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Tourism Industry Glossary Let ’ s be honest. We ’ ve all been in that scenario where you find yourself stumped with a travel acronym that you can ’ thymine quite remember ! We don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate blasted you for feeling frustrated by it all… travel is a complex industry and understand ( and remembering ! ) all of the jargoon, terminology and acronym can sometimes feel like you are learning an wholly new language. Lucky for you, we ’ rhenium making things a bite easy. Drawing from more than 14 years creating travel software, and decades working as travel professionals ourselves, we wanted to share the cognition and create your identical own Tour Operator Software glossary. Bookmark it for times of need, skim over it to get refreshed, or parcel it with your industry friends and colleagues.

Tour Operator Glossary A adventure tourism The venture tourism industry has developed for those thrill-seekers looking for a vacation jammed full of activities. From white water rafting to dog sledging to glacier exploration, Adventure Tourism isn ’ thymine for the faint. Tour Operator Glossary B commercial enterprise Development Manager ( BDM ) As a tour operator, travel agentive role or DMC, you are most likely going to be working closely with BDM ’ mho. These are the sales representatives for suppliers, consequently a adept kinship with the BDM is likely to serve your business well ! Blackout Dates There are frequently dates when peculiarly amazing promotions or sales don ’ thymine apply. This is normally because of vacation periods or big events where suppliers anticipate that there is going to be an increase demand during that time. Tour Operator Glossary C Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) Nowadays, CRM software is used by about every constitution, both in and outside the travel industry. At its simplest form, a CRM allows you to store liaison details of your customers and prospective customers. More complex CRM ’ s allow you to keep to keep track of customers food allergies to pet names ( and everything in between ). Learn how to get the most out of your CRM here defile once upon a time, data would be stored on a local calculator. however, the birth of Cloud computing means that platforms are able to store their data on outside servers. Meaning you can access your on-line information from any device at any meter. Cross Season Pricing With the exchange of season often a deepen in price besides comes for many tour operators. Tour operators may adjust their price in either direction to accommodate the decrease or increase in occupation during these times – See Low Season Travel. Tour Operator Glossary D Destination Management Company ( DMC ) Known for their deep local anesthetic cognition, DMC ’ second are organisations that specialise in propose tours, logistics, and plan services for a particular address. Often known for re-selling their services to tour operators. Dwell Time This one is equitable what it sounds like ; how farseeing person ‘ dwells ’ or stays in a certain put. It ’ mho relevant to the tourism diligence as it refers to the sum of time a customer spends at a certain natural process or accommodation – this is useful to know when planning and creating tailor-made itineraries. additionally, harp time besides refers to the amount of time person spends on a certain web site. If you have a Google Analytics tracking code you can measure the average populate prison term for each of your pages. A high harp time means you must be doing something right ! Demand-Based price price does not have to stay the like all the clock, it can fluctuate based on the total of people concerned in a product of service. In the tourism diligence, this pricing model is normally used and operates under the lapp rationale as Cross-Seasonal Pricing above. As a go operator, this may affect your own pricing or the price of the suppliers you use. Tour Operator Glossary E ecotourism As more people and businesses are becoming aware of the environmental impingement that travel can have, the niche market of ecotourism is developing. This character of tourism works to ensure that environmental impacts are minimised at every opportunity and is driven by both the tourist and the tourism diligence. Learn more about ecotourism and sustainable travel here. e-commerce besides known as Electronic Commerce or EC, this is any form of commercial transactions conducted via the internet. For exemplar, your customers might book and pay for their tour on-line, using e-commerce platforms. Tour Operator Glossary F free Independent Travellers ( FIT ) This is a bit of a contentious one, we found 6 slightly different definitions in our search alone ! Regardless of whether the F stands for Free, Foreign or Fully, the underlying definition is the same : FIT ’ south are people who want a bespoke travel guidebook ( this varies from a approximate sketch to fully booked ) and they are not in a group tour. fragmentation globalization has meant that travellers are able to shop around for the cheapest rate and generator their trip from multiple different suppliers. Read more about travel diligence fragmentation here. Famil far from researching everything that there is to know about every destination in the universe, travel agents frequently go on famils. This is a scouting trip ; to be able to give some insider cognition about the destinations they are sending their customers to. Famils are besides much organize and paid for by airlines or suppliers in an campaign to encourage you to promote their offering. Tour Operator Glossary G Gross rate This is the concluding pace that your customers pay for your service, i. the cost plus your committee. Google Analytics Adding a Google Analytics rag to your web site gives you huge amounts of data about your web site and visitors. You can track the count of visitors, where they click through to, where they drop off along with trends over prison term. Google Analytics data will give you good legal action points to get your web site glide in no time. Group Rate Hotels will sometimes offer a discount rate for hotel rooms if you koran more than 5 rooms at a prison term. Tour Operator Glossary H inheritance Sites The UNESCO World Heritage Sites are democratic tourist destinations listed by UNESCO as having cultural or environmental significance. Tour Operator Glossary i Inbound Tour Operator A tour operator based in a specific finish country who plans itineraries and organises travel arrangements or conducts tours for travellers based elsewhere. Tour Operator Glossary J Joint Fare Travellers much want to stop over in a transportation system nation to refresh when taking long-haul flights. The second flight of their travel may be with a unlike airline that fits in with their travel times and needs. The Joint Fare is the menu for both of these flights combined. Tour Operator Glossary K KK Carrier Confirmed. An abbreviation used when booking airline tickets. Tour Operator Glossary L Low Season Travel besides called off-peak travel, certain destinations are less democratic during different times of the year ( think of a tropical island in the middle of the showery season ). Often, rates besides drop during these times – see thwart season price

