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Mailchimp – Wikipedia

Mailchimp – Wikipedia

US marketing automation platform and e-mail market serve
Mailchimp is an american market automation platform and electronic mail commercialize service [ 5 ] for managing mailing lists and creating e-mail market campaigns to send to customers. [ 6 ] Mailchimp is the trade name of its operator, Rocket Science Group, an american company founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, [ 7 ] with Dan Kurzius joining at a later date. [ 8 ] As of 2021 its parent caller is Intuit. [ 9 ]

history [edit ]

Before starting Mailchimp, Chestnut and Armstrong worked together on a series of projects, including an e-greetings web site. As a side visualize in 2001, they launched MailChimp, named after one of their most popular e-greetings card characters, and earned a few thousand dollars a month. [ 10 ] Mailchimp began as a give overhaul and added a freemium option in 2009. Within a class, its user base had grown from 85,000 to 450,000. [ 11 ] By June 2014, it was sending over 10 billion emails per month on behalf of its users. [ 12 ] According to the statistics, more than 600 million emails are sent through the platform every two days. [ 13 ] In 2016, Mailchimp was ranked No. 7 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list. [ 14 ] In February 2017, the company was named one of Fast Company ‘s Most advanced Companies of 2017. [ 2 ] In August 2017, it was reported that Mailchimp would be opening offices in Brooklyn and Oakland, California. [ 15 ]

In February 2019, Mailchimp acquired LemonStand, a smaller rival. [ 16 ] by and by in 2019, the company announced its annual gross would reach $ 700 million. Mailchimp later announced their plans to shift from chain mail distribution into offering “ a full market platform aimed at smaller organizations. ” This chemise includes allowing customers to record and track customer leads within the platform, build landing pages and websites, and run ad retargeting advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. [ 17 ] As region of this, Mailchimp acquired the London-based media and magazine company, Courier, in March 2020, with the state goal of international growth. The magazine has a readership of 100,000 readers in more than 26 countries. [ 18 ] The Mailchimp founders [ 19 ] started with no outside fund, no plans for an IPO, and for 20 years turned down acquisition offers. [ 20 ] Chestnut and Armstrong became examples of a growing list of successfully bootstrapped startups [ 21 ] however, on August 31, 2021, Bloomberg reported that Intuit was in talks with Mailchimp about the possible acquisition of the e-mail market firm. [ 22 ]

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Acquisition by Intuit Inc . [edit ]

On September 13, 2021, Intuit confirmed it would be acquiring Mailchimp for a evaluation of approximately $ 12 billion in cash and stock. [ 23 ] On November 1, 2021, Intuit officially completed the learning for $ 5.7 billion in cash, $ 6.3 billion in common breed and 573,000 restricted lineage units. [ 9 ] [ 24 ]

market campaigns [edit ]

As an early podcast advertiser, Mailchimp sponsored the launch of Serial, a podcast exploring a murder case over multiple episodes. One ad became memorable for its inclusion body of an unscripted mispronunciation of the party ‘s name — “ MailKimp ” — as spoken by a 14-year-old girlfriend from Norway waiting in line for an iPhone 6. [ 25 ] [ 26 ] The ad was parodied and “ MailKimp ” became a meme. [ 27 ] [ 28 ] In answer, Mailchimp bought the domain identify and redirected traffic to [ 26 ]

In 2018, Mailchimp underwent a brand redesign to help visually demonstrate an development from an electronic mail market joyride to a larger commercialize chopine. This redesign included an updated logo, tinge palette, font, new imagination, and illustrations. It updated the Mailchimp wordmark to “ Mailchimp ” quite than “ MailChimp ” with an uppercase letter “ C ”. [ 29 ]

Transactional e-mail [edit ]

In February 2016, Mailchimp announced it was merging Mandrill transactional electronic mail serve into Mailchimp as an addition have, and gave customers 60 days ‘ notice to switch to the raw price social organization or find an alternative service chopine. [ 30 ] The fresh price structure required a paid Mailchimp plan before being able to purchase Mandrill credits, resulting in customers paying for two products to access Mandrill. [ 31 ] previously, customers were able to purchase Mandrill credits for sending emails without signing up on Mailchimp. The credits were primitively priced at $ 9.95 for 25,000 emails but increased to $ 20 for the same count of emails under the newly price dodge. In addition to needing to purchase Mandrill credits, customers immediately need to be on a paid Mailchimp monthly plan ( the minimum monthly plan being $ 10 a calendar month ), even if the customer has no need for Mailchimp services and only wants access to Mandrill. Mandrill was late renamed Mailchimp Transactional. [ 32 ]

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Data breach [edit ]

In March 2022, Mailchimp suffered a data breach wherein intruders gained entree to the data of 319 of their customers through social engineer. The queer data includes e-mail address, IP address, and the approximate localization of their mail tilt recipients. [ 33 ] [ 34 ]

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