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This includes stock gifts, charitable remainder trusts, individual retirement accounts, bequests, and life policy gifts. It is a fantastic way to leave your bequest with the Foundation. With a planned gift to the Foundation you can create a knock-down bequest, advancing the Foundation ’ s solve while furthering your fiscal goals. Through our Legacy of Hope Society we will honor and thank supporters who include the Meso Foundation in their wills, trusts, or other aforethought giving. Legacy of Hope Society members will receive special recognition and invitation to particular events. Please notify us when you arrange a bequest or other planned gift to the Meso Foundation, or if you have already done so, so that we can induct you as a member to honor your vision and dedication to finding a cure. You should consult with your tax adviser, fiscal adviser, or estate plan lawyer for extra information to determine whether one or more of these types of gifts may be suitable to your site. Planned Giving Options

Many of our supporters name the Meso Foundation as a beneficiary in their wills in order to make a survive affect. A bequest is a written statement in your will that specific assets, a jell dollar come, or a percentage of the wholly estate ’ randomness value will be given to the Foundation. By creating or amending your will to name the Meso Foundation you get the satisfaction of knowing you will importantly benefit the Foundation ’ sulfur cultivate, and you can continue to use and enjoy your assets during your life. Life Insurance Gift
You can choose to name the Foundation as a benefactive role to receive all or a helping of your liveliness indemnity policy proceeds. If you name the Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of the policy during your life, you may be entitled to a charitable income tax deduction equal to the current respect of the policy at the time of the gift, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a charitable income tax deduction for any future premiums you pay on the policy. Stock Gift
You can choose to donate appreciate securities ( stocks, bonds, common funds ) to the Foundation. In most cases this contribution will entitle you to a deduction for the wide value of the security, avoiding capital gains taxes on the admiration.

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charitable Remainder Trusts
You may establish and transfer cash or other place to a charitable remainder believe. A charitable end trust pays a sterilize total or percentage from the entrust each year to you or another individual as income for life sentence or for a term of years. Upon the death of the life beneficiary or termination of the term of years, the remaining reliance assets would be distributed to the Foundation as provided under the hope agreement. A charitable remainder trust offers you and your heirs significant fiscal advantages, including a tax deduction when you establish the trust, ability to convert prize assets into higher-income producing assets without capital gains tax, and federal estate tax savings. individual Retirement Accounts
If you are over senesce 70 1/2, you may cause a parcel of your IRA ( up to a utmost of $ 100,000 ) to be paid directly to the Foundation in 2009 without incurring federal income tax on the IRA distribution. You may besides designate the Foundation as the benefactive role to receive all or a assign of your IRA upon your death. For more information on how to donate or to initiate a endow, please contact Meghan Butler at mbutler @ or ( 703 ) 879-3824.

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