Luxury Tour operator These tour operators work with much high web worth customers who are looking for a luxury holiday for them or their family. Their travel plans may include secret yachts, helicopters or exclusive, VIP experiences – the sky ’ s the specify. Tour Operator Glossary M markup A supplier may increase their rate at a prison term in which there is a higher demand for their offering. For example, flights and accommodation in a popular finish will increase during school breaks where there are lots of families travelling. market segment Identifying a commercialize segment is an ideal way to make sure that your offer is being marketed to and attracting the right type of customers. This is particularly important for recess tour operators who may specialise in adventure tourism in Canada for under 30 ’ sulfur for example. Tour Operator Glossary N net income pace The price of the flights, accommodation etc without the agent ’ s commission added. Tour Operator Glossary O Online Booking System An easy way for customers to koran ( or reserve ) an offer on-line and pick up confirmation without having to go through an agent. Outbound Tour Operator The opposite of an Inbound Tour Operator, an Outbound Tour Operator or OTO typically offers trips to a variety of destinations, some or all of which are not in the country that the enlistment operator is based in. Tour Operator Glossary p pax Pax is travel industry jargon that refers to the count of passengers ie. 2 pax. It besides extends to the number of guests, diners or participants. Packages An easy and popular way to travel is by buying packages. These frequently include accommodation, travel and some meals. tour operators using Tourwriter can well prepare these packages in advance and get them quick for resale. Learn how. Tour Operator Glossary q Quickbooks Designed to ease your accounts headaches, Quickbooks is an account software aimed towards belittled and medium size businesses to manage their account and save time. Quickbooks is compatible with Tourwriter, meaning you get a more seamless back-office software summons. Tour Operator Glossary r Reseller A company who resells and markets tours and activities in a specific area. Tour Operator Glossary S SEO Search Engine Optimisation refers to the way that you can make certain your web site ranks highly in organic search results – increasing your visibility. Read more about how to make sure your web site is serving you well hera. SSL You may have been to a web site where an alert popped up notifying you that the web site was not dependable – not a great first stamp, good ? The Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL ) is the standard means to reassure your customers that your web site is safe, by creating an code link between your browser and the server. Read more about the importance of SSL certification here. Single Supplement A one append is a surcharge applied to a single person staying in a board normally intended for two or more people. The surcharge normally applies when a room is charged per person and is basically to cover the cost of merely receiving a single payment for a board that they normally get two payments for. Tour Operator Glossary T Travel/Trade Association Travel associations and communities exist to service those in the locomotion industry who wish to network with, collaborate and be supported by others in the industry. These associations can be recess or broad and often provide fantastic resources and accompaniment to help your business boom ! There are a lot out there but don ’ triiodothyronine worry, we ’ ve got the down-low on travel associations and luxury travel communities for you. tag Time Limit ( TTL ) This is the time terminus ad quem that businesses ( frequently airlines ) give for a ticket to be purchased to avoid cancellations or exhalation of the menu. aim market unfortunately, no one can please everyone. That ’ s why when you are marketing your tour hustler business, it pays to think about who your prey market is – the demographic or type of people you expect to be most concern in your put up. Specialise your business offer to this target grocery store to get more gladden from your selling efforts. Tour Operator Glossary U Union Pay This is a payment method used chiefly in China, however, Union Pay is besides becoming increasingly available and accepted internationally, opening doors for many chinese tourists to use this payment method acting during their travels. Tour Operator Glossary V tub From production to consumption, Value Added Tax may be added to products or services each time they are bought or resold for a profit. besides known as goods and services tax, VAT may apply when tours or activities are resold by a jobber. Tour Operator Glossary W Waitlist ( WL ) Travellers may wish to buy waitlisted tickets in orderliness to save costs. This means that they are placed on a list and will wait to take the position of person who cancels or doesn ’ thyroxine appearance up. The World Travel Market ( WTM ) The World Travel Market is a go event in the travel industry, bringing together all areas of tourism and help occupation connections and emergence. Tour Operator Glossary x Xero just like Quickbooks, Xero is an account software that many tour operators and travel agents manage and keep track of their fiscal data. Xero is compatible with Tourwriter, meaning you get a more seamless back-office software process. Tour Operator Glossary Y concede management The move over of your extend is the average tax income per unit of sale eg. gross per 1 person ’ mho airline ticket. Yield management involves understanding the times in which your offer is in higher demand and identifying the type of people who would purchase your offer. You can then calculate and manage your expect yield to maximise profit ! Tour Operator Glossary z Zorbing You may have seen pictures before of adrenalin-junkie tourists hurtling down a hill in a blow-up ball. These balls are called Zorbs and it might seem harebrained but it ’ s a massively popular venture tourism activity. Try it yourself !

Zoning Relating to the rise of ecotourism, some areas are prone to the pressures of tourism and are zoned as such. These zoned areas sometimes limit the number of people allowed at one fourth dimension, or plainly advise tourists about their environmental affect and monitor the damage .

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