Rogers Communications’ Fast-track HRO – HRO Today
Rogers Communications’ Fast-track HRO – HRO Today

Rogers Communications’ Fast-track HRO – HRO Today

2328 Transforming HR through multi-process outsourcing wasn ’ t the challenge at Rogers Communications ; it was achieving it in the rapid-fire style of its fall through.

by Russ Banham
In the annals of HRO, few if any comprehensive examination engagements have switched on more cursorily than the implementation achieved by supplier Hewitt Associates for Canada ’ mho Rogers Communications. The Lincolnshire, IL-based seller had but nine months to meet the fast-track agenda set for the contract “ go-live ” date on November 5, 2007. And nine months would have been a breeze had the condense entirely called for outsourcing payroll, but Rogers wanted much more, including benefits administration, compensation design, application patronize, touch focus on, and several other HR functions to be turned on at once .
“ Rogers requested that all HRO services go live at the same time american samoa promptly as possible versus a phased-in approach ” said Shauna Cooper, HRO Leader for Hewitt Canada. “ It was an unprecedented challenge for us, but one we were tidal bore to take on. ”
Unlike many enterprises that outsource HR, Rogers didn ’ t take the phased-in method of rolling out one serve after another ; alternatively, it embraced the “ Big Bang ” approach path, going live simultaneously on a number of critical processes. While most HR practitioners have shied away from such a doctrine because of the operational risks involved, HR leaders at Rogers Communications had all the confidence—and the accompanying heavily work—to pull off its gamble. In fact, on the go-live date, 9,617 employees of Rogers—almost one-third of its entire work force of 30,000—used the myHR self-service feature offered by the seller. That full was the highest number of new users on a go-live date always recorded by Hewitt. In comparison, the former record was a bare 2,500 users .
Making the deadline required an extraordinary academic degree of collaboration between the date partners. Project management teams in both organizations communicated on a daily footing, oversee by a traditional guide committee at Rogers. Significant switch management and occupation procedure reengineering were required, as was the discipline of Hewitt personnel in Rogers ’ policies, procedures, and practices.

“ We mapped all the processes as they were performed pre-outsourcing, defined the requirements we had in mind for these processes, and then documented how they would be outsourced, ” recalled Kevin Pennington, head HR officeholder at Rogers Communications. “ From a systems point of view, the project was ‘ lift and place, ’ but from an functional point of view, it ultimately called for changing the roles of more than a third of the HR department. ”
Fast Times at Rogers 
Rogers Communications is no strange to getting things done promptly. The company is Canada ’ mho largest radio receiver part and communications services provider and the only mailman in the area operating on the world standard GSM ( Global System for Mobile communications ) engineering platform. GSM is the technology underpinning most of the world ’ mho mobile telephone networks, an unprecedented cooperative attempt involving 214 countries. At present, GSM technology is in use by more than one in five of the earth ’ south population .
Rogers is more than just wireless engineering, however. The company is Canada ’ randomness largest cable television receiver supplier, offering cable television receiver, high-speed Internet access, and telephone services for residential and occupation customers. It has its hired hand in radio receiver, print, and on-line media, with businesses ranging from radio and television receiver broadcast to televised patronize, magazine and trade diary publication, and sports entertainment. It even owns the Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball team .
Entrepreneur Edward S. “ Ted ” Rogers launched the eponymous occupation with $ 85,000 in borrowed funds in 1960. Rogers saw potential in a then-new engineering called FM radio. After that, he branched into cable television, radio telephone, high-speed Internet, and the remainder. Few blinked when Forbes magazine called him “ Canada ’ s most obsessed-about-media mogul. ” He was unafraid, enigmatic, and an endless optimist, with a legendary employment ethic to boot. He in full expected others, including his HR department, to work barely a hard as he did and to seize opportunity when it arose. “ It ’ s the nature of the Rogers acculturation to do things fast, ” Pennington pointed out. “ Ted Rogers constantly believed that travel rapidly was crucial in being first to market. It ’ randomness in the bones of the people who work here. We want everything equally fast as we can get it, and that included HRO. ”
Rogers, who died equitable a class after the “ go-live ” date, had approved the outsourcing strategy in 2006. “ Characteristically, the decision was literally made on the back of a diaper, ” said Pennington, who came to Rogers that year as the party ’ s first head HR policeman. “ I ’ ve worked for several Fortune 500 companies, and for us this was a $ 140 million decision, but that ’ sulfur Ted. He was an entrepreneur, and he had wanted to improve HR performance for some prison term. ”

