From Phone to Frame: London Drugs Launches New Photolab iOS App
From Phone to Frame: London Drugs Launches New Photolab iOS App

From Phone to Frame: London Drugs Launches New Photolab iOS App

RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – July 27, 2016) – London Drugs has launched its first-ever io App, a newfangled Photolab app available for free for all iPhone and iPad users allowing easy upload and impression of photos lineal from your mobile device and social media accounts .
“ The Photolab app was designed to satisfy Mobile Phone and Tablet users ‘ growing appetite for easy mobile printing from their personal devices while they are in “ the moment ” or at that special event, ” said Andy Kahrmann, London Drugs Imaging Business Unit Manager. “ More and more people are opting to use their mobile devices to store their capture images from their phones or transferred images from their cameras, and many are looking for a simple manner to have their photos professionally printed on the go. The LDphotolab easy-to-use IOS App allows users to upload photos straight from their device ‘s television camera or upload from their television camera Roll, and club prints in seconds. ”
For those customers who already use the London Drugs Photolab web site to order prints online, they will be able to sign into their exist Photolab Account and place orders from their Collections. Sign-up is flying and elementary for new users with prints being offered for deoxyadenosine monophosphate humble as 39 cents .
To provide customers with an across-the-board tilt of printing options straight from their mobile devices, London Drugs has added print options in a wide kind of sizes and styles. The app offers glistening and pearl prints, photos with borders, enlargements, and flush fine artwork prints including bamboo, poll and metallic prints. For those hoping to print their favorite Instagram shots, the app besides offers commodious public square prints. Prints available on the app range in size from 4×4 to 24×96.

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Reading: From Phone to Frame: London Drugs Launches New Photolab iOS App

Users can pay for prints in-app or in-store, and choose between pitch or pick-up from a London Drugs localization available through the app. Prints are available for pick up within 24 hours or less for prints, and up to 48 hours for enlargements.

iPhone and iPad users are now able to download the Photolab app from Apple ‘s App Store. London Drugs has announced they will be soon be rolling out more features and updates, a well as an Android translation of the Photolab app.

About London Drugs: Founded in 1945, B.C.-based London Drugs has 79 stores in more than 35 major markets throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba including its on-line store London Drugs offers consumers a scope of products from digital cameras and cosmetics to computers and televisions. Renowned for its creative approach to retailing, the company employs more than 7,000 people with drugstore and health care services being the heart of its business. Committed to invention and lake superior customer service, London Drugs has established itself as a reputable and caring company and continues to stead itself for future increase and development .
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