Best Online Master’s in Higher Education Programs of 2022 | BestColleges
Best Online Master’s in Higher Education Programs of 2022 | BestColleges

Best Online Master’s in Higher Education Programs of 2022 | BestColleges is an advertising-supported locate. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This recompense does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. With a master ‘s in higher education, college administrators can impact the next generation. Review our list of the top 10 on-line higher erectile dysfunction degrees. between 2000 and 2018, registration at postsecondary institutions in the U.S. increased by 26 %, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. During their time on campus, these college students are supported by many administrators. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) projects that the field of higher education presidency will support about 200,000 jobs by 2029 .
Earning a master ‘s degree in higher department of education can be crucial for graduates looking to work in this steadily growing industry. In higher education programs, students study how institutions facilitate optimum teach, wield resources, and design programs to benefit students and alumni.

many graduates with a headmaster ‘s in higher department of education find work in admissions, fiscal aid, and other administrative areas. For students looking to pursue this degree with greater flexibility, many accredited schools offer excellent on-line programs

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2022 Best Accredited Online Master’s in Higher Education Programs

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How We Rank Schools

At BestColleges, we believe a college education is one of the most important investments you can make. We want to help you navigate the college selection process by offering guileless, inclusive, and relevant educate rankings .
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What Can I Expect From an Online Master’s in Higher Education Program?

many overcome ‘s in higher education programs require around 30-36 naturally credits and take full-time students about one year to complete .
A passkey ‘s degree in higher education may appeal to students skilled in constitution, interpersonal communication, and problem-solving. Although requirements vary, most online master ‘s in higher education programs require around 30-36 credits and take full-time students about one year to complete. many schools require students to complete internships or practicum hours ; these opportunities let participants net and gain real-world have. Schools may besides require students to complete a capstone project to facilitate freelancer eruditeness .
Careers in postsecondary education are varied and students can take elective course courses that align with their intended roles, such as career guidance or registration management classes. Learners pursuing an on-line dominate ‘s in higher education might besides be able to choose a concentration that aligns closely with their projected career paths. Some common examples include :

Adult education
Higher education leadership
Teaching and learning
Enrollment management
Online and distance learning

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Admission Requirements for Online Master’s in Higher Education Programs

When assessing applicants, higher department of education programs frequently require a minimum undergraduate GPA — normally between 2.0 and 3.0, depending on the competitiveness of the program. Applicants typically need to submit undergraduate transcripts, GRE scores, resumes detailing solve experience, personal statements, and letters of recommendation. Programs might take a more individualized approach path, requesting interviews to further evaluate an applicant ‘s credentials and career goals .
Check out our alumnus admissions guide to learn more about the overall calibrate admissions summons .

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What Courses Will I Take in an Online Master’s in Higher Education Program?

In on-line headmaster ‘s in higher education programs, many courses explore ways that schools can optimize postsecondary education. In these courses, students learn what constitutes an exceeding department of education and how postsecondary institutions can facilitate better learning environments. Although course of study depend on a student ‘s chosen concentration, many programs require courses that resemble those described below .
Learning and Development

scholar learn is the farthermost precedence of any institution, and professionals in administrative roles explore ways that the college learning experience can be optimized. This class outlines how students learn, and what techniques and environments create the best learn outcomes .
Managing Financial Resources

many higher education administrators are tasked with managing money. Managing a departmental budget or university endowment has a significant hold on a school ‘s ability to meet educational goals. In this course, students learn how institutions secure necessary support, evaluate course of study needs, and use allotted financing to meet these goals .
Program Planning and Assessment

For many postsecondary institutions, high-quality alumnus and undergraduate programs are a cornerstone of success and marketability. This course outlines the ways that specific programs are structured and evaluated. here, students learn how institutions invest in these programs, and what strategies generate student and alumnus success .
scholar Affairs : eastern hemisphere to Profession

This career-oriented course closely details the role of student affairs professionals. Students explore how those working in scholar affairs support schools ‘ academic missions and efficaciously flicker students ‘ intellectual, social, and moral growth. In this path, learners interested in pursuing scholar affairs positions explore their personal doctrine and how they plan to apply these ideals .
Diversity and Social Justice in Higher education

academic institutions are frequently looked upon to act as leaders in embracing socially mindful policies and values. This course explores how schools can more effectively promote inclusivity in terms of slipstream, ethnicity, sex, and social course. Participants explore how increase scholar diversity creates a more enrich teach environment for the entire student body .

