5 Best Answering Services for Small Businesses in 2022
5 Best Answering Services for Small Businesses in 2022

5 Best Answering Services for Small Businesses in 2022

Corey McCraw is a staff writer covering VoIP and Unified Communications. Corey has over a ten of experience in marketing, technical school write, and corporate communications and has even penned content for the former First Lady Michelle Obama ’ s Let ’ s Move first step. Answering services provide bouncy receptionists who answer calls during business hours, after hours, or at high volume times when your team needs serve treatment overflow. The best options are low-cost and burst seamlessly into your work flow, with live receptionists who transfer calls, take messages, and criminal record contact data, all while giving your callers a positive experience. Based on our research, here are the five best answer services for little businesses .
After evaluating several options, we narrowed our list of the best suffice services for small businesses to include :

  • Ruby (aka Ruby Receptionists): Best overall live answering service for small businesses wanting a robust solution
  • Map Communications: Most affordable, and best answering service for small teams looking for on-demand services
  • VoiceNation: Best for companies needing immediate coverage from a professional live answering service
  • Davinci: Best answering service for small businesses wanting a service that can double as a virtual assistant
  • Abby Connect: Best for companies looking for a personal team dedicated to answering your calls
Answering Services Starting price Key Features barren trial Our Rating
Ruby logo $ 219 per month
  • Grasshopper integrations
  • Live receptionists
  • Ruby app
N/A 4.40 out of 5
Visit Ruby
Map Communications $ 43 per calendar month
  • Custom scripts
  • Online portal
  • Warm transfers for call routing
7 days 4.39 out of 5
Visit Map Communications
VoiceNation logo $ 69 per calendar month
  • Call analytics
  • Mobile lead capture
  • Dedicated account manager
7 days 4.36 out of 5
Visit VoiceNation
Davinci logo $ 99 per calendar month
  • Included virtual assistant with Premium
  • VoIP phone features
  • Unlimited e-faxing
N/A 4.23 out of 5
Visit Davinci
Abby Connect logo $ 299 per calendar month
  • Multiple integrations
  • e-fax built into app
  • Free call recording
14 days 4.06 out of 5
Visit Abby Connect

Which answering service is right for you?

Answer a few questions about your business, and we ‘ll give you a individualized merchandise pit .

Question 1

Do you need to create your own scripts?

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    Question 2

    Do you need a live answering service on weekends and holidays?

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      Question 3

      Do you need bilingual agents to assist with your calls?

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        Ruby: Best Overall Answering Service for Small Businesses


        Ruby Receptionists logo

        Overall Score:


        OUT OF


        What We Like

        • Discounted rates for Grasshopper phone system users
        • 7 on-hold music options
        • Doesn’t charge a setup fee and answering calls after hours doesn’t cost extra

        What ‘s Missing

        • More expensive subscriptions and per-minute fees than other options
        • Bilingual agents only available during business hours Monday-Friday
        • Not as many integrations as Abby Connect

        Ruby Pricing

        • Call Ruby 50: $219 per month for 50 receptionist minutes
        • Call Ruby 100: $349 per month for 100 receptionist minutes
        • Call Ruby 200: $629 per month for 200 receptionist minutes
        • Call Ruby 350: $1,049 per month for 350 receptionist minutes
        • Call Ruby 500: $1,499 per month for 500 receptionist minutes
        • Money-back guarantee: 21 days

        Check out Ruby
        Ruby, besides known as Ruby Receptionists, is a well-known business answering overhaul offering a full-featured mobile app with custom alerts and voice mail transcriptions. It earns the highest score in part because after-hours services don ’ t monetary value extra, it provides custom handwriting corroborate, it has special capabilities like HIPAA-compliant options, and the auto-attendant comes with both call rustle and barge features to ensure high-quality caller experiences .
        Ruby besides offers Ruby Chat services and the ability to bundle chat and Call Ruby plans to save money. however, you ’ ll pay extra if you want outbound calling services or need bilingual agents outside of criterion commercial enterprise hours. In this subject, consider an suffice service like VoiceNation or Map Communications. Both cost less than Ruby, are available 24/7, and employ bilingual receptionists .

