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fiscal protective covering for your love ones when you die A sudden end can place fiscal stress on those who depend on you. If this happens, life cover can help them pay the bills and other be expenses .

What is life cover

Life screen is besides called ‘term life policy ‘ or ‘death cover ‘. It pays a ball total measure of money when you die. The money goes to the people you nominate as beneficiaries on the policy. If you have n’t named a beneficiary, the super trustee or your estate decides where the money goes .
Life cover may besides come with terminal illness cover. This pays a hunk sum if you ‘re diagnosed with a terminal illness with a limited life anticipation.

accidental death indemnity is unlike from life cover. It will entirely pay out if you die from an accident. It will not provide top if you die from an illness, disease or suicide. This type of cover frequently has a set of exclusions .
To understand what ‘s covered under a policy and the exclusions, read the product disclosure instruction ( PDS ) .

Decide if you need life cover

If you have a partner or dependents, life sentence policy can help repay debt and cover living costs if you die .
If you don ’ t have a partner, or people who depend on you financially, you may not need life binding. But consider getting injury insurance, income security insurance or sum and permanent disability ( TPD ) policy in case you get sick or injured .

How much life cover you might need

To decide how much life cover to get, consider how much money you or your kin would :

  • need— to pay the mortgage, credit cards and any other debts, child care, school fees and ongoing living expenses
  • receive— from super, savings, the sale of any investments, your paid leave balance, and support from your extended family
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The difference between these is the total of cover you should get .
Use our Life indemnity calculator
Work out if you need life policy and how much cover you might need .
If you need help deciding if you need life cover, and how much, talk to a fiscal adviser .

How to buy life cover

Check if you already hold life policy through super. Most super funds offer default option life cover that ‘s cheaper than buying it directly. You can increase your level of cover through your super fund if you need to .
You can besides buy life sentence cover from :

  • a financial adviser
  • an insurance broker
  • an insurance company

Life cover can be bought on its own or packaged with trauma, TPD or income protection indemnity. If it ‘s packaged, your life cover may be reduced by any sum paid on early claims in the software. Check the PDS or ask your insurance company .
Before buy, renewing or switching indemnity, check if the policy will cover you for claims associated with COVID-19 .

Life cover premiums

You can generally choose to pay for biography cover with either :

  • stepped premiums — recalculated at each policy renewal, usually increasing each year based on the higher chance of a claim as you age
  • level premiums — tear a higher premium at the start of the policy, but changes to price are n’t based on your age indeed increases happen more slowly over clock

Your choice of stepped or flat premiums has a large impingement on how much your premiums will cost now and in the future .

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Compare life cover

once you know how much life embrace you need, shop around and compare :

  • benefits and policy features
  • exclusions
  • waiting periods before you can claim
  • limits on cover
  • the cost of the premiums — now and in the future

A cheaper policy may have more exclusions, or it may become more expensive in the future. You can find information about the policy on the insurance company ‘s web site or in the product disclosure statement ( PDS ) .
Use our Life indemnity claims comparison tool
Compare how long it takes unlike insurers to pay a life sentence cover claim and the share of claims they pay out .

What you need to tell your insurer

An insurance company will ask you questions when you apply for or change your policy. These questions may be about your :

  • age
  • job
  • medical history
  • family history, such as a history of disease
  • lifestyle (for example, if you’re a smoker)
  • high risk sports or hobbies (such as skydiving)

If an insurance company does n’t ask for your checkup history, it may mean that the policy has more exclusions or narrower policy definitions.

The information you provide will help the insurance company to decide :

  • if they should insure you
  • how much your premiums will be
  • terms and conditions for your policy

It is important that you answer the questions honestly. Providing misleading or incomplete answers could lead an insurance company to cancel or vary your cover, or decline a claim you make .

Making a life cover claim

If person finale to you dies and you need to make a claim, or if you need to make a end illness claim, see how to make a life insurance claim .

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