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canadian classified advertise web site ( kee-JEE-jee ; Swahili pronunciation : [ kiˈʄiʄi ], village ) [ 1 ] is a canadian on-line classified ad web site and part of eBay Classifieds Group, which was acquired by Adevinta in 2020. It operates sections for cities and urban regions, for posting local advertisements. Kijiji was launched in February 2005 as an eBay subsidiary company [ 2 ] and become depart of the eBay Classifieds Group in 2007. [ 3 ] The Kijiji mark is used in more than 100 cities in Canada and with in Italy, [ 4 ] while eBay Classifieds websites are available under different brands in early countries. [ 5 ] Kijiji rear is dutch company Marktplaats BV since 2005, which is part of the lapp group. [ 6 ] Kijiji is the most democratic on-line classifieds serve in Canada and draws more traffic compared to competitor Craigslist in that state. The New York Times referred to Kijiji ‘s canadian locate as representing “ one of the few on-line brands that fizzled in the United States but found success elsewhere. ” [ 7 ] Kijiji was made available to selected cities in the United States on June 29, 2007, [ 8 ] however the trade name was changed to eBay Classifieds in 2010. [ citation needed ]

Kijiji offers similar services and is seen as a rival to Craigslist, with the biggest differences being that Kijiji has an extensive pets section, ampere well as a more advanced interface. [ citation needed ]

history [edit ]

220px EBayTorontoOffice2 eBay, PayPal, Kijiji, and StubHub in Toronto Kijiji was launched as “ a start-up within eBay created by a minor team of entrepreneurial employees ”, according to eBay ‘s March 2005 crush dismissal announcing the newly overhaul. [ 9 ] Kijiji was launched in February 2005 in Quebec City and Montreal, and expanded across the lie of Canada in November 2005. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] In May 2005 eBay acquired the British-based on-line classifieds military service Gumtree, [ 12 ] which operates in cities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand ; deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the spanish ship’s company LoQUo. [ 13 ] One calendar month later it acquired, a web site volunteer on-line classifieds in Germany. [ 14 ] In July 2006, Klaus Gapp, the fall through of OpusForum, noted that after its acquisition it had “ merged with its newfangled Kijiji classifieds business in the german talk markets of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. ” [ 15 ] In August 2008, Kijiji re-branded its India site to Quikr. [ 16 ] In 2009, the Kijiji Germany web site changed its list to eBay Kleinanzeigen. [ 17 ] In February 2010, Kijiji withdrew its Personals part in the United States and Canada. [ 18 ] In March 2010, eBay unveiled a new classifieds site, called eBay Classifieds, to replace Kijiji in the United States. [ 19 ] In November 2012, Kijiji entered into a listing partnership with in Canada. [ 20 ] [ 21 ] In April and May 2015, Kijiji Hong Kong and Kijiji Taiwan closed, with the homepages providing a list of links to other eBay-owned classifieds sites in early countries. [ 22 ] [ 23 ] In June 2016, Kijiji introduced Admarkt, branded as Kijiji For Business. [ citation needed ] During this time, Kijiji put restrictions on the issue of free ads users can have in certain categories. This was intended to push heavy users of the locate to sign up for Admarkt. [ 24 ] In January 2017, Kijiji introduced eBay ads that appear in search results, which are identified by an eBay logo. [ 25 ] In July 2017, Kijiji made it mandatary to register with the site to post ads. previously, registration had been optional. [ 26 ] In December 2017, Kijiji introduced “ My Messages ”, a message system which allows users to communicate with each other directly on the site. [ 27 ]

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By 2018, Kijiji was facing competition from social media sites such as Facebook Marketplace, and other classified ad sites such as VarageSale and LetGo. [ 28 ] In October 2018, Kijiji unveiled an update logo, replacing the one that had been in use since the web site started in 2005. [ 29 ] In November 2018, Kijiji launched Kijiji Autos, a newly car shopping platform freestanding from the independent site. [ 30 ] In July 2019, Kijiji announced the closure of the Tickets category, citing a transfer from wallpaper to digital tickets and the resulting problems with making sure the codes are authentic and functioning as the argue. Users were encouraged to buy and sell tickets on Kijiji ’ s partner StubHub, which is besides owned by eBay. Kijiji disabled the option to post or repost ads in the Tickets category on July 29. By September 29, 2019, all Ticket ads expired and the category was closed. [ 31 ] In November 2019, Kijiji introduced the ability to leave drug user reviews. [ 32 ] In June 2020, Adevinta announced their captive to buy eBay Classifieds Group. [ 33 ] The deal was completed on June 25, 2021. [ 34 ]

Legal conflict with Craigslist [edit ]

Kijiji ‘s owner ( eBay ) was besides a minority stockholder in Craigslist. In April 2008, eBay launched a lawsuit against Craigslist claiming that their executives were attempting to weaken eBay ‘s investment, while in May of the same class, Craigslist filed a rejoinder befit claiming Kijiji had stolen trade secrets and that eBay used misleading tactics to promote the service. [ 35 ] [ 36 ] To end the lawsuit, eBay agreed to sell back its 28.4 % possession stake in Craigslist in 2015. [ 37 ] [ 38 ]

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