        Ruby Features

        Ruby Receptionist Mobile App

        • Grasshopper integrations: If you use one of the best business phone systems, such as Grasshopper, you can save up to 35% when adding Ruby services. For example, Grasshopper users pay $299 (or $195 for a limited time) for 100 minutes (Ruby Call 100) versus $349 for standalone users.
        • Ruby app: Use Ruby’s iOS or Android mobile app to make calls and send and receive text messages. Your business phone number shows on your customer’s caller ID. From the app, you can manage usage, view reports, and update call handling instructions.
        • Live receptionists: U.S.-based agents can either be native English or native Spanish speakers, depending on your needs. They receive high ratings for professionalism on calls, and straightforward call transferring options hide the fact that the representatives aren’t located in your office.

        Map Communications: Lowest Priced On-demand Answering Services

        Map Communications

        Map Communications

        Overall Score:


        OUT OF


        What We Like

        • Services available 24/7/365 with no price difference for after-hours service
        • Map Communications works with you to devise a custom script for greetings
        • U.S.-based bilingual teams in several locations across the country

        What ‘s Missing

        • Doesn’t offer a mobile app like other phone answering services
        • Service setup may take up to 24 hours, whereas VoiceNation provides instant activation
        • Can’t upload custom hold music

        Map Communications Pricing

        • Standard: $43 per month for on-demand use billed at a cost of $1.27 per minute (no included minutes)
        • Business: $164 per month for 125 included receptionist minutes plus $1.20 per extra minute
        • Executive: $274 per month for 225 receptionist minutes plus $1.18 per additional minute
        • Free trial: 7 days, no credit card required
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        Check out Map Communications
        Map Communications is the merely virtual receptionist provider on our list with an on-demand, per-minute plan. With the Standard plan, you only pay for the minutes you use ( in addition to a low monthly subscription fee ). receptionist services are available 24/7/365 and there ’ s no difference in cost after hours .
        Map Communications bills in 30-second increments like Ruby, but offers the lowest subscription fees. For model, its Business plan costs $ 169 and includes 125 minutes, while the Call Ruby 100 plan only includes 100 minutes at a cost of $ 349 per calendar month. Coming in at just $ 43 per month plus on-demand minutes used, its standard plan makes it an low-cost answer service for modest businesses and even solopreneurs .
        Unlike Ruby, which charges for the time a caller spends on hold, Map Communications claims they “ never put your callers on hold. ” however, Map Communications charges $ 15 extra for up to six holidays a year, whereas VoiceNation doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate .

        Map Communications Features

        Map Communications Online Portal

        • Online portal: Although Map Communications doesn’t have a mobile app, the website’s interface is optimized for desktop and mobile use. The customer service dashboard tracks usage, client correspondence, and account management features.
        • Custom scripting: Create your own scripts or get help from the Map Communications team. They review industry standards and use advanced software and technical capabilities to improve your scripts.
        • Warm transfers: Along with custom call routing features, you can opt for warm transfers. The agent will announce the call and provide customer details before adding the caller to the line.

        VoiceNation: Best Answering Service for Instant Activation


        Voice Nation

        Overall Score:


        OUT OF


        What We Like

        • Provides 24/7/365 answering services with no extra fees for holidays or after-hours calls
        • Doesn’t charge an activation fee like Davinci
        • Virtual receptionists are based in the U.S. and you can ask for bilingual agents at no extra charge

        What ‘s Missing

        • Charges 10 cents per minute when placing outbound calls through the mobile app
        • Doesn’t optimize scripts like Map Communications does
        • Some reviewers express concerns about the quality of agents answering the phone

        VoiceNation Pricing

        • Basic: $69 per month for 25 receptionist minutes
        • Business: $99 per month for 50 receptionist minutes
        • Pro: $249 per month for 150 receptionist minutes
        • Executive: $449 per month for 300 receptionist minutes
        • Enterprise: $799 per month for 600 minutes
        • Free trial: 7 days, includes 30 minutes

        Check out VoiceNation
        VoiceNation is one of the best modest commercial enterprise answering services and has more than 20 years in the industry. While early solutions take 24 hours or longer to activate, VoiceNation can start taking your calls equally soon as you sign up. All plans include a dedicate history coach, message delivery by voice mail, electronic mail, or short message overhaul ( SMS ) text, and customs call script .
        VoiceNation besides offers lower prices than Abby Connect or Ruby and claims to provide more analytics than other providers, which can be very helpful for forecast and performance management. last, while VoiceNation doesn ’ triiodothyronine offer professional script write, you can use the script ace to customize your greetings yourself .

