Business Internet Service: Everything You Need to Know
Business Internet Service: Everything You Need to Know

Business Internet Service: Everything You Need to Know

There ‘s a set of hype surrounding fiber-optic Internet connectivity. Separating hype from world is always judicious when it comes to investing in emerging technologies for your clientele. Is fiber-optic Internet for business worth the investment ? More importantly, is the cost difference between character business Internet vs. alternatives truly worth it ?

Could Fiber Business Internet Be a Competitive Advantage?

engineering is an advantage in today ‘s commercial enterprise climate, specially for organizations who achieve the technical agility to innovate quickly and pivot their businesses. If your competitors adopt fiber and you ‘re still relying on bull Internet, could you get left behind ?
Here are a few competitive advantages associated with fiber Internet for business:

  1. Faster access to cloud apps and services, creating the potential for lower IT infrastructure costs
  2. Better internal collaboration and customer engagement with support for video conferencing and other multimedia communications
  3. Deeper video conferencing adoption with fiber-optic connectivity can reduce business travel costs
  4. Business agility and rapid expansion by opening up global partnerships, services, and resources
  5. Personalized customer experiences become possible, with new data-driven powerful apps and services powered by big data and fiber.

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Fiber vs. High-Speed Business Internet Service: What are the Differences?

fiber-optic Internet for business has become the aureate standard for communications. Per the FCC, fiber ISPS systematically deliver 117 % of advertise amphetamine, even during times of extremum demand. While most businesses understand that fiber Internet is faster, is the speed worth the investing ?
Adopting any newer engineering can seem like a risk, particularly since Internet connectivity is the lifeblood of collaboration, productivity, and customer communications for modern businesses. When evaluating fiber vs. high-speed copper Internet, it ‘s judicious to consider all of the benefits of character over copper Internet .

8 Benefits of Fiber vs. Copper Internet:

  1. Significantly higher bandwidth
  2. Equal upload download/speeds
  3. Superior signal distance
  4. Stronger data security
  5. Better reliability
  6. Lighter and smaller cable technology
  7. Lower long-term costs with fiber
  8. Sturdier cable technology

For data on how character stacks up to copper cable-based Internet connectivity in terms of bandwidth likely, signal distance and other key factors, read 8 Advantages of fiber-optic Internet vs. Copper Cable .
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Upgrading to Fiber MayOffer Business Benefits

In addition to the technical advantages of roughage vs. bull, upgrading to fiber can offer enormous business benefits beyond factors like lower long-run sustenance costs. Organizations who make the switch over aside from copper high-speed business Internet absorb fewer hacking-related risks of cyber-crime since roughage is more plug. Company-wide productiveness improves, thanks to no data bottlenecks and lower rotational latency. initiation and agility besides increase .
Learn how fiber can benefit your employees and business in 11 Huge Business Benefits of Fiber Internet Connectivity.
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Getting the Right Business Internet Service Package

Over the past several decades in the telecommunications diligence, business communications and technology have evolved significantly. Plenty of technologies have disappeared and become disused. The second coming of cloud-based apps and services has boosted productivity and disrupted the direction businesses communicate. One thing has n’t changed, however — businesses continue to need more and more bandwidth .
Selecting the right business Internet serve should involve the doubt of whether your communications infrastructure is able to handle bandwidth-taxing technologies. Analytics, sensors, mobility, VR, and early up-to-date technical school will all put a premium on your business bandwidth .

How MuchBandwidth Do You Need?

Selecting the right ISP and business Internet serve should involve a long, hard look at your current ways of doing business. here ‘s how to tell How a lot Bandwidth You Need for Your Business, based on your current technical school portfolio and approaches to collaboration .
equitable arsenic importantly, organizations should consider their 3-year technical school roadmap. Chances are, you ‘ll be adopting raw apps, technologies, and infrastructure approaches. The most authoritative bandwidth-related motion you can ask is how much you ‘ll need in 3 years. Ask yourself : can a prospective ISP meet your needs ?

