Job Posting: Ultimate Guide for Posting Jobs That Stand Out
Job Posting: Ultimate Guide for Posting Jobs That Stand Out

Job Posting: Ultimate Guide for Posting Jobs That Stand Out

This Ultimate Guide for Posting Jobs That Stand Out will show you how to master your job postings and attract acme endowment. Follow this pace by step scout and learn how to write a great job mailing, where to publish it and how to promote it to reach more high-quality candidates .

What is a job posting?

Jobs posting synonyms

A job post is also known as :

  • Job ad
  • Job advert
  • Job advertisement
  • Job announcement
  • Employment ad
  • Hiring ad
  • Recruitment ad

Job posting definition

A  job posting is an advertisement  for an open job position. The purpose of a job poster is to inform potential occupation candidates about a new open and attract them to apply.

Difference between job posting and job description

many people are confusing job postings with job descriptions, thinking they are the same thing, but this is amiss ! A job description is an internal document that explains a party ’ randomness occupation status. It is written in a formal tone and it contains all the details about the function you are looking to fill. A  job posting is an external ad of your open job position which determination is to attract candidates. It is written in an engaging spirit and it contains information not only about the occupation stead but besides about your company and the benefits you offer. In light : Job description explains the job, while job posting sells it. job-posting-ultimate-guide-job-description

How to write a job posting that stands out?

Step #1: Job description

As we already explained, a job post is based on a job description. That ’ sulfur why the first base footstep in creating a job posting that stands out is writing a clear job description. To help you save time, we have created more than 500 most common job descriptions templates. Feel free to use them. 🙂

Step #2: Candidate persona

Take your job description and imagine a person that would be a perfect paroxysm for this occupation. This representation of your ideal candidate is called campaigner character. 👩 This persona is formed by defining the characteristics, skills, and traits that make up your arrant rent. Get our guide for defining candidate persona! 

Step #3: Job posting content

A great occupation posting provides answers to 5 basic questions :

  • What is the job?
  • Where is your job located?
  • Who is your ideal candidate?
  • Why would someone want to work for your company?
  • How can interested candidates apply?

Anatomy of a great caper post : 1. Job title
Keep it clear, accurate and to the point. Avoid unconventional and undefined caper titles – no rockstars, wizards and ninja, please ! 🙏 😆 2. Job location
This is one of the main criteria job seekers use in job search, then be sure to mention it ! 3. Job responsibilities
Cut the job responsibilities list form your subcontract description in half. Keep it simple and stick to the basics. 4. Needed qualifications
List only must-have qualifications related to education, former working experience, technical and piano skills. 5. About your company and benefits
Briefly introduce your company and focus on the benefits you offer. Include data about the wage range, exciting projects and perks. 6. Instructions on how to apply
Explain who, how and when should an concerned candidate contact. job-posting-ultimate-guide Congratulations ! 👏
You now have the first sketch of your ( soon to be outstanding ) speculate posting. 😊

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Step #4: Customize your job posting

now it ’ sulfur prison term to use your resource and put yourself in your candidate persona’s shoes. Your goal is to write a job post that would attract that specific type of person by utilizing your employer branding strategy and showcasing your employee rate suggestion. now read your occupation posting content once again and customize the content and tone of your occupation posting to specifically target your campaigner persona. 🎯

How to make your job posting stand out?

Watch the video and find out !

Where should you publish your job posting?

traditionally published in newspapers and other print media, caper postings are now more probable to be posted ( and searched by speculate seekers ! ) online. The two most important and effective websites for posting jobs are your party ‘s career site, on-line job boards and your company ’ south social media  career pages .

Posting jobs on your company’s career site

Did you know that 60% of job seekers start their search on career sites ? job-posting-career-site

even if they find out about your open job position somewhere else, candidates won ’ triiodothyronine apply immediately. rather, 59 % will first look up your company ’ sulfur web site. If you want to get more occupation applicants from your career site, we ’ ve got you covered ! 💪 There are many things you can do to improve and optimize your career locate. We prepared a detail step by step guide to help you improve your career locate conversion .

Posting jobs on online job boards

An online job board is a website that lists job vacancies supplied by employers. There are numerous  different types of these problem boards. You can choose from a kind of general, diligence specialized and country-specific subcontract boards. Employers are typically requested to pay a sealed fee in order to publish their speculate postings on these websites. If you don ’ t have a destine budget for posting jobs on job boards, wear ’ triiodothyronine worry – there is a number of free job boards out there. To help you save time, we created a handpicked list of the most popular  job boards where you can publish your job postings for release.
This list includes dislodge job boards like indeed, Monster, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Stackoverflow and many others. Best separate ? You can publish your speculate postings on multiple release job boards with just one click ! 😲
Simply fill in one kind and we ‘ll publish your job posting on all of them – saving you hours !
You ’ ra welcome, we ’ ra gladiolus to help. 😊

Posting jobs on your company’s social media career pages

Make sure to utilize the power of social media. You can easily publish your job posting on LinkedIn and Facebook. Both LinkedIn and Facebook have specialized Job tabs you can add to your company ’ s career page .

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How can you promote your job posting?

If you want to attract high-quality candidates, it is not enough just to publish your job openings on your career site and job boards. Your best job candidates are passive job seekers who are not actively looking for a new caper. That means they won ’ t be visiting your career site and searching job boards. so how can you reach them ? Read on and find out ! 🙂

Job posting promotion on social media

Your best candidates are on social media every single day. That being said, it is no curiosity that social recruiting has become one of the most popular methods for finding and attracting the best endowment. JOB-POSTING-ON-SOCIAL-MEDIA You can easily use different social media networks ( such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. ) to actively share and promote your job postings. Check out our Complete Guide to Social Recruiting and learn how !

Job posting promotion through referrals

Ask your existing employees to help you promote your raw job openings through structured employee referral programs. Offer them different types of employee referral rewards and make it a win-win bargain ! Promoting your subcontract postings through referral programs is one of the most effective and most fat modern recruit tactics. Employee referral programs can improve time, cost and quality of hire. job-posting-referral

Job posting promotion in newsletters

Make certain to include your job posting in your company’s newsletter to spread the information about your newly speculate open. More people know about, the higher the chances you will get more qualified applicants. besides, don ’ metric ton forget to utilize your talent pool. Create  personalized electronic mail campaigns to inform your likely candidates you ’ re lease .

Job posting promotion on specific sites

Another great place for promoting your job postings are job-specific websites that your campaigner persona would visit in order to keep abreast of new trends and best practices related to his/her speculate role. Think industry specialized websites like niche-specific forums, blogs, portals and on-line journals .

Job posting tools

There are many unlike tools that can help you promote your job posting on Facebook, set up referral programs, etc. Check out the Ultimate tilt of best HR software by type and chose the one you need. There are besides all in one type of software that can help you with all phases of posting jobs, mannequin write to publication and promote.
Our TalentLyft recruiting software  is one of them. 🙂 With TalentLyft you can access spare job description templates, build beautiful career sites ( no tease needed ! ) and publish your subcontract postings on multiple job boards with just one click. You can besides set up employee referral programs, create engaging email campaigns and easily share your job postings on social media – all from one easy to use platform !

Are you struggling to attract relevant endowment for hard-to-fill positions ? Post your problem openings to multiple job boards for unblock, using TalentLyft and get your ads noticed by relevant talent ! Book a agile call with one of our merchandise specialists to learn more . Book a quick call

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