        VoiceNation Features

        VoiceNation Reports and Analytics dashboard

        • Reports and analytics: Check out call volume, caller location and activity, and call duration with online reports. Use analytics features to visualize where calls come from or who your top 25 callers are. Plus, get insights into your abandoned call rate and average response time.
        • Mobile lead capture: Use your cell phone and the VoiceNation mobile app to highlight important leads. From there, prioritize callbacks for your team so they always know who to contact first. Save even more time by adding an auto-dialer app to your sales tool kit.
        • Call types: Like other answering services, VoiceNation can process orders, set appointments, qualify leads, screen calls, and answer frequently asked questions (FAQs). The system also works well for companies needing emergency dispatch services.

        Davinci: Best Answering Service for Virtual Assistant Services



        Overall Score:


        OUT OF


        What We Like

        • Premium users can access help with administrative tasks not usually provided with an answering service
        • Davinci is the only provider that bills per second instead of rounding up to 6 or 30 seconds
        • Ability to host an audio conference with up to 99 attendees
        • Auto-attendant system routes callers when not using live answering

        What ‘s Missing

        • $95 one-time setup fee and doesn’t offer a free trial
        • Doesn’t answer calls 24/7 like Ruby and Map Communications
        • Activation can take up to two business days

        Davinci Pricing

        • Business 50: $99 per month for 50 live answer minutes and $1.25 per additional minute
        • Business 100: $239 per month for 100 live answer minutes and $1.25 per overage minute
        • Premium 50: $249 per month for 50 live answer minutes and $1.75 per extra minute, plus $50 per hour for admin tasks
        • Premium 100: $319 per month for 100 live answer minutes and $1.75 per additional minute, plus $50 per hour for admin tasks
        • Setup fee: $95

        Check out Davinci
        Davinci offers two package types, Business and Premium, so you only pay for the features your occupation needs. With Business plans, you get all of the basics you expect from a professional answer service, like call answer and route and voicemails transcribed and sent to email and text. however, you can besides hold conference calls with up to 99 participants, which is a unique feature .
        With Premium plans, your receptionist becomes a virtual assistant who can besides perform administrative tasks such as scheduling deliveries, planning travel, setting appointments, managing calendars, returning calls, and flush processing orders. Davinci charges $ 50 per hour and bills in per-minute increments for admin work .
        In addition, Premium design subscribers can use bilingual teams to make outbound calls, and the Premium 100 plan costs less than the Call Ruby 100 plan. unfortunately, Davinci merely answers calls on Monday through Friday from 8 ante meridiem to 8 post meridiem Eastern. If you need a 24-hour solution that includes weekends and holidays, consider Ruby or VoiceNation .
        Activation besides takes longer with Davinci. For clamant access to virtual answer services, try VoiceNation, which provides the quickest new account reversion time and doesn ’ thymine charge supernumerary for after hours or holidays .

        Davinci Features

        VoiceNation Virtual Fax Interface

        • Virtual assistant: Need a little extra administrative help from time to time? With a Premium package, you can ask Davinci to schedule flights or perform data entry tasks, though it will be billed as an extra cost at $50 per hour, in one-minute increments.
        • Audio conferencing: Davinci is also a teleconferencing solution with some voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) phone features, so you can invite up to 99 callers to join you in an audio conference. You’ll find this feature in your online portal.
        • Virtual fax: All Davinci subscriptions come with unlimited faxing, and you can send faxes right from your mobile app. Davinci is also the only provider on our list offering two local or toll-free numbers with every plan, so you can dedicate a number for faxes if you want.
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        Abby Connect: Best Answering Service With Dedicated Teams

        Abby Connect

        Abby Connect Logo

        Overall Score:


        OUT OF


        What We Like

        • Dedicated team and success manager for your account
        • Custom-built integrations and connects to Zapier
        • Activate call recording by contacting Abby Connect
        • Provides a warm transfer for calls similar to Map Communications

        What ‘s Missing

        • Additional charge for 24/7 services
        • Costs more than Map Communications, Davinci, or VoiceNation
        • No advanced VoIP features like call barge and whisper found with Ruby

        Abby Connect Pricing

        • Plan 1: $299 per month for 100 minutes and $2.99 per additional minute
        • Plan 2: $549 per month for 200 minutes and $2.75 per additional minute
        • Plan 3: $1,199 per month for 500 minutes and $2.40 per additional minute
        • Free trial: 14 days

