The best places to print your photos
The best places to print your photos

The best places to print your photos

The best places to print your photos {I tried them!}

The best places to print your photos {I tried them!}
The early week I went through all my photos on my computer, of which there are thousands and thousands, and printed them out. Up until that date I hadn ’ thyroxine printed photos since Lacey was about 8 months, which makes me a in truth, very, actually bad mum { kidding ! }. I merely went with Snapfish, because I just wanted to get it done, and off my disturbance list. Loading up the photos took 24 hours… and it was when I had finished uploading all the photograph, and gained three grey hairs in the process, that I realised that I had uploaded to the U.S. locate. Argh. postage was insane, but I couldn ’ metric ton go back… I paid it, and now I have photos. It will only take me 7 more years to put them into albums, I ’ thousand certain !
In that 24 hours it took to upload the photograph, I did wonder… Where are the best places to print your photos ? Which online web site was cheapest ? Which printed the best quality photograph ? I shall wonder no more ! I picked six photos, and sent them off to nine on-line print places, and am now writing this post so I can compare quality and costs.

The six photos I picked are unedited. I have four of my own personal photograph, one taken with my call, the others from my Olympus OM-D E-M10. The remaining two are from a photograph livestock locate I use, because I wanted to take myself out of the equality { in font the settings I use on my camera affect photograph print choice, because I like a lot of light ! } .
I paid for the printing myself, the companies have no idea I ’ thousand doing this experiment. here ’ s the results !
The best places to print your photos {I tried them!} Harvey Norman : // Cost per print = $0.15 // Postage = $2.95
The process for using the Harvey Norman site was truly easy, and the price was comparable to most of the australian sites. I have to say, I don ’ thyroxine love the print quality, in some photos they were excessively dark compared to the original photograph { the photograph of myself and Lulu is just incorrect } and the colours were a little moment ‘ off ’, particularly in the ice cream photograph .
The best places to print your photos {I tried them!} LALALAB. // Cost for 6 prints = $6.95 including postage from Germany
Oh serviceman, I love this company. The colours are pretty much touch on, and the printing timbre is insane. once known as Polagram, LALALAB. is run through an App which is available for Android and iPhone. Despite coming from Germany, postage was quick and anything that arrives in a dulcet, bright pink envelope is a-ok with me !
The best places to print your photos {I tried them!} Persnickety Prints // Cost per print = $0.29 // Postage = $12.50
My prints from Persnickety were the stopping point to arrive out of all the prints, but they did travel all the direction from Utah, USA so they can be forgiven. The printing is beautiful, and they seem to get the color barely perfective, which I love. They ’ ra decidedly frame-worthy !
The best places to print your photos {I tried them!} Domayne // Cost per print = $0.15 // Postage = $2.95
Oh, I want to tell you that I love these… but I don ’ triiodothyronine. They might be fine for putting in an album for the kids to look at, but the colours are just not good and the contrast is a little on the black side. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate love them .
The best places to print your photos {I tried them!} Officeworks // Cost per print // Postage – $2.95
Of all the printing I had done, Officeworks came in at the cheapest. It ’ s lone 5c cheaper per print, but if you were doing it in bulk { which I assume we all would most of the time } it would decidedly make a deviation to your end price. The choice is much better than the early cheaper printers, but the photograph of Lulu and I is still darker than I ’ d like it to be. overall though, Officeworks is pretty good.

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The best places to print your photos {I tried them!} Snapfish // Cost per print = $0.15 // Postage = $2.95
As you may have noticed, there are a bunch together of printers that run at around the lapp price, and I noticed they appear to use similar process platforms excessively. Snapfish is a darling among loads of my readers and I can understand why. On most of my photos the colours were full, but again it ’ s the photograph of Lulu and I that just doesn ’ thyroxine function. The colours are all wrong { I ’ d say it was my photograph, but LALALAB. and Persnickety printed them absolutely ! }, and the contrast is off. Overall it still gets a finger up for photos that are going into an album .
The best places to print your photos {I tried them!} Big W // Cost per print = $0.15 // Postage = $2.95
If I was being crabbed, and I am, I ’ five hundred give Big W a hitchhike down. Well, for two of my prints. It seems that the photograph of Lulu and I is debatable, but Big W has done the worst job with it so far – it ’ s colored and my skin is a eldritch green color. It ’ s about not worth keeping, and may find itself in the bin. If you scroll through all the photograph, you ’ ll notice that ice cream photograph is extremely brilliantly and not true to it ’ s original colours. It ’ s more brilliantly greenish blue and less true blue. The photograph of Lacey jump is a little odd in color excessively. Sorry Big W. I will give them a ovolo up for offering matte or polish, and the option to add a molding excessively .
The best places to print your photos {I tried them!} RGB Digital // Cost per print = $0.30 // Postage = $13
This is a bit more on the illusion side, and one you ’ five hundred use if you decidedly planned on putting your photos on display. It ’ s not in truth that much more expensive though { 30c per print is when you choose the cheapest luster impression option }. I love the impression quality and am super felicitous with the colours. The RGB Digital site is a tad more complicated to use than the others, but nothing I couldn ’ t bring through. Thumbs up from me !
The best places to print your photos {I tried them!} NUSHOTS // Cost per print = $0.19 // Postage = $5
This is only a few more cents expensive than most of the printers I tested { Big W, Snapfish, Harvey Norman, Domayne, Officeworks } but the quality is decidedly more improved. The paper itself is chummy, and more beautiful, and the printing is divine. The discolor in the photograph of Lulu and I is just sol spotlight on, and across all my photos they truly just nailed it. I ’ molarity pretty impressed with Nushots .

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WHAT’S THE VERDICT? I have to say I love Nushots. I think I ’ five hundred be able to trust them with printing all my photos and nailing the colors. It ’ s merely slightly more expensive than the cheapest options, but decidedly wasn ’ t the most expensive choice. I do love LALALAB. besides though. Their impression is just brilliant. So it would be Nushots in number identify for timbre, and LALALAB. second base .
And when it comes to cheap and cheerful, and getting the job done, I guess Officeworks wins that spot. They ’ re not the most perplex quality, and not the worst either… therefore when you ’ re paying 10c a photograph, I think you ’ re onto a good thing.


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