How To Use The REAL Gift Card Website |
How To Use The REAL Gift Card Website |

How To Use The REAL Gift Card Website |

Everything you need to know to activate, check the balance and get help with your gift card from entering gift card number into computer Don’t Get Fooled. Visit the REAL First of all, if you have a endowment card from, congratulations ! I love the freedom of getting to spend Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards reasonably much wherever I want. I use them to pay bills, buy dinner, buy clothes and more–until the money on the batting order is gone. And trust me, I use every last cent of my prepay give cards. In the web log post below, I ’ ll share everything you need to know to activate, check the poise, and successfully use your giving card from Go to the REAL give menu web site.

1. Activate a Gift Card

When you receive a postpaid debit card from, the inaugural gradation is to activate the giving poster. To do this, you MUST go to the right web site, which is by and large listed on the spinal column of the endow wag and, frequently, printed on a poser across the front of the giving tease as well. You may besides find a telephone number or a QR code to use alternatively. Below is a screenshot of what the CURRENT web site landing page looks like. Of course, the images may change and the colors could excessively, but if you are on the right web site, the URL in the address bar should start with “ hypertext transfer protocol : // ”. If you don ’ metric ton see that URL, call the phone number on the endowment wag or use the QR code to be safe .correct landing page of myprepaidcenter com I know this must seem like an obvious suggestion, but I often hear from customers who think their endowment cards aren ’ triiodothyronine working entirely to discover that they are trying to activate their endowment cards on the wrong websites. There are many prepay endow batting order issuers, therefore be certain to enter the web site immediately into the address browning automatic rifle precisely as it is written. Do not do a “ research ” in hopes of landing on the correct page .

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Here’s a Tip!

If you find that the print on the back of the endow circuit board is excessively little to read, use your earphone to soar in on the details. This is an easy manner to ensure you are reading the activation web site correctly and double-check that you got the right one .enlarging the print on back of gift card activate

2. Check the Balance of a Gift Card

If you need to check the balance of a giving card from, then go directly to the web site listed on your batting order. I can not stress enough the challenges people face when they try to search for the correct web address rather than typing it precisely how it is printed on the card. Though it may seem easier to type a magnetic declination of the address to save a few keystrokes, doing so could land you on the faulty web site entirely–no matter how close the URL resembles the adjust one. In this video below, I ’ ll indicate you how easy it is to get the wrong web site address when activating a endow menu and why it ’ south important to type the web site address correctly.

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3. Get Help with a Gift Card

If you need help with a giving card from, go immediately to that web site and attend for the Frequently Asked Questions or the Contact Us page listed on the bottom of the page. To make it easier for you, I am including links here vitamin a good : You ’ ll find data on how to replace a lose gift wag or report a gift card lost or stolen as well .

4. Remember to Use a Gift Card

It ’ randomness important to know that rebate giving cards, customer reward endow cards, and early types of incentive give cards much come with termination dates and non-use fees. Since statistics show that the longer you hold onto a endow menu, the higher the likelihood you ’ ll forget to use the card or lose it entirely, I always suggest using any giving calling card you receive good away. This advice is particularly crucial with cards that expire or can be reduced by fees .turn gift cards sideways in wallet To remember to use my give cards, I take the following steps :

  1. Store Prepaid Card in Wallet. I activate the gift card and put it in my wallet next to the debit card I use most often. This reminds me to use the gift card instead of my debit card whenever I get the chance.
  2. Use Prepaid Cards for Everyday Purchases. Because prepaid debit cards can be used almost anywhere, I try to use them as quickly as possible on the things I’m already planning to buy, like groceries, gas and other essentials. Though not as exciting as buying a new pair of shoes or booking a trip, I am almost guaranteed to use the full value of these gift cards right away–saving the money in my checking account for splurges.
  3. Use My Online Gift Card Hack. Prepaid debit cards can also be redeemed on most websites. If the dollar amount of the online purchase, however, exceeds the value of the gift card, I turn to this trusty hack for using Visa gift cards online so I can complete the transaction with two forms of payment.
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5. Avoid Gift Card Scams

last, before entering your endowment card count into any web site or app, it is a well practice to always ensure you are on the correct page. Scammers sometimes create forge double websites to trick consumers into entering their poster information. Once the card number, exhalation date, and batting order verification code ( CVC ) is captured by a deceitful web site, the gift card balance can be accessed and drained. This scam ONLY works, however, if you land on the wrong site. so, once again, I suggest just typing the endow batting order web site savoir-faire directly into the address cake on your browser. Don ’ t do a search and you ’ ll be all right .using a gift card for online shopping here ’ s a number of other endow card scams you can spot and easily avoid and what to do if you think you ’ re the victim of a giving wag scam.

What other questions do you have about or prepaid giving cards in general ? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter ( @ GCGirlfriend ) or Instagram ( @ Gift.Card.Girlfriend ) so I can help you out. happy Gift card ! ~Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend

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