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Pebble Hosting Review

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If you’re looking for a cheap and easy-to-use web hosting service, try Pebble Hosting. Its small size makes it easy to install manually. You’ll be up and running in no time. Pebble is compatible with all popular browsers, has few plugins, and uses a mixture of Java, PHP, and XML. There’s no need to learn a complicated control panel – most of the work is automated.


The first thing to look for in a gaming hosting provider is the level of performance. Games are not meant to last forever, and most gamers demand smooth performance and minimum lags. Fortunately, Pebblehost offers unmetered storage and enterprise-level software, ensuring a smooth gaming experience and affordable service costs. PebbleHost offers dedicated servers with high-speed processors and memory, which can deliver up to 2 petabytes of usage per month.

Pebble Hosting

Aside from being affordable, PebbleHost also offers a fantastic support team. Their servers are phenomenally reliable and offer incredible performance. And because of their fantastic pricing structure, you’ll want to consider PebbleHost as your host of choice. You can read more about PebbleHost’s services by visiting StartupWorld, the premier destination for upcoming startups, and the stories behind these startups. And while you’re there, check out PebbleHost’s video tutorials.

Pebble has an extensive knowledge base center. It offers articles on a variety of topics. The articles are easy to understand and can help you manage your server efficiently. Pebble also offers support for multiple blogs, so you can have multiple contributors in one account. In addition to that, it integrates well with existing security infrastructure. It also supports international character sets, UTF-8, and localized timezones. And if you’re looking for a high-performance server, Pebble offers a scalable platform that will accommodate your business’s needs.

PebbleHost offers affordable Minecraft hosting. Its servers feature enterprise hardware and unmetered storage. You can also build your own custom game control panel with unlimited slots. Additionally, you can use two-factor authentication and enjoy full root access. The company offers a 24-hour money-back guarantee, and data backups every day. All servers are backed up automatically, so you can’t worry about losing your data. If you are unsure, feel free to ask PebbleHost about its payment policies.


PebbleHost began its service life with hard-disk-based dedicated servers and soon moved on to higher-end processors and SSDs. In addition to its European footprint, PebbleHost has expanded to Australia after addressing connectivity problems in the region. Now, they use advanced servers and promise a smooth performance and lag-free connection. To stay ahead of the competition, PebbleHost has also partnered with OVHcloud to offer cloud servers in Australia.

PebbleHost offers exceptional performance with its 3.7 GHz CPU, high-grade SSDs, and 250 Mbps uplink. Customers are also provided with unlimited disk space and CPU resources, making PebbleHost a great choice for Minecraft enthusiasts. It also offers a lot of storage space for your website, which is far more than you may need if you’re using a large game like Minecraft. The storage is also generous compared to other hosting providers.

For gamers, PebbleHost offers both VPS and bare metal hosting. This means you can use the best hardware and network capabilities while still paying a reasonable price. The game servers are built with a powerful control panel designed for stability and ease of use, and PebbleHost’s servers feature extremely low ping and latency. Regardless of the type of game, you’re playing, you’re sure to enjoy the smoothest experience with PebbleHost!

PebbleHost is a top-tier server host, offering premium services at a reasonable price. Their servers are spread across the world and accumulate around two petabytes of usage each month. Premium hosting features include higher-end Intel CPUs, which can handle larger player counts and more intensive server configurations. Additionally, 5x faster NVMe SSDs help boost chunk loading speeds. Premium plans also come with free mod pack installations and automatic backups.

Control Panel

Gamers today are demanding users, expecting their servers to run smoothly and with zero downtime. PebbleHost needed modern hardware and network capabilities to meet the expectations of gamers while keeping service costs at a low enough level to make it an affordable option for most people. Today’s games largely utilize RAM and CPU power, so a host server provider needed to keep these factors in mind. Fortunately, PebbleHost has a solution for these needs. The Control Panel allows you to easily control the services of your servers, and it has a lot of advanced features that can help you get your gaming websites up and running in no time.