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What Can I Do With an Online Master’s in Higher Education Degree?

Graduates with a master ‘s in higher education can pursue a assortment of rewarding, in-demand careers. Professionals with this specialize degree frequently work in postsecondary department of education, assuming administrative roles in scholar affairs, fiscal help, or admissions. many of these positions are lucrative and offer growing employment opportunities .
The BLS reports that postsecondary department of education administrators earn a median income of $ 95,410, and this discipline is projected to grow by 4 % between 2019 and 2029. similar roles, like administrative services managers, boast a medial annual wage of $ 96,940 and a project growth pace of 6 % over the lapp clock period .
Learn more about careers in higher department of education and see where a master ‘s in higher education can take you .
Postsecondary education Administrators

This umbrella term refers to professionals who manage designated departments within an institution. Administrators often work in specialize roles, taking on positions like registrar, provost, dean of students, or dean of academic affairs. These individuals are some of the most influential figures at postsecondary institutions and help shape academic and administrative policy .
administrative Services coach

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Like postsecondary administrators, these professionals oversee administrative functions within institutions. administrative service managers work in more for-profit spheres, managing clerical staff and organizing department affairs. These individuals may oversee record-keeping, propose policy modifications, and measure adhesiveness to regulations to help organizations meet their goals .

School principals manage K-12 institutions, influencing course of study changes, hiring teachers, regulating resource distribution, and overseeing school budgets. Often, populace school principals must lead in accord with zone, submit, and/or federal requirements. Professionals in this diverse, hands-on function often become community leaders, communicating with parents and students .
Admissions Officer

In college or university admissions, these professionals often measure applicant transcripts and other credentials, applying school parameters to admit appropriate students. Admissions officers may besides be involved in recruiting target scholar groups to build a divers and skilled scholar body. Often, admissions officers travel to unlike regions to market their mental hospital in person .
Postsecondary Teacher

many professionals who earn a master ‘s in higher education find that their skills are best exercised in a classroom set up. Postsecondary teachers conduct classes at universities, community colleges, professional schools, and other higher determine institutions. many educators who work in specify fields pair their teach with research or writing. Most of these positions require a doctor’s degree, although master ‘s degree-holders may qualify for teaching roles at some schools .

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Frequently Asked Questions About Master’s in Higher Education Programs

Is a overlord ‘s in higher education worth it ?
For those looking to work in postsecondary education, a headmaster ‘s degree in higher department of education can lead to a wide-eyed array of opportunities. many jobs in this field require specialize cognition of higher department of education ‘s inner workings. Positions like school principal or postsecondary administrator require a relevant graduate degree and years of specify experience — earning an on-line headmaster ‘s in higher education can be an necessity step to finding master success .
What can I do with a victor ‘s in higher education ?
Students with this degree can pursue administrative careers like college dean, fiscal help officeholder, registrar, or admissions officeholder to aid in the operation of a postsecondary institution. other graduates may prefer a more hands-on, student-focused function, like school chief. Additionally, some graduates may find that their skills are movable to less education-centered fields, like public relations .
Is it better to have a dominate ‘s in education or maestro ‘s in higher education ?
Some master ‘s in education programs are better suited for those looking to work with K-12 students in a classroom set. Individuals who earn this degree might earn a state-issued teaching certification along the direction. alternatively, higher department of education programs may be a better meet for those looking to work in postsecondary department of education and do not necessarily intend to work in a classroom environment .
How a lot money can I make with a chief ‘s in higher education ?
There are a overplus of well-paying careers in higher education. however, wage prospects vary by position and mental hospital. For case, school and career counselors earn a medial wage of $ 57,040, while the medial wages for school principals is $ 96,400 a year.

What are the highest-paying jobs I can get with a master ‘s in higher education ?
Some specialize roles in the field of higher education are specially lucrative. According to BLS data, postsecondary department of education administrators earn a median annual wage of $ 95,410, while administrative services managers earn a medial wage of $ 96,940 .
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