Making the Right Choices Around Speed vs. Bandwidth

How do you tell how your plans for digital transformation impact your abruptly and long-run bandwidth needs ?
Each of the following technologies and innovations can cause your speed and data needs to skyrocket:

  1. Mobile app development
  2. Streaming
  3. Video-conferencing
  4. File-sharing & collaboration
  5. Augmented and Virtual reality
  6. Internet of Things (IoT)
  7. Customer Personalization
  8. Real-time or In-Stream Analytics

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Don’t Forget to Evaluate Business Internet Backups & Risks

accelerate, bandwidth, customer service quality, and cost are critical considerations when selecting occupation Internet service. however, many organizations forget one more all-important factor that matters good deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as the points of evaluation previously mentioned : business continuity management, besides known as uptime and accompaniment connectivity .
up to 70 % of modest and mid-sized businesses that lose data in a major incidental are forced to shut down within a class — including very common incidents such as information security attacks or technical failures. The solution to protecting against downtime and risks is backing connectivity .

How toAchieve an Automated Backup Wireless Solution

Backup radio receiver connectivity should n’t be arduous. The best clientele Internet serve providers can help clients put it in plaza seamlessly, and protect against outages and technical failures. If your primary coil connection goes down, the secondary choice should begin working without disrupting your business .
At Atlantech Online, this procedure starts with a web site view to establish equipment placement in a smudge that ‘s protected and accessible with strong bespeak handiness. next, our solutions experts create customized accompaniment plans according to customer ‘s needs, risks, and other individualize factors. Once the plan stage is complete, on-site equipment initiation takes position with solutions that are designed to protect against failure .

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Benefits of a Backup Business Internet Connection

Backup connectivity is by and large cheaper than many organizations think. In summation, the small cost of putting a solution for backup business Internet in station offers immense benefits in terms of risk and connectivity :

  1. Protection against lost revenue and productivity
  2. Lower risk of reputational damage
  3. Continuous connectivity through failures and other events
  4. Remote site solutions for incident-related outages
  5. Peace of mind and confidence in business Internet reliability

Learn more in Business Continuity Management : Why You Need Backup Wireless Internet .

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Making the Most of Your Business Internet Service

Understanding Business Internet vanadium Unified Communications : What ‘s the Difference ?
The correct solution for your business may not be “ barely ” an promote business Internet solution. It may be consolidating your articulation and Internet networks by adopting single-provider data and voice-over-IP ( VoIP ) Internet telephone service or making the jump to Unified Communications as a Service ( UCaaS ) .
Organizations are switching to UCaaS to solve some key challenges associated with a multi-vendor communication net. consolidation means an goal to multiple bills, challenging trouble-shoot, difficulty scale, and hard-to-solve performance issues, all of which can cause your business ’ sulfur digital transformation to lag .
here are some key benefits of bundling your internet and voice services with one provider and adopting cloud-based communication tools delivered through the mottle :

  1. Lower Costs
  2. Simpler Billing
  3. Easier Support
  4. Improved Network Performance
  5. Fast Access to New Technologies via the Cloud

More insights on the benefits of consolidation are offered in Why Washington D.C. Companies are finally Combining Their Voice and Data Networks

Adopting Business Internet and the Cloud

If your commercial enterprise invests in technologies such as apps, databases, or other services over the following year, there ’ s a very good chance your technical upgrades will be in the cloud. A late sketch of technical school leaders indicated that over half ( 52 % ) of future technical school investments will be in cloud-related apps and services .
Cloud connectivity is a herculean solution for IT teams who are struggling to meet high expectations on a taut budget. In addition to these competing priorities, businesses need high-quality, plug technical solutions. If you ’ rhenium struggling to consolidate and deepen your cloud investment while maintaining fast connectivity and security system, you may be a campaigner for direct cloud connect through the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

With Atlantech, direct connectivity to the ECX is achieved through the initiation of a single port. This direct connection offers low-cost, fasten access to Equinix ’ s massive market of vendors for cloud apps and services, which can be delivered instantaneously through your port connection. As your overcast borrowing scales up, it ’ south besides possible to scale up your bandwidth to maintain uninterrupted, seamless connectivity .

Benefits of Direct-Connecting Your Business to the Cloud

  • Service Level Agreements, including 99.9999% uptime guarantees
  • Flexible connectivity from 100 Mbps-10 Gbps;
  • On-demand access to 3,000+ cloud vendors
  • Superior data security

Get more information on the ECX in What is the Best room to Connect to the Equinix Cloud Exchange ?
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