Pebble Hosting

In addition to an intuitive Control Panel, PebbleHost offers extensive knowledge base articles on the platform’s features. Each article is easy to understand and contains plenty of helpful information. PebbleHost’s knowledge base covers a wide range of topics, ranging from how to install a new software installation to managing your account. It is an excellent resource to use if you are unsure about any aspect of the hosting process.

PebbleHost began with hard-disk-based dedicated servers in OVHcloud’s Canadian datacentre. It soon upgraded to more modern servers, including ultra-fast SSD disks and faster processors. The company also delved into the Australian market, where connectivity issues plagued other hosting companies. By providing new servers in Australia, PebbleHost has proven to be a successful partnership. They now have over 300 servers in Europe and Australia and are expanding their footprint into the Sydney datacentre.

PebbleHost also offers several features for Minecraft players, such as custom game control panels and one-click installation of over 80 mod packs. Its game servers also ship with a Control Panel designed for stability and ease of use. PebbleHost is one of the most reliable hosting platforms for gamers and offers extremely low latency and ping. They also offer a variety of gaming options and plans. You can choose between two and three-tier plans, with the Extreme plan offering an additional data center in Australia.

Gaming Support

If you’re looking for a dedicated server for your Minecraft game, then you’ve come to the right place. PebbleHost has godlike dedicated servers for massive projects. PebbleHost’s gaming plans include FTP client, MySQL management, backup tools, and support for various JARs and mods. PebbleHost also includes firewall management tools, two-factor authentication, and DDoS protection. In addition, the support staff provides 24/7 live chat support and is active on Reddit. Furthermore, the company makes the logs of DDoS attacks public, which is another great feature.

The company also offers VPS and bare metal hosting to ensure top-notch performance and smooth gaming applications. PebbleHost also focuses on sandbox games such as Minecraft. Its servers are located in massive data centers across North and Europe and have industry-level hardware. Other features of PebbleHost include a subdomain creator, timely support, java 8 support, and task scheduling. Its support is second to none and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Gaming servers with PebbleHost offer a powerful CPU and DDR4 memory. The server also includes an in-built firewall and is equipped with one-click installers for over 80 modpacks. In addition, game servers from PebbleHost are built with ease-of-use control panels. PebbleHost is one of the most reliable hosting platforms, and its gaming servers are guaranteed to be fast and stable. They also offer low latency and ping.

While the company began by using hard-disk-based dedicated servers, it soon upgraded to faster SSDs and more efficient processors. In addition, it expanded its data footprint and purchased new servers with better RAM performance. This ensures a smooth gaming experience for all users. The company also offers 24/7 support via chat and email. Its dedicated servers are ideal for high-end gaming, so you can play any PC game anytime, anywhere.

Support For Minecraft

If you’re looking for a web hosting service that supports Minecraft, look no further than Pebble Hosting. This web hosting provider is a top choice among gamers and focuses on delivering a premium gaming experience with excellent server support. PebbleHost provides a variety of hosting plans to fit your needs, including Minecraft server hosting, discord bot hosting, and more. PebbleHost also provides round-the-clock customer support.

When it comes to performance, a gamer is a demanding user. This means they expect no downtime and seamless gaming performance. This is why PebbleHost invested in modern hardware and network capabilities at an affordable price. The server’s CPU and RAM resources are heavily utilized during gameplay, which requires a server that can keep up with the demanding demands of the game. The Extreme plan provides dedicated CPU, priority support, and server control.

PebbleHost also offers dedicated Minecraft server hosting with unmetered bandwidth and enterprise hardware. This service also supports Minecraft-specific apps, such as Bukkit and Spigot. Users will also enjoy custom game control panels, full FTP access, MySQL databases, and a built-in firewall manager. For those on a budget, PebbleHost is another top option. The company provides enterprise-grade SSDs and high-performing CPUs, as well as unlimited server slots.

You can install Minecraft on your own server, but you should have the command-line experience to do this. For best results, use a Minecraft-specific control panel. This software simplifies server management and integrates with billing systems and other tools. Minecraft servers hosted by specialized hosts come with a control panel that’s built specifically for the game. However, if your server doesn’t have more than 10 player slots, you can opt for a dedicated Minecraft server.

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