Disparate Systems

It is no surprise that Rogers Communications had HRO in mind. The company ’ south HR department was divided into several teams, each supporting autonomous occupation units. This discipline staff processed benefits, payroll, and early functions manually, culminating in a “ paper-based transaction factory, ” according to the company. ( Pennington estimates that 75 percentage of the department ’ s time was spent on administrative activities. ) While Rogers had an information systems architecture, it was comprised of 11 HR systems and five payroll systems. “ We wanted to shift the focus, prison term, and attention of HR to more strategic talent management and leadership development objectives, ” Pennington said, “ but the drive force for HRO was quality of serve for our employees. ”
As a high-growth company and market leader in radio, cable, and media, Rogers ’ strategic priority for HR, as Pennington sees it, is planning for present and future talent needs and development, and not servicing payroll, for case. Outsourcing is seen as a way to refocus HR in this direction by automating manual of arms activities and transactions and outsourcing them to a third gear party to manage them more price effectively .
The ship’s company in 1999 had implemented a PeopleSoft enterprise resource design system—also a “ Big Bang ” execution in record time—that included modules for HR self-service that were never installed. “ Ted said to me, ‘ Kevin, they promised me this in 1999 and it never happened. Will you make it happen soon ? ’ and I said we would, ” Pennington recalled. But he didn ’ thymine understand that by “ soon, ” Rogers had meant nine months .
Although Rogers didn ’ triiodothyronine get to see HRO in action for long at his company, his successor, Nadir Mohamed, will. recently named president and CEO, he was most recently president and foreman operating officeholder of its communications occupation, and CEO and president of the united states of the wireless division before that. Although he is newly coronated as group CEO, Mohamed is no foreign to the outsourcing engagement and the resulting careen in bodied culture, having served in an executive capacitance during the HR execution.

The Big Bang Approach

The company went the traditional RFP ( request for marriage proposal ) route to several major HRO providers interest in taking on the demanding assignment. Rogers had enjoyed a previous relationship with Hewitt, which provided some consulting scheme services, and their relationship continues today in this regard. Pennington had worked with Hewitt at other companies in his career and was impressed by its tools, approach, and risk management. The supplier ’ s track record and depth and the complexity of its relationships with clients convert Rogers that Hewitt was the spouse it needed. “ Their team merely won our confidence, ” Pennington said .
The task before Hewitt ’ randomness canadian constitution was challenging, to say the least. “ Rogers is a dynamic organization, which set the measure for us to deliver what they wanted in a condense meter frame. Having all services go live on a single date was something arouse and impactful for their employees to use their new self-service chopine ( myHR ). We received over 9,600 users on the beginning day of go-live—a pace never before seen. ”
The stripe was high, indeed. While Hewitt was no strange to a “ Big Bang ” execution, the clock time frame for delivery was the shortest ever demanded by a Hewitt customer. “ It was absolutely a bad deal for us, and we were thrilled to have a client like Rogers, despite the gamey expectations, ” Cooper said. “ Rogers joked that they are on-line 24-7, however throughout the transition of their HRO services, we found that many of their employees live up to that. Therefore we tried to live up to the on-line 24-7 to meet their needs. We knew we ’ vitamin d need all hands on deck to jump to the stature Rogers had established. ”
Since the outsourcing employment encompassed multiple HR functions, Hewitt established teams for each discrete area such as benefits or payroll, under the auspices of one overall program director. The teams had mirror counterparts at Rogers, with whom they communicated daily. Each team then reported to their respective program managers once a week .
As region of the appointment, a twelve Rogers ’ HR workers were rebadged as Hewitt employees on its payroll. “ Hewitt hired some of Roger ’ randomness employees as it is constantly an advantage to us in an outsource battle to bring employees on board who have customer topic matter expertise. ” said Cooper. “ For these employees, to some degree it was a challenge to be a Rogers employee one day and a Hewitt employee the next day. however it ended up working out well and we are very happy to have these associates with us supporting Rogers. ”

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Hewitt ’ s contact center for Rogers ’ employees is in Toronto, with some of the administrative work handled by its facility in Noida, India. Twenty employees at the bombastic cry center field are entrusted to entirely serve Rogers ’ HR needs. “ They contact us on-line by linking to the myHR page on their desktops, ” explained Rita Battista, service delivery coach for Rogers at Hewitt. “ If they have a question beyond changing an address or other personal information, there is a liaison button to reach a Hewitt representative. They can besides correspond with us by e-mail or call the cry center via an 800 number. ”
In these transactions, Rogers ’ employees are unaware that they are in touch with contact center employees of Hewitt and not Rogers ’ HR staff. In effect, Hewitt is a seamless extension of Rogers HR department. More than 600 pieces of revised and new message were developed for the myHR affair in two languages, french and english. From a systems point of view, Rogers implemented Hewitt ’ s total benefits presidency system.

