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Pakenham, Victoria – Wikipedia

Pakenham, Victoria – Wikipedia

suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Pakenham is a satellite suburb of Melbourne on the edge of the West Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, 53 kilometer ( 33 nautical mile ) southeast of Melbourne ‘s Central Business District, located within the Shire of Cardinia local politics sphere. Pakenham recorded a population of 46,421 at the 2016 Census. Pakenham has become a major growth area in south-eastern Melbourne as new caparison developments have boosted its population and infrastructure, as exemplified in the development of the Lakeside, Heritage Springs & Cardinia Lakes estates. [ 2 ]

history [edit ]

Pakenham is situated in the Kulin nation traditional Aboriginal country. The Boon Wurrung people are local anesthetic custodians within the Kulin nation. [ 3 ] Pakenham was named after Sir Edward Pakenham ( 19 March 1778 – 8 January 1815 ), a british Major General who fought in the Peninsular War. On 8 January 1815, Pakenham was killed in action while leading his men at the Battle of New Orleans. The Neville and Bourke families arrived in Sydney on the Alquis in 1837, sponsored by the Governor George Gipps to migrate and settle in Melbourne. They arrived in Melbourne on the John Barry in 1839 and selected 5 miles by 5 miles of land now known as the area of Upper Pakenham. The original Pakenham Post Office opened on 1 February 1859, was renamed Pakenham West on 1 October 1971, and was closed on 15 January 1974. The existing Pakenham Post Office was opened on 11 June 1888 as Pakenham Railway Station Post Office, was renamed Pakenham East in 1908, and promote renamed Pakenham on 1 October 1971. [ 4 ] The railway post was opened on 8 October 1877 and was a function of the east connection connecting Melbourne to Pakenham and other eastern towns. [ 5 ] In Pakenham there is the Cardinia Civic Concert Band Hall. The ring originally started out as a boldness band in the late 1880s. In the 1970s the band became a concert set and nowadays has 60 members of all ages, abilities and instrumentations. The band presently performs at versatile events around the Cardinia Shire .

Demographics [edit ]

Historical population
Year Pop. ±%
2006 19,644 —    
2011 33,999 +73.1%
2016 46,421 +36.5%

In Pakenham 71.2 % of people were born in Australia. The most coarse ancestries in Pakenham were english 27.3 %, australian 25.5 %, irish 6.7 %, scots 6.2 % and german 2.8 %. [ 6 ] The most coarse countries of parentage outside of Australia were England 4.0 %, India 2.8 %, New Zealand 2.3 %, Sri Lanka 1.3 % and Philippines 1.0 %. [ 7 ] 0.9 % of people in Pakenham are Aboriginal. The most common responses for religion in Pakenham were No Religion, so described 34.8 %, Catholic 21.2 %, anglican 11.1 %, not stated 8.5 % and Christian, nfd 3.8 %. In Pakenham, Christianity was the largest religious group reported overall 53.8 %. [ 8 ]

tape drive [edit ]

Pakenham is on the main railroad track line between Melbourne and Gippsland, and its railway place marks the end of the suburban electrify military service. Pakenham Station is the result luff of all services operated by Metro Trains Melbourne heading out of the city, but V/Line trains to and from Gippsland besides serve Pakenham .

Rail transport [edit ]

Cardinia Road railway place is located west of Pakenham station, between Pakenham and Officer. It carried its first trail services on Sunday 22 April 2012 .

Road conveyance [edit ]

Pakenham is besides on the Princes Highway. The Pakenham bypass allows road traffic between Melbourne and Gippsland to bypass Pakenham, both shortening travel times and alleviating traffic congestion within Pakenham. [ 9 ] The main north–south roads through Pakenham head north to Healesville and south to Koo Wee Rup. Buses run from the train place to the other parts of Pakenham .

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Media [edit ]

Pakenham is serviced by one local newspaper : Star News Group ‘s The Pakenham-Berwick Gazette, available every Wednesday for $ 1. star ‘s widely distributed Pakenham News, is dropped into mailboxes free every Thursday around the township. well over 100 years old, Star News Group houses its independent headquarter on the Princes Highway in Pakenham. Pakenham is in the coverage range of all the commercial radio stations in Melbourne, yet are besides locally serviced by 94.3 Star FM, whose studios are situated in Warragul, about 45 kilometres ( 28 miles ) away from the town. television receiver services in the town are precisely the like as Melbourne ‘s, so far being in the Gippsland area, regional television can besides be accessed. Services such as WIN Gippsland and Southern Cross Nine are available to viewers, yet the signal strength tends to become strong in the east of the town .

