PTE Accepted Countries & Universities: Find Out the Countries & Universities Accepting PTE Exam
PTE Accepted Countries & Universities: Find Out the Countries & Universities Accepting PTE Exam

PTE Accepted Countries & Universities: Find Out the Countries & Universities Accepting PTE Exam

At the beginning of survey abroad travel, one might often get muddled with the question of which standardized English language examination to give. Pearson Test of English ( PTE ) is a relatively new newcomer to join along the traditionally popular english terminology tests, TOEFL and IELTS .
Although the test is relatively new it has amassed popularity and acceptance across the globe. And this is reflected in its blessing by circus tent universities and schools such as the Harvard Business School in USA, INSEAD in France and the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore .
apart from universities and colleges, PTE is taking efforts to even onboard governments, corporations and professional associations to accept examination scores which finally lead to citizenships and memberships across the earth. Some of the early PTE accepting organizations are the high Commission of Canada and the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Which are some of the PTE accepting countries?

presently there are 74 PTE accepting countries across the global, including all the popular learn abroad destinations. however, the number of universities accepting PTE in each state varies greatly.

Some of the outstanding countries which accept the PTE are :
The complete list of PTE accepting countries can be found on their official web site. One can besides check for the screen toleration at specific universities, professional associations and corporates. But for full entrance fee and application requirements, one must far check out the institution ’ mho guidelines .

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PTE Accepted Universities in the USA

soon there are over 1200 PTE accepting universities in the USA including the likes of Harvard, Stanford Yale, UPenn ( yes including Wharton ) and Columbia. This impressive tilt should be motivating, if you are considering giving the PTE as your english proficiency test to study in USA .
In addition, PTE has tied up with numerous nursing boards of the states of USA. therefore, if you are a harbor concerned in seeking a job in the US, giving the PTE would be helpful since it opens up a batch of opportunities upon clearing the test .
Following are some of the participating universities in USA that accept PTE Academic :

PTE Accepted Universities in the UK

presently there are about 450 PTE accepting universities in the UK including some of the big universities like Warwick, Bath, East Anglia, and the extremely esteemed London Business School. Although the UK tilt may not be equally impressive as the american english one but PTE ’ south number of affiliated universities and associations will only be growing with prison term .
Following are some of the participating universities in UK that accept PTE Academic :

PTE Accepted Universities in Canada

Following are some of the active colleges & universities in Canada that accept PTE Academic :

PTE Accepted Universities in Australia

soon there are about 400 PTE accepting universities in Australia including names like Monash University, Australian National University and the University of Queensland. Although this excessively may be a modest number, the fact that the Chartered Accountancy institute is an affiliated association underscores the credibility of the trial in this nation american samoa well as New Zealand .

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PTE Accepted Universities in Germany

PTE is accepted lone in about 40 universities in Germany, the most popular of which is the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. however, some of the more popular TU ’ s wear ’ t so far recognize PTE.

hence, if you are concern in pursuing Higher education in Germany, you may want to explore other tests to showcase your skill level .

PTE Accepting Universities in Other Countries

similarly, PTE accepting universities number in France and Ireland are merely about thirty each while in India, it ‘s recognized by the indian School of Business. indeed, if you ‘re an ISB aspirant, this is another option for you to consider .
ultimately, we would like to reiterate that when selecting your list of universities, constantly check their requirements pages in detail as well, to identify the recommend english terminology tests before choosing the examination you sign-up for .

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