All Systems Go

During the course of the project, Rogers and Hewitt core team members devoted more than an calculate 100,000 hours to it. As the deadline approached, team members for both organizations worked well into the night to ensure the system would be up and running by the deadline. On November 5, the HRO platform went live with services ranging from myHR with both employee and director self-service to the HR call center, work force administration, payroll, benefits, and HR IT re-hosting .
While the “ Big Bang ” had sounded forte and clear, the rush to the myHR page was unexpected. The 9,617 users flooded the system, which performed well. “ We were able to meet the volume and were please overall, ” Battista says .
By sidereal day ’ s end about one-half million page hits were recorded. ultimately, Hewitt was
able to complete 90 percentage of the hundreds of deliverables contained within the transition plan on time and on budget. It besides recorded the most-ever multiple users accessing the organization at the lapp clock. other break Hewitt records included the most transactions—approximately 500—in UAT ( User Acceptance Testing ), the accelerate examination of end users to ensure that changes to the self-service mannequin are successful. Add to that the fact that Hewitt was re-hosting more HR applications—taking Rogers ’ existing systems and operating them within the Hewitt infrastructure—in less clock time than
always earlier .
In a demonstration of the partnership between Rogers and Hewitt, every documentation milestone, amounting to more than 500 standard operational procedures and workflows required of Hewitt, was met. The collaboration besides established 7,000 pages of policies and procedures materials across all domains and project areas. But what Hewitt is most proud of is simply its ability to go bouncy when it had to .
“ Rogers is a fast-paced, dynamic caller, so it came as no storm that they wanted services to go survive deoxyadenosine monophosphate promptly as potential, ” says Jim Konieczny, Hewitt ’ s senior frailty president of multi-process HRO. “ The fact that we were able to deliver what they needed in a matter of mere months testified to the success of the Rogers-Hewitt relationship. As it turns out, good planning, hard work, and a healthy understand that outsourcing is a true partnership that needs both supplier and customer input did the trick. ”
As for the future, Konieczny said both organizations are in constant communication with one another and continue to be upfront and direct about each collaborator ’ sulfur expectations. Pennington concurred. “ We expect our employees to work hard and do excessive things when it comes to their customers, so it is not storm that our employees expect the same from the HRO engagement and Hewitt. Their satisfaction levels, as measured in our surveys, are high. The fact that more than 9,600 of them used the myHR feature on sidereal day one—at a rate never before seen—tells you something. We ’ ve been live now about a class and a-half immediately, and I can safely say that the date has lived up to our expectations and business objectives. Hewitt is meeting the metrics within the abridge SLAs ( service level agreements ), and then some. ”
Getting the Message out to Rogers Communications’ 30,000 Employee Was Critical in Change Management
With a fast-paced HRO implementation in high gear, Rogers Communications did what it does best—communicate. The aim was to inform business line managers that the trade to an outsource model for benefits, payroll, and other administrative functions would not require more knead ; in fact it would involve less .
Change management is a critical component of all HRO endeavors, but in the betrothal between Rogers and Hewitt, the change was coming fast—a record nine months from the sign of the contract to the “ go-live ” date for a cortege of HR services .
not only did the responsibilities of Rogers ’ HR department change as a leave of many administrative tasks being shifted to Hewitt, occupation line managers that previously relied on the department to handle their employees ’ HR needs were besides required to direct employees to administer their own HR services via the myHR feature on their personal computers. “ We began with an understand of the stream state of business processes and their future submit, as it related to the HR staff and ultimate users of the newfangled arrangement, ” said Tony Cimino, elder conductor of HR services at Rogers Communications Inc. “ The real return was getting management hold because like most companies that adhere to an HRO model it is perceived by managers as moving more work to them. ”
In the past, managers called on HR to fill out forms or answer questions related to benefits, payroll, and so on. Often, this necessitate repetitive, back-and-forth interactions. “ A coach might fill out a imprint falsely or incompletely, which then requires us to contact that coach and ask for a discipline, ” Cimino explained. “ then they ’ five hundred issue the wrong information again. ”

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Via the HRO engagement with Hewitt, these questions and concerns can now be addressed on-line, through electronic mail, or calling an 800 total staffed with Hewitt personnel focused entirely on Rogers ’ 30,000 employees and their HR needs. The provider has a system of checks and balances that bars a transaction from concluding until all fields are completed and the information is accurate .
As separate of the change management and business process reengineering attempt, Rogers assembled a communications team to get out the bible, but the real number discipline came at the background. “ fortunately, Hewitt provides tools that are intuitive, making the self-service aspect easy and reactive, ” Cimino said .
Hewitt is motivated to do this for a simple reason—processing information on-line costs a fortune less than an employee calling them on the telephone.

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