Facilities [edit ]

The Pakenham Community Garden, located at 6 Henry Street, uses constituent chemical-free gardening principles and is jointly managed by a diverse group of volunteers. Situated future to Living & Learning Pakenham, the garden boasts a perennial food garden including several yield trees, a modest greenhouse plus over 40 raised garden beds, each featuring annual and perennial types of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers

diversion [edit ]

Pakenham ‘s public facilities include a sports and aquatic concentrate, Community Centre and Council Offices. The aquatic center includes a 25m indoor pool, with a gymnasium, group fitness, creche, eight multipurpose sports courts and food facilities all incorporated in the one build. The center, named Cardinia LiFE, is owned by the Cardinia Shire and managed by align Leisure. Pakenham besides has an outdoor pool open during the warm upwind. This was originally opened in 1957, and was reopened on 17 November 2007 after undergoing a $ 1.1 million renovation. The outdoor consortium center, besides managed by aligned Leisure, consists of a 50m pool, toddlers ‘ pool with splash features, update change rooms, booth, and water treatment plant. Located on Webster Way, Pakenham, the center boasts 18 floodlit courts all with plexicusion surfacing which is the same woo surface as Melbourne Park, home of the Australia Open. The center is Council owned and managed by aligned leisure. The partnership is committed to providing a tennis centre for the community, to encourage tennis clubs, associations, schools and youth groups participate in tennis programs and tournaments. [ 10 ] Pakenham presently has one tennis club but proposals for a second gear are under consideration, with planned expenses for the clubhouse alone around $ 20 million. Pakenham ‘s Community Centre is a Neighbourhood House & Learn Local Community College located in Henry Street, managed by Living & Learning Pakenham Inc., provides a across-the-board range of courses, programs, projects and services to enhance the community participation and health and wellbeing opportunities for residents throughout the Cardinia Shire. [ 11 ]

education [edit ]

populace schools include Pakenham Springs Primary School, Pakenham Consolidated Primary School, Pakenham Hills Primary School, Pakenham Lakeside Primary School, John Henry Primary School, Edenbrook Secondary College and Pakenham Secondary College. private schools include Beaconhills College ( Valley Campus ), Chairo Christian School ( Pakenham Campus ) and Lakeside College. Pakenham has one Catholic school St Patrick ‘s Catholic Primary .

retail [edit ]

Pakenham serves as a major retail center in the Cardinia Shire, with outlets including an Aldi supermarket, two Woolworths supermarkets, four Coles supermarkets, two Bunnings and two McDonald ‘s. In August 2009 it was announced by Cardinia Shire Council that a $ 80 million retail exploitation would be built at current vacant Council land behind the Pakenham Library at the corner of John and Henty street. The centre is the largest in Pakenham, containing anchor stores such as a Woolworths supermarket, Cotton On, EB Games and Big W, angstrom well as 39 smaller specialization stores and 1,150 car park spaces both above land and metro. [ 12 ] The Pakenham Central Marketplace opened on 1 December 2011. [ 13 ] target closed its department store in the Pakenham Place Shopping Centre in mid 2021. [ 14 ]

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sport [edit ]

Sporting activities in Pakenham include horse rush, lawn stadium, golf, baseball, cricket, little athletics, tennis, netball, floorball, basketball, rugby league, grid and australian Rules Football The local football field team, Pakenham Silverbacks are the reigning divisional champions. [ 15 ] The Pakenham Pumas baseball club has senior men ‘s, women ‘s and junior teams competing in both the winter and summer competitions. [ citation needed ] The Pakenham Racing Club schedules about eleven race meetings a year including the Pakenham Cup meet in March. [ 16 ] The Pakenham Picnic Racing Club besides holds a meet at the racetrack on New Year ‘s Day. Pakenham ‘s australian Rules football team, the Pakenham Lions competes in the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League. Hawthorn premiership ruckrover Peter Russo was raised in Pakenham as was former Collingwood speedster Tyson Goldsack. [ citation needed ] Pakenham Eels play rugby league in NRL Victoria. [ citation needed ] The Pakenham basketball team, the Pakenham Warriors. Pakenham basketball association has new team called Officer Bulls and they train students and play competitions at Cardinia Cultural Club. [ citation needed ] Pakenham besides has its own cricket team, the Lions, who have numerous teams, both junior and senior level. [ citation needed ] recently [ when? ] the tennis club in Pakenham has had a major make over and nowadays has six brand new courts, this is all partially of the local councils “ Whip into shape ” design that consists of the recast and update of the local sports and refreshment locations. The local anesthetic rugby league team the Pakenham Eels was established in 2015. [ citation needed ] Golfers play at the Pakenham and District Golf Club on Oaktree Drive. [ 17 ] besides home plate to the local soccer club, Pakenham United FC, Henry road, Pakenham. [ citation needed ] There are at least three different gymnasium in the area. [ citation needed ] A motorsport precinct that had two small clubs based in the area is proposed to be built up into a larger facility called Cardinia Motor Recreation and Education Park. It received final approvals to develop in December 2019. [ 18 ]

environmental concerns [edit ]

Since 2007, locals have been concerned by a re-occurring smell which has been regularly engulfing the town, impacting upon the agreeableness and health [ 19 ] of local residents and visitors. It had been described by some as resembling a burning chemical gas smell, [ 20 ] the malodor of dead bodies [ 21 ] [ 22 ] or as a putrid smell that was able to infiltrate homes. [ 23 ] The smell was found to originate from the Drovers Place area where Transpacific Industries, a leading organic waste recycler, was based. The business has since closed. [ 24 ] [ 25 ] [ 26 ] Concerns over the rapid tempo of urban expansion in the Pakenham area have besides been raised, as traditional cultivated land surrounding the town has been rezoned to allow for the development of caparison estates, causing protests by some residents who have sought to have these undeveloped or ‘green lodge ‘ lands protected. [ citation needed ]

See besides [edit ]

  • Shire of Pakenham – Pakenham was previously within this former local government area

References [edit ]

Living & Learning Pakenham Inc [ 1 ]

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