        Check out Abby Connect
        Abby Connect is among the best answering services for minor businesses because it ’ s the only solution with a give team. Each group includes five to seven receptionists, and you may have two teams for elaborate hours and three for 24/7 answer services. This allows for more coherent experiences for your customers and callers with receptionists who are more knowing about your business .
        Unlike Map Communications, Abby Connect lets you upload customs tunes for customers on hold. It besides offers the longest detached test, giving you 14 days to interact with your dedicate team, and all of their features are included with every plan. Plus, you ’ ll not only have a dedicated team, but a consecrated success director to help you get the most from the military service .
        still, Abby Connect international relations and security network ’ t the lowest-priced solution, particularly if you need 24-hour answering services. Although Map Communications lacks a mobile app and doesn ’ metric ton provide dedicated teams, it ’ sulfur more than $ 100 less per month and more than $ 1 less per hour than Abby Connect .

        Abby Connect Features

        Abby Connect Portal

        • AbbyGo app: Like Davinci, you can send faxes from the Abby Connect mobile app (called AbbyGo) and make outgoing calls for no additional charge. AbbyGo also lets you update your call availability and handling instructions and view usage data.
        • Free call recordings: Abby Connect is the only answering service on our list promoting its new call recording features. You can record only incoming calls or contact Abby Connect to activate the double-sided recording option.
        • Integrations: Abby Connect has integrations with HubSpot, Clio, Clio Grow for law firms, and Lawmatics. You can also use the Zapier tool to connect more than 3,000 platforms. Likewise, if your customer relationship management (CRM) system supports web forms, Abby Connect agents can also update client data.

        How We Evaluated the Best Answering Services for Small Businesses

        Although all of the best belittled business answering services put up hot receptionists, each differs in price, hours, features, and customization. We narrowed our choice by considering the costs and benefits of each supplier. then we rated each business answering service based on price, general and advance features, and our adept score, which includes popularity, customer reviews, and our own feel with the products .
        Ruby ( aka Ruby Receptionists ) gets the top score based on our criteria and so earns the top point on our list. It provides bilingual receptionist options and services are available 24/7/365. It has a full-featured call wield and management system, and expanded capabilities include Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA ) compliant services, lead capture forms for your web site, and appointment schedule .
        Ruby answers calls in the U.S., Canada, and U.S. Caribbean, and calls can be seamlessly routed based on the type of caller or fourth dimension frame. Call Ruby plans can evening be bundled with Ruby Chat plans for a cost savings. The web site boasts a 94 % customer satisfaction rate, and monthly plans include a 21-day money-back guarantee, so there ’ s no risk for you to see whether Ruby is a dependable fit for your needs .
        Visit Ruby
        Learn more about how we evaluated the best answer services for humble businesses by clicking on the tab key below :

        10 %

        35 %
        General Features

        30 %
        Advanced Features

        25 %
        Expert Score

        10% of Overall Score

        We compared general subscription prices of answering services, including the handiness of volume discounts or cheaper annual pricing. We besides gave points to answering services offering a free trial .

        35% of Overall Score

        To make our list, all virtual answer services have to provide live receptionists. We besides looked for systems with voice-over-internet-protocol ( VoIP ) features, such as call line up, hold music, and an automatize attendant. Custom script documentation and company-provided scripts earned extra points .

        30% of Overall Score

        We assessed provider offerings, such as bilingual live receptionists and a dedicate live staff. In addition, we considered occupation virtual receptionist services that besides offer outbound calling and call bubble over solutions. We besides checked for promote system capabilities like birdcall barge and whisper to ensure and improve the quality of caller experiences .

        25% of Overall Score

        We calculated our expert score by identifying standout features that deliver the best value for the money. We besides checked out the popularity of respective answering services and how easy it was to incorporate them into existing call flows .
        *Percentages of overall sexual conquest

        Bottom Line

        Virtual answering services help small businesses manage expansion, peak birdcall seasons, and after-hours calls with ease. Solutions vary from basic to advanced, and there are subscriptions desirable for most budgets. In addition, many companies provide a rid trial so that you can take it for a test run .
        Based on our ratings, Ruby is the best answer service for a minor business. The well-trained live agents answer calls 24/7/365, the organization offers advance call handle and management features, and you can view use data and update your schedule right from your cell earphone. Plus you can sign up without risk, thanks to Ruby ’ s 21-day money-back guarantee .
        Visit Ruby

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