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Men’s Hair Cutters – Which One is Right For You?

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If you are looking for a men’s hair cutters in Adelaide, then you are in luck! We have all been tempted by Gillette Styler and Oster hair clippers, but now you know how to find the best one. Luckily, we have a selection of these brands to choose from, and we also have a special contest going on to win one of them! Keep reading to find out which one is right for you!


If you’re looking for a hair clipper for men, then you’ve probably considered the Wahl brand. These men’s hair clippers are designed to be a high-quality alternative to other brands, so you can expect top performance from them. Wahl is a leader in the men’s grooming industry, and they even have a contest where you can win $2,000 if you’re a first-time user.

men's hair cutters

Invented in 1919, the Wahl company has a long tradition of innovation and quality in the barber industry. Developed in Illinois, Wahl clipper machines have gained an international reputation as cult products among barbers and men alike. Wahl’s hair clippers and blade sets are renowned for their high precision and accuracy, making them an essential tool for barbershops. For a manly vibe, Wahl hair clippers come with cool retro designs and blade sets that are made specifically for men’s haircutting needs.


The Oster line of men’s haircutters is well-known for its high quality and durability. The heavy-duty Clipper Series is industry-leading, while the lightweight Classic range is ideal for everyday use. Goodman’s stocks a variety of Oster hair clippers, including cordless, electric, and juice clippers. They also sell various accessories, such as men’s hair clipper kits and shavers. Read on to learn more about the different styles and features available.

When John Oster first entered the electric clipper market in the 1920s, his company began producing blenders and other small household appliances. In the 1970s, the company focused on barber clippers and animal groomers. He then improved rotary-driven motors. His company subsequently began catching up with other brands like Wahl and Andis, which use pistons and electric motors. Today, Oster is one of the most widely-used brands for men’s hair clippers.

mens hair cutters

The Turbo 111 and rotary motors in the Oster Topaz clipper are perfect for cutting thick hair, even while wet. This clipper’s lightweight construction and surprisingly powerful motor allow it to cut hair without pulling it. These features combine to make the Topaz an excellent choice for the average man. In addition to being lightweight and comfortable to hold, the Topaz is also built to last a lifetime. However, you should note that rotary motors do not produce as much torque as a high-grade blade.

Gillette Styler

The Gillette Styler men’s haircutter features Braun-engineered technology for the ultimate maneuverability and close trim. It also features 3 interchangeable combs and a Proglide razor blade, for an even, close, and comfortable five-bladed shave. The Styler is also easy to use and is available in both black and silver, with a range of attachments to suit different hair textures.

The Gillette Styler men’s hair cutter is fully waterproof and shower safe and uses 1 AA battery. This lightweight trimmer can craft any hairstyle you can dream up and is priced affordably. The blades are quality, and the trimmer comes with 3 combs. The ProGlide Styler is also shower-safe and waterproof and comes with a nifty organizer. Its slim profile and reasonable price make it a top pick for men.

Wahl ‘My First Time’ Contest

If you’re a newbie at cutting hair, you can win a Wahl men’s haircutter by participating in the ‘My First Time’ contest. There are some requirements that you must meet, including no sexual activity, no activities that violate public morals, and no use of other people’s property. The winner must be willing to share their experience online and on social media, and he or she must use the prize money to buy Wahl products.

The ‘My First Time’ Contest is an opportunity for first-timers in men’s haircutting to win a $2,000 prize. The contest was sponsored by Wahl, a leading men’s grooming brand. By offering rewards for first-timers, the brand positioned itself as an authority and resource for first-time haircutters. Since then, traffic to Wahl’s ‘how to’ content rose by 1,860% YoY, creating a media frenzy and hundreds of top publications’ coverage.

The contest is part of the Wahl Ambassador Program and offers a prize package that includes a Wahl barber’s combo, trimmers, and shavers. The winner will also receive an honorary spot on the Wahl Education and Artistic Team for one year, making it an opportunity for hair pros to share their knowledge with others. So, do not wait to start slicing men’s hair!

Kav’s & Co

A hair salon specializing in men’s haircuts, Kav’s & Co has been in business for almost a decade. Whether you’re looking for a classic bob or a trendy cut, you’ll find it at Kav’s. In addition to offering men a wide variety of cuts and colors, this salon focuses on the overall appearance of its clients. After all, your look will have a huge impact on the way others view you, as well as your self-confidence.


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