pedestrians on our California streets. The California Vehicle Code provides legal protective covering in many instances and requires drivers to allow people to safely cross roadways on foot. When a pedestrian is struck by a car, truck or SUV, the likely for meaning bodily injury is great given the miss of any physical auspices for the person traveling on foot. In the past 20 plus years, the personal injury lawyer at our Los Angeles fast has helped obtain maximum compensation for serious injuries like fractures, promontory trauma and even death for pedestrian accident victims and their families .Commercial Vehicle Accidents When a car hustler, cyclist, motorcycle passenger or pedestrian is struck and injured or killed by a commercial vehicle like a big fishing gear freight hauler, a delivery truck or driver, an Uber or Lyft hustler or anyone driving a company vehicle, extra analysis must be done. In these accidents, it is important to determine whether not only the driver but, the owner and operator should be held legally at demerit. Under California law, if an employee is operating in the “ course and scope ” of his employment at the clock he or she causes a personal injury, the employer may be found liable. There are besides meaning insurance coverage issues that come into play in commercial vehicle accident claims that are different from your typical cable car accident case. We have the expertness in these areas to provide the best chance of holding all legally creditworthy parties accountable and obtaining recompense from all sources available.

Other Types of Vehicle Accidents Collisions and early mishaps can occur while riding in a gearing, airplane, busbar, boat, or early type of vehicle. California has commuter and freight trains that can derail or collide with cars at railway crossings. In areas like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other coastal areas, people like to recreate on boats and ships ( including cruise ships ) on our oceans and lakes and boats can collide with each other, capsize or catch on displace. Buses form a full fortune of our public transportation system network and go buses, shuttle buses and limousine in and around tourist destinations and airports can cause injuries to passengers using these services. Our Los Angeles personal wound lawyer has expertise in helping persons injured in these types of “ non-traditional ” vehicle crashes .Premises Liablity property owners ( including both residential and commercial ), have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Too often, though, landlords, storehouse owners, restaurant operators and even homeowners allow dangerous conditions to exist that they either know about or should know about, which can cause a person on the property to be seriously hurt. These instances include slip or slip and falls, being burned or injured by smoke or fuel, being electrocuted, being struck by falling objects, getting run over in a parking fortune, being bitten by a cad, drownings in swim pools, being assaulted by staff or other patrons in stores, hotels or clubs, many other types of personal injury scenarios. Whether or not you are entitled to compensation for this type of incident from the person who owns, operates or maintains the premises requires legal analysis. We have helped hundreds of these types of accident victims of the last two decades .Work Injuries Being injured on the job and not able to work is one of the most lay waste to events that a person can experience. Whether you work in a factory or an agency, there is always a casual that a mishap can occur that can cause a serious injury to your back, lead, arms or legs or some other significant consistency part. If the injury is caused by person other than your employer ( like a driver that hits you while you are driving for your employer or a manufacturer of defective equipment ), a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles may be able to help you file a claim against that person or entity. tied if this international relations and security network ’ t the subject, any dangerous injury on the job will normally entitle you to file a California Workers Compensation claim. This allows you to get medical treatment at the expense of the employer or their insurance caller. It may besides entitle you to be paid for the time you are not able to work and to be awarded a lout kernel amount at the termination of the claim based upon your “ disability evaluation. ”

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Serious Personal Injuries In the scenarios mentioned above and many other instances where negligence or error causes person to be harmed, meaning personal wound claims are our sphere of expertness. These include serious fractures and early orthopedic injuries, damages to the spinal column, traumatic genius injury and head injury, serious burns causing clamber damage and scar, amputations of legs or arms, paralysis, and coma or vegetative state cases. We have helped the victims of these types of awful, life-altering bodily wound claims and their families recoup money to cover award and future aesculapian expenses, lost income and earnings, cost of home health care, and other liabilities. The personal injury lawyer at our Los Angeles firm has besides argued for just and bazaar recompense for physical pain and emotional straiten for victims and their families for over 20 years in these types of catastrophic injury claims .Wrongful Death Losing a love one is the most unmanageable biography altering event that can happen to a spouse, child, rear or close relative. If the cause of end was an act of negligence or error on the depart of another person or commercial enterprise employee, California law states that the victims family is entitled to be compensated for lost fiscal support a good as the the personnel casualty of love, company, comfort and company that will be missed out on constantly. We have represented families of accident victims killed due to motor vehicle crashes, dangerous conditions on individual and public property, assaults and batteries, dangerous products, on the job accidents, and numerous other types of accidents, mishaps and calamities. We are the California unlawful death attorneys with the know-how and feel to advocate for families grieving the loss of a child, parent or spouse and arguing for just and fairly compensation in these cases .Sexual Assault and Abuse When a child or an pornographic is the victim of sexual pervert, it is the most extreme point irreverence conceivable and causes a life of emotional issues. Our personal injury lawyer has helped many Los Angeles victims of intimate pervert in many different scenarios recover money to compensate them for this trauma. This includes sexual assaults in institutional settings like hospitals, schools, churches and residential district organizations.

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Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse aged people in nursing homes and other wish facilities american samoa well as other adults who are subject upon care givers are very vulnerable to physical, emotional and fiscal mistreat. For this argue, California police provides auspices and laws meant to compensate such victims in the event they are abused or taken advantage of while under the manage of others. Our function has fought for over 20 years protecting the rights of these types of victims .Employment Claims Losing a occupation and income to support your family can be devastating. many times, lay offs are related to business decisions but, sometimes, the motivation for a termination from employment can be unlawful or improper. Both California and Federal Law protect employees from being terminated due to their age, gender, race, forcible disability, pregnancy, good medical condition and many other categories. These laws besides protect employees from being retaliated against for requesting checkup leave, complaining about insecure work conditions, complaining about sexual harassment, refusing to engage in illegal behave and early forms of protect activities. The police besides requires hourly employees to be paid on time including overtime and to be provided meal and rest breaks. We have represented employees throughout Los Angeles and the State of California who have been the subject of illegal employer lead .Contact a Knowledgeable Los Angeles Attorney With offices throughout California including all parts of Los Angeles County and the ability to come examine you at home or in the hospital, we try to make it american samoa comfortable as possible to obtain the legal advice you need if you are the victim of negligence or wrongdoing causing bodily damage or the death of a love one. initial consultations are always release and we charge no fees unless and until money is recovered. Call our offices 24 hours a day, 7 days a workweek to speak with an experience personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. Don ’ t settle for less than the very best !

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