50 Unusual Travel Words with Interesting Meanings

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Best Unusual Travel Words

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Unusual Travel Words: Exulansis


1. Exulansis

The tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it(Noun / Origin: Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows / exu·lan·sis)

“ …whether through envy or commiseration or simple foreignness, which allows it to drift away from the lie of your life history, until the memory itself feels out of place, about fabulous, wandering restlessly in the daze, no longer even looking for a locate to domain. ”

FYI : In case you don ’ thymine know, the ‘ Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows ’ is written by John Koenig and it has become so celebrated that he flush went on to do a TED show. Basically, the dictionary presents neologisms ( up and coming words ) for herculean feelings that you likely don ’ t have a proper term for, and indeed ‘ exulansis ’ is one of the beautiful unusual travel words that you must know !


2. Morii

The desire to capture a fleeting moment(Noun / Origin: Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows / mo·rii)

“ With every click of the shutter, you ’ re trying to press pause on your life. If lone so you can feel a little more comfortable moving on support in a universe stick on maneuver. ”

I ’ thousand certain that we all have felt this, not only when we ’ rhenium traveling but in all the meaningful moments of our lives ! We all have this kind of hope given the fact that cameras together with social media will — and constantly — be on the get up. After all, we plainly don ’ triiodothyronine want to miss a thing. We precisely want to capture moments before they slip through our fingers so that we can hopefully relive and relish on it belated on. But then again.. it is a constant struggle of libra between ‘ capturing ’ and being there and savoring those moments .
Unusual Travel Words: Onism


3. Onism

The awareness of how little of the world you’ll experience(Noun / Origin: Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows / o·ni·sm)

“ The frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one rate at a clock, which is like standing in front of the departures filmdom at an airport, flickering over with foreign city names like early people ’ sulfur passwords, each representing one more thing you ’ ll never get to see before you die. ”

etymology : portmanteau of monism ( the philosophic view that a assortment of things can be explained in terms of a single reality ) + masturbation ( option password for self-pleasure ) .
Raise your hand if you ’ ve ever encountered this think — yep, I knew it, you ’ ve felt this excessively ! This opinion is frequently the argue why I like the theme of immortality… because yes, I am selfish : I would truly like to see and experience EVERYTHING. But as it is, I ’ ll make most of my time — and you should excessively !


4. Photophile

A person who loves photography(Noun / Origin: Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows / pho·to·phile)

This is an dark bible but purportedly, this came about after deriving it off from the password “ photophilic ” which is an organism that loves or seeks light — which is related in a way to how television camera serve .
Unusual Travel Words: Sonder


5. Sonder

The realization that each random passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own

(Noun / Origin: Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows / son·der)

“ The realization that each random passerby is living a life as graphic and complex as your own — populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherit folly. ”

ETYMOLOGY : Related to the german discussion ‘ sonder ’ ( especial ) and french ‘ sonder ’ ( to probe ). If you ask me, this is one of my favorites on all of these unusual change of location words specially because I personally love people-watching when I travel abroad. It ’ south good just the kind of realization you gain as you witness more of the universe .

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