What exactly is the Knix Online Warehouse Sale? 
Our 3rd official Online Warehouse sale will begin on Tuesday April 13th, at 12pm eastern time. Our biggest sale of the year features a choice of the latest Knix favorites at discounted prices. Because of express excerpt, discounted prices will merely be valid throughout the duration of the Warehouse Sale and are offered online only while quantities concluding .
Am I on the wrong site?

Reading: FAQ

If you are looking to ship to and shop in CAD please shop class on knixwarehouse.ca
If you are looking to ship to and shop in USD please shop on knixwarehouse.com


What size am I?
big question ! Check out our size guide to determine your best fit .
Why is there a limited selection of products and colours?
In regulate to bring you the best quality and process, our team has curated a choice of customer favorites for our Online Warehouse Sale .
We have besides included items that are overstock from past limited-edition collections. This choice is made-up of previous season ‘s trade, and we ’ re giving you the chance to shop at a great price to help make room for fresh items at our warehouse .
Is Essential Underwear leakproof?
Our necessity underwear does NOT contain our Leakproof technology and therefore does not protect against leaks. Our essential Underwear is comfortable, practical and capital for casual tire .
Do the colours come in both Leakproof and Essential Underwear? 
For this sale, our Leakproof and Essential Underwear collections are in different colours .
Can I choose my colours in the underwear bundles?
Our bundles are pre-packaged so you ’ re not able to request a unique coloring material choice. If you decide to holy order a bundle, you will receive the come colors :
leakproof : Aqua, Dahlia and Plum Velvet
essential : Indigo, Just Peachy and Watermelon
essential lace : Sweet Fig, Violet Dusk and Whiskey Rose
all-important Nude 2 ( beige ) : only sold as singles
Are the Essential Nude 2 (Beige) underwear sold as singles?
Yes, necessity Nude 2 ( Beige ) underwear is available as singles .
Why do you have a lot of products offered in Beige but not other colours? 
We are in the serve of phasing out Beige as a core color in ordain to offer products in Nude 1-5 or Pink Ginger. Because of this, we are giving you the probability to scoop up choice styles in Beige at a bang-up price .

On Site

When I add an item to my cart, it is put on hold for me?
No, items are not reserved for you until your payment is processed and your confirmation number is received. We recommend shopping early ( and having your sizing ready ) in order to avoid disappointment .
What payment method options are available?
You ’ re able to use a variety of payments, including credit batting order, paypal and accelerated checkout options .
Can I shop the warehouse sale in person? Can I pick up my order in-store?
The 2021 Warehouse Sale is online-only so we can not accommodate any in-store pickup for Warehouse Sale purchases or offer the Warehouse Sale promotion in our retail stores .
Will you be restocking throughout the Warehouse Sale?
Our Warehouse Sale is first come, first served. We will not be restocking through the sale, indeed be sure to act fast to get the styles and sizes you ’ rhenium hop for since stock is circumscribed .

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All items are final sale and we can not make any changes once an order is placed. Please ensure your shipping address is correct, items in cart are the correct size and that the order quantities are correct. 

Can I change or cancel my order?
Because we ’ ra working to get your order shipped deoxyadenosine monophosphate promptly as possible, we ’ re unable to cancel or make any changes to an order once placed .
I decided I wanted to order more. Can my two orders be combined so I can save on shipping?
unfortunately, we ’ rhenium unable to combine orders placed individually .
Can I use my discount code, referral code or gift card on my Warehouse Sale order?
Sorry, no. Discount codes, referral codes, and gift tease codes created for use on Knix.ca, Knix.com, Knixteen.ca and Knixteen.com are not accepted on our warehouse sale websites, knixwarehouse.ca and knixwarehouse.com
Can I collect or redeem Top Drawer Rewards points, promotions and discount codes on my purchase? 
At this prison term, only purchases made on knix.ca and knix.com are eligible to collect or redeem top Drawer Rewards points, promotions and rebate codes. Purchases made on knixwarehouse.ca and knixwarehouse.com are excluded .
Is a wash bag included in my order?
No, all warehouse sale orders are shipped without a wash bag


How much is shipping?
Shipping charge for all orders $ 5 USD/ $ 5 CAD
How long will it take before my order is shipped?
due to a high volume of orders, it can take up to 10 business days for your items to be processed and shipped .
Can I shop the Warehouse Sale if I live outside the US and Canada?
We are alone able to ship orders placed on knixwarehouse.com and knixwarehouse.ca to customers located in the United States and Canada. If you ’ ra outside of the US and Canada but hush want to get your hands on Knix, please shop our regular retail web site at knix.com and knix.ca .
Packlist with pre-printed specific return policy
All purchases from the Knix Warehouse Sale ( knixwarehouse.com & knixwarehouse.ca ) are concluding sale, meaning that no returns or exchanges can be accommodated for any purchases .
For your reference point, this information can besides be found on our FAQ page at knixwarehouse.com & knixwarehouse.ca, and is included on your ratification email/receipt .
If you would like to speak with one of our team members about your order, please email us atinfo @ knix.com

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What is the return policy?
All purchases from the Knix Warehouse Sale ( knixwarehouse.com & knixwarehouse.ca ) are concluding sale, meaning that no returns or exchanges can be accommodated. For your reference point, this should be clear from messaging on the product pages, a well as on your confirmation email/receipt .
What if I don’t like what I ordered?
It is potential you may not love or even like what arrives in the mail. Everyone has unlike preferences and it happens. however, everything in our Warehouse Sale is final sale, so it ’ s not eligible for return or exchange .
My purchase feels too snug, what can I do? 
All of our products are designed to fit snug at first and then relax with wash and wear. So please give them time to adjust. If your brassiere is feeling excessively tight in the band, you can besides purchase a set extender to help give you some extra room while it relaxes to your form .
You are sold out of what I wanted to buy, can I get a raincheck?
Thank you for your interest in our Warehouse Sale. I am good-for-nothing to hear that we sold out of the item you were looking for before you were able to place your order. With our warehouse sales we try to have a lot of merchandise variety and stock certificate to choose from but do sell out .
If you were matter to in some of the Knix items available on the sale, I ’ megabyte glad to say that you can shop our regular Knix collection at Knix.com and Knix.ca !

I bought a bra two days ago. Can you price match my last order?
We are unable to price catch for former orders but would be happy to discuss the other limited items we have included in our bi-annual